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In Digital Marketing Last updated: September 28, 2023
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Have you been trying Grammarly for years and looking for a better proofreading and writing style guide app? Try these Grammarly alternatives now!

No doubt, Grammarly is one of the leading and popular writing tools to polish your prose that flows naturally and engages the target audience.

It works well but may not be the right fit for every organization that needs to produce flawless content in English.

Here are Grammarly alternatives! But you do not need to vet every available alternative online or offline. We are here to help.

Read on to learn some outstanding alternatives to Grammarly. Find the differences, commonalities, and unique features to make the right decision to get an online writing tool.         

What Is Grammarly?

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Grammarly is an online writing app for spell checking, punctuation correction, tone suggestion, grammar guidance, and English writing style correction.

It offers writing aid online and offline on several third-party apps. For example, you can install its Google Chrome Extension, which integrates the Grammarly algorithm with other online apps. Thereby, you can use its features on almost any online word processing app like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, etc.

At a glance features and functionalities of Grammarly:

  • Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar
  • Correct writing tones
  • Rewrite hard-to-read sentences
  • Writing style guide
  • Writing analytics and metrics

Uses of Grammarly

Blog writers, article writers, and other content creators that work with the English language mainly use this tool as an all-in-one word processing software.

You can write the complete content on it. There are standard text tools like bold, italics, underlined, numbered lists, bullet lists, HTML subheadings, and so on.

You can set article writing goals to match it to a standard level for metrics like Audience, Formality, Domain, and Intent.

Additionally, there are writing suggestion tools like Correctness, Clarity, Engagement, and Delivery. Not to mention a built-in plagiarism-checking tool that quickly checks your article for copied texts from billions of content on the web.

Ultimately, you get moderately engaging and publish-ready content from one application.     

Reasons to Use a Grammarly Alternative


Grammarly is a gem in the market of English writing aid tools. However, it may not be the appropriate tool for your blogging and small to medium business (SMB) needs. 

For example, you already have good writers and need a content copy-checking tool. Alternatively, you only need grammar, spelling, and tone corrections.

So, here are some reasons why you and all other blog writers and business content creators may opt for a Grammarly alternative:

  • You want to buy a writing aid tool that offers flexible features at flexible pricing.
  • You are looking for an English content writing app that offers scale-up and scale-down options.
  • Grammarly is good for new content creation. If you need to rewrite existing articles, it may not be affordable and efficient.
  • Its free version lacks some vital features that you can get in other writing aid apps.
  • Grammarly supports limited English dialects.
  • It has many integrations, but some Grammarly alternatives offer better integrations and user interfaces (UI).
  • This writing aid app is an English-only writing aid software. If your business needs to create content in other languages, you need a Grammarly alternative.
  • Grammarly does not help you with computer-assisted translation.         

Features to Look for in a Grammarly Alternative

You have identified that your business could use a Grammarly alternative. But how do you know which application to choose? 

Do not worry! Just ensure that the writing aid tool you buy has the following standard features: 

  • The app works online and offline and offers web apps and desktop apps.
  • The tool supports flawless article writing on mobiles and tablets.
  • Offers all the standard writing aid functionalities like grammar correction, spell checking, tone checking, sentence rewriting, synonym suggestion, and more.
  • The tool integrates with third-party word processing applications, WordPress, email clients, and more.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • The app lets you choose the features and only pay for those.
  • It does not push you to pay a premium price though you do not need all the functionalities.
  • Offer extensive content writing analytics like readability, hard-to-read sentences, engagement, tone, content intent, plagiarism, grammar score, etc.

Here are the popular Grammarly alternatives that could be good fits as business, blogging, personal, and professional writing-aid tools:    


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LanguageTool offers an extensive choice of plug-ins and extensions for third-party app integrations. You can use it in browsers, desktop apps, email clients, and more.

The writing assistant is ideal for businesses that deal with international customers and stakeholders in various countries. At the time of writing, the tool supports 20+ languages like German, English, Spanish, French, etc.

Its Team Dictionary is a unique feature when comparing it with Grammarly. You can create different teams in different dialect regions and store custom dictionaries. Teams can proofread content according to these regional dictionaries. 

Moreover, you can set a style guide across the organization. The content creators, editors, marketers, copywriters, etc., will use this guideline to produce consistent content.      


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QuillBot is an AI paraphrasing tool along with basic writing assistance. It is ideal for businesses that rely on automated content creation for affordability. The app uses highly-trained AI algorithms that create natural-looking content.

Its main writing aid features are as below:

  • Automated paraphrase
  • Basic grammar checker
  • Content summary generator
  • Citation generator
  • Plagiarism checker

Its unique feature in comparison to Grammarly is automatic synonyms for various English dialects. You need to choose the dialect intent between the US, CA, UK, and AU. The tool will suggest appropriate synonyms accordingly.   


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ProWritingAid is ideal for all kinds of website content creation. For example, you can write business-grade content for website service pages, blogs, product reviews, email marketing, landing pages, and social media posts. The tool is also worthy of academic, institutional, and career-oriented content creation. 

Your content will be free from major mistakes that the readers and reviewers spot easily. Its notable features are: 

  • Grammar, readability, and spelling improvements
  • Elaborative writing report metrics like Summary, Style, Cliches, Alliteration, Length, Pronoun, Thesaurus, and more
  • Writing style improvements and content clarity suggestions
  • Automated editing suggestions
  • Extension for Scrivener makes it unique from Grammarly

Its premium subscription plan is cheaper than Grammarly. Also, you get more functionalities in it.   


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Writers choose Linguix, a Grammarly alternative, for its thoughtful and unique services. These services help you in creating business content for HR, sales, marketing, and customer service projects.

Its unique features are as below: 

  • Punctuation and all Linguix apps in the free plan
  • PDF export in the premium plan
  • Real-time writing insights in premium
  • Content rewriting in the premium version
  • Team management
  • Brand content and style management
  • On-premise deployment option

The tool is ideal for online content creation to attract the audience and increase brand engagement via SEO. Also, you can create concise, easy-to-understand, and readable content affordably in minimum time.

If you are a small, medium, or startup business managing one or more teams of content writers and editors, then Linguix is ideal for you.

Linguix Pro subscription comes at a competitive price when compared with Grammarly. However, the best thing is you can buy a lifetime plan.


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Sapling is a writing assistant tool for customer support agents who deal with content writing, such as emails, chats, social media replies, etc. It integrates with your customer support knowledge base and CRM. Hence, pulling product information, troubleshooting guides, customer details, and more becomes easier. 

Its powerful features are as follows: 

  • Grammatical corrections and suggestions
  • Autocomplete support for known call center scripts
  • Snippets show up as possible replies to live chats

Sapling also comes with an audit feature so that the customer support quality control teams can generate reports effortlessly. 


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Wordtune is an AI-based writing companion. The tool is available for free as an add-in in Microsoft Word and an add-on in Google Chrome.

Its underlying AI algorithm and language processing model understands various writing styles that can persuade the readers to subscribe or take action. Hence, when you use this tool for marketing copies, emails, business content, website content, etc., you increase your brand’s visibility.

It is a simple add-on, easy to use, and offers the following content moderation features: 

  • Rewrite a whole content, phrase, or a sentence
  • Create less serious and light content for marketing campaigns
  • Position yourself professionally in business writing
  • Effortless content creation within a short word-limit
  • The keyword-to-text AI can expand ideas, concepts, etc.
  • Translate other languages to English

Microsoft Editor

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Microsoft Editor is an intelligent writing companion for bloggers, copywriters, and business document creators. The tool works on standalone and web versions of Microsoft applications. 

Furthermore, it lets you integrate the tool with various third-party web apps where you can write texts. For example, you can use it to post engaging and error-free content on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc. 

Its notable features and a few unique functionalities are as below:

  • Basic spellcheck, grammar corrections, punctuation corrections, etc.
  • The premium version offers formality, conciseness, and clarity checks
  • Automated suggestions on vocabulary and punctuation as snippets during the writing
  • It lets you communicate in 20 foreign languages, including Spanish, French, German, etc.
  • Similarity check and editing assistance

You get the tool for free with your Microsoft 365 subscriptions.    


Whitesmoke grammarly alternative

WhiteSmoke is suitable for those who want distraction-free writing on their desktop. To support this, the tool comes as a standalone application for Windows devices. The developer is working on a macOS version too.

However, it is also available as a web app. However, the cost and features are equally fewer on the cloud app when compared with the desktop app. 

Its notable features are: 

  • Grammar and style corrections
  • Speel checker along with world choice suggestions
  • Academic writing aids
  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • Business writing aid
  • Translator

Its business-grade subscription is almost equivalent to a Grammarly premium plan. 


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Ginger, the AI-powered writing assistant, improves your writing style for business, casual, and marketing needs. Further, it corrects simple grammatical, capitalization, and punctuation errors.

Not to mention, the result of any written content, whether it is a marketing copy or blog article, the content expresses the brand message clearly.

Its special features, as well as some functionalities that you will not get in Grammarly, are as below: 

  • Complex sentence rephraser
  • Translation of content
  • Basic grammar and spell checking
  • Essay checking
  • Online proofreading
  • Personal trainer
  • Replace confused words

Ginger is available in various formats like the web app, Windows app, mobile app, etc. There is an API as well. You can use the API to install its content-writing assistance tools in your business apps.   


Writer Grammarly alternative

Writer is an AI writing platform along with content creation automation. It assists you in planning a content creation strategy and channel across the drafting team, approvers, editors, and publishers.

Its automation features include the followings: 

  • AI-based brainstorming
  • Create content outlines and drafts in seconds
  • Send the draft to editors for approvals
  • Automatically include editorial guidelines and writing styles in the writing tool
  • Create marketing content and copies using AI for instant distribution
  • Transform a blog into a case study and the vice versa

Apart from automation features, you also get a grammar checker, spell checker, and automatic style guide suggestions.

Its subscription cost is more than Grammarly but your getting content faster in the market than competing businesses.     

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor as Grammarly alternative

Do you produce English copies, texts, and prose for public-facing purposes? Then you need Hemingway Editor. Though it does not offer basic writing aids like spell check, punctuation corrections, etc. 

Instead, it helps you in making the content naturally readable by a wide section of the public. Once you import an article into the app, it will show the following suggestions:

  • Adverb misuse in blue
  • Passive voice misuse in green
  • Complex word choice in purple
  • Hard-to-read sentences in yellow
  • Very hard-to-read sentences in red

You can improve the content readability by resolving the errors. The lesser the grade in Hemingway Editor, the better the content performance.     

Wrapping Up

Now you know some of the best Grammarly alternatives when you are actively looking for one. The article outlines all the notable features, differences, and uniqueness of the above apps and compares them with Grammarly.

Thus, you save a lot of time and effort in looking up the perfect writing aid tool for your blog or business.

You may also be interested in Chrome extensions for writers and bloggers.

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