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In Mobile Last updated: June 8, 2023
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If you are into guitar playing, you shouldn’t miss out on this article, as it’s going to be all about some worthy guitar-learning apps for you to try.

When you are starting out with your guitar learning, you will realize that you have to put in rigorous practice to even play a small tune. It’s not easy to learn guitar if there’s no one to mentor you. You have to be ready to put in time and effort to get better at playing guitar.

It’s not easy for everyone, and this is where guitar learning apps can be a game-changer for you.

There are numerous e-learning resources available nowadays. Several may be used to enhance your regular in-person guitar classes, whereas others could completely substitute them. We’ve compiled a list of the top apps for learning guitar for you to try.

Is it possible to learn guitar through an app?


Practicing the guitar with an app could be a great way to start. Programs may be customized to fit your learning method and reach you if you’re in the middle of your creative adventure. This helps you rush in an ordered manner. Once you have 10 minutes to spare, pull out your phone and practice a chord or two on the guitar.

Guitar applications may also provide real-time feedback as you play. Rather than rehearsing a song with the incorrect chord arrangement until your session the following week, an app shows your errors so you may improve on them. A guitar app may be a pleasant and stress-free method to learn to play the guitar. 

Choose an application that is appropriate for your age and training approach. Fortunately, numerous free smartphone applications can help you learn how to play the guitar. Even though you’re a novice, those Android and iOS applications can help you understand faster and feel more robust with the guitar.

Benefits of using Guitar Learning apps


Suitable for travel

If you are frequently out of town, keeping up with in-person sessions might be tough. If you travel regularly, a guitar app is helpful. A guitar learning app is a portable and pocket-sized guitar teacher. A guitar app enables anyone to pursue their ambitions and learn to play the guitar wherever they lead them.


As apps are less expensive than in-person classes, many people prefer them. Guitar applications may cost as little as $20 per month. Many membership applications also provide free trials before purchasing a plan so that you can see if it is a perfect match. There are additionally a few complimentary guitar applications for Android and iPhone also available.

A typical guitar lesson ranges from $30 to $60 per hour. Weekly courses might cost up to $250 per month. At that fee, you can practice every day with the guitar app for an entire year.

Play at your own pace

A guitar app allows you to practice guitar at your own pace. Take a moment to practice if you want to accelerate your growth. If you only have a limited amount of time, you may pause the program anytime you need to rest. You may also go through previous classes to enhance your abilities. There is no need to perform for your tutor while using a guitar app. You may discover when and how it is most effective for you.

Features of the Guitar Learning App


Selecting the ideal guitar learning app is all about functionality. New platforms adapt to various types of gamers based on their ability level and public demands. When shopping for the perfect guitar learning app for yourself, you have to keep the following points in mind.

A guitar tuner

Every seasoned guitarist will tell you that a dependable guitar tuner is a vital tool for all guitarists. Adjusting your guitar by ear is an option, but a professional tuner will provide much more precise tuning. Guitar tuner tools can be helpful, but they can sometimes be costly and cumbersome. Instead of lugging a guitar tuner, try installing tuner software that works equally well, if not better.

Skill level

Various learning apps allow you to pick the degree of difficulty that matches your guitar-playing talents and knowledge. 

You begin with the fundamentals. Even if you’ve already passed the essential stage, they are an excellent opportunity to learn through guitar apps. Once you’ve advanced your guitarist talents to level 5, you’ll be able to play out genuine songs from the song catalog. Level 10 is for expert players who’ve already mastered the fundamentals and numerous advanced guitar skills, such as solos and barre chords.

Lessons and difficulties

Playing the guitar may be incredibly time-consuming, with only learning resources to study. As a result, a good guitar app should provide enjoyable and stimulating courses and difficulties taught by qualified teachers. Using pre-recorded internet guitar lessons, you may study at your own pace when it’s most suitable for you.

Song collection

What better way to learn to play the guitar than by jamming out to actual songs? Mastering songs on guitar is also an excellent approach to improving various playing skills, including hammer-ons, hammer-offs, alternate picking, and slides. You’ll study lead and rhythm guitar with a vast music collection full of actual tunes.


One advantage of using guitar apps to learn is that they are less expensive than other learning methods. While in-person guitar classes are an excellent learning method, they aren’t the best alternative for everyone owing to the high cost. Many applications provide a free version with restricted functionality or, at the very least, a free trial that allows you to test the app before buying.


The most excellent guitar-playing applications may be tailored to the player’s specific requirements. Only some guitarists are right-handed. As a result, the software must also be usable for left-handed guitarists. Aside from left and right-handed guitar players, some individuals choose an acoustic guitar versus an electric guitar.

Using an acoustic guitar isn’t a problem if the software can hear you play. In this situation, the app picks up the sound using your device’s built-in microphone. Specific guitar applications, however, make it possible to connect your electrical or semi-acoustic instrument to your tablet and perform.

So, here is a complete list of some of the best guitar learning apps for iOS and Android that you should certainly check into.


If you’re looking for an app that makes learning guitar easy and fun instead of a chore, Rocksmith+ is for you. It has over 6,000 hit songs to choose from and a unique visual interface that lets you learn riffs, chords, and tabs fast.

YouTube video

Rocksmith+’s month-to-month membership starts at a relatively affordable price of $14.99 a month. Their 12-month membership provides the best value with a 7-day free trial, so that you can try before purchasing to see if it is a perfect match.


Yousician is the ideal program for learning to play guitar, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. Jam out to popular songs from many styles on a conventional or electric guitar and throw your abilities to the test with quests and difficulties.

YouTube video

Yousician’s online guitar lessons are created by enthusiastic and competent music teachers who guide you via various ideas and performing methods, beginning with the most basic guitar riffs and guitar elements.

The program is compatible with both Android and iOS devices along with computers, providing even more customization when studying and strumming.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Justin’s Guitar

Justin has hand-picked tracks for every level of the training route for the app that you’ll be able to train and perform. The app requires a subscription. You can find it on both Android and iOS devices.

The software includes over 1000 songs with changeable synths, words, and melodies, making learning new abilities more enjoyable and efficient. Each module includes a hand-picked music playlist to help you practice your new abilities. The tracks have been carefully picked to meet your ability level. 


You can sample the app for seven days following signing up for the free trial; therefore, we recommend you do so! After the 7-day free demo, you can continue using Module 1, except for 30 seconds of music preview.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Fender Play

Fender Play is basically for anyone who wants to learn the foundations of guitar, bass, or ukelele. It performs admirably in this regard. The classes are well-paced, short, and all-inclusive. Everyone learns differently, and Fender Play has successfully balanced theory and practice.

On top of that, you can access them on your Android and iOS devices with ease.

YouTube video

As someone who had a few guitar lessons as a kid, doing that is no small effort. Ultimately, Fender Play is an excellent tool for teaching people the foundations of playing guitar. The courses are brief, thorough, and entertaining.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Simply Guitar

Guitar Basics 1 is the sole free class accessible before requiring a premium account in the Simply Guitar app. You can download it on your iOS devices too.

A short lesson will appear to assist you in getting started with the program, adjusting your music, offering you some pointers, and clarifying some guitar concepts. Remember to turn on your phone’s mic because the app can hear you while playing to fix faults and guide you on your route.


To minimize pain, you’ll begin by discovering how to adjust the guitar and understand how to sit nicely when performing. The subsequent phase is to figure out how to hit the proper chords on the right threads.

If it’s worth it, you’ll have complete access to Sing or Simply Piano if you buy a subscription. You may also use the app to study Piano for free and become a better vocalist. Use the same login for all apps. A single membership may contain up to five profiles, making it ideal for families.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


GuitarTricks is one of the initial online guitar instruction sites. Throughout the decades, GuitarTricks has proven to be the superior e-learning alternative.

It’s a massive piece of software with over 11,000 instructional videos covering all you might want to learn about genres, abilities, tunes, and much more. You can install it on your Android and iOS devices.

YouTube video

The “Core Teaching Method” from GuitarTricks is a hand-held, supervised method for teaching the basics. They’ve kept it in place even as they’ve continued to develop. The core learning system is one of the reasons behind this app’s success.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


GuitarTuna includes a tempo, a harmonic converter, a tuner, and much more! Squeeze any chord on the guitar to begin using GuitarTuna. The software will identify the thread’s tone and provide fast tuning input using the mic on your Android or iOS device.


Tuning has never been more straightforward—or more precise. GuitarTuna blends an audio identification system with noise reduction to give you the unbelievably accurate tune you require.

Unrestricted use of a harmonic converter and 100+ tunings, including guitar, 7-string Guitar, balalaika, banjo, and 5-string banjo Hx calibration, a left-handed option, and acoustic and electric headstock choices are all included.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


Free Songsterr membership is one of the best guitar tab resources, with simple scoring and particular time markings. It has made it one of the most outstanding venues to study guitar music, especially among free services directly on your Android and iOS devices.


Unfortunately, at $9.90 per month, the PLUS membership is prohibitively expensive and needs to provide more benefits to justify the extra cost. Songsterr is among the most frequently recommended guitar apps.

They are among the easiest to use and also feature one of the highest-quality tablature formats with a complete score and MIDI playback for every tune in their collection.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar is unquestionably among the most famous sites that provide free tabs and chords. With its massive library of new and old music, there’s a high likelihood that the website has any tune you’re looking for.


If you’ve ever used Ultimate Guitar, you’ve surely noticed that they provide a premium program called “Ultimate Guitar Pro.”

Ultimate Guitar Pro offers better accessibility to chords, tabs, and a few additional tools to help you learn songs. You can find the tabs and chords of your favorite songs even though the Ultimate Guitar Android and iOS app.

It makes it challenging to subscribe to a month-to-month membership. Doing so will cost you a hefty $24.99 each month. Buying yearly provides the best value, with an average annual price of $99.99 at the moment of writing that you’ll pay when the 7-day free trial expires.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Smart Chords

Smart Chords has 40 fantastic tools for studying, creating, and performing for students and professionals alike. It works on the guitar, ukulele, bass, and other electric guitars.

Expect this to be the best resource for chords, scales, and plucking techniques in any tune. It is also an excellent resource book, having access to the world’s most significant collections of lyrics, melodies, and tablature. 


The tuner, metronome, and circle of fifths are all basics. The tuner, for example, has an extra string-changing option, and the metronome includes a speed trainer. Overall, it’s a fantastic app for guitar learners!

  • It works on:
  • Android

Coach Guitar

Coach Guitar is an excellent new way to learn guitar that only uses five colors. On electro-acoustic guitars, students can learn how to perform famous tunes.

Coach Guitar will transform you into your guitar instructor. It is a one-of-a-kind traditional instructional idea using colors for your Android and iOS devices. 

YouTube video

It doesn’t teach music theory; instead, it shows you step-by-step video tutorials with an illustrated fingerboard. You quickly learn to play guitar tunes by mimicking.

The guitar lessons, developed by expert guitar teachers, can help guitarists of all abilities develop at record speed, regardless of whether you’re a total novice or a professional.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Guitar Chords

With Guitar Chords and Tabs for your Android and iOS devices, you can learn to play tons of songs for your guitar, bass, drum, and ukulele. The app also provides offline access to save some of your favorite song tabs. You can look through the chord diagrams to understand them perfectly for every instrument.


The app allows you to create and save your own song too. You can upgrade to the PRO version of the app to remove ads, use a dark theme, and also get better access to the notes of some of the latest songs.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


Avoid expensive and time-consuming tuner equipment and applications that only play the sounds of various guitars. The above applications function as active tuners for the guitar and other standard string devices. In reality, it’s a lot more than tuning.

A guitar chord library, tempo, ear training, and other valuable tools are also included. Furthermore, the Smart Scroll feature also enables you to play the chords to your favorite tunes. Install any of these applications on your Android or iOS mobile device to have a guitar mentor by your side.

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