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In Hosting Last updated: November 11, 2022
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Businesses serving the UK and European markets must look for data centers situated in London and European locations for their website or e-commerce store.

But why?

Aren’t the data centers supposed to cater to the entire globe?

The answer is yes, and it can be cost-friendly too.

But at what expense – performance, security, and compliance?

You might have designed your website or store with a lot of effort and money so it can reach the maximum number of people you are targeting and bring you greater revenue.

But what if it can’t reach them?

Maybe the speed is to blame or the SEO. Also, The location of your data center can be the primary cause of all these inefficiencies.

This is why you must choose a web hosting provider who can serve your UK and European audience well. It would enable you to offer an excellent user experience and boost your revenue. And for that, it must provide data centers in London and other European locations to ensure your website loads faster without downtimes and the SEO works in your favor.

So, if you are looking for the best hosting provider for the UK and European markets, I’ve listed some excellent platforms.

But before that, let’s understand in detail,

Why Is Hosting Sites in Regional Data Centers Beneficial?

Choosing a data center closest to your target audience offers many advantages in terms of speed, performance, security, compliance, support, and more.

But suppose you choose data situated anywhere in the world without considering your target market’s location. In that case, your ideal customers can experience lags and downtimes due to the high physical distance between them and the data center location. It hugely affects their experience using your site or e-commerce store.


  • If you cater to the UK market, choosing a London-based data center would be best. This would offer the maximum speed, efficiency, and user experience.
  • Similarly, if your audience is in the rest of Europe, you might want to host a data center out of the UK.
  • Also, if you serve both the UK and EU markets, you can choose a service provider that can offer multiple data centers, one in London and others in Europe.

The benefits you can avail yourself with a regional data center are:


With the closest data center for your audience, everything accelerates and runs smoothly and efficiently. It can offer faster page loading, uploading and downloading content, browsing products in an eCommerce store, and so on.

It results in the lowest ping or downtimes and higher uptime, so the users can access your site or store whenever they like without getting frustrated. All these compounds to the highest level of user experience. And who does not want that? So, choose a data center closest to your audience’s location.


Security is another significant benefit when choosing the data center closest to your target market. This way, you can constantly keep an eye on your data center’s security aspects in person.

You can visit the facility whenever you want (if it’s a physical data center) and enquire about how everything is going on, ensuring nothing gets tampered with.

In addition, it’s also beneficial in case of disaster recovery. If anything wrong happens or a breach occurs, you can take action immediately and understand the situation closely to minimize the risks.


In the above point, we saw that a closer data center is associated with better security, which means you can provide better security to your customer and business data.

This has become even more important in today’s business world, where cyberattacks happen now and then, and regulatory bodies ensure all organizations follow the rules.

Therefore, if you can secure your customer data and privacy, you won’t risk getting penalized by a compliance authority like GDPR. It also helps you during audits.


If you don’t have deeper technical skills concerning data center and web hosting, you may need the help of real people who can assist you whenever you need it. It’s beneficial even if you have technical skills. There must be someone you can turn up to in need if you encounter any issues. At this time, an excellent support team is all you would want.

For this, if you choose a regional data center, you can seek the best help from them. You will also be familiar with their language and accent so that you won’t face trouble understanding their guidance. They would understand and relate with you more than teams situated half a globe away.

All these points scream the need for you to choose a data center based on your target market. And if you serve the UK and European markets, I have come up with some of the best hosting providers that can offer excellent data centers in London and other European locations.

Let’s take a look!


Choose an excellent hosting platform – Krystal – to run your website better. It has data centers in the UK market to give extra security, a low latency guarantee, backups, and more. You will experience blazing speed and performance for your website and use cutting-edge features to run your site efficiently.

Accelerate your growth by optimizing your business with the world-class solutions of managed cloud services.

Krystal comes with the latest deployment strategy that ensures your code will move quickly from development to deployment through staging. The hosting platform is reliable and smooth so that you can get up and start immediately to register success in your business.

Krystal uses renewable energy from wind, sea, and sun to offer you 100% green web hosting. It works with Ecologi,, and Trees for Life to create a clearer path to the future. In addition, Krystal is the first company in the UK market that provides true 100% green energy. All the data centers achieve a Power Usage Effectiveness rate of at least 1.2.

You can benefit from features like SSL certificate, cPanel, one-click installers, LiteSpeed Web Server, 2Tbps DDoS protection, website builder, and 99.99% guaranteed uptime. Moreover, you will find unlimited databases, bandwidth, parked domains, email aliases, subdomains, and emails.


Start your website from one of the best hosting platforms, Kamatera and create servers in seconds and deploy cloud infrastructure with ease. You will get an unlimited scale-out and scale-up, a simple management console, API, and many more things that help you run your website smoothly.


Select the type from A to D, number of vCPUs, storage, bandwidth, public IPs, data centers (Frankfurt-Germany, London-UK, Amsterdam, The Netherlands), and operating systems. Users in Europe and the UK will benefit from the nearest data centers for ultimate performance and availability.

Kamatera’s servers are highly scalable and reliable for users, leveraging Intel Xeon Platinum/Cascade Lake Processors of 2.7GHz+ that offer 300% more power to each CPU.

Run any Linux and Windows operating system edition, add firewalls, load balancers, private networks, and more. Plus, you will never face any single point of failure but get a guarantee of 99.95% uptime.

Kamatera offers unlimited 40 Gbit/s per server for the fastest network speed. You can run your databases and applications with zero latency and I/O bottlenecks with the nearest data centers. Start your Kamatera journey at $4/month and take a 30-days FREE trial to know the platform better.


Nexcess provides a fully managed hosting platform for building better stores and sites. You will get more robust security, trusted support, inherent scalability, and faster speeds, ensuring that everything is fine so that you can be online.

Nexcess houses its infrastructure in the European data centers, including Amsterdam, London Gatwick, Frankfurt, Paris, Poland, and London Sussex, so that users get low pings and faster performance.

It offers premium SSL certs, proactive patching, updates, PCI-certified compliance, monitoring alerts, single-click auto-scaling, 99.99% uptime, plug-in updates, customizable tech stacks, and container add-ons, and a lot more.

Migrate your website easily with the help of an expert for free and increase your page loading speed with the built-in CDN. In addition, you can create staging and development sites with database scrubbing instantly. The auto-scaling feature also rescues your traffic surges by maintaining security, good customer experience, and speed.

Get the best deal possible by choosing any plan and avail yourself of a 30-day money-back guarantee. According to the concurrent users you have, disk space you need, domains, and bandwidth, you can choose a perfect plan for your business.


Choosing a web host is like diving into uncertainty unless you actually do it. But Fasthosts, with their £1 per month subscription, offering professional emails, free domain names, etc., makes it really simple to start with.


Moreover, each plan comes with a 99.99% uptime SLA which is excellent at this price point.

Additionally, Fastcomets plans are loaded with goodies like unlimited FTP accounts, an online file manager, unlimited subdomains, a one-click app installer, etc.

The best thing about Fasthosts is the variety you get to choose from. They seem to perfectly understand the one-size-suits-none formula and have flexible subscriptions based on the number of websites and features one might need.

Besides, the add-ons like Performance Hosting grant dedicated resources to outperform your shared hosting rivals.

And you can take pride in preserving the planet by choosing Fasthosts UK data centers which utilize 100% renewable energy.

Finally, a responsive support team and 30-day money-back make them worthy of everyone’s attention.


Get OVHcloud with the latest dedicated servers and global infrastructure that has 20 Tbit/s of network capacity, 32 data centers on four continents, and 34 PoP redondants across the globe. It has data centers in the UK and European markets, including Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, and Portugal.

Its advanced technologies include AMD EPYC, Intel Xeon E processors, advanced security with Intel SGX and AMD SEV/SME, TruDDR4 ECC memory, and NVMe SSDs memory.

OVHcloud helps you in building your website in just five steps. With a ready-to-use and pre-configured Apache solution, you can deploy analytics and big data platforms in less than an hour. Take a ride with the platform and accelerate your innovation by keeping complete control over your data.


UpCloud helps thousands of businesses worldwide build their website and provides the performance, speed, and service they need. Its scalable MaxIOPS block storage offers double reliability and faster performance as compared to standard SSD cloud servers.


You can run your critical web applications on UpCloud efficiently. In addition, UpCloud Managed Databases relax your maintenance burden by sharing tedious tasks with the experts and allowing you to spend your saved time increasing productivity to grow your business.

Create a private cloud easily with the same performance, flexibility, and 100% uptime SLA guarantee. You can also deploy your website quickly and take complete control over it with the help of a self-service cloud platform.

UpCloud is a secure, always available, cost-effective, and scalable hosting platform. It comes with an easy-to-use API and control panel that helps you save more time by managing your cloud.

Europe and UK customers can go with London-based data centers for better performance and low ping. Choose the best place for you and start your journey at just $5/month for 1 GB memory, 1 CPU, 25 GB MaxIOPS storage, and 1 TB transfer speed.


Think beyond your idea with the features and performance of FastComet’s hosting platform and build a greater website for your business. Transfer your existing domain free of charge for one year and start with Fastcomet to get the benefit of up to 300% faster speed to access your databases and files.


It houses its infrastructure in London-UK, Amsterdam- Europe, and Frankfurt-Europe, especially for the UK and European market, so nearby customers will benefit from low ping. You can also distribute your content across the globe and keep your visitors close by increasing the page loading speed.

Furthermore, it provides a powerful and popular web hosting control panel for easy management. FastComet also offers weekly and daily backups of your files for free to keep your information safe. You can also take the help of a migration expert to transfer all the emails, databases, and files to your new home.

You will get SSD-only servers, RocketBooster, Cloudflare CDN caching, firewall, malware scans, daily backups, multiple server locations, and more for $2.49/month. It offers a 7-days money-back guarantee for VPS/DS servers and 45-days for cloud-shared hosting.


dinahosting provides the best solutions for your web project. Register your domain now and protect your brand with volume discounts and a FREE email account. It includes NVMe disks that give more security and speed to the project. The UK and Europe-based customers can choose Madrid as the nearest server location.

dinahosting uses Dell or Intel dedicated servers so that you never experience low speed. Allow dinahosting to migrate your previous website to the best hands for free. You will also have the most optimized and secure network infrastructure, resources, and maximum speed with the new NVMe disks.

In addition, manage all your applications and services from the easy-to-use and configurable control panel. Your data will be safe with the backup servers mounted on fire-fighting systems, constant controls, and RAID 6.

So, all the above hosting platforms offer physical data centers. And if you are looking for cloud options, I also have listed some of the best ones.

Popular Cloud Hosting Platforms


Whether you are looking for content delivery, database storage, compute power, or other functionality, AWS provides all the services you need to build applications with enhanced scalability, reliability, and flexibility.

People in the UK, Europe, or nearby regions can choose data centers such as Amsterdam in The Netherlands, Frankfurt in Germany, London in England, and many more places to experience better performance with low ping, higher security, and enhanced services.

Get solutions like marketing, advertising, financial services, game tech, media, and entertainment and build applications to run them with serverless computing. You will also get a cost-effective backup storage option never to lose any information.

Furthermore, AWS offers comprehensive security to your applications. It has broad security accreditations, auditing, and rich controls, and you can access any service you want to increase your site efficiency in just a few minutes.

Google Cloud

Accelerate your business growth with Google Cloud by building applications, making smarter decisions, and connecting people from around the globe. Protect your data with the help of advanced security services, and run your applications on the safest cloud in the industry. It spreads its network to 200+ countries and territories, 88 zones, and still counting.

In Europe, you will get edge locations like five centers in The Netherlands, Budapest, Romania, Frankfurt, London, Munich, Milan, Kyiv, Lisbon, Sofia, Warsaw, Zurich, and many more. It will now expand its infrastructure in Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Turin, etc.

Run critical workloads such as SAP, Oracle, Windows, and VMware natively on the Google Cloud and manage enterprise data and migrate it with high availability, security, reliability, and managed data services.

In addition, modernize your cloud infrastructure and legacy applications to move from complex analytics to complete insights with a fully managed and serverless analytics platform. Google Cloud also responds to online threats quickly to protect your business.

Get started with $300 FREE credits and save money with its innovative and transparent approach to pricing.


Build innovative applications with Microsft Azure cloud hosting platform and deploy your cloud apps to take advantage of flexible choices.

Get your secure apps, data, and infrastructure anywhere like multi-cloud, on edge, or on-premises, and transform your enterprise with limitless performance and scale along with unmatched analytics. In addition, use Azure products and services to start converting your ideas into real action.

Start building with the popular services from Azure which is FREE for 12 months, and you will also get $200 FREE credit for the first 30 days.


Vultr provides you with a cloud hosting platform for your applications. It will help you develop native apps locally and spread them across the globe. Spend your time coding and let Vultr take care of the rest; Vultr deploys your application in your desired data centers within 60 seconds.

They have data centers in Stockholm, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, and London to offer the best experience to your users. You can also modernize your business with Vultr’s API by automating some processes.

Vultr offers an intuitive and simple control panel where you can do everyday tasks like managing backups, adjusting control, and ordering servers in a few clicks. You can choose from many pre-installed applications and systems to start your website and unlock infinite possibilities.

Vultr is a secure and reliable platform so that your website will remain on the top with a guaranteed 100% uptime SLA. It also has high-performance Intel CPUs and 100% robust SSDs to accelerate your applications.


Accelerate innovation with affordable, accessible, and simple Linux cloud services and solutions. Developers around the world trust Linode due to the best price-performance ratio. It’s one of the best IaaS providers that lets you deploy, store, network, and perform cloud computing easily in seconds with a cloud manager interface, CLI, and API.

Linode houses its infrastructure in many regions, including London and Frankfurt, which helps the UK and European markets grow faster.

Explore the products and solutions you need and start it today. Linode offers an affordable and reliable cloud computing infrastructure with the free transfer, DDoS protection, and bundled support. Linode is 100% independent and guarantees 99.99% uptime.


DigitalOcean makes your cloud experience delightful with its friendly features, predictable pricing, and scalability. Build powerful applications by using a comprehensive portfolio of storage, database, networking products, and computing.

DigitalOcean’s easy-to-use UI, API, docs, and CLI allow you to spend more time on the business. It will focus on the infrastructure that enables you to expand your business with 14 globally distributed data centers and 99.99% uptime.

Many features are included in every plan to have everything you need at your fingertips to build your apps. You will also get FREE cloud firewalls, free DNS management, free-floating IPs, a free container registry with 500 GB storage, 500 GB outbound transfer, and one repository.

Conclusion 👇

Choosing a web hosting provider that can offer a data center in London and European locations would be best for you if you cater to the UK and European markets.

Hence, choose any of the above physical or cloud service providers and empower your website or store so it can reach the maximum number of your targeted audience. It will result in better conversions by increasing your website’s efficiency, performance, speed, and security to provide an optimal user experience.

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