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In Hosting Last updated: April 11, 2023
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If your target audience is in Australia, choosing a web hosting platform with data centers in Australia will be your best bet.

It will offer you the highest level of website performance, security, uptime, and other benefits to delight your customers in Australia.

Although you can choose any data center, it won’t be as efficient because of the distance factor. As a result of farther data center location, your audience may face slow page loading and downtimes, affecting user experience.

And nobody likes a slow website or waiting for it to load. It wastes their time, and they may soon look for alternatives, which you won’t like.

So, look for a good website hosting provider that can offer data centers where your audience is in order to provide unmatched speed and performance.

In this article, I’ve listed some of the best web hosting platforms that offer excellent performance and data centers in Australia to serve your Australian audience.

But before that, let’s understand in detail,

Why Should You Look for Regional Data Centers?

The distance between your audience and the data center hosting your website must be minimized if you want to provide a faster loading speed and improved user experience. It’s because this distance affects everything – performance, security, compliance, user experience, and more.

If your audience is in Australia and you choose a New York data center, for instance, what will happen?

Your customers may experience delayed responses when they open your site, and your site uptime can also be lower and frequent downtimes may occur. All these issues degrade the user experience, and they may leave your site and possibly never visit again. And you won’t ever want this to happen to the website you have built with so much care and investment.

Thus, just one factor, if gone wrong, can affect your business.

Let’s see how these factors play and why you should choose a regional data center for your audience.

High Performance

A regional data center means the data center is closer to your audience. And when the distance between your audience and data center is less, they are going to experience faster page loading speed, content delivery, faster browsing, uploading, and downloading.

All these experiences delight your audience, and they would want to revisit your site when they need to. It helps improve your site’s SEO and brings better conversion rates.


Yes, choosing a regional data center can also benefit you in terms of security. Suppose you have selected a data center located in the other half of the globe. If anything goes wrong, you won’t be able to visit the data center immediately to witness the issue in real-time.

However, with a regional data center, you can see the security aspects of your chosen data center and inquire about the status. This also enables you to take action immediately during disaster recovery.


Compliance requirements have become more stringent than ever. This is why all businesses must adhere to compliance rules and regulations by regulating bodies. With better security to your business data and customer information, you can ensure a high level of compliance is maintained within your organization.

In addition, you can also get yourself prepared for periodic audits as well. This will enable you to be risk-free in terms of compliance, avoiding penalties.


Technical issues may arise at any time, and you will have to be ready for everything. And if you can’t handle it yourself, you will need the assistance of experts to solve the issue. This demands the need for supportive customer support to address your problems.

If you and your audience are from a location, say Australia, having a local provider is helpful. You will be more familiar with their language and find it easier to follow their guidance or recommendations. It can be difficult if you choose a service provider with support from other countries.

This way, choosing a regional data center is helpful in many ways. Hence, if your audience is in Australia, choose a web hosting provider with a data center in Australia to experience better service.

I’ve curated some of the best web hosting providers with Australian data centers to make the task easy for you.

Check them out!


Start your server at an affordable rate with the latest configurations and cutting-edge technologies by OVHcloud. It provides a wide range of AMD and Intel platforms, NVMe SSDs or SATA HDDs, etc. It runs its infrastructure on Intel Xeon E and AMD EPYC processors along with TruDDR4 ECC memory and NVMe SSDs of PCI-E Gen 4.

OVHcloud stands beside you every time your business needs from backup to enhancing your growth. The dedicated server in Australia lets nearby countries choose high performance at an affordable rate. In addition, you will get protection from DDoS or unwanted attacks on your server.

Furthermore, you can now deploy big analytics and big data platforms in very little time. OVHcloud also lets you design your website with five simple steps, including hosting solutions, 1-click modules, and more. Plus, It provides a scalable solution to your website that can save a lot of your time.

It gives 20 Tbit/s of network capacity globally and 34 PoP redundancy across the globe. You will also get maximum versatility and control from the web hosting specialists and the capability to launch your project within seconds.


Ventraip is Australia’s most trusted web hosting provider that allows you to start building an online store or website right away. It has achieved ISS (auDA Information Security Standard) accreditation, which means your domain and websites are in good hands. Not to mention, Ventraip is the world’s fourth-largest and trusted domain name and web hosting provider in Australia.

By renting this hosting platform, you will get FREE email forwarding, ID protection, URL forwarding, DNS hosting, and more. With the hourly backup facility, you never lose any data from the server files. In addition to that, you will get Fortinet hardware firewalls and MariaDB databases.

If you need all the power, Ventraip will offer custom cPanel web hosting, where you get a free SSL certificate and a 99.9% guarantee of uptime. Start your website now at $5/month and step into online business to feel the freedom, reliability, and speed with Australia’s powerful VPS platform.


Get faster performance and 100% uptime for your favorite CMS with Webcentral hosting platform. It helps you take your first step into an online business by choosing the perfect domain according to your business. They will also offer a professional email address and all the tools you need to build your own website.

Connect with customers daily with a professional-looking website along with Webcentral’s reliable and fast web hosting. You will also get a website builder that will help you build your very own online site and keep it 24/7 live.

Let your customers know what you provide or what your business does with Webcentral. It helps you advertise on Instagram or Facebook, Google AdWords, and Search Engine Optimization so potential customers can find you quickly and know more about you.

Webcentral has hosted its infrastructure in the Australian data center and provided full support to nearby places. Its data centers expand in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney and are trusted by thousands of organizations.

Digital Pacific

Unleash the power of Quad-CPU Hypercore servers with Digital Pacific that runs its server on AMD EPYC and Intel dedicated range. It is the home to Australian hosting, servers, and domains where you will get business-class hosting with powerful cloud features and spam protection.

Take your online business to success with Australia’s best range of web hosting services that includes best-in-class SSD storage and hardware with self-managed and managed Virtual Machines. In addition, the largest range of dedicated servers in Australia is backed by Dell SMC hardware.

Gain the speed along with high security with the hosting plan you choose. You can secure your application or website with an SSL certificate from Symantec or GeoTrust. Additionally, Digital Pacific server products get continuous protection from cyber threats via a DDoS prevention system. Thus, you don’t have to worry much about cyberattacks.

Layers of privacy and security keep your application and website safe so that your services are always under close guard. You are also covered by its 99.9% uptime guarantee, so your users can access your service anytime they want to. Moreover, Digital Pacific aims to connect your online business with people around the world and Australia so it can grow to national and international boundaries.

Crazy Domains

Supercharge your website with Crazy Domains that offers affordable hosting and advanced SEO tools. It provides web hosting, DNS hosting, WordPress hosting, etc., with top-notch security, performance, and scalability.

You can choose your preferable domain name or suggested domain names from a wide range of options. It also lets you migrate your previous domain to Crazy Domains for FREE by taking help from an expert. In addition, you will also be able to find the owner of a particular domain easily.

Furthermore, you will get an ultra-fast cPanel Linux VPS server and a superfast Plesk windows VPS server. You can build your server the way you want and leverage fully managed dedicated servers. You can also enjoy options like a website builder, web designing, logo designing, EatDirect, SmartCall, etc.

Crazy Domains can help you enhance the number of customers through online marketing. With the traffic booster, you can boost the position of your website and improve your website visibility with Simple SEO to grow more.

Secure your website data from hackers and perform server files backup so that you will never lose any data. You can also protect your email from viruses and spam. In addition, people from Australia and nearby places will benefit from the nearest server due to low ping and fast performance.

All the above hosting platforms have physical data centers.

But if you want to host your site on a cloud data center, here are some of the popular cloud hosting platforms you can consider.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers incredibly fast and reliable cloud hosting solutions for businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations. It empowers their websites and applications with security and cost-efficiency. AWS has 200 fully-featured data centers spread globally, including Sydney in Australia, to help you deliver content faster to your audience in Australia. They are also planning to launch another data center in Melbourne.

Whether you want to build an eCommerce, marketing, or rich-media website, you can choose AWS that offers wide-ranging hosting options to choose the suitable one for your business. In addition, AWS supports multiple CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal and SDKs for Java, PHP, .Net. Ruby, and Node.js. You will also get a scalable infrastructure and flexible pricing models with no long-term contract or up-front costs.

Google Cloud

Build applications and sites faster, connect with people from anywhere, and make better business decisions with Google Cloud. They are committed to open-source, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud to accelerate your development while avoiding vendor lock-ins.

Google Cloud is spread across 200+ countries and regions and 88 zones. They have data centers in Melbourne and Sydney in Australia. Besides, they recently have added many more data centers globally and are planning to add more in the future.

Thus, no matter where your audience is, you can provide the best service. Gain deeper insights into your business using Google Cloud’s advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities. In addition, it also transforms the way you connect with people and collaborate with them in real-time.

Google Cloud lets you connect in-person or remotely via integrated video calls, chats, emails, and file collaboration applications like Docs. You will also get sophisticated security servers to safeguard your data, innovative pricing to save more money, and the cleanest cloud to run your sites and apps.


Build unique websites with Microsoft Azure which offers cutting-edge technologies and robust cloud infrastructure to support your website. In Australia, Azure is now available from three cities – Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne with connectivity to Auckland, Brisbane, and Perth.

With Azure, you get high resiliency and network availability to continue serving your customers from Australia. You have the option to build sites and apps at the edge and across multi-cloud or on-premises. Sign up with Azure now and enjoy 12 months of Azure’s popular services for FREE, along with $200 credits.


Deploy cloud servers, storage, and bare-metal worldwide easily with Vultr. It enables you to build sites and native applications locally and distribute them no matter where you want. They have 19 data centers spread across the globe, including Sydney in Australia, so that you can delight your Australian audience with high content availability and support.

The platform takes the hassle away from you by taking care of everything else so you can spend your time writing quality codes. Vultr needs just 60 seconds to deploy your sites on your preferred data center and give all the controls you want on your website.

Vultr offers a straightforward control panel to make managing things easier for you. In addition, you can manage backups, order servers, and configure settings with a few clicks. Vultr also offers an API to help you modernize your business by automating your processes.

You have the option to choose from a number of pre-installed systems and applications so you can start your sites quickly and discover unending options. Vultr is a highly secure and reliable platform with a 100% uptime SLA guarantee. You get a powerful, pure SSD-based platform, high-performance Intel CPUs, and security features to build a robust site.


Get affordable, simple, and easy to manage Linux cloud services and solutions to boost your innovation with Linode. It helps you deploy storage, networking, and cloud computes efficiently in seconds using a fully-featured API, Cloud Manager interface, and CLI.

Linode’s API provides programmatic control on your cloud infrastructure while the user interface is intuitive to make the management easier. You can cut your cloud expenses in half by using Linode without compromising the performance.

Furthermore, you get the same software and hardware quality as hyperscalers but with affordable pricing. You can also choose from NVIDIA GPUs and AMD CPUs and avail of high performance. Don’t worry if you encounter any issues; they offer 100% human support for free 24/7/365. In addition, they guarantee 99.99% uptime SLA and have 11 data centers globally, including Sydney in Australia for your Australian customers.

You can get started with $30/month, unlike other providers that charge double or more.  When you create your account, you will get $100 credits, and you can try the services for 60 days for FREE.


A good web hosting provider can provide quality service, robust infrastructure, and technologies for performance, security, and features that can take your website to success. Always ensure to ask for their data center locations so you can choose the one closest to your audience.

Hence, if you are looking for a web hosting platform for the Australian market, choose one among the above options and keep growing your business.

If you plan to reach out to audiences in the UK or Europe, do check out the Best Hosting Platforms for the UK and Europe.

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