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Take a sigh of relief by choosing the right indoor home security camera!

Not many years ago, home security systems were so expensive and difficult to set up that most people had to simply rely on their door and window locks, and pray that intruders would instead pick another target. Today, prices have dropped so much, and technology has become so pervasive and straightforward that we have no excuses to install cameras that protect us and our homes.

Moreover, there are other reasons to place cameras in our homes that just prevent intrusions. With indoor cameras, we can check on our kids, our elders, or our pets activities from wherever we are. We can keep an eye on people we leave alone working in the house. We can check if we left the lights on or a window open, and we can even talk with anyone who’s in the house while we are away.

Buying peace of mind

The traditional home security systems, with audible alarms and motion or break-in detection, are well known to criminals. They know how to deactivate them or even provoke the owners to deactivate the alarms themselves by causing repeated false alarms.

An indoor home security camera is an excellent complement to those traditional alarm systems. Whenever an alarm fires, you can check the live video feed to see what is happening at home, and take the necessary actions. But even if you don’t have a security system, a single indoor home security camera can do most of the work and prevent unwanted things from happening.

The difference between an indoor and an outdoor camera is that the latter is exposed to varying climatic conditions, and has to be made of more durable materials, to avoid tampering. In contrast, indoor cameras tend to be smaller and more lightweight and also cheaper. In general, they are also less intrusive.

Desirable features of an indoor home security camera

A single-camera can function as a complete home security system if it has all the necessary features. The price range for this kind of device goes from less than $ 50 to over $ 300. Obviously, only the higher-priced cameras will offer everything you might need in terms of home security. But you can look for a compromise between price and features, and find a model that meets your expectations and is also affordable.

The main features you should look for in an indoor home security camera include the following:

Cloud storage: The video footage captured by a camera must be stored somewhere, in case you need to review it or, eventually, use it as a proof of some crime. Cloud storage is the best option for this matter because the video files take up a lot of space, and a local drive or memory card could fill up very quickly. Most of the good security cameras offer big cloud storage for free.

Mobile and web access: While you are out, you’ll want to see what’s going on in your house by watching the video of your cam on your mobile device, on a web page, or both.

Power source: Some cameras use batteries; others use a power cord. Each option has its pros and cons: batteries need replacement or recharging, while power cords need to be at a short distance from a power outlet.

Connectivity: Wi-Fi is great when your home internet connection is up. But in case a storm strikes and the power goes off, the camera will need another option to connect to the internet. Cellular connectivity is a rare feature, but a necessary one if you are looking for a failsafe security system.

Night vision: This is a must-have feature for security cameras because even if you leave the lights on in your house, a burglar can simply turn them off and leave you blind in case your camera can’t see in the dark.

There are many other features to take into account, like motion detection, face recognition, AI, audio, and a big etcetera. Although it is not a large quantity of money you will be spending on a camera, you should check all the features and make thorough comparisons, so you won’t regret having chosen a particular model after buying and installing it.

Here are our picks in the field of indoor home security cameras:

Arlo Ultra 2

With 4K video and HDR, Arlo Ultra 2 gives you the best possible ultra-wide view of your house that a considerably affordable price. This device is easy to install and doesn’t require you to connect it to electrical wiring.

Like most security cameras, it has a two-audio function and as well as other phenomenal features like 6 months battery life, instant alerts upon motion detection, color night vision, and fast charging. Not to forget, it’s also water-resistant to withstand rain, sun, snow, and all-weather types.

Arlo Ultra 2 can be integrated with your favorite smart home devices, such as Amazon Alexa, Ok Google and Apple HomeKit.

Circle View Camera

Having won several awards over the years, Circle View Camera by Logitech is a high in-demand security camera for your home. It gives you and your family total peace of mind inside and out while you stay relaxed wherever you are.

This camera captures everything crisp and clear and has a 180-degree  view to help you see around the area quite well. And the fact that it has night vision makes things so much more convenient even when you’re sleeping.

Not to mention, it also has a stunning design that further elevates the look of your house.

Solo IndoorCam C24

With two-way audio, night vision, and AI technology, eufy Solo IndoorCam C24 is packed with amazing features that not only give you peace of mind but also help you be more vigilant towards any unforeseen circumstances.

Some main features of this indoor camera include:

  • AI recognition of human or pet
  • 2K video clarity
  • Ability to communicate with people who’re on the door
  • Ability to store data and recordings locally or on cloud
  • Turn on activity zones to only get alerts for certain areas of your home
  • Access video footage right from your phone when you’re on the go

You can integrate it with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa to further make it even more accessible.

Wyze Cam v3

This security camera called Wyze Cam v3 has 1080p color night viewing mode along with IP65 weather resistance to capture moments without any problems, whether they’re indoor or outdoor. It’s also one of the smartest cameras out there for your home.

Over the years it has had a couple of versions roll out but nothing like the v3 we have here. It delivers a brighter, clearer and precise image even in low light. Also, it has dust resistance and the ability to reduce noise to further sharpen the visuals.

The design of Wyze Cam v3 is quite minimal and goes well with any kind of interior.

There are a lot of reasons why you need mydlink HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera in your house but two of the main reasons have to be the 360-degree view and sound/motion detection.

It’s a compact security camera that comes with flexible mounting options. You can either install it on your ceiling or even keep it on the shelf. Some of the many features of this device are:

  • HD video quality
  • Smart home compatibility
  • Clear day & night vision
  • Two-way audio
  • Easily accessible from the mydlink app

No products found.

There are so many more features that’ll give you complete peace of mind 24/7. Be sure to check this one out and gain more control over the security of your family.

Google Nest Cam Indoor

Products from Google have always been known to be nothing short of great and their Nest Cam Indoor is no different. An incredible surveillance camera with 24/7 live video and night vision that allows you to keep a close watch on your home even if you’re away from it.

You can check in whenever you want and even send footage to family and friends right from your phone. Some other cool features include sound/motion detection, two-way audio, emergency calls, and intelligent alerts.

Google Nest Cam Indoor follows industry-leading security, so you can be assured that your information and video are well protected. You can also enable two-factor authentication to further tighten things up.

Indoor Cam by Ring

With simple plug-in installation and convenient size, this Indoor Cam by Ring gives you total peace of mind while elevating the look of your house. It has a bunch of incredible features that qualify this device to be a complete package of indoor security surveillance.

Read more about Ring Security and their products

Here are some of the many features that really define greatness:

  • Motion-activated notifications
  • HD video quality
  • Night vision mode
  • Two-way talk with noise cancellation
  • Complete control from the smartphone app

You can sync different Ring security products together in a single dashboard to control everything from one place. Also, one of the best things about their products is the fact that it’s considerably affordable.

Kami Indoor Camera

A surveillance device that takes your security really seriously, Kami Indoor Camera can be totally relied upon. It’s intelligent, elegant, and packs a lot of essential and powerful features that make things so much easier.

For instance, it has smart human detection to alert you instantly whenever someone passes by. It also has an abnormal sound detection feature that informs you whenever there’s some unusual sound.

Some other features include:

  • 360 degree pan camera + 90 degree tilt auto-cruise functionality
  • Ability to hide the lens in privacy mode
  • Industry-standard encryption to keep all data safe
  • Advanced AI detection for specific movements, such as humans, pets, etc.
  • Instant notifications to keep you up to date

It has a smartphone app that gives you complete control from one place. You can view and share moments instantly.

Canary Pro

Canary Pro features a crisp and clear 1080p HD camera that keeps an eye on your house for trustable protection even when it’s dark outside. It comes with a 90-decibel siren and a handy climate monitor that informs you about the temperature, air, and humidity.

It doesn’t require any installation. Just place it on the shelf to start monitoring your house right away. It’s as easy and simple as that.

Also, the Canary app gives you total control over the footage and emergency services, all from one single place.

I’ve literally just scratched the surface here. There are many more features that’ll make your life so much easier and peaceful.

LaView F1

A full HD 1080p security camera, LaView F1 can help you monitor your home by providing a clear view of your area. It requires no drilling for installation. Just plug and play to set up instantly and start the surveillance.

It has cloud storage availability, smart home integration, a smartphone app, and a microSD card slot that holds up to 128GB capacity. Moreover, it has night vision, customizable motion detection, and a brilliant two-way audio function.

You can share the recorded footage with your friends and family via the LaView program, and even set limitations and restrictions for certain users if you wish to.

Overall, this security camera is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a straightforward device that does exactly what it advertises.

Yi Dome Guard

For about $40, Yi Dome Guard is packed with features. It has a high-definition 1080p HD wide-angle glass lens. YI Dome Guard Camera has a 360° PTZ allowing you to see an entire room, from a single location.  The company offers an optional 24/7 emergency response service.

The camera’s motion alerts can instantly involve Noonlight’s Certified Emergency Dispatchers, who can coordinate actions with medical emergency agencies, police, and fire departments to handle any situation. It can be integrated with YI Home products and YI Cloud to configure a complete and effective smart-home system.

How much for good peace of mind?

We’ve seen that some of the indoor home security cameras are in the $ 200 price range. But if you can resign a couple of features, you can slash that price to less than $ 30, so even if your budget is constrained, there’s no reason for not getting at least one of the cheaper models. It will undoubtedly better than not knowing at all what happens at home when you are not there.

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