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In Digital Marketing Last updated: November 17, 2022
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Business owners can generate unique, noticeable, and attractive usernames for their Instagram profiles using these best Instagram username tools.

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media with a rapidly growing fanbase. So, if you own a business, you must have a business account on this platform to promote the products and services you sell.

In this competitive world, having an Instagram handle for your business is not enough. This account should have a unique Instagram username so the audience can remember it easily.

Instead of manually choosing a perfect username for your account, using Instagram username generators is a better option for busy entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Read on to find out more about the importance of having a catchy and unique Instagram username, along with the best tools for username generation.

Importance of Having a Unique Instagram Username


Since your Instagram username is an integral component of business branding, make sure it represents the purpose and nature of your business. Often, it is the first thing a user will notice about your brand. Hence, you should ensure its relevancy for a great first impression. 

Also, consider it as a tool to communicate with your followers. Only with a unique username, you can build a good brand image on Instagram.

How Does a Unique Name Help in Gaining an Audience 


When you open an account on behalf of your business on Instagram, your prime target is to gain an audience.

There are millions of Instagram users, and you need to establish your account as an outlet for exposure to your potential customers and clients. A unique name helps you gain an audience or customers in various ways:



If you want to establish your business as a brand, there is no alternative to having a unique username. Especially if you own a small business, you need to depend a lot on social media and viral marketing. With a touch of uniqueness, you can make your business stand apart from others.


For any business, SEO plays a key role. If you can include industry or niche-related keywords in your username, there would be a higher possibility of your account appearing when someone searches with that keyword.

Suppose, your username is “nickwriter.” When someone searches with “writer,” this username will have a higher chance of appearing in the search results, compare to the username “nickfranklin.”

Quick and Easy Recall

In most cases, you sell your products outside Instagram. It could be a brick-and-mortar shop or some online marketplace. In both cases, you want your Insta followers to recognize you as soon as they see your name. This brand recall plays a crucial role in traffic conversion.

How to Select Unique Instagram Names: Top Tips


For every Instagram account, having a unique username is mandatory. But, you must refrain from coming up with any random names just for the sake of becoming unique. Here are some essential things you should remember while choosing or selecting an Instagram username:

Easy to Remember

The first rule of creating a username for any platform is to make it easily rememberable. You need the audience to remember it even if they see or hear it only once.

Represents Your Brand/Niche

As we are talking about the business account, the username should coincide with your brand name and identity. If your name is Alice and you offer photography services, “alicesnaps” would be a good username choice. 


The audience will remember you if your username has something original to offer. One has to strike their mind with the original username (different from others in a positive or queer way.)

Matching Other Social Names

If you have accounts on multiple social platforms, make sure all the usernames match. Otherwise, people will not be able to identify you properly.

Short and Rhymed Words

If your username is short, people can remember and find it seamlessly. Having rhymed username is another cool way to make it unique.

Avoid Typos and Multiple Numbers & Symbols

Having misspelled username is a big no-no. Also, do not include too many digits and symbols in your username.

Now that you know the basics and how to choose an appropriate Instagram username for your business, let us explore some best Instagram username generators below:


IUG is an AI username generator that can come up with a list of usernames using the word you entered. The cool thing about this platform is, it generates usernames specifically for Instagram.


Enter your name or keyword and choose the category from random, animal, art, design, nature, luxury, humor, fashion, food, and more. Wait for some seconds as this tool generates 100s of usernames for you. Click on your favorite username to check its availability on Instagram.

If you do not like the generated usernames or they are already taken, there is no need to worry. You can generate again to get a new set of usernames.

Users can also reset the result page for a new query and star mark their favorite usernames to store those in the My favorite names page. 

In case you want to get a username for a business profile, enables that option to let the tool know your preference.

Business Name Generator


You do not have to go through the various steps to generate a username for your Instagram account. Use Business Name Generator to get the username for your account. Just enter keywords related to your brand and let the AI-powered tool suggest hundreds of names.

You can also filters to modify the usernames and come up with a perfect one. It is also possible to determine if your mentioned keyword is to be added before or after.

Moreover, this tool supports enabling rhyming that basically generates username of alliterative username. You can also save your favorite usernames and email them to your chosen address.

You can choose one or multiple industries to get usernames related to those domains. The industries include art, agriculture, beauty, communication, construction, creative, corporate, eCommerce, education, fashion, finance, food fitness, gaming, music nature, news, travel, yoga, and more. 



Are you looking for a username generator tool with a minimalistic interface and no-nonsense usability? Choose LingoJam Instagram name generator. The tool with a clean interface contains two boxes. 

You need to add your name or the seed word to the left box and the tool will generate an array of random naming ideas. Remember, there is no option to modify or filter the suggestions in any way. As a result, the usernames you get might look irrelevant to your business.



With SpinXO, one can generate a unique username in a fun way. Unlike the previous tool, this one has a lot of customization features to offer. Add your name or nickname and let the tool fetch some awesome names for you.

Besides the name, you can provide other essential information about yourself such as your hobbies, things you like, and your own characteristics. One can also include the important words, numbers, or letters that wanted to get included in the username. 

Moreover, users can check the box beside the advanced options: exact words, rhyming, and one word. To have a fresh query, you do not need to open another page — simply click on the Reset button and all your input will get refreshed from the fields.

After spinning, you get 30 possible usernames to choose from right away. You can spin many more times until you find a username that suits you.

The usernames generated here can be used on other social platforms. By clicking on each name, you can check its availability on Youtube, Tumblr, Blogger, and Reddit.


YouTube video

Nitreo is a free username generator that entails a few configurable settings to generate a username for your Instagram account. Moreover, you can use its usernames on other social platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

Despite having a comprehensive interface, this tool is super simple to use. Here, you can choose to have a prefix to your usernames like adjectives, verbs, their combination, or something random. 

The options available in the Adjective categories are color, size, feelings, characteristics, age, nationality, etc. For Nouns, surnames, male names female names, food, animals, places, people, and others can be included.

Those who want to be specific can type a custom prefix and a custom noun, including their own names. Nitreo lets you enable extra settings:  

  • Allow numbers 
  • Allow periods 
  • Allow underscores 
  • Enable alliteration

Apart from providing unique users, this platform also helps you check whether a username is available on a certain platform.



To promote your brand among the Instagram community, you have to choose a username matching your brand. Using Weshare is one of the best ways to do that. This platform also has a simple interface.

Users have to enter a word related to their business or profile and hit generate. This tool will generate a long list of relevant usernames that you can use on Instagram or other platforms. The names will get displayed in separate cards and different fonts so you do not get lost in the list.

Click on the card that contains a username and Weshare will tell you if it was taken or not, besides Instagram, you can check the availability for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Reddit.


BizNameWiz is another reliable platform where business owners can generate cool usernames for their accounts. This platform uses AI technology and therefore, users get innovative names related to the keyword they enter. 


It offers several customization options so that you get a one-of-its-kind name. When it comes to the username, you can select its character length from 2 to 15+. You can also choose if the username should be one or two words.

Other advanced options include enabling the rhyming or alliteration option and to insert keywords at the beginning or end of the username. In addition, users can bookmark their favorite names and send them to their email addresses. 

Above all, you can make this tool generate names related to your business industry. Select one or more industries from its wide list and it will generate names accordingly. 

Some prominent industry names on this list are agriculture, automotive, beauty, art, communication, creative, tech, space, skincare, real estate, pets, photography, eCommerce, education, fashion, fitness, gaming, music, nature, organic, kids, and home



You may be familiar with NordPass with a password manager, but it also provides you with a username generator service for various social media. This tool can generate unique and fun usernames or handle names for your social platform accounts. 

Here, you need to add your prime keyword or name before hitting generate button. It also allows you to select the category (movies, music, food, nature, sports, etc.) to finetune the username. There is also the option to choose the length of your username. 

As you proceed to create usernames on this platform, it displays multiple options for you. Besides each option, you can also see if the username is available on YouTube, Reddit, and Pinterest.

If necessary, one may click on the three dots to find out the availability of that username on Vimeo, Twitch, Steam, Minecraft, and Fortnite.

Nordpass also gives three advanced options: random characters, leetspeak, and keep keyword at the end. The first option will generate a username using random letters, symbols, and digits while the second one will replace the letters with symbols.

Final Words

There can be no doubt about the importance of a unique and attractive username for your Instagram business account. Since everyone is joining Instagram, finding a suitable and relevant username for a business account is a challenging task.

You should follow the tips provided here to come up with a username or you can go for the tools mentioned above to get a list of usernames. While some tools have a simple interface, others offer you numerous customization settings. 

Choose according to your requirements and make the most of this social media. You might want to have a look at these Instagram story makers.

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