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  • Year by year, technology is making things more and more convenient for us by putting essential features in very compact devices that can be carried anywhere.

    Taking torchlight as an example, in the past, we had to carry a physical torch with us whenever we go to dark places, but now it’s easily accessible from our smartphones.

    Similarly, smartwatches are gradually replacing the traditional watches because it offers so many useful features that can be accessed right from your wrist.

    And since trends keep on changing and evolving, smartwatches are no longer meant for “just adults”. In fact, there are now a lot of smartwatches in the market designed just for the younger audience, offering games and learning development along with other essential features.

    Why you should get your kids a smartwatch ⌚

    It may seem like a “luxury” rather than a “necessity”, but that’s surely not the case. A smartwatch for kids can help you stay connected with them, track their activities, and know their location in real-time.

    It also makes them independent from a young age because they can move around the locality without worrying about getting lost, giving you an immense amount of peace of mind.

    And all of this is taking into consideration that kids aren’t the best handlers of mobile phones, especially when they’re outdoors. They might drop it somewhere or break it while they’re playing, so a smartwatch that stays intact on their wrists is a much better option given that it’s easy to manage for them.

    With all that aside, let’s have a look at the best smartwatch for kids that’ll truly justify all the benefits of it.

    imoo Z6

    This was the world’s first-ever dual-camera smartwatch that was released into the market, and it has become a favorite for many ever since.

    imoo Watch Phone Z6 is an amazing device to stay connected with your children, and it looks quite futuristic, which is a bonus for kids like sci-fi. It has 2-way voice call and video call facilities and chats that collectively help you communicate with them at any given time.

    I really like this device because, apart from the flashy features, it maintains a very personalized control for parents who’d want to set boundaries for their kids. For example, you can choose to block unknown calls on the smartwatch or set up class mode, so they’re not disturbed during their busy hours, except when it’s essential.

    Some other cool features include:

    • Swimming water resistant
    • Automatic step counter
    • Real-time location and movement status monitoring
    • Instant alerts when kids leave or enter the pre-defined areas
    • High-quality 5MP front and 8MP rear camera along with wide-angle and autofocus

    imoo’s products, including the Watch Phone Z6, are fully in compliance with GDPR policy to protect your privacy always.

    VTech KidiZoom

    Very stylish and perfectly sized, VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 can be an amazing tech asset for your kids.

    It has a nice balance between fun and essential features that’ll keep the little ones connected to you while also entertaining them. For example, it can take photos, videos, and selfies using dual cameras, which can be customized with filters and cool effects.

    Preview Product Rating Price
    VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Black (Amazon Exclusive) VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Black (Amazon Exclusive) No ratings yet $47.99

    Kids can also play brain teasers and learning games, some of which are augmented reality. This means it has a motion sensor that can make it seem like you’re capturing in-game monsters in real life.

    This smartwatch comes with over 55 different digital and analog watch faces, a timer, an alarm system, and a calendar to master time management.

    Overall, it’s super easy to use, and its multi-functional buttons are simple to learn and adapt for kids.

    Garmin vivofit

    vivofit jr. 3 comes with various exciting colors based on Marvel superhero and Disney princess themes along with their standard plain colors for you to choose from.

    This smartwatch is power-packed with phenomenal features and multiple watch face options. It’s quite durable and comes with an easy-to-replace battery that lasts up to 1 full year. This means you no longer have to keep on charging it.

    It’d be impossible to cover all the features here but below are some of them, showcasing just the tip of the iceberg:

    • Swim-friendly
    • Educational games, quizzes, and activities
    • Rewards system to encourage goals achievement and good behavior
    • Fitness cards to learn exercises and stay fit
    • Accessible emergency contact options
    • Monitor activity, assign tasks & chores and set reminders

    All of the features of vivofit jr.3 go hand in hand with the Garmin jr. smartphone app, so as a parent, you’ll have most of the controls within the app.

    TickTalk 4

    With dual 5MP cameras, clear video calling, and 2-way voice calling, TickTalk 4 makes for an outstanding children’s smartwatch.

    It allows end-to-end encrypted sending of messages, voice recordings, photos, emojis, and GIFs to communicate effectively. It is also the first smartwatch to offer free streaming of kid-friendly songs, podcasts, and stories powered by iHeartRadio Family. However, that’s only accessible for U.S customers only at the moment.

    Check out these kids educational channels on YouTube

    Some other features of TickTalk 4 include emergency calls, reminders, do not disturb (DND) mode, activity tracker, location tracker, and over 20 parental controls.

    It’s also important to mention that a single charge will last up to 62 hours on average, all thanks to their improved battery life.


    KIDSnav has a collection of various smartwatches meant for different age groups starting from 5 and all the way up to 12.

    All of the watches come with a lifetime free app and a free SIM card that works on a pay-as-you-go model. Talking about the features, all of the models pack some really cool features that serve the purpose of the smartwatch for kids quite well.

    For instance, it has sleep monitoring, activity monitoring, GPS tracking, 2-way calling, an SOS button for emergency calls. As a parent, you can easily hear their surrounding via a built-in microphone and even view their history of movements over the past 3 months.

    To top it off, KIDSnav provides a simple guide to ensure smooth setup and usage.

    Fitbit Ace 3

    A company with an amazing record of providing quality fitness devices, Fitbit Ace 3 is no different in its excellence.

    This smartwatch for kids aged over 6 years covers several areas, including health, fitness, and convenience. In health, it lets you track sleep and set bedtime reminders and alarms. On the other hand, their fitness category has all-day activity tracking and regular reminders to move.

    For convenience, it has a bunch of smart features that are nothing short of a lifesaver. For example, kids can view their keys stats for the day, swim in the water without worrying about damage, and earn incentives for completing goals.

    As a parent, you’ll also have your own dashboard where you can monitor their activities, approve their connections, set up kids mode, and many other possibilities.

    Overall, Fitbit Ace 3 is super comfortable, secure, and easy to get along with for kids.

    Xplora X5 Play

    Last but definitely not least, Xplora X5 Play is another smartwatch for kids aged 5-12 to stay connected and productive at all times.

    It allows 2-way calling and sending messages along with photos, emojis, and voice notes. There’s also an SOS button that alerts all emergency contacts when it’s pressed by the child, which is probably an essential feature in all smartwatches.

    Moreover, it’s waterproof and has a bunch of parental controls. You’re also able to track your kids’ location and set safety zones for them.

    Xplora X5 Play definitely makes for a great smartwatch that covers all necessary features for the safety and well-being of your child.


    In closing, I believe a smartwatch for kids is an amazing idea, so kudos to whoever came up with it. It provides safety, entertainment, fitness, and learning to some levels in one small portable device.

    I hope the above options will be sufficient for you to pick one and adapt to the smart way of life.