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In Digital Marketing Last updated: July 5, 2023
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LinkedIn is the go-to platform for millions of professionals who wish to network, build valuable connections, hire top talents, and outreach potential clients.

In addition, this platform is a goldmine of insightful content and offers a vast network of professionals and job opportunities.

Moreover, a good LinkedIn profile works like a compelling resume. However, getting started with networking and manually analyzing individual profiles on LinkedIn can be a tiring task. This is where LinkedIn Scraper Tools save your time while increasing your reach!

With LinkedIn Scraper Tools, you can bypass the hefty chore of gathering and drawing out information. These tools can automate finding the perfect candidate or client for you at lightning speed.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of some LinkedIn Scraper Tools based on features, ease of use, data accuracy, customer reviews, and overall performance.

Let’s dive in!

What are LinkedIn Scraper Tools?


LinkedIn scraper refers to the tool or software that automates visiting, gathering, and collecting all the information on an individual or company’ page on LinkedIn. This tool quickens the process of finding the best leads for your business by automatically scrapping large amounts of information, eliminating the need for manual data extraction.

It utilizes web scraping techniques to gather information, including the name of the person, phone number, email address, job title, or location, with incredible speed and accuracy. In addition, these tools are helpful for professionals who use LinkedIn for networking, marketing, and lead generation, such as recruiters, salespeople, marketers, and content creators. Furthermore, they let you specify search criteria and parameters to target specific profiles or companies based on filters such as location, industry, job title, etc.

Why are LinkedIn Scraper Tools Required?

Here are some reasons why LinkedIn Scraper Tools are essential:

Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a valuable source for businesses or individuals to find potential customers or clients. With LinkedIn scraper tools, extracting relevant data, including contact information, job titles, and industry details, becomes a breeze, enabling you to accelerate lead generation.

Talent Acquisition

The job of recruiters and HR professionals revolves around a lot of hassle for finding and hiring top talent. With LinkedIn scraper software; they can easily extract candidates’ abilities, experience, education, and recommendations. Thus, based on the data, identifying and contacting potential candidates can be done in seconds.

Market Research

LinkedIn scraper tools can extract data from company profiles, such as industry, size, location, and employee details. This information is valuable for market research and intelligence, competitor analysis, and identifying potential business opportunities.

Networking and Relationship Building

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is an ideal platform for professionals to network, collaborate and build lasting relationships. LinkedIn scraper tools can assist in scraping data around connections, mutual contacts, and shared interests, aiding networking efforts and expanding professional connections.

Content Analysis

LinkedIn is a popular communication platform. To make the most of it, LinkedIn scraper tools can be used to view posts, articles, and discussions on the platform. By analyzing this information, professionals can track market trends, gain insights into the interests and preferences of professionals in specific fields, and perform content analysis.

Data Enrichment

LinkedIn scraper tools can supplement existing data by extracting information from LinkedIn profiles. It can enhance the quality and depth of data in customer relationship management (CRM) systems, marketing databases, or any other data-driven applications.

How Do LinkedIn Scraper Tools Work?

LinkedIn scraping is a process that scrapes out LinkedIn’s publicly available information, including work experience, education, connections, and more.

LinkedIn scrapers navigates through the website, search reviews and profiles, and perform data scraping. You can set instructions for the scraper to fetch information from different profiles, such as some specific keywords, locations, industries, etc.

When the scraper accesses a profile, it processes and analyses its HTML code to scrape the desired data. This data entails parsing different components of an HTML. Once done, the scraper can extract the desired information from the profile.

Types of Data that Can be Scrapped

LinkedIn scraper tools can retrieve a variety of user data, including:

  1. Profile Information: It includes name, headline, current position, past working positions, education, location, industry, contact information, etc.
  2. Experience Details: Basic experience information about a user’s work experience, including job titles, company names, employment duration, job descriptions, etc.
  3. Education Details: Information about a user’s educational background, including degrees, universities, majors, graduation dates, and any additional education details mentioned on the profile.
  4. Skills and Endorsements: A list of skills mentioned on a user’s profile and the number of endorsements received for each skill.
  5. Connections: Information about a user’s connections, including names, profiles, and any available details about their connections.
  6. Recommendations: You can also scrape out the recommendations available on a user’s profile, including the valuable information of the recommender.
  7. Groups and Interests: LinkedIn Scraper tools can also extract information about groups that the LinkedIn user is a part of and their interests.
  8. Certifications: If available, information about any certifications or courses is listed on the user’s profile.
  9. Contact Information: Contact details, including the phone number of the user, email address, and social media handles.

Now we know how LinkedIn scraper tools can help you unlock the full potential of LinkedIn’s vast data landscape, let’s go through a list of the best LinkedIn Scraper Tools that offer unique functionalities and advantages.


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Dripify is a cutting-edge LinkedIn automation tool revolutionizing sales prospecting and deal closure. This tool possesses multifunctional capabilities, empowering sales teams to achieve unprecedented success on autopilot.

It can do the legwork for you as you can benefit from its advanced prospecting, personalized messaging, and automated follow-ups. Dripify harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to identify and engage with high-potential leads on LinkedIn intelligently. It also comes with customization options and can be easily integrated with other tools you might use.

The pricing structure of Dripify includes a basic plan, a pro plan, and an advanced plan.

Phantom Buster


Phantom Buster, an exceptional LinkedIn scraping tool, comes with a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of data extraction like a breeze. With this tool, professionals can streamline lead generation and networking efforts.

The tool supports various scraping actions like profile searches, company searches, etc. It also provides great filters to refine your searches and targets specific audiences. You can launch Phantom repeatedly to create a spreadsheet of your daily searches. It makes it easier to locate and keep track of top talent.

Phantom Buster comes with 3 paid plans. To get a gist of the tool, you can claim their free trial for 14 days.

Bright Data


Bright Data is another versatile LinkedIn scraper with a wide range of unique features and functionalities for lead generation, CRM enrichment, and talent tracking. This tool is fully compliant with all relevant data protection legal requirements making it completely safe and secure for the users.

One of its standout features is its ability to target specific industries, companies, or job titles. These advanced features make it easy for professionals to capture highly targeted leads for their businesses. Bright Data doesn’t restrict you with any data limit, offering incredible scalability.

Bright Data has a range of paid plans that cater to the requirements of every type and size of business. On top of that, they also offer free trials.


Lyne is a multifunctional LinkedIn scraping tool that revolutionizes how professionals gather information. Its features, such as the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, empower businesses to gather leads and effortlessly discover their contact information.

Lyne is the perfect tool for you if you want to unlock business opportunities by accessing critical insights from LinkedIn. It facilitates you with real-time and accurate data without any stale data and makes prospecting at a massive scale effortless.

Their pricing range includes a free and customizable plan with add-ons.



Magical is the perfect app to supercharge lead generation on LinkedIn! This tool will offer you the scraping experience you’ve always envisioned. This platform boasts unparalleled LinkedIn scraping abilities.

With this tool, users do not need any additional integrations or APIs. Magical can swiftly gather valuable information from countless LinkedIn profiles, including contact details, employment history, and skills. Its intelligent algorithms adapt to various profile layouts, ensuring accurate and reliable data extraction.

You can add Magical to Chrome for free. Apart from that, their plus and enterprise plans will launch soon for added functionalities and benefits.

Scraping Expert

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Scraping Expert offers unrivaled speed and accuracy in data extraction from LinkedIn profiles. In seconds, you can extract data swiftly for your marketing, sales, recruitment, etc.

Scraping Expert comes with robust capabilities such as one screen dashboard for a single view, support for premium accounts, the choice to extract data from all profiles or only with published email addresses, and many more.

You can access all these features through their monthly or annual rental. They also have a free trial.



Evaboot‘s robust capabilities streamline data collection, providing businesses with a competitive edge in their respective industries. It’s a Chrome extension with some advanced algorithms- making it the smartest LinkedIn Sales Navigator scraper in the market.

This potent tool boasts one-click functionality to foster the offhand exportation of relevant and accurate data. Evaboot can do the heavy lifting by building a list in seconds, whether you’re a sales professional, recruiter, or marketer.

Evaboot features 5 paid plans that come with distinct features.

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Botster is an efficient online tool to extract bulk LinkedIn profile data exclusively from publicly accessible pages. In addition to its robust data extraction capabilities, it provides advanced automation capabilities such as sending requests, customizing your messaging, creating effective campaigns, etc.

This convenient solution is ideal for businesses of all sizes, recruiters, and researchers seeking to streamline their data collection process from public LinkedIn profiles. The best part about Botster is its latency and speed, making it easy for professionals to make business decisions in one fell swoop.

Botster has an impressive range of paid plans. They also feature a free trial for customers to understand how the platform works.

Octopus CRM


Octopus CRM is another comprehensive LinkedIn automation tool designed to streamline prospecting efforts and boost business growth. It’s no secret that this advanced platform has let thousands of working professionals leverage automation to simplify their outreach efforts.

With Octopus CRM, you can automate mundane tasks and focus more on building lasting relationships with your network and generating leads. This all-in-one platform is the way to maximize your sales potential through its great array of features, including profile viewing, connection requests, and follow-ups.

Octopus CRM has four paid plans; Starter, Pro, Advanced, and Unlimited.

Captain Data


Captain Data is a powerful no-code platform that claims to be a great alternative LinkedIn scraper for efficient data management processes. This tool gives you the opportunity to automate all chores of LinkedIn network building.

It can extract, aggregate, and integrate data with ease. With Captain Data, users can save up to 90% of their important resources by drastically reducing their time managing automation. In a nutshell, this is the ultimate way to enhance your lead quality and achieve measurable growth in productivity.

Captain Data has a growth and enterprise plan. They also provide a 7-day free trial.

Linked Helper


Linked Helper is yet another automation tool for intelligent outreach. It is hands down the best platform to get targeted B2B clients for almost any business serving business. Their funnel automation is the only thing you need!

With Linked Helper, you can automate how you attract clients and turn them into loyal customers in the blink of an eye. Moreover, their toolkit has 31 great features to cater to all your LinkedIn network automation needs. Note that it’s not a Chrome extension but a separate application – making it comparatively safer.

The pricing structure of this tool has a free trial, a standard plan, and a pro plan with a suite of necessary and advanced features.


YouTube video

Dux-Soup pairs up speed with accuracy and scalability and allows you to create efficient LinkedIn outreach campaigns to get you compatible results.

It is one of the best platforms to find your perfect audience and warm up your leads on LinkedIn. This tool doesn’t require any third-party access and provides data safety.

Dux-Soup has an impressive range of plans which includes Starter Dux, Pro Dux, and Turbo Dux, Starter Dux being the free version and Turbo the most popular!


LinkedIn scraping tools have become necessary for all kinds and sizes of businesses wanting to build creative outreach campaigns and enhance the quality of their network in a matter of seconds. If you are interested in employing the power of scraping on other social media platforms, there are other social media scrapers that you can check out, as the ones listed above work best for LinkedIn.

We have discussed the top LinkedIn scraper tools in this article. You’re free to choose the best fits your needs and wants. If you are interested in increasing your LinkedIn, reach further, and check out how to use LinkedIn Groups to move from novice to networking ninja.

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