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In Digital Marketing Last updated: May 25, 2023
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One of the restrictions that small businesses or Influencers face on Instagram is adding multiple links to their Bio. Yes, Instagram allows linking links to stories, live streams, and shop tabs, but you can only add one link to your Insta bio.

That’s when tools like Linktree help users to add multiple links by creating a landing page and adding it to Insta Bio. This article will discuss Linktree, its features, and its alternatives.

What is Linktree, and what does it do?

Linktree is used by influencers and small businesses to create a basic landing page and add multiple links to social media channels. It is a great tool to maximize sharing with your Instagram followers and drive traffic to other social media channels like YouTube, TikTok, or another website.

In addition to that, it also offers analytics and allows you to track performance. You can see which link is generating more clicks or traffic. 

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Features of Linktree

Linktree is available in both free as well as the paid version. The following are its features:

Free Features

  • It allows adding unlimited links to a landing page, such as links to other social media channels like YouTube, TikTok, and Clubhouse Rooms.
  • It provides a payment gateway to collect payments from followers for tips or donations.
  • It has limited pre-built themes and allows customization to a certain extent.
  • It allows tracking no of the views and clicks to the Linktree landing page.

Paid Version Features

If you pay a small fee, you will get the following features in addition to the free version’s features of Linktree:

  • You will get advanced customization options with multiple built-in themes.
  • You can add videos, animated backgrounds, or even your logo instead of the Linktree logo.
  • It enables link scheduling and animated styling.
  • It allows tracking performance by measuring which channel is driving traffic and the location of your audience.
  • It allows using Google Analytics ID to gain deeper insights.
  • You can embed Mailchimp, Zapier, Google sheets, and Amazon influencer programs.

Why Linktree alternatives?

Linktree is a great tool, but it has a few limitations, such as:

  • It doesn’t allow creating a custom domain for the link page.
  • URLs have a Linktree name which is not suitable for branding.
  • It doesn’t offer some features like running contests, eCommerce features, etc.

Let’s have a look at some of the best Linktree alternatives:

Taplink offers advanced customization to its user’s options for the landing page. It allows adding images to the link buttons and changing the user’s bio page’s color schemes, icons, and fonts.  


Feature Overview:

The tool is available in both free as well as paid versions; for its advanced features, it is one of the most expensive Linktree alternatives in the list.



Linkpop is a powerful, customizable tool that turns your followers into customers by creating a shoppable landing page for you. Shopify created it for its store owners, which makes the user feel protected under one of the most e-commerce sites.

Feature Overview:

  • Linkpop is a free tool that helps you turn your social bio into a social storefront powered by Shopify’s one-click checkout.
  • It allows you to customize your page by modifying fonts, colors, and images that suit your products or services.
  • It also provides you with features to measure your links by unique visits, clicks, and clicks per visit.

Linkpop is completely free, but to add a shoppable link to your bio, you need to subscribe to Shopify.


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Unlike Linktree, Koji is not just simply a tool to optimize your bio; it’s much more than that. 

Feature Overview:

  • Koji is a feature-rich link-in-bio platform that offers hundreds of apps that help creators monetize and engage their audience.
  • It provides hundreds of free easy-to-use templates to boost product or service sales.
  • Its powerful analytics gives a clear view of what template works best for your product or service, which engages the audiences better, what they are buying, and more.
  • Koji provides a shop front to help you monetize your sales, charging 5-15% of it as transaction fees.
  • The platform also allows users to import data from Linktree at the time of sign-up.

It’s specially designed for creators looking to sell their products to followers. 


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Milkshake is a really great alternative to Linktree, especially for Instagrammers. It acts as a website builder using the Milkshake app on your phone. Creating a beautiful landing page, Milkshake helps to drive traffic to your blog or website.

Feature Overview:

  • It lets your audience check your offerings without making them leave Instagram.
  • It allows you to choose from various looks, layouts, and tools, like performance insights, personalized fonts, and YouTube cards.
  • It enables you to feature multiple links and multiple photos, videos, pages, and other information about your product or service.

If you need an advanced layer of security, Milkshake offers two-factor authentication, which Linktree doesn’t.


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Lnk.Bio is one of the popular applications for influencers, allowing them to add as many links as they want to their Instagram Bio. It is the best tool for people with multiple social media profiles distributed across various channels. It is available in the free and paid version; the paid version offers multiple customization features like scheduling options, different colors, fonts, and layouts.

Feature Overview:

  • It allows creating multiple links and adding to Instagram Bio.
  • The tool doesn’t need you to sign up or log in, instead uses Instagram API.
  • It allows embedding music and videos as well in your bio page.
  • It provides a user-friendly and perfect interface for Instagram followers to click the links.
  • Lnk.Bio provides engagement reports, cross-link all social profiles, and allows optimizing engagement.

The tool is web-based, which means it does not require you to install any application, but you can just access it from your browser on a desktop or mobile device.


Feedlink is one of the best alternatives to Linktree, which costs you less but provides additional free features compared to Linktree. For creators who want a hyperlink showcasing their posts, products, or offerings, Feedlink is more than sufficient.

Feature Overview:

  • It allows users to create custom URLs for TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram Bio linking blog posts or product pages.
  • It offers customization and thus helps in branding.
  • One limitation of the tool is that it only offers basic analytics, which provides you with total views and clicks generated by the link page.

Feedlink offers Free plans and business plans to users.


You can’t go wrong with another alternative of Linktree,, which claims to offer more customization. The name may not be as famous as Linktree, but it is trusted by big names like Orange Theory, Dell, Starlight Social, and even Georgetown University. 

Feature Overview:

  • The main features that differentiate are its ability to pin and archive links, create a carousel of links, split links with dividers, and embed your profile on your website.
  • In their free plan, they offer custom themes available on Linktree with paid version only. It also allows you to add a feed of blog posts, email sign-up, forms to collect user data, and add a label to any link category. It offers quick bio links built for conversation and unlimited links, too, free of cost.
  • offers two paid plans – Pro and Pro+. With the Pro plan and free features, they give you access to in-depth analytics, provide versatile link types, unlock Opt-in forms integration, allow adding your domain to your profile, and more. 
  • Whereas with Pro+, with all the Pro features, they offer the next-level experience  to the users by giving six profiles out of the box and allowing them to add four collaborators to the team. From lifetime analytics for all the profiles to advanced tools to analyzing profiles and exporting the analytic data as a .csv file, they will compel you to move forward with them with their offerings.

Bio is one of the advanced alternatives to Linktree, as it allows users to create a macro website within a few minutes. It offers advanced features and enables curating feeds from various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube. 

Feature Overview:

  • The tool allows embedding survey polls and GIFs to the bio page.
  • It enables adding multiple links, email collection forms, other social media profiles, etc.
  • It provides customizable themes.

The platform has free as well as paid versions, but it could be a better option for new influencers or small businesses.


Link in Profile is another handy tool for those looking to manage links.

Feature Overview:

  • It enables you to make a dedicated landing page.
  • The platform features your Instagram name and profile picture on your branded landing page.
  • It is quick and simple to set up and doesn’t require any maintenance. Add links to your Instagram media captions and see immediate results.
  • It provides infinite scrolls for your media, and you can check your traffic sources.
  • You can add any Etsy store e-commerce link, affiliate links, or shop page.

Link In Profile doesn’t have any free plan, but it provides a 30-day free trial, after which you have to pay to keep using it.


Later’s tool is an advanced tool that creates a landing page that blends well with Instagram. It helps create a mini web page built into your Instagram or Tiktok and makes your account clickable or shoppable. 

Feature Overview:

  • It allows you to customize your link on the bio page with buttons, featured media, and linked posts and design it to match your company’s branding.
  • You can drive your followers anywhere you want on the web to showcase your products or services.
  • It allows you to add links to your feed and up to 5 links per post. You can easily integrate Shopify, track your sales, and optimize conversions.
  • It provides a customizable URL that keeps your Instagram or bio clean and fresh. has four pricing plans; one of them is Free, and the other three paid versions are Starter, Growth, and Advanced.


For freelancers, small businesses, or anyone who wants to build a single-page elegant website about them and their offerings, is an excellent choice. It represents ‘who you are and what you do’ in one click.

Feature Overview:

  • It features an email signature, like a snapshot of your page, that will be added with every mail you send.
  • It provides a spotlight button that tells the visitors to take action, which you can customize with Pro Plan.
  • You can add a secure, custom domain or map one if you already have one to your page.
  • It provides Google Analytics to get live statistics about traffic on your page and allows you to customize how your page appears in search engine results.
  • It features adding testimonials from past clients, employees, or business partners that make your offerings reliable.

 About me also offers a paid Pro Plan along with a Free Plan.

Final Words

Linktree is an excellent tool for influencers and small businesses, but there are other better alternatives as well. Some can offer much more than what LinkTree can provide. You can go through the list and make a decision about which one suits you best for you.

You may also explore some influencer marketing platforms to use for your next campaign.

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