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In Gaming Last updated: March 20, 2023
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Were you a fan of games like Grand Theft Auto? If yes, then you’re going to love playing these mafia games.

Mafia games are entertaining social investigation games that test your deception and lie-detection skills, communication abilities, and strategic thinking. Let us learn more about them.

What are Mafia Games all about?

Mafia games have been popular in various versions for many years and are a well-liked type of social deduction game. They are frequently played in social contexts, either with buddies or strangers, on occasions where games are organized.

The Mafia and the Innocent civilians are the two groups comprising participants in this game. The mafia is determined to get rid of or eliminate everyone, while the innocents want to find and get rid of the mafia. Each player is given a role in secrecy at the beginning of the game.

The innocents are unaware of each other’s identities, but the mafia members are. All players discuss and choose to eliminate one player they think is a mafia during the day. The mafia members pick a player to get rid of in the darkness.

The game goes on until all mafia members are assassinated or the mafia outweighs the innocents. Mafia games are well-liked party games and team-building exercises because they call for participants to be tactical, perceptive, and persuasive.


The popularity of Mafia Games

Mafia games are so well-liked because they give players an exciting and realistic representation of the criminal underworld. They are engaging and challenging because they need teamwork, strategy, and social deduction.

The joy and thrill are increased by the games’ role-playing and character-assumption features. In addition to their cultural relevance, mafia games are also quite popular because of how they are portrayed in popular media like television shows and films.

Environment & Gameplay Mechanisms of Mafia Games

In mafia games, immersive open settings describe playing spaces that let players freely wander and engage with the surrounding environment. This frequently consists of objects like structures, roads, and automobiles, all intended to foster a feeling of authenticity and immersion.

Mafia video games must have dynamic gameplay mechanics. In these games, participants often outmaneuver their opponents using strategy and trickery. Thanks to the flexible and dynamic game mechanisms, players can also modify their plans as the game goes along. Some examples are changing alliances, swapping roles, and influencing the game’s surroundings.

Non-linear gameplay, which gives players the freedom to pick their own courses and make their own choices, is a common aspect of mafia games. This makes the game highly replayable because each playtime might differ significantly from the previous one.

All in all, mafia games generally feature dynamic gameplay mechanics and immersive open locations, providing a rich and enjoyable gaming experience. They make you think of things you have never thought of and make you play out of the box, inducing more fun and thrill.

For all gamers, especially mafia game lovers, here are some of the best mafia games to try out and experience things that bring in joy and keep you on edge for the maximum time of your gameplay timing. 

Blood & Truth

A first-person shooting video game called Blood & Truth was launched in 2019 for PlayStation VR. The storyline of Ryan Marks, a veteran Special Forces soldier who comes home to aid his family’s criminal organization in battling a rival gang, is told in this video game set in London.

YouTube video

Players can defeat foes with several tools and weapons in the game, including handguns, shotguns, explosives, and sniper rifles. Players can also slow time to make accurate shots and evade incoming fire. The tale of Blood & Truth, highly influenced by vintage mafia films, is full of surprises as players navigate a complex web of connections and betrayals.

Preview Product Rating Price
Blood & Truth VR - PlayStation 4 Blood & Truth VR – PlayStation 4 $24.95

In addition, the game has various interactive locations and set pieces, such as automobile chases, chopper gunfights, and the ability to wreak havoc while navigating an unpredictable plot full of unexpected turns and startling revelations. Ultimately, Blood & Truth is a VR journey that provides an alternative perspective on the mafia genre packed with action.

Developed by – London Studio

Published by – Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date – 28th May 2019

Platforms – PlayStation 4

Grand Theft Auto V

An action-adventure game, Grand Theft Auto V can be played in either first- or third-person. To advance through the game, players must accomplish missions, which are linear scenarios with predetermined goals. The open environment is free for players to explore outside of the quests. 

YouTube video

The game’s plot is centered on the characters’ criminal pursuits, which frequently entail heists and other unlawful crimes. Gamers can participate in gunfights with police and competing gangs, steal cars, and explore the town and its surroundings.

Preview Product Rating Price
Grand Theft Auto V Playstation 4 Grand Theft Auto V Playstation 4 $22.95

In the game’s online cooperative multiplayer mode, players can also work together to accomplish objectives and participate in various activities.

The fictional city of Los Santos and its surroundings serve as the setting for the game. Players can control three key characters: drug dealer Trevor, gang member Franklin, and retired bank robber Michael.

Each player has a set of eight qualities that demonstrate their proficiency in particular domains like driving and shooting. Although characters’ skills develop during play, they always start with expert skills.

Developed by – Rockstar North

Published by – Rockstar Games

Release Date – 17th September 2013

PlatformsPlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Steam


An action-adventure mafia game with a third-person viewpoint is titled Judgment. It follows private investigator Takayuki Yagami as he looks into a case of serial killings in Kamurocho, a hypothetical Tokyo neighborhood previously appearing in the Yakuza film series. 

YouTube video

In the game’s investigation mode, the player must scour a scene for hints and proof of a crime. Players must break into locations using lock picking and disguises to obtain information or locate exciting artifacts. In certain aspects of the game, the player must chase a suspect.

Preview Product Rating Price
Judgment - PlayStation 4 Judgment – PlayStation 4 $30.97

They take the shape of chasing sequences, where players can rush after a suspect while dodging obstacles, and tailing patterns, where gamers must follow a culprit while avoiding obstacles.

Exploring the city, conversing with NPCs, obtaining information, and engaging in real-time battles are all part of the action. Judgment garnered praise for its compelling narrative, endearing characters, and deep gameplay.

Developed by – Ryu Ga Gotuka Studios

Published by – Sega

Release Date – 13th December 2018

PlatformsPlayStation 4, Xbox

Mafia III

Action-adventure game Mafia III is played from a third-person viewpoint in an open-world setting as Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam Combat veteran on a mission to exact revenge for the murder of his adopted family by neighborhood gangs. In the fictional city of New Bordeaux, which is primarily based in New Orleans, the game was set in 1968.

YouTube video

Players can hide behind objects in the game’s cover system to evade enemy attack or detection. After beating non-playable people, players can question them to learn more about their goals, such as frightening them when driving a car.

Preview Product Rating Price
Mafia III (Xbox One) Mafia III (Xbox One) $19.98

The game contains an open world with various activities like side quests, car chases, and combat. The moral system in the game also influences how the plot plays out, and player decisions can change how the game ends.

Developed by – Hangar 13

Published by – 2K Games

Release Date – 7th October 2016

PlatformsPlayStation 4, Xbox One

Saints Row

The Saints Row game includes open-world gameplay where players can participate in various side activities in addition to completing objectives that advance the main plot. With sporadic role-playing components, driving and shooting make up most of the gameplay. 


The Third Street Saints, a violent gang once located in Stilwater, are followed throughout the series as they gain strength and take control of the criminal underworld. The game is renowned for its outrageous humor, absurdity, and usage of pop culture allusions.

Saints Row IV, one of the series’ four main installments, introduced superhuman abilities and a virtual environment. Ultimately, the Saints Row game has won over a devoted following and is sometimes contrasted with other classic open-world mafia games.

Developed by – Volition

Published by – Deep Silver

Release Date – 23rd August 2006

PlatformsPlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One

Scarface: The World is Yours

The player assumes the role of Tony Montana in the third-person open-world action-adventure mafia game Scarface as he tries to retake control of Miami’s drug trade, eliminate rival gangs, and repair his image in the criminal underground. 


As the game goes on, the player gains access to some of Tony’s workers as he restructures his empire: a driver, a boat navigator who can smuggle more oversized loads of drugs, an arms dealer who could also supply weapons, an enforcer to guard Tony’s operations and attack those of his competitors, and a hitman who can kill additional gangsters and dealers.

Preview Product Rating Price
Scarface: The World Is Yours - Xbox Scarface: The World Is Yours – Xbox $49.51

When firing, the player has two options: they can latch on to the opponent or manually aim, hitting particular body areas to elicit various responses. To win the game, Tony must dominate the Little Havana, Downtown, South Beach, and North Beach areas.

Developed by – Radical Entertainment

Published by – Vivendi Games

Release Date – 12th June 2007

Platforms – PlayStation 2, Xbox

Sleeping Dogs Classics

The action-adventure game Sleeping Dogs is a third-person shooter in an open universe. The player controls Wei Shen, a Chinese-American policeman undercover on a raid to capture the Sun On Yee Triad Group. The game’s opening missions serve as a straightforward tutorial for managing the character.

YouTube video

After completing these tasks, the player can explore the game’s setting and engage in other side quests and activities.

Shen moves about the globe by swimming, driving automobiles, boats, and motorcycles, as well as sprinting, jumping, and scaling barriers. The heads-up display interface has a mini-map that shows Shen’s location as well as targets and essential areas.

Preview Product Rating Price
Sleeping Dogs Classics (Xbox 360) Sleeping Dogs Classics (Xbox 360) $15.77

Three types of experience points – Triad, Face, and Police XPs are used in the game’s role-playing components. Melee combat and violent acts like environmental killing give you Triad XP. The difficulty of an assault directly affects the amount of Triad XP earned.

Shen’s face meter builds up when she completes side quests for the benefit of the general public and gains access to cosmetics like outfits and vehicles.

Developed by – United Front Games

Published by Square Enix 

Release Date – 14th August 2012

PlatformsPlayStation 3&4, Xbox

The Godfather The Game

The Godfather is an open-world, third-person action-adventure game in which the player takes command of the character Aldo Trapani as he rises through the Corleone family levels, frequently crossing paths with the movie’s storyline. 

YouTube video

The basic gameplay and dynamics are similar to most open-world games. It allows the player to move around the city freely, hijack vehicles, attack and kill innocent civilians as they please, and advance through the plot at their own pace while spending as much time exploring the city as they like.

Preview Product Rating Price
The Godfather the Game - Xbox 360 The Godfather the Game – Xbox 360 $36.37

Both a manual targeting system and a lock-on system are present in the game. The participants in the manual method are free to aim in any direction. In the lock-on system, a targeting reticule displays on-screen when the player selects a target.

Developed by – EA Redwood Shores

Published by – Electronic Arts 

Release Date – 19th September 2006

Platforms – PlayStation 2, Xbox

Yakuza: Like A Dragon

The first chapter of the Yakuza series, a successful franchise, is titled Like A Dragon. Kazuma Kiryu, a former yakuza fighter caught up in a conflict between rival criminal organizations in Tokyo’s Kamurocho district, serves as the game’s protagonist.

YouTube video

Role-playing video games, the concept of beat them ups, and open-world adventure are all incorporated into the gameplay.

The activities that players can partake in include mini-games, managing businesses, and fulfilling side missions. Players have access to various weaponry and fighting techniques during real-time combat.

Preview Product Rating Price
Yakuza: Like a Dragon - PlayStation 5 Yakuza: Like a Dragon – PlayStation 5 $16.70

Players can also depend on a type of party helps to boost their party or destroy foes. Other party assists become available as the main story or substories are finished.

Like a Dragon is renowned for its compelling narrative, enduring characters, and richly detailed setting, the game has earned critical praise and has generated multiple sequels and spin-offs.

Developed by – Ryu Ga Gotuka Studios

Published by – Sega

Release Date – 16th January 2020

PlatformsPlayStation 4&5, Xbox


Mafia game playing can be a fun and stimulating social activity that promotes strategic communication and critical thinking. It can be used as a forum for making friends and social relationships.

Ultimately, engaging in mafia games may be fun to interact with others and develop cognitive abilities. Help yourself by playing these games and experience the fun each game brings with it.

You may also explore some top eSports Games.

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