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In Gaming Last updated: March 17, 2023
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Robots are not only useful in industries, but they are a center of attraction in games too. So, here we are with a list of the best Mech games to try out.

Games featuring large, stompy robots have always retained their place in the market, whether you want intense simulation and tactics or the exhilarating rush of mech anime.

What are Mech Games?

Enormous humanoid robots, or mechs, frequently serve as the primary gameplay element in mech games, also called mecha games. Different subgenres of mech games include simulation, combat, and strategy games.

Simulation mech games aim to give players a realistic feel of commanding a mech. They must handle their mechs’ mobility, guns, and other systems. Fast-paced action mech games frequently involve furious mech combat.

Players are commonly given various weapons and unique skills to defeat their opponents. Focusing on controlling a team of mechs, strategy mech games require players to make tactical choices regarding which mechs to utilize and how to position them.


For gamers, playing mech games may be a distinctive and thrilling experience. Massive, programmable robots that may be deployed to fight in intense battles and finish challenging missions are frequently featured in these video games.

When players manage their mechs, make tactical choices, and battle formidable foes, mech games can also give players a feeling of power and control.

While mech games can be found in various genres, they are all connected by the timeless fantasy of using mechanized armor in battle. Mech games are often well-liked by players that appreciate huge robot combat and sci-fi themes. 

Balancing Offence & Defence in Mech Games

Offence and defense must be balanced in mech games because they can make or break a mission. The following advice can help you strike this balance.

Realize your role

Recognize your mech’s advantages and disadvantages and your place in the squad. Are you a powerhouse or a purely supporting force? You can prioritize your offence or defense by being aware of your role.

Create a well-balanced loadout

Choose tools and gear that strike a balance between offence and defence. Think about offensive weapons with an extremely high output but a low firing rate and defensive weapons with a high fire rate but a soft damage output.

Use cover wisely

Make use of the terrain and obstacles. Take cover if you are receiving incoming fire, but only depend on it a little because it can restrict your mobility and line of sight.

Work together as a team

In mech games, communication is essential. Develop an offensive and defensive strategy that is balanced with your team. Together, you can defeat the opposition by strengthening each other’s areas of weakness.

Remain active

Avoid spending too much time in one place. Maintain a solid location that offers cover and tactical advantages while moving around to avoid becoming an apparent victim for the adversary.

In mech games, balancing offence and defence calls for a mixture of strategy, cooperation, and quick thinking. You can boost your likelihood of succeeding on any mission by paying attention to these pointers.

Let us now refer to the list of best mech games for lovers of the varied genre that it brings with them and provides a long-lasting experience.


Battletech is a tactical turn-based mech game set in a make-believe world where multiple factions compete to control territory and resources. Giant mechs that players control can be outfitted with various weapons, armor, and other accessories. Both single-player and multiplayer campaigns are available in the game. 

YouTube video

The basic gameplay of Battletech centers around turn-based warfare, where players take turns maneuvering their mechs, assaulting enemy mechs, and regulating their heat levels.

Players run a mercenary company inside the single-player campaign and accept jobs to make money, salvage parts, and build their reputation. 

Players face more challenging opponents as the campaign goes on, get access to more powerful mechs, and are forced to make crucial choices that could change how the plot plays out. Ultimately, Battletech is a sophisticated and intriguing game that provides hours of strategic gaming and dramatic mech fights.

Published By – Paradox Interactive

Developed By – Harebrained Schemes

Release Date – 24th April 2018

Platforms AvailableSteam, Windows, Mac OS

Mech Warrior Online Solaris 7

Giant robot fights occur in arena-style combat in the multiplayer strategic shooter game MechWarrior Online: Solaris 7. Players operate their own customized BattleMechs in 1v1 or 2v2 battles in the BattleTech universe, competing for honor and rewards. BattleMechs come in various classes in Solaris 7, each with advantages and disadvantages. 

YouTube video

To fit their playstyle, they can also modify their load-outs by selecting from multiple weapons, armor, and equipment. In the game’s Conquest mode, each side must take control of and maintain control of specific points on the map.

Other playable types include Deathmatch and King of the Hill. Moreover, the game has a factional warfare system where players can join different factions and take control of the planets for their group.

By winning games, players can acquire Solaris 7 cash. This cash is useful to buy new BattleMechs, weaponry, and other gear. Players can battle against one another in tournaments and seasonal events for more benefits and higher rankings.

Published By – Piranha Games Inc.

Developed By – Piranha Games Inc.

Release Date – 10th December 2015

Platforms AvailableSteam

Daemon X Machina

Players of the video game Daemon X Machina control an adaptable mech known as an Arsenal to battle evil AI-controlled robots called Immortals. The game offers online multiplayer options in addition to a single battle with over 50 missions.

YouTube video

Four, a sentient program created to support the pilots and their arsenals recruits you to become a pilot and directs your training. You can take on missions from the Sky Union, Horizon, Zen, and Orbital to demonstrate your worth.

Preview Product Rating Price
Daemon X Machina Daemon X Machina $69.99

You can recover weapons and components from destroyed enemy arsenals during these missions. 

You can upgrade your equipment at your hanger to obtain talents that will help you inside and outside of your arsenal, buy more weapons and components as they become accessible, study and create new weapons based on the ones you already own and bosses you have defeated, and more.

Daemon X Machina provides a fast-paced mech combat game with various customizable and exciting gameplay features.

Published By – JP Marvelous

Developed By – Marvelous First Studio

Release Date – 13th September 2019

Platforms Available – Nintendo Switch and Windows

Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut

Players take on the role of a pilot in the video game Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut, who can convert their spaceship into the Strike Suit, a powerful mech. The game’s Director’s Cut edition adds new elements like enhanced lighting and graphics, more ship designs, and also revamped missions. 

YouTube video

Players must actively manage their energy stores and pick the best weapon for each circumstance, as the game’s rules are based on fast-paced fighting. The Strike Suit’s morphing feature gives the gameplay an additional layer of strategy by enabling players to change between mech and spacecraft forms instantly. 

The game offers both a first-person cockpit view and a third-person perspective. Players can battle for high ranks against other opponents in the game’s survivor mode and score attack mode.

Published By – Born Ready Games

Developed By – Born Ready Games

Release Date – 8th April 2018

Platforms AvailableSteam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Supreme Commander 2

A real-time tactics game called Supreme Commander 2 centers on enormous, mechanized armies engaged in a struggle for supremacy. Players control land, air, and sea armies and erect structures to generate resources and troops. The game’s campaign mode tells the tale of a cosmic struggle and three factions, each with unique units and technologies.


The player receives a base at the beginning of the game in the most significant planned campaign mode and competes against a predefined foe. The player must accomplish specific goals to complete the level.

Preview Product Rating Price
Supreme Commander 2 - Xbox 360 Supreme Commander 2 – Xbox 360 $20.05

Gamers can also acquire a wider variety of units as the campaign progresses, the objectives get more challenging, and the adversary strengthens.

Moreover, Supreme Commander 2 has a multiplayer option that enables up to 8 players to battle it out online or over LAN. Fans of the real-time strategy style will enjoy the game’s fierce and exhilarating action due to its enormous armies and strategic depth.

Published BySquare Enix

Developed By – Gas Powered Games

Release Date – 16th March 2010

Platforms Available – Xbox 360 and Windows

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

The BattleTech universe is the setting for MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries. The Third Succession War’s final decade is depicted in the game’s opening scene, in which the player assumes the role of a rookie mercenary MechWarrior who emerges from the ruins of a destroyed mercenary unit.

YouTube video

They can accept contracts from any of the available factions at this time. The campaign is active until 3049, soon before the Clan Invasion.

Players can enlist real people or AI-controlled mech pilots as members of their mercenary squad in the game’s single-player and cooperative multiplayer modes.

BattleMechs in MechWarrior 5 come in various styles, from mild to heavy, and each has unique weaponry and skills. A player’s mech can be further customized by improving its equipment, armor, and weapons.

With a beautiful balance of tactical gameplay, personalization, and dramatic combat, MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is an excellent addition to the mech genre.

Published By – Piranha Games

Developed By – Piranha Games

Release Date – 27th May 2021

Platforms Available – Xbox and PlayStation 4&5

Mech Armada

In the futuristic universe of Mech Armada, players take command of powerful mechs and engage in combat with hostile troops. Several different mechs are available in the game, each having its particular traits and arsenals. 

YouTube video

By gaining points from victories, players can use them to buy new weapons, skills, and cosmetic improvements for their mechs. Players can compete against artificial intelligence-controlled foes or other players online in the game’s single-player and multiplayer modes.

Thanks to its stunning graphics and sound effects, players can completely immerse themselves in the future world of mech fights in Mech Armada. The game provides an overall thrilling and challenging experience for both enthusiasts of mechs and action games.

Published By – Lioncode Games

Developed By – Lioncode Games

Release Date – 16th June 2022

Platforms AvailableSteam

Override: Mech City Brawl

In the video game Override: Mech City Brawl, users command enormous mechs that engage in combat with other mechs in various cities around the globe. Up to 4 players can engage in online or local split-screen action in the game’s single-player and multiplayer modes.

YouTube video

In Override: Mech City Battle, the mechs have a variety of skills, such as strong melee assaults, ranged weaponry, and special actions. With many skins and equipment, players may personalize their mechs and have a unique experience. 

Destructible settings are another game component that can be exploited to outwit rivals or develop new tactics. As they advance through the game, players may level up the mechs and discover new powers. Override: Mech City Battle offers an exciting and action-packed experience for fans of fighting and mech games.

Published By – Modus Games Brazil

Developed By – Balance Inc

Release Date – 10th August 2018

Platforms Available – PlayStation 4

War Tech Fighters

The video game War Tech Fighters contains cutting-edge battle mechs that are created expressly to maneuver through perilous seas and attack opposing factions that are competing for command of what little land is left. 

YouTube video

After they complete the game’s missions, players can equip their mechs with various weaponry and upgrade their gear. The gameplay is based on frantic battles where players use the mechs’ agility and armament to overcome obstacles and defeat monsters.

Stunning underwater sceneries and intricate mech designs are featured in the top-notch graphics, which enhance the action. The player has control over appearance and performance because of the robot’s ability to customize every component.

War Tech Fighters Mech features a multiplayer mode that lets players engage in heated combat with one another alongside the primary campaign. Altogether, this thrilling game blends cutting-edge technology, intense action, and a captivating narrative to produce a singular and captivating gaming experience.

Published By – Blowfish Studios

Developed By – Drakkar Dev

Release Date – 19th June 2020

Platforms Available – Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

Titanfall 2

In the first-person shooting video game Titanfall 2, players take control of pilots and their enormous robotic Titans, which may be outfitted with various weaponry and abilities. The game takes place in a futuristic environment.

YouTube video

Many other game modes are available in the multiplayer mode, including the traditional team deathmatch and objective-based games.

The single-player campaign tells the tale of a pilot named Jack Cooper, whose aim is to prevent the wicked IMC Corporation from destroying a planet with a superweapon. Together with the quick-fire shooting, the campaign includes various gameplay elements like platforming, riddles, and stealth.

Preview Product Rating Price
Titanfall 2 - PlayStation 4 Titanfall 2 – PlayStation 4 $5.89

A multiplayer game’s merits, or experience points, are awarded to players based on their performance or whether their team succeeds or fails. Players must accrue merits to level up and gain access to new weapons, skills, customization options, and other features.

The game’s distinguishing feature is the introduction of Titans, who may be summoned by players during a fight and offer a tactical edge on the battlefield. Ultimately, Titanfall 2 is a fast-paced, well-designed mech game with an engaging narrative and exhilarating multiplayer gameplay.

Published By – Electronic Arts

Developed By – Respawn Entertainment

Release Date – 28th October 2016

Platforms Available – PlayStation 4 and Xbox One


Playing mech games may be a fascinating and captivating experience for gamers like sci-fi and action-packed gameplay. Together with rich graphics and sound effects, these games frequently offer players various customizing choices and strategic decision-making chances. 

While players control enormous robotic vehicles and engage in combat with adversaries, mech games can also give players a feeling of power and control. Although not all gamers may appreciate the game, those who do will find hours of challenge and amusement within the mech game environment. 

Ultimately, playing mech games can be a terrific opportunity for players to experience future settings and put their fighting prowess to the test. Try out the best mech games from the ones mentioned above and know it for yourself.

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