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10 Best Free Media Players for Mac

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Are you having problems with the in-built QuickTime software? No need to worry because you’re not short of options. There are multiple media players for Mac available free of cost that offer excellent features and functionality.

We are aware of the issues that come with the QuickTime software, including its inability to support playback for file formats such as AVI, WMV, MKV, and FLV. Additionally, you have to install bloatware which can cause storage concerns on your system. Moreover, the common problem faced by many is the time it consumes to load certain files.

Tips for Selecting the Best Media Player for Mac


While selecting the best media player for Mac free, you should look out for the convenience, comfort, speed, and storage relaxations that the media player provides. It can make your life easier by providing features like downloading and streaming songs and movies.

They also enable you to listen to the Internet radio, among many other benefits like the comfort they bring. So here are five tips for selecting your media player for macOS –

  • You should look out for the operating system when choosing a media player for your system. Some third parties provide Windows-only, and some offer custom OS versions that can function with Mac.
  • It should be able to download videos with easy controls and at a reasonable speed, so you don’t have to wait hours to download a single video.
  • For a media player to be of the highest quality, you need to look out for its extra features. Some of its features are to function with social networking sites and the ability to take screenshots.
  • A great media player may also have the ability to convert videos in maximum formats, especially MP3 audio. Most conversions are made to forward videos to your phones or tablets.
  • Keeping a view of your video collections and playlists through a library and its capacity is one of the top priorities.

With multiple media players showing themselves as effective alternatives against QuickTime, we have listed some of the top media players for macOS. But first, let’s have a look at QuickTime itself.


QuickTime is a media framework first introduced in 1991 that is capable of handling many formats such as videos and images of various kinds. It was developed by Apple Inc., which ceased to support Microsoft Windows in 2016.


It is a free version media player which supports high-quality videos and clips. While it offers many advantages, its problems have come to light in recent times. Many people have made their way towards third-party providers. As mentioned earlier, it cannot operate in certain file formats, posing storage concerns and being a time-taking option.


  • The movie playback quality is silky smooth.
  • The edition of movies and clips is relatively easier coming in high quality.
  • High-definition graphics to watch clips and movies.


  • It supports limited video formats. It doesn’t support some standard file formats.
  • It doesn’t support full-screen mode, which is a put-off.
  • High loading time followed by buffering’s in case of a lengthy movie or clip.
  • Sometimes if you leave QuickTime running in the background, it interferes with other software.
  • Unable to play .srt subtitle files in video/movie.
  • When you upgrade your macOS, this media player might crash if not updated for a long time.
  • Webcam recording is not possible, so there is no dual recording feature. You can only record the screen.
  • When you export your recorded video created via QuickTime, the only format available is .mov for exporting.

VLC Media Player

Developed by the VideoLan Organization, VLC Player supports various file formats. It is a free platform that enables users with quality functions. It allows downloading videos from YouTube, also supporting the conversion of videos into different formats not supported by QuickTime.

With special audio effects and streaming services, it can turn out to be a quality graphic equalizer. Similar to QuickTime, it has the facility to stream Internet Radio and the podcasts of your choice.


It has a separate add-ons page that provides an extension comprising unique features that cover a wide array of genres. Like many media players, it has a volume normalization system designed to protect your ears. So VLC is undoubtedly one of the best media players for Mac free.

  • It consists of an excellent subtitle synchronization system and top-rated audio and visual filters.
  • VLC is capable of conversion of many videos into numerous file formats.
  • A free platform that provides top-quality functions that some paid media players fails to deliver.
  • Locating media files can be a bit challenging due to the interface design.

GOM Player

Developed by GOM & Company, one of the main functions of GOM Player is to play broken media files and find missing codecs through a codec-finding service. It offers both paid and free versions, with the former known as GOM Player Plus.



It also offers an ad-free experience with a codec system automatically installed to enhance the video playback quality. In addition to video playing, it assists in video editing. Moreover, it enables screen recording and taking screenshots from the screen. GOM Player is a modern-day replacement of QuickTime as a great media player for macOS.

  • Fantastic video playback quality.
  • Enables screen recording and screenshots.
  • Can play broken files and find missing codecs with an in-built codec finding service.
  • Bundles extra add-ons during installation, which may be unnecessary to some users.
  • Offers very basic settings.


Resembling QuickTime, MPlayerX also uses a black display showing minimal settings on the interface. You’ll get a clear and smooth playback experience through this media player. It enables you to stream any file format being somewhat flexible in that regard.

It’s capable of reading many formats and converting videos in those formats. Moreover, it is a lot easier to use than other media players. This fantastic media player plays the stream from exactly where you left off when you restart the system. And it detects and converts the encoding method of a subtitle file automatically.

mplayerx-for-mac Features

  • Easy to use with readable controls.
  • It can detect and support various file formats.
  • User-friendly interface but has no visualizer.
  • Playback quality is just fine.

Elmedia Video Player

Elmedia Video Player is a free program that is safe for your Mac system by not drawing any unnecessary malware. It enables you to play videos in multiple formats without any qualitative issues. The subtitle and audio synchronization features are the top drawers for this tool.

However, its upgraded version offers added special features which aren’t included in the free version. You can enjoy advanced playback and streaming options in this media player. Additionally, it provides high definition video playback experience without pressuring your Mac. There are no lag or sync issues with this media player. You won’t need any additional codec to play a video with this.



  • Can read and play various formats.
  • Allows synchronizing subtitles and audio.
  • Screenshots and additional features are only available in the paid version.

Cisdem Video Player

The Cisdem video player supports over 50 formats where a few video players come close. This player can play 8K, 5K, and 1080p HD videos, and it doesn’t crash or buffer for ensuring high-quality levels. It also supports external and integrated subtitles and audio control. You can control the volume with the help of arrow keys.

It provides complete control options for media playback. Surprisingly, it can remember your playlist and playback position. This player can load embedded subtitles of any video automatically. You can also add external subtitles to play along with your videos.



  • Supports over 50 different formats.
  • Converts video and audio to various formats.
  • Top-rated and easy controls.
  • It lacks warnings like other software in the actions of deletion


OmniPlayer offers top editing tools that you can use for production purposes. It supports live radio broadcast streaming with various powerful features and great design.

People consider this tool one of the best software for subtitles on Macs. It supports various video and audio formats and plays online videos. The playback speed ranges from 0.25 to 4x. Additionally, it offers valuable editing tools for video adjustments. You can use this player to play YouTube or Vimeo videos directly with the video URL and no ads.



  • OmniPlayer supports numerous file formats.
  • Excellent subtitle incorporation and synchronization system.
  • You can take screenshots.
  • The app does show ads.

DivX Player

DivX Player is termed one of the best software to convert videos into different file formats. It’s available for both Windows and Mac OS devices. It can provide support to 4K videos, exhibiting outstanding playback features.

Interestingly, you’ll get hassle-free rewinding and fast-forwarding features with great audio control. Moreover, you can create, distribute and watch full-screen HD quality video with this player. This powerful media player for macOS offers the highest compression level, including advanced encoding tools and intertwined video support.



  • Top-rated video converter.
  • Supports files up to 4K.
  • Great audio controls.

5K Player

5K Player supports 4k and 1080p qualities as one of the leading media players going around. It enables you to download music with an organized library to assemble your installations. You can enjoy various music filters from this player. It also supports downloading from YouTube and DailyMotion etc.

The in-built radio player can bring top coverages like the BBC and WNYC, among many others. You can play 4K and 360° videos or music through this media player. In addition, you can take advantage of AirPlay mirroring feature on iPhone and iPad. Moreover, the DLNA stream function is a cherry on top.

5kplayer-for-mac Features

  • It ensures compatibility with various audio/video formats.
  • The YouTube downloader works great, which is a rare function.
  • Great playback features.

Plex Media Player

Plex is an easy-to-use software that takes care of music and video collectors with an excellently organized library. It offers great streaming services for movie enthusiasts, also enabling podcast streaming. It doesn’t burden you with extra storage responsibilities to top it off.

Though it has a simple and intuitive user controlling system, it doesn’t have many customizable functions. With the help of the Plex App on your phone or tablet, you can control the Plex Media Player on your Mac. It also allows users to save online videos for later watching.



  • Great organizational strength.
  • Wonderful streaming services.
  • Can stream 4K content.
  • Limited customization options

Conclusion 📽️

Though QuickTime has some advantages as it comes by default with your macOS device, it still lacks in various ways compared to other kickass third-party media players.

The apps mentioned above have maximum leverage in qualitative measures set for media players, including media organization, conversion, smoothness, customization, and safety, among many others. So decide which software works best for you.

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