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In Gaming Last updated: July 14, 2023
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Cable drag is annoying for gamers, isn’t it? Well, we are here with some of the best mouse bungees to help alleviate your gaming experience.

An avid FPS player might have noticed the impact of using cable drag in the game. To avoid such situations in the future, you can switch to mouse bungees or a wireless mouse. Unfortunately, a good wireless mouse is pretty costly.

Mouse bungees represent an innovative and creative approach to the issue of cable drag. A mouse bungee elevates your experience with the mouse. 

With a gaming mouse bungee, say goodbye to your messed up desk and annoying cable-dragging experiences. 

In this article, we’ll briefly talk about mouse bungees, who can use them, and their benefits, and list some of the best mouse bungees, along with a short description of why we chose them. 

What are Mouse Bungees?

Especially for gamers with a wired mouse, cable drag is annoying. Sometimes cable drag causes immersion breaking while playing your favorite games. For such instances, a mouse bungee can be the perfect solution. Mouse bungees prevent immersion breaking by lifting the wires into the air. 


Mouse bungees are computer accessories that are used as wire holders. For a wired gaming mouse, bungees are like blessings. Bungees prevent the cable from snagging and dragging across the desk. Apart from this, the bungee allows the mouse to move freely. Hence, bungees are elevated holders that hold a wired mouse’s cable to prevent further Interruptions.

Who can use Mouse Bungees?

Mouse bungees are the most straightforward and accessible way to fix your cable drag issue. Sometimes, wire stocks at desk corners cause breakage. Furthermore, it interrupts an individual, especially avid gamers, while playing games. By clipping the wires that are troubling you, you can get rid of them.

Moreover, there is no exact answer to the question of who can use mouse bungee. People who face difficulties while using a wired mouse can have mouse bungees.

Especially gamers with no wireless mouse can switch themselves to mouse bungee. For consistency and frictionless experience, mouse bungees should be part of your computer accessories. 

Benefits of mouse bungees

Purchasing a good mouse bungee ensures you a trouble-free and smooth gaming experience. Mouse bungees are a viable option for wired mouse users—the tangling of wires can be avoided using mouse bungees.


However, mouse bungees are designed in such a manner to avoid this reckless disturbance while pursuing games on your PC.

Usually, mouse bungees are made of plastic, metal, or silicon-fabricated materials to manage the cables easier and in tidy ways. Hence, a mouse bungee is an accessory that every wired mouse gamer requires. 

How to use Mouse Bungees?

The main aim of designing a mouse bungee is to lift the cable of the wired mouse to avoid further tangling. Bungees lift the mouse cable into the air to prevent any struck wire moment.


By reducing cable dragging moments, bungee enhances the consistency of movement. Consistency of movement and frictionless experience is the key to elevating the gaming experience. 

Moreover, after selecting the mouse bungee for your setup, you must follow a few easy steps to set it up. Firstly, place the mouse bungee firmly above the mouse at a suitable distance.

You have to stick your wire in the mouse bungee’s clip after leaving the wire’s appropriate length for easy movement. Lastly, try to determine whether you can use your mouse comfortably or not. Inappropriate and improper setup can slow down your experience level. 

The selection of a mouse bungee can sometimes be a headache. There are plenty of fantastic mouse bungees available online. We have listed some of the best mouse bungees to help you narrow your judgment on choosing one.

A brief description will allow you to know more about these mouse bungees and their functions. Now it’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best.

Glorious Mouse Bungee

Glorious PC Gaming Race is the best brand known for producing accessories a gamer needs for a happy gaming experience. The Glorious Mouse Bungee is for those that want to keep mouse wires snagging away.

Its flexible spring enhances the flexibility level of this mouse bungee. You can adjust to different heights suitable for you.

Moreover, the clip holding the cable is made of rubber for more grip. The weighted base enhances the stability of the mouse bungee model. The compact, flexible, and stable model covers a user’s needs.

Most importantly, this one is a budget-friendly accessory. Along with it, this mouse bungee will improve your gameplay significantly.  

Razer Mouse Bungee

This Razer Mouse Bungee enhances your gaming experience and prevents tangles and snags even if you use a wired mouse. However, its weighty base and anti-slip feet keep the base stable without any movement. 

Moreover, using high-quality materials while designing ensures a long-lasting period. The spring arm is made up of rust-resistant material.

Last but not least, the bungee arm is also compatible with thicker mouse cables. Its plain and simple design gives it a professional-level, eye-catching look.

So, if you are looking for a mouse bungee to elevate your performance, you can surely pick up the Razer Mouse Bungee. 

Glorious Gaming Mouse Bungee

Glorious Gaming Mouse Bungee has been launched by the best computer accessories-producing brand and is classically designed. Eliminate cable drag and keep your mouse wires detangled. The flexible arm is fixed to reduce stress on your mouse cable. 

Preview Product Rating Price
Glorious PC Gaming Race Mouse Bungee - Black Glorious PC Gaming Race Mouse Bungee – Black No ratings yet $13.99

Moreover, rubber is fixed at the base of this mouse bungee. Rubber provides a grip to enhance the stability of the mouse bungee.

Gamers still using a wired mouse can go for Glorious Gaming Mouse Bungee. Glorious fulfills every aspect, from enhancing performance to taking care of the user’s comfort. Overall, the performance level is fantastic with this one. 

BenQ Zowie CAMADE II Bungee

The best among all esports mouse bungee is the BenQ Zowie CAMADE II. The pyramidal design with a square base is designed to maximize stability. The string-based arm encourages flexibility and stability. Furthermore, this mouse bungee offers two adjustable height options.

A heavier base keeps this bungee stable even during forceful and fast mouse movements. In addition, this mouse bungee is packable and travel-friendly. The metal spring retracts for less area consumption. 

However, whether you’re a pro gamer or an aspiring gamer, you can go for BenQ Zowie CAMADE II.

Hotline Games Mouse Bungee 

Hotline Games Mouse Bungee is another preferable mouse bungee among gamers. They are designed to make them look decent for users.

A cable design is embedded to prevent the mouse cable from being entangled. Moreover, a rubber clip has been used to hold all mouse cables quickly and firmly. The heavy weight of about 220g ensures excellent stability and a firm grip. 

The model has a pyramidal shape at the base. As a result, the weight can be distributed evenly along the bottom. It is very much convenient for esports gaming.

This one is especially suitable for FPS gamers for a better gaming experience. The best part of Hotline Games Mouse Bungee is its embedded wire routing and travel-friendly. 

Mouse Bungee Cable Cord

The Mouse Bungee Cable Cord Management is a perfect device for gamers and office users. They are designed in such a manner to keep the clutter of wires away from you.

The aesthetic design makes it look stylish and stand out. Rust-resistant spring arm ensures long-lasting capability. However, its drag-free cord control makes this mouse bungee a perfect choice. 

Moreover, the weighted base makes it stable and resists any movement. The flexible spring arm makes the Mouse Bungee Cable Cord Management foldable and compatible.

What does an individual need rather than a budget-friendly mouse bungee with lots of features embedded in it? This holder is one of the best mouse bungees that fits your pocket right. 

BUZIFU Mouse Bungee

One of the standout mouse bungees is the BUZIFU Mouse Bungee. Its sleek and designed model encourages your gameplay seamlessly.

Aluminum alloys are used to make the cable clips of the BUZIFU Mouse Bungee. Most importantly, its magnetic block is fixed, which prevents the wired mouse cable from getting tangled. 

However, its small and compact design saves space on the desk and provides a tidy finish. It contains a washable and reusable self-adhered base.

Its reusable and sticky bottom prevents the BUZIFU Mouse Bungee from further movement. Hence, easily portable while traveling and suitable while playing any games on pc. 

Gaming Mouse Bungee  

Gaming Mouse Bungee is the perfect device to hold your mouse cable without falling over or moving. Generally, designed for gamers to stay distraction-free during their gameplay.

A non-slip and fixed base prevents the mouse bungee from further movements. The adjustable springs allow you to lift your cable to your preferred height. 

Preview Product Rating Price
Gaming Mouse Bungee - Premium Mouse Cord Holder for Esports Gaming Mouse Bungee – Premium Mouse Cord Holder for Esports No ratings yet $12.99

However, its clean and sleek minimal design makes it look attractive. The stability of this mouse bungee is excellent. In addition to these, this mouse bungee makes the mouse feel wireless.

Get this mouse bungee if you have some desk space to offer; else, if you want a low-budget mouse bungee. Hence, it is one of the best devices you can buy for PC gaming or office use. 

KIWIFOTOS Mouse Bungee 

Classically designed and well-made, the KIWIFOTOS Mouse Bungee is a record-breaking bungee. The compactable and portable design enables the mouse bungee to fit into any desk.

Along with top cable management, this holder provides an excellent user experience. The spider-like design makes the model’s appearance unique. 

Moreover, this bungee has a non-slip rubber base to avoid scratching. It is made up of eco-friendly materials and is suitable for the environment too.

It promotes reliable use for a long time without any damage. This bungee is mainly dedicated to gamers for a professional cord-holding experience. Hence, it’s the best one to enhance the gaming experiences of pro gamers. 

KAFRI Mouse Bungee

Lastly, we have the KAFRI Mouse Bungee, best chosen for its stability, portability, and reliability. It provides you with overall control for the perfect gaming experience.

Works on the principle of less drag, more frag. RGB lights are embedded, which can display up to nine lighting effects. Unlike the rest of the mouse bungee, KAFRI Mouse Bungee includes a USB 2.0 port to transfer files. 

Moreover, a USB charging facility is there to charge the device. Stability is supported by non-slip rubber pads fixed at the base of the bungee.

Individuals can easily switch colors by hitting the button once. In short, for a killer gaming experience, switch to KAFRI Mouse Bungee. It is compatible with Win7, Win8, Win10, Vista, Mac, Linux, and other popular operating systems. 


In a nutshell, mouse bungee can elevate your gameplay experiences. Usually, this device helps prevent your wires from getting tangled and secures wires from further damage. For long-lasting cable management, bungees are the perfect option.

The proper setup allows a smoother and more accurate cursor movement. Furthermore, it results in consistent mouse movement.

We have listed and described some of the best mouse bungees that can provide you with better gameplay experiences. Now it’s up to you. Choose what’s the best for your computer desk.

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