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12 Best Novel Writing Software to Help Write Your Dream Book [2023]

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Are you interested in writing the next best fictional novel? If yes, then you shouldn’t miss out on this article by any chance.

Novel writing software is one of the many creative innovations of technical advancement. Such software has become a boon for authors and novel writers, especially those specializing in writing fictional stories. It’s challenging to write fiction correctly, or at the very least, fiction that sells. 

Every budding fiction writer has a writer who motivates them to create. When you first leave your everyday reality and join the realm of a great writer’s imagination, it is a fantastic experience. Writing often requires commitment and countless hours of work before your language can sparkle and your characters develop enough flesh to win readers over. 


The same miraculous process, though, may prove to be a curse if you’re attempting to write in your voice. This is where novel writing software comes to your rescue.

What is Novel Writing software?

Novel writing software is an online tool for creating, organizing, formatting, and revising manuscripts. Your work must be prepared in accordance with industry-accepted book formatting standards before you can submit your finished manuscripts to agencies or publishers. Writers frequently need help with laborious formatting.

Novel writing software enables authors to spend more time and flexibility on story crafting by assisting them with the necessary formatting. These tools also provide you with effective and practical tools that may keep you on track and organized as you write.

Why should writers use novel writing software?

Novel writing software comes with specific formatting tools and components that make it as simple and quick as possible for you to create an industry-standard layout.

Proper page numbering, headings, creating front and back cover pages, book titles and subtitles, chapter headings, chapter distinction, creating a cover page, and other formatting elements are just a few of these.


However, the formatting options are unavailable in standard word processors or note-taking software. As you write, physically editing an entire book gets increasingly tiresome. Therefore, numerous novel writing software options are available to assist writers with this, each of which offers unique capabilities that can speed up the writing process in various ways.

How to use Novel Writing software?

Using novel writing software is not challenging. Since most of us do writing work on laptops or desktops, you must install it on your device or open their website. Many novel writing software offer facilities for writing online without installing the software on the device. 

Once you have opened the software or website, all you have to do is to register or log in using your credentials and start working. Many of these tools require membership so that you can choose the memberships according to your needs and requirements.  

What are the benefits of using Novel writing software?

There are plenty of benefits of novel writing software that will completely amaze you. So, let us explore a few of them. 

Getting Things Organized

The novel writing software can make the process easier by consolidating all of your research into one location. You can arrange or categorize your study using the classification tools it offers. You can also use labels or tags to make your work easier. Moreover, having a central location for all of your links, photographs, and notes will be helpful.

Makes Editing Easy

The novel writing software can make editing suggestions for you. It can detect typing errors, typos, and punctuation errors. They can even determine if you have used particular terms excessively.

Create better character traits

Even character development can be aided by writing software. It can assist you in creating a character sketch and ensure that all your characters always act in the same manner.

Create an outline

With writing software, you may create a complex plan that is simple to follow and simple to change. Using such software will enable you to keep your sketch out of the way but still conveniently accessible. Instead of limiting your style of working, writing software advances it.

Contribute to Publishing

You can polish these parts of your book with the use of writing software. Also, it will let you know where your writing could be improved and how it stacks up against the work of other authors who have achieved success.

Now, you will have a perfect idea about novel writing software. So, let us get straight to exploring some of the best ones.


The Reedsy book editor’s features are incredibly user-friendly and focused on making a gorgeous book. This productivity software typesets as you write, converting your work into a wholly structured book or ebook that can match with conventionally published, expertly prepared publications. You can also add section breaks, scene breaks, photos, and footnotes under the “Writing Mode.”

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The ‘notes’ function of the Reedsy book editor is the most trusting. You may organize your notes freely and develop, modify, stick, and clip out notes from your literary work. The additional benefits include easier writing and editing, working with coworkers, and exporting your text in several formats.


The most well-known software now is, by far, Scrivener, which was among the first to hit the market. The flexibility and feature richness of Scrivener is its key advantages.

It has had plenty of time to develop and incorporate comments from its sizable community, so it is brimming with features, from notecards to name generators. It also provides word counts, goal monitoring, and note-taking spaces.

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You can utilize the tools in a variety of ways to fit your style because of the extensive flexibility and customizability it gives. Also, because of the size of the community, you may benefit from publicly available tools like character and narrative templates.


A web browser is required to use LivingWriter, a more recent kind of book-writing software. This is a beautiful novel-writing tool to consider if you write a lot of fiction and find other novel-writing software daunting. It offers many author templates that will make it easier for you to plan a tale, novel, or book quickly.

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Before you write a single word, LivingWriter allows you to insert all of your bizarre characters, fantastical settings, and magical artifacts into your novel. Also, their editor supports versioning and automated continuous cloud sync.


The finest writing platform in the world, Squibler, makes it easier for novelists to write. It is an easy-to-use writing software that includes a simple yet excellent text editor and word processor. It offers more than 500 storyline ideas for novelists, as well as fully prepared templates and a plot generator.


Squibler provides some of the most excellent tools and features for novelists. The UI, text editor, and dashboard are simple to use and straightforward. It also has a drag-and-drop user interface for structuring and organizing chapters, sections, and notes. Squibler also includes a first-line generator, narrative suggestion generator, and plot generator for novelists of all genres.


Novlr is a web-based novel writing tool with a stunning user interface, a tonne of useful features, and a tonne of materials to guide you through the process of learning to write a book. With its sleek structure, Novlr’s visual appeal and aesthetic appeal are among its most vital points.  

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Like Word, it also provides spelling and grammatical recommendations, which is something that only a few book writing programs provide. It automatically saves and generates a version history, which is really reassuring. It contains information on word counts and even inspirational remarks for when you reach your objectives.


Dabble is a word processing software that allows you to write like a pro, maintain your word count objectives, stay to a deadline, and reorganize scenes and chapters using drag and drop. It contains a plot grid that makes it simple to visualize your tale from a broad perspective.

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You can reorganize as necessary, spot narrative gaps with ease, and take as much information as you want notes on each story point. The manuscript options make it simple to establish word count targets and monitor daily and overall progress. Even holidays may be designated, and the system will factor them into the calculation of your daily word targets.


NovelPad is simple-to-use software that assists users in writing novels efficiently. It enables them to add scene cards to the plot board, arrange them into plots and subplots, and then arrange them all on the chapter board to manage the tale. A vital component of the user’s novel is a feature called a scene card, which they possess. 

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By simply dragging and dropping, users can assemble and modify story beats. Moreover, it enables people to edit specific scenes, check their progress, archive, label, and quickly assign chapters and locations. A rapid edit feature enables users to enter that scene from anywhere and modify it without being interrupted. The straightforward design of NovelPad enables users to concentrate.


The Mac OS and iOS app stores both provide Ulysses, a word processor and software for Macs. It integrates with a large portion of Apple’s ecosystem since it syncs data to the iCloud service.

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Ulysses includes a single Library for all of your papers, a complete version history of modifications, and the option to hide menu choices for distraction-free writing. Moreover, Ulysses allows you to export your work in different forms of documents.

There is a tonne of features packed into this novel writing software. You can switch the editor’s theme and synchronize your work with different devices. Moreover, it provides improved document management, instant posting to WordPress and Medium, various export formats, and much more!


Dramatica is a novel-writing software that emphasizes the growth of characters. It aids in maintaining consistency with your characters’ personalities, deeds, and judgments. You can use the program to plot out the storylines for each unique character meticulously. You may also chart their turning points and critical events and keep note of how they relate to your story’s central theme.


The purpose is to provide you the freedom to write and follow your own stories from the viewpoint of your key characters. Because you can view the situation from all angles, these in-depth but adaptable character profiles assist you in removing story flaws and contradictions. Dramatica offers suggestions for enhancement depending on your topic, in addition to assisting with character creation and administration.


Without the assistance of a professional editor or proofreader, AutoCrit, an editing tool for novelists, may help you increase readability. It evaluates your manuscript compared to best-selling books and works in your field and offers suggestions on strengthening dialogue, word choice, repetition, etc.

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AutoCrit is a fantastic service that enables you to edit your work from a professional’s viewpoint independently. Moreover, the software has a user-friendly, contemporary interface and reasonable rates, given the variety of editing options.


Fictionary is an online novel writing software that takes a different approach. The tool places more emphasis on editing your book after you’ve written it than helping the writer develop a concept into a complete novel.

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After you import your novel, Fictionary’s analytical capabilities become its major strength. It might assist you in gaining a broad perspective on your story’s trajectory.

You can also utilize the helpful suggestions in the “Plot” part of the sidebar to inspire you to think about each scene’s nature, purpose, and objectives.


A desktop-based tool called Bibisco has an excellent selection of functionality and a neat, uncluttered UI. Its interface’s simplicity and the fact that it features sections for all the key elements of book writing are its principal advantages.

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With the flexibility to add pictures to items like characters and locations, it is attractively set up. It includes graphs to illustrate topics like the distribution of characters and objects and chapter lengths. The tool for character connections is another excellent feature.

Authors Note

The purpose of writing software is to assist you with the elements of writing and make them easier to handle. You should consider using professional writing tools to assist you if you have just begun writing your first novel or book.

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that writing tools cannot create your story for you. Instead, it streamlines the writing process so you can concentrate on being creative. Writing software comes in a variety of forms, each with its own set of advantages. It would be best to study the software options extensively before selecting one or more that best meets your unique requirements.


The days when a writer just needed a typewriter are long gone. Novel writing software is a crucial component of the modern novel writing process. You can organize your novel sections, take notes, collaborate, write without being distracted, format your work, and more with the aid of good, dependable novel writing software.

With the provided list of novel writing software, you can, without a doubt, discover one that meets all of your requirements and guarantees a positive writing experience.

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