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In Gaming Last updated: March 3, 2023
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Take your gaming experience a level above with the Oculus Quest VR headset while playing these unforgettable Oculus games.

What is Oculus Quest?


In 2019, Oculus announced Oculus Quest, a stand-alone virtual reality game platform. It has inside-out tracking, eliminating the need for external sensors. It enables a truly immersive VR experience independent of a PC or gaming console. More than 200 games and interactive activities are available on the platform.

Facebook Technologies created a solitary virtual reality headgear called the Oculus Quest. It was available in May 2019 and served as Oculus Go’s replacement. Six degrees of freedom monitoring is available in The Quest, allowing users to walk freely in a virtual world without being bound to a PC or console. 

The Quest comes with two Touch controllers that give users a sense of their hands in VR experiences and enable realistic hand interactions. Also, it supports a wide variety of VR software, including well-known games like Beat Saber and Superhot VR.

To access PC VR experiences and fun, the Quest may be linked to a computer via a suitable USB cable. The Oculus Quest offers a user-friendly and engaging VR experience without requiring additional hardware. 

Gaming Experience through Oculus Quest 

The Oculus Quest offers a truly immersive and untethered experience, elevating the gaming thrill to an entirely different level. Players may move around in a physical location and interact with the virtual world with their bodies, thanks to the Oculus Quest, adding a degree of authenticity previously impossible.

The tool tracks the player’s motions using sophisticated sensors and cameras. This allows them to explore and engage with the game world actively. 


From intense first-person shooters to contemplative puzzle games, the Oculus Quest provides a variety of experiences that make the most of the headset’s capabilities. Also, the device features a lively and dynamic online community where users may interact and engage in multiplayer virtual reality gaming. 

The Oculus Quest delivers a genuinely transformational gaming experience unlike anything else on the market. With its cutting-edge equipment and a massive library of games and experiences, it is a need for anyone wishing to advance their gaming. There are plenty of VR games coming up in the market.

Now, you have a pretty good idea about the Oculus Quest. So, let us jump directly to the list of the best Oculus Games. You can enjoy all these games with your Oculus VR headsets.

Resident Evil 4

A popular survival horror game, Resident Evil 4, has been adapted to the Oculus Quest virtual reality system. The game offers an entirely engrossing experience that immerses players in action. So, you get to discover the completely remastered Resident Evil 4 universe in virtual reality.

YouTube video

Exploring a remote Spanish community filled with hostile diseased inhabitants and other monsters is part of the gameplay. The player assumes the character of Leon S. Kennedy, who has to employ various tools and strategies to live and figure out the cause of the outbreak. 

Resident Evil 4’s VR adaptation for Oculus Quest uses the headset’s cutting-edge technologies to deliver an intensely immersive experience.

Because of the Quest’s motion controls, players may interact with the game world more naturally and can glance around the surroundings to truly absorb the game’s mood. The thrilling Resident Evil 4 VR experience on the Oculus Quest will keep players on the edge of their seats.

Vader Immortal: Episode 1

On Oculus Quest, you can access the entirely realistic virtual reality adventure Vader Immortal: Episode 1. It is a Star Wars first-person adventure game. The players take on the character of a smuggler who gets dragged into a conflict with Darth Vader himself.

With magnificent graphics and a soundtrack that immerses players in the Star Wars universe, the game offers a very immersive experience.

Thanks to the game’s simple gameplay, players may use their Oculus Quest controllers to navigate the area, use the Force, and wield a lightsabre. To advance, players must solve interactive riddles and challenges presented in the game.

YouTube video

With a great storyline and even better graphics, this game precisely provides every Star Wars lover with what they need. A new and engaging approach to experiencing the Star Wars universe, Vader Immortal: Episode 1 is a fun and exciting virtual reality experience.

Fans of the series and those who appreciate immersive VR gaming should check it out. Get it and experience it now on Oculus Quest


The physics-based puzzle game BONELAB was created by the independent game studio VRGEN. Players carry out experiments as skeleton lab assistants to learn more about bones. Because of the realistic interactions made possible by the game’s physics engine, the experience is more immersive.

YouTube video

You play the role of an outcast who escapes fate after receiving a death sentence and find a way to a secret research facility beneath. There will be many complex experiments and findings. The realistic physics systems in Boneworks have been wholly enhanced and polished.

Engage the game’s world consistently and confidently. Also, you can fight enemy engagements using the entire arsenal of ranged, combat, and exotic physics weaponry at your disposal. 

You can go through the game with any appearance you choose and the physical stats to go with it because of the custom avatar import. The game includes a variety of challenging puzzles that demand players to utilize their imagination and problem-solving abilities to advance.

The Oculus Quest platform makes it available, giving users a realistic virtual reality experience. 

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

In the video game The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, players must navigate the remains of New Orleans while fending off zombies and other survivors in a post-apocalyptic environment. The game’s intricate graphics and accurate physics are intended to make it immersive. 

Gamers can select to play as a saint or a sinner. Their decisions will have an impact on how the game turns out.

A crafting system is included in the game that enables players to make their tools and weapons to help them survive in the hostile world. The game also features a day and night cycle, with unique difficulties and perils at each time of day.

YouTube video

Due to the ability to move around and communicate with the game world, playing this game on the Oculus Quest offers an even more interactive environment.

With the Quest’s wireless capabilities, moving about is simple without worrying about getting tangled in cables. The Walking Dead, a gripping VR title on the Oculus Quest platform, provides a distinctive and immersive experience.

Star Wars: Tales from Galaxy’s Edge

You play a droid repair worker working close to the Outer Rim in Star Wars: Tales from Galaxy’s Edge, an action-adventure game. The game’s breathtaking graphics and authentic gameplay let players experience the Star Wars universe in a brand-new way. 

The game has numerous objectives and plot lines, and well-known and brand-new characters are introduced at various points. Together with puzzle-solving and combat elements, the game offers a selection of tools and weapons for players to employ. On the planet of Batuu, the encounter occurs near Black Spire Outpost. 


The game’s graphics and audio are of the highest caliber. On top of that, VR technology enables players to experience the Star Wars universe to the fullest extent.

Overall, Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge is indeed a great addition to the Oculus Quest catalog and provides fans of the franchise and VR enthusiasts with a fantastic experience.

Blade & Sorcery: Nomad

Blade & Sorcery: Nomad is a graphically stunning game that operates efficiently on the Oculus Quest in terms of performance.

It is a groundbreaking medieval fantasy sandbox emphasizing melee, ranged, and magic combat while utilizing a wholly original, physics-based interaction and combat engine.

Blades can be used to pierce soft materials or deflect magic, and the game was created mainly for virtual reality. Precise hitboxes control collisions, things have weight and obey the rules of physics, and animals have entire bodies and a presence.

YouTube video

As the game’s combat is physics-based and realistic, players must employ actions and strategies from everyday life to strike and defend themselves. Players can also use different tools and abilities to design their battle scenarios in the game’s sandbox mode.

Overall, it is a compelling and immersive VR experience that provides a challenging battle experience on the Oculus Quest.


Onward is a popular multiplayer strategic shooter game. It provides a lifelike virtual reality combat experience. In Onward, players assume the role of soldiers and fight other players in frantic firefights.

The game features several modes, including team deathmatch, mission types with objectives, etc. Players can pick from various weapons, items, and attachments to personalize their loadout.

YouTube video

The game’s top-notch graphics and audio effects give the gameplay a high sense of realism. To accommodate diverse play styles, the game also provides a variety of movement modes, such as smooth movement, teleportation, and arm-swinging.

Also, your survival and combat skills will be tested to the maximum as you participate in bloody infantry battles over various settings and combat scenarios, with platforms cross-play fully supported.

In conclusion, Onward is an essential title for anyone seeking a compelling and immersive VR gaming experience. The Oculus Quest platform, which delivers a smooth and complete VR experience, has it for sale. 

I Expect You To Die 2

Schell Games created the virtual reality puzzle game “I Expect You to Die 2.” Players assume the role of spies in the game. They must utilize their problem-solving abilities to finish tasks and escape difficult circumstances.


Thanks to the Oculus Quest’s realistic features, players may interact with their environment and modify things in the game world. The game provides a top-notch VR experience with fun gameplay, challenging puzzles, and stunning visuals.

The game’s humor and plot make it a pleasant and entertaining experience. Also, the inclusion of additional tools and mechanisms gives the gaming depth.

The game is available on Oculus Quest and offers a distinctive experience for users to work through a range of problems and obstacles while submerged in a spy-themed setting. Puzzle game fanatics and those wanting an intense VR experience on Oculus Quest should play this game.


A ridiculously brutal VR gladiator simulator is titled GORN. GORN warriors can imaginatively carry out their most horrifying gladiatorial fantasies in virtual reality because of a unique, wholly physics-driven fighting engine. The excessive violence and gore in the game allow players to decapitate, bash, and dismember their foes in several ways.

YouTube video

Because of the physics-based combat system in the game, players may be quite creative in eliminating their enemies, giving each battle a different and rewarding experience. Players can pick up and throw objects from the environment and employ a variety of weapons, such as swords, maces, and even just their bare hands.

In the most gruesome and horrific VR face-smashing videogame ever created by man, the only restrictions on the mayhem are your creativity and sense of morality.

The VR experience of GORN is entertaining and compelling, and it is a good fit for the Oculus Quest platform. It’s a fantastic game for individuals who like intense and enjoyable gameplay because of its physics-based battle and excessive brutality.

Into the Radius

The first-person open-world survival horror game Into the Radius is set in a post-apocalyptic universe. You discover yourself isolated from the natural world amid a depressed area. The only things left are your weapons and your wits. The player assumes the position of a special agent entrusted with looking into the mysterious’ Radius,’ home to dangerous anomalies and predators. 

YouTube video

The game has a unique inventory system. By scavenging for them, it lets players manage resources like food, water, and ammo. With a focus on exploration and survival, the game’s moody setting is meant to evoke a feeling of tension and anxiety.

Thanks to the Oculus Quest’s VR technology, players can feel like they are in the world of Into the Radius, which improves the game’s immersive experience.

It is a virtual reality experience that is accessible on the Oculus Quest and is made to offer an immersive experience. Fans of survival horror video games will find the game to be an exciting one. The Oculus Quest edition is a terrific way to play virtual reality games.


The Oculus Quest platform offers a very immersive and compelling gaming experience. The platform’s unrestricted mobility and unmatched immersion are made possible by its wireless and untethered design. Whether playing tranquil exploration games or action-packed shooters, the Quest’s top-notch graphics and fluid gameplay make for a seamless gaming experience. 

With various games and activities to select from, Oculus Quest is a beautiful choice for recreational and severe gamers because of its simple setup and intuitive controls.

You can also check out some of the best PlayStation VR games.

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