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Jira Software is the #1 project management tool used by agile teams to plan, track, release, and support great software.

OKR software helps organizations and individuals create and understand business goals, align with them, execute tasks, and measure performance to improve and achieve the goals successfully.

Measuring performance is important for every company and team to analyze how you are working, your strengths and weaknesses, and how to improve.

This is why methods like OKRs and KPIs are in use.

And the process of measuring performance, aligning your team, and moving toward success has now become easy with software solutions like OKR software.

In this article, we will learn it in detail and find out the top OKR software in the market.

What Are OKRs?

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are ambitious and competitive goals that an organization wants to achieve for growth and success.

They are a goal-setting framework not only for an organization but for individuals and teams that you can use to specify your long- and short-term objectives and measure results.

As the name suggests, it has two parts:

  • An objective, clear goal with plans and tasks to inspire people to achieve it  
  • Key results, measurable goals to track the success

Example: An organization can target an objective to increase its revenue by 10%. Here, the key results can be acquiring 20 new customers, increasing 50 new potential leads, and boosting customer retention by 70%.

So, a software solution with OKR capabilities is called OKR software. It comes with many features to help you define your goals and achieve success. It includes:

  • Dashboards to manage and track goals
  • Alerts and notifications to stay updated with improvements
  • Pre-built templates
  • Automation to save effort and time
  • Security tools
  • Integrations with tools to work effortlessly in a single software

And more.

Benefits of Using OKR Software

  • Goal alignment: Using an OKR software solution helps your employees and leaders understand your goals better and align themselves to the goals.
  • Boosting organizational performance: With features like tracking progress, weekly check-ins, and performance reviews, you can measure the performance of your team members. It enables you to reward performers while training those who underperform.
  • Better outcomes: Improving the performance of each team member and team enables the overall organization to improve and move towards the goal in order to achieve better outcomes.
  • Improved organization culture: OKR software allows people to collaborate effectively and help each other. It gives them a common goal and brings transparency so that they can contribute more to the organization’s success. As a result, your organization’s culture improves.    

Difference Between OKR vs. KPIs

OKRs and KPIs are different in many aspects:

  • Goal-setting: OKRs have more competitive and ambitious goals that teams might not achieve due to high standards. On the other hand, KPIs have realistic and attainable metrics.  
  • Outcomes: You must specify the desired outcomes in OKRs but in KPI, you don’t necessarily have to do that.
  • Transparency: OKRs are more transparent and are shared with each member for alignment. Contrarily, KPIs are more restricted and shared with specific departments.
  • Performance reviews: OKRs are not included in performance reviews, but KPIs are.
  • Time: OKRs can change over time but KPIs are less likely to do so.

Now, let’s talk about some of the best OKR software for your organization.

Coda OKR

With Coda OKR, businesses can monitor their development and ensure everyone is working toward the same objectives. It offers a simple framework for measuring advancement and achievement for businesses and people.

It is a collection of documents, tables, and applications that lets you set strategic objectives and keep everyone in the loop from a single central place.

The system is web-based and can be accessed from anywhere. It is easy to use, has a range of functions, and aids in achieving the organization’s objectives. It also makes it easier to track progress and evaluate how well the business is performing.

It helps curate progress visualizations, connect OKR tables to other documents, and automatically provide notifications when things are slipping to make goal planning and other related activities easier. You can quickly kickstart your activity at rapid space using its built-in templates.

Organizations benefit from improved teamwork and attention, as well as the ability to assess and monitor progress.

Its connectivity with other tools and apps like Slack, Figma, Team, Zoom, Jira, etc., ensures that you stay connected to other tasks and stay always aligned.

More than 20,000 businesses, including John Doerr, Pinterest, and Uber, use Coda to accomplish their objectives.

In addition to all this, creating documents is the only thing charged; viewing, editing, and contributing to your OKRs process are all free.


Oboard takes a different approach than other OKR software on this list. It natively integrates into your working tool and uses Tasks, Epics, and Stories as foundations for the OKRs. Currently, Oboard offers two apps — OKR Board for Jira and OKR Board for Salesforce — with more in development.

The biggest advantage of Oboard is automation. You set your Objectives and Key Results, link them to Tasks and Epics, and they update in real-time as the Tasks get completed. As a result, there is no need for back-and-forths or manual check-ins, leaving you more time to do your job.

Reporting is a time-consuming but necessary part of any manager’s work — and Oboard once again comes through with customizable OKR Dashboards. They are ready-made shareable executive reports showing the performance of any team or individual across any period in real time. You can further export this data into any visualization software using Oboard’s public API.

Finally, Oboard has cross-project OKR Roadmaps. With them, you can visualize your entire business strategy at once, devise an execution plan, and align your teams and departments towards the same goals. Currently, OKR Roadmaps can only reach across projects, but the upcoming Oboard Web App will support roadmaps across multiple Jira, Salesforce, and Asana instances.

OKR Board for Jira is free for instances with less than 10 users and starts from $0.09/user for larger teams. OKR Board for Salesforce has a flat cost of $10/user.


Achieve your goals and build high-performing teams faster with Peoplebox, an OKR and performance management platform. It helps you streamline team performance, engagement, and alignment to drive excellent business outcomes.

Peoplebox is trusted by over 500 growing start-ups as it offers impressive features and benefits to every team. With this tool, you can better focus on the right goals and strategic priorities, conduct effective review meetings using auto-populated dashboards, and track OKRs effortlessly with the help of native integrations.

You can empower your managers to perform periodic productivity and performance check-ins easily with less administration work. The tool also helps you close the employee engagement loop, take smart actions, collect anonymous feedback, and offer a safer place for them.

Furthermore, you will get features like task management, smart alerts via emails or Slack, suggested talking points, weekly check-ins, etc. Retail your top talent to build a stronger team by conducting Pulse and engagement surveys, real-time insights, anonymous messaging, employee lifecycle surveys, and Coffee Connect.

Peoplebox offers 50+ integrations with your databases, HRMS, a communication platform, and SaaS applications. It includes Jira, Zoho People, Tableau, BambooHR, Outlook, Slack, Teams, Google Analytics, Salesforce, HubSpot, Notion, Asana, and more. Try this tool for FREE.


Profit is an efficient OKR software to help execute your business strategy so you can focus on your goals, track progress, and achieve greater results. This all-inclusive OKR platform lets you perform performance management, task management, OKR management, and employee engagement.

Whether you are a startup, small business, or an enterprise,’s OKR software is useful for you. It offers an easy-to-use, effective goal-setting framework that comes with benefits such as Agile alignment, guided weekly check-ins, and faster execution and adaptation.

This single platform lets you manage everything, from strategy and OKRs to processes, people, and performance. helps you prioritize goals, engage employees, execute strategies, and save time, even with limited resources, to foster a high-performing culture and effective leadership.

You can make teams understand and align with your goals using alignment dashboards and encourage them to contribute effectively. Use their measurable key results of different types for outcomes that you can actually measure. And use their trackable key results for outcomes you can’t actually measure. offers 400+ inbuilt and custom KPIs to help you set key results.

You can also use their OKR templates and step-by-step guides to create OKRs in under 5 minutes. It also offers weekly reviews and check-ins to help you track progress and identify problems in real-time using dashboards and heatmaps.

In addition, you will get features like a Radar chart, weight key results, KPI Library, API access, downloadable PowerPoint presentations, automated reminders, and more.


Turn your organizational goals into results with, which helps you prioritize your goals and put them at the center of all the processes. It enables you to achieve your goals in less time instead of just handling the goals.

This OKR software allows your teams, leaders, and employees to have greater visibility into your complete work process and connect tasks to your most important goals. So, when your team can see how each one of them can actually make an impact, they’ll be more focused on contributing more. can integrate with different tools and systems natively for your everyday use, making it easy to perform everything from one place and connecting them to your processes without worrying about migration costs. You can connect it with Slack, Jira, Teams, Tableau, Asana, etc. to collaborate effectively.

You can even take the help of Ally’s coaching and consulting from their strategy experts to launch, adopt, and execute your processes to achieve desired results faster. Get started for FREE, or book a demo to know more.  


Weekdone OKR software is crafted carefully to foster a result-driven organizational culture. It helps you set OKR goals, add plans, and track their progress, providing a clear roadmap to your success.

Using the tool will enable your leaders to create objectives and specify key results to determine how to achieve them in a specific quarter. You can also set your plans for a week and drive results faster. Let your teams and leaders work with Weekdone’s OKR coaches to learn the best OKR practices and make them a habit.

Set structured objectives to align all the activities in your entire organization. You can also link your OKR to track progress. In addition, create dashboards to view everyone’s activity towards reaching the goal and develop weekly plans with check-ins to move OKRs forward.

Weekdone promotes co-workers’ engagement via Newsfeed and boosts their morale, and praises them for achieving more success in reaching their goals. You will get automated and customizable reports to manage improvements and easy navigation to access everything quickly and update items. In addition, it integrates seamlessly with many useful tools and software.

Get the FREE version or a paid plan at $280/month, billed annually.


Build OKRs that inspire, motivate, and clarify your employees to do the best of their abilities using WorkBoard. It provides a solid framework with useful examples and keeps your teams aligned, connected, and moving rapidly toward results.

This tool helps you make plans quarterly, half-yearly, etc., to articulate things you want to achieve, shift your focus on measurable results, and learn interactively over time. With quarterly results, you can understand areas where you are creating value and drive impacts faster.

Workboard makes OKRs, progress, and alignment transparent to everyone and boosts their morale to collaborate more and make good decisions.


Accelerate growth with Lattice which lets you connect your individual achievements to company success using OKRs and objectives. It connects the goals and OKRs into each employee’s daily routines to guide work and be at the top.

Set clear goals to drive collaboration and results by ensuring alignment and making effective strategies. Lattice offers a frictionless and speedy surface for goal setting, tracing, and reviewing. It offers 4,250+ like Asana, Monzo, Vention, Slack, Reddit, etc., to make goals actionable.

Lattice allows managers and leaders to track the status of goals and progress to spot areas to focus on and streamline every process. Its pricing starts from $8/month per person.


Transform performance and employee engagement with 15five’s OKR software. It allows you to turn your employee engagement insights into actionable outcomes using its easy-to-use analysis tools and evidence-based assessment.

This tool enables you to find out things working in your company and those that don’t. This way, you can take appropriate actions by empowering your employees and managers with tools to boost outcomes. Inspire growth and measure performance using their modern and multifaceted approach to periodic performance reviews.

This intuitive solution helps your managers to track, measure, elevate, and support their team members’ performance.  15five makes goal-setting and OKRs easier by letting you clarify and track objectives for each employee throughout your organization. It offers planning tools and actionable insights to inspire everyone to achieve more.  

Celebrate wins and give proper feedback, perform weekly check-ins, conduct 1-on-1 conversations, and more to run smooth processes. It comes with features like engagement surveys, filterable heatmaps, and analytics, topic-based assessments, dashboards, historical benchmarks, insights briefing, employee coaching, enterprise-grade security, multiple integrations, etc.

Its pricing starts with $4/per user/month, billed annually.


Use Quantive to bridge the gap between strategy and execution, anticipate disruption, foster a hybrid work culture, and embrace hypergrowth. It allows you to improve alignment, engagement, and agility and welcome greater outcomes, trust, and empowerment.

Over 1000 companies and 500k users from 75 countries trust Quantive for its awesome features and capabilities. With Quantive, you can orchestrate your strategies effectively and deliver better business results at scale using OKRs.

Team up with experts to embrace suitable methodology and find the right support in order to implement OKR successfully. You can choose from more than 200 pre-built OKR templates with a single click.

Start your FREE trial or choose a plan starting from $7/month per user.


This all-in-one OKR platform – Mooncamp is built for purpose-driven and agile teams. It allows you to define your OKRs and objectives clearly in a neat space and perform periodic check-ins to find who’s doing what.

You will find everything under a single roof to keep everyone in your team aligned and focused on a common goal. It helps drive productivity and transparency throughout your company and brings impactful outcomes.

With regular check-ins, you can remind people to update their respective goals and share their progress and priorities. Since data is crucial and can be sensitive, Mooncamp offers security and compliance features like data encryption at rest and transit, custom SAML-based SSO, audit logs, granular access management, custom SLAs, incident resolve time policy, and GDPR compliance.

Furthermore, it can integrate with multiple tools like G Suite, HubSpot, Asana, Teams, Slack, etc. It also offers world-class support through email, phone, and chat.

Try Mooncamp for FREE or choose a plan starting from $35/month for up to 10 users.


Use Huminos to build OKRs and key results to witness growth, organize data, and track important tasks and progress. You can create OKRs at different levels – individual, team, and company, and of different types – committed or aspirational.

You can add different KPI types and then measure and track your OKRs. The tool will help you achieve transparency with visibility controls, and align OKRs horizontally and vertically.

It enables regular check-ins to help you track progress, clarify expectations, provide necessary resources, and allocate tasks. It also helps you remove obstacles and contextualize updates with blockers and initiatives.

Huminos allows you to align your tasks across different tools like emails, documents, meetings, etc., through OKRs. This enables you to make unbiased conversations and make data-driven decisions while conducting end-of-cycle reviews and 1:1 meetings.

It offers more features like pulse surveys, dashboards, ratings and calibration, performance management, feedback and coaching, and more.  

Try Huminos FREE for 14 days or choose a plan starting from $90/month for 20 users.


Execute effective strategies and drive growth up to 10 times with Perdoo using OKRs and KPIs. It helps you anticipate problems early with robust reporting that reveals deeper insights on everything and encourages you to up your game. Perdoo is used by 2000+ companies across 70+ countries.

You can understand how your sales funnel looks like the performance of each team member, and how to close the gaps using the insights from the tool. With Perdoo, you can have industry-leading resources and expert coaching to make a winning approach. It’s known for the best quality support and resources, easy-to-use software, and awesome goal management capabilities.

Use it FREE to kickstart your journey with OKRs. This plan is free forever and applicable for up to 10 users and includes features like a roadmap, weekly reports, unlimited nested groups, Google SSO, custom report lists and check-ins, MS-Teams and Slack integrations, etc. Its paid plan starts from $5.68/month for up to 10 users, billed annually.


Use Mirro to increase goal alignment with transparent key results and objectives. It helps you understand how work relates to everything in your company and envision the future, get employees focused, and drive growth.

With Mirro, it becomes easy to set objectives at different levels and target the entire company including all individuals and teams. You can define goals and tasks and add deadlines to each task to motivate people. This tool is pretty useful for everyone, irrespective of their technical competence.

You can group tasks in a single section to remove friction and add the completed tasks in the progress section to highlight your achievements. Mirro automatically updates changes on your organization’s Activity feed every time someone makes some progress. It will also track all your tasks and projects and organize them for you to remove the guesswork.

Furthermore, you can conduct performance reviews easily by using all the necessary insights from the tool. Mirro also offers downloadable templates to build OKRs along with plenty of useful features to ease your work.

Its pricing starts from $7/month per user, billed annually.


Fitbots is the one-stop solution for an organization’s OKR needs. It is trusted by 2500 teams across the globe and helps you grow faster with practical and intuitive OKR software along with support and training to achieve more success.

Using the tool, you can choose the right business outcomes, get your data organized in a single place, and align your teams to the strategic outcomes. It also helps you run powerful performance reviews and visualize everything using OKRs.

Fitbots’s OKR software offers lots of impressive features such as OKR check-ins, team-board, templates, dashboards, milestones, OKR builder, alerts and notifications, badges, heatmaps, and integrations with SSO, Slack, Jira Cloud, and enterprise APIs.


Using OKR software enables you to set your goals and priorities and connect them with your organizational work. This will help you find gaps and how to improve upon them to achieve better outcomes.

All the OKR software solutions I’ve mentioned above are great with excellent features and varying price points. Hence, choose the one that fits your requirements and budget. 

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