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In Development Last updated: June 16, 2023
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Building an online presence is no longer an option but a necessity. 

A website acts as your or your brand’s digital face, building an authoritative and credible image. However, not every business or social entity requires a multi-page website. 

Often, depending on the purpose and specific goals, a one-page website is much more valuable than a multi-page one. 

For instance, while an eCommerce store selling multiple products will require a website consisting of different pages for individual products and business information, a web designer, freelance writer, photographer, or even a social media influencer can leverage a one-page website to showcase their portfolio and social profiles or drive specific campaigns. 

Building a one-page website builder is the best choice if you fall into one of these categories and don’t want to distract your users by giving them multiple clicking choices. 

And thanks to the modern and advanced website builders that make building a customized website a breeze in today’s age. 

In this article, we’ll look at some of the benefits of a one-page website builder and the different one-page website builders you can try to create an optimized web presence that speaks to your brand.

Benefits of a One-Page Website Builder

Benefits of a One-Page Website Builder

A one-page website builder is a tool that allows individuals and small startups to build and create a single-page website with intuitive tools. 

It provides customizable and seamless website builder tools and functionalities, including pre-designed templates and a drag-and-drop function to make building a website a breeze. 

Thus, a one-page website builder provides multiple benefits for individuals willing to build a focused, optimized, and simple web presence, such as: 

  • Ease-of-use with a user-friendly interface and customization tools, allowing you to create custom one-page websites that best suit their unique individual or brand image. 
  • Responsive web design that helps you build a mobile-optimized one-page website, as around 51.52% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices. 
  • Time and cost-efficient, eliminating the traditional process of building websites using HTML or coding or hiring professional web developers, as the builders provide pre-built and custom templates to make building a website quick and affordable. 
  • Simple and uncomplicated navigation by removing complex menus and offering linear and smooth user navigation allows them to scroll through the page instead of through multiple pages. 
  • It lets you add focused call-to-actions strategically through your one-page website, guiding them towards a specific action, removing distractions with multiple CTAs, and driving higher user engagement. 
  • It allows you to create and showcase focused content with simple aesthetic designs, eliminating unnecessary pages and presenting clear and compelling information more concisely. 

So, if these benefits entice and resonate with you to create attractive and focused websites to either showcase your portfolio, drive a marketing campaign or event, or show professional skills as a freelancer, let’s look at some of the top one-page website builders that you can use to do these with ease.


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Zyro provides a simple one-page website builder that allows you to build a one-page website within an hour to make your online presence available in no time. 

You can choose from its range of designer and professional-made website templates that are fully customizable to meet your unique needs.

Besides, it offers premium features you can leverage once you upgrade to Zyro Premium. These features include powerful integrations with apps like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Google Tag Manager, more bandwidth and storage, customization options, and no Zyro ads or branding. 

Zyro provides powerful AI and business branding tools to help customize your one-page website. 


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Canva is one of the most profound and well-known design tools that allow you to create anything from a presentation to a professional website. 

Using Canva’s website builder, you can launch a fully-customizable and professional one-page website with no design experience in minutes. 

You can choose from thousands of templates suitable for your needs, including restaurant, business, fashion, event, portfolio, resume, internal communication, retail, business, and service. 

Some of the unique features of the Canva website builder include the following: 

  • Flexibility to add your brand elements, including logo, custom color palette, fonts, images, and graphics. 
  • Purchase a custom domain from Canva to publish your one-page website through a custom domain to boost brand credibility. 
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop feature to easily drag and drop text, images, videos, animations, and illustrations. 
  • Provides a password protection feature to protect your one-page website with a password for enhanced online security. 
  • Track your website traffic and engagement from Canva’s Website Insights tool when you get the Canva Pro plan. 

Canva also promotes real-time collaboration, allowing multiple team members to work on a website simultaneously and make the necessary changes. 


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Carrd allows you to build simple and responsive one-page websites for free. You can build landing pages, a personal profile website, or any other website with a more elaborate purpose at no cost. 

You can choose from the default pre-built templates built from scratch from a blank canvas to build a customized one-page website. 

However, the drawback is that you can create only one website for free from one Carrd account. 

You can also opt for the Pro option that allows you to choose custom domains to publish your website, with complete Let’s Encrypt SSL support. Other pro features include:

  • Building and publishing multiple websites from one single Carrd account
  • No Carrd branding elements
  • Embedding custom code or widgets from Stripe, Gumroad, PayPal, Typeform, and more services. 
  • Adding forms, like signups, contact, and payment-enabled forms. 
  • Adding an optional Google Analytics tracking ID for your website to track and analyze website traffic. 

Thus, Carrd is a beginner-friendly one-page website builder that makes creating custom websites hassle-free.

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If you’re a solopreneur, an entrepreneur, or a freelancer, is the perfect one-page website builder tool to get more clients and grow your online audience. 

It provides a simple yet professional page that lets you show who you are and what you do with an image and personal and professional details. 

While you can only create this page and add your email signature with the free plan, the Pro plan has many powerful premium features. 

For instance, with the Pro plan, you can add a customizable spotlight button, connect a custom domain to your one-page website, embed video and images, book appointments and capture leads from your Google account, eliminate the branding, and leverage dedicated customer support. 

Besides, you can also add client or customer testimonials to your one-page website with’s Pro plan. 


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Ukit eliminates hiring professional third-party specialists to create a professional website, allowing you to create one-page websites from a library of ready-made rich templates and other necessary tools and blocks. 

It provides 350+ ready-made design options for 40+ categories to build customizable landing pages with a user-friendly editor. 

You can also add custom forms, like feedback and callback forms, leverage free SMS and email notification features, and integrate with analytics and CRM platforms

Besides, Ukit also provides additional SEO options with an SEO Wizard that helps you track key performance indicators using tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics. 

Thus, whether you want to build a landing page, an artist portfolio, a lawyer website, or a real estate one-page website, Ukit is a good option to start with.


The is a fast, easy, and free one-page website builder tool that lets you turn your thoughts and ideas into reality. It helps you build websites compatible with any device, from desktop to tablet to mobile devices. 

This website builder provides a range of features and benefits even with the free plan, compared to other one-page website builders. 

For instance, when you build a website for free, you get web hosting for one website, domain, five blocks and eight images per website, Google Analytics integration, mobile action buttons, email and call support, contact form responses, and more. 

At the same time, you get unlimited blocks and images, the flexibility to add your custom logo on the website, and your custom domain when you purchase its Plus plan. 

You must create your account, pick a suitable template, and build a personalized one-page website. Thus, you can create search engine-optimized and beautiful one-page websites delivering a quality user experience with the builder.


Persona is a popular and well-known one-page website builder, primarily because of its ease of use. 

It provides various website styles and personas that you can choose from to create your brand website. It also showcases real-life persona examples, so you can seek inspiration when building your own one-page website persona. 

Persona guarantees a fun and smooth web designing experience compared to other one-page builders. 

All it requires is to choose a suitable style, whether you wish to build your online portfolio or a comprehensive cover letter.

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The one-page website builder offered by is a reliable and simple way to build a custom web presence for your business domain. 

This one-page builder has various features, like a free SSL Certificate, mobile publishing and editing, a stock image library, Google Maps, a contact form, and 15 MB storage.

You can also browse through and choose from simple, professional, and attractive website templates to quickly get your one-page website online. 


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Weblium offers a fast, convenient, and profitable one-page website builder with ready-made templates, great designs, and color schemes matching your brand’s needs and requirements. 

You can build your one-page website with simple steps through this tool. All you need to do is define your goal, for instance, whether you wish to build an online resume, portfolio, or event promotion page. 

Next, you must choose a website template that matches your goals. Weblium offers multiple template options for different niches, including YouTube blogger, product crowdfunding, interior design, and IT business solutions. You can pick one of the ready-made templates or build your one-page website from scratch. 

Next, using the builder’s blocks, you can customize your website by adding relevant text, images, titles, descriptions, and other relevant SEO elements. Once you have all the elements in place, just click on the Publish button, and you’ll have your one-page website live on the web. 

Weblium one-page builder is available in four languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian, and Spanish. 


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Whether you’re a wedding artist, a small business owner, or a social media influencer, you can create beautiful landing pages and one-page websites using PageXL

You can choose from a range of templates from personal, landing, and event templates and customize them for your specific needs without any coding expertise. 

All the one-page websites you create with PageXL are highly responsive and mobile-optimized, and you can also create your website through your mobile device if you don’t have a desktop or computer available. 

Besides, it also optimizes your website for SEO automatically, making it search engine friendly. 



The Onepage website builder is a perfect tool for agencies and businesses that helps build and enhance your online presence. 

You can choose from many neutral, clean, and stylish templates that fit your purpose, whether you’re a tax consultant, lawyer, or dental clinic owner. 

It has an easily editable, expandable section-based structure and conversion-oriented elements that best fit your industry standard. Besides, it also offers a clean user interface and flexible template elements and fits the modern workflow to facilitate team management and maintenance. 

You can also add team members to enable seamless project collaboration. Other credible features include enhanced security, mobile-friendliness, Google font library integration, free live-chat support, and a 2500 icons library.


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Elementor provides an industry-leading one-page website builder that helps you create professional websites with WordPress with no coding skills or requirements. 

It has an intuitive live editor that provides 90+ widgets and an easy drag-and-drop tool to make website creation a breeze. In addition, you can also choose from 300+ beautiful and well-designed website templates that are highly customizable. 

A few more critical features include: 

  • High responsiveness to ensure compatibility with devices like mobile, desktop, and tablet. 
  • Leverage stunning animation and motion effects, like professional scrolling and mouse effects, to boost user engagement and experience. 
  • Offers a range of customizable widgets, including Call to Action, Form, Social Icons, Share Button, Price Table, Animation Headline, and more. 

If you want to leverage more advanced features or widgets, you can purchase the Elementor Pro plan. 


A website builder makes life easier when building and creating a customizable website without writing code or learning programming languages. 

With an easy drag-and-drop interface, you can add or remove any elements or widgets to your website and personalize the web presence with color, font, images, and media that best meet your persona or brand image. 

While some of the one-page website builders mentioned in the article are paid, you can also try out and explore the free page builders to make your website builder at an affordable cost. 

So, explore the one-page website builders mentioned here to kickstart building your web presence easily and feasibly. 

You may also explore some best website builders for non-techies and non-designers.

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