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In Collaboration Last updated: August 17, 2023
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Online waivers have gained much attention after the pandemic’s advent. Do you know why?

Waivers are essential to the law as almost every individual, business, and organization uses them. 

When Covid started, carrying out the waiver procedures became difficult as going to courts, and judicial offices became tough. Online waivers offer a way to solve the problems faced when people physically apply for a waiver. 

In this article, we will discuss what waivers are and why we need an online waiver. Next, we will see the benefits and features of using an online waiver. Lastly, we will discuss some of the best online waiver software for small businesses

What is a Waiver?

In legal terms, a waiver occurs when one party of the contract decides to voluntarily abandon a claim without the other party being held responsible.

These waivers may take the shape of a written document or an action. Waivers are commonly used to waive parental rights, liabilities, physical assets, and reasons for inadmissibility. 


When settling a dispute, waivers are frequently utilized because one side does not want the other to pursue them after a settlement has been made. It is unquestionably true that waivers are signed to lessen the risk exposure.

A waiver is a declaration of intent to renounce a legal right or claim that is often made in writing. The important thing to keep in mind is that the renouncement is voluntary, and that party may use it in a number of legal contexts.

In essence, a waiver absolves the other party in the agreement of actual or possible duty. By a waiver, one party to a settlement between two parties may renounce its right to take any additional legal action after the settlement is concluded.

Why do we need an Online Waiver?

The online waiver allows you to generate digital forms and liability waivers that customers can access and verify online from many devices. The data is kept in a secure online database to facilitate access and retrieval.

Before utilizing any service, the customers must electronically sign these online waivers in order to agree to your company’s terms of service. For service-based industries, particularly those in health, sports, and recreation, online waivers are essential. 

Liability waivers are an essential event management tool from a legal and safety standpoint. You can make the most of this ostensibly unimportant step in the conference check-in procedure, increase event success, and strengthen your ties with supporters by investing in a dedicated online waiver.


Online waivers can significantly affect your operations’ caliber, management skills, and upcoming event communications.

Online waivers can give protection and direction as you explore the best practices for organizing events that are as efficient and successful as possible. In addition, they help in shielding your non-profit from lawsuits and other legal harm.

What are the Benefits and Features of an Online Waiver? 

When we talk about online waiver tools, many features and benefits are offered by these tools. These benefits are making online waivers a non-negligible part of many companies and individuals. Given below are a few of these benefits and features. 

Enhances Accuracy

With online waivers, you won’t have to worry about transcription mistakes or sloppy handwriting because incomplete forms are instantly rejected. The entire procedure is error-free because the waiver forms are automated.

Delivers protected cloud storage

You can save all of your waiver data safely and securely in an online database rather than in a large closet filled with unopened filing drawers of paper forms. If you want a specific format, these tools can even obtain waiver information in a matter of seconds.

Enables signing off-site

Participants can sign their liability waivers online with the help of a service of online waivers, bypassing the lineups at the event and guaranteeing a simple, stress-free journey.

Incorporates waivers into promotional materials

For increased accessibility and security, your online waiver can be linked to your own website or online registration form. Some participants may be hesitant to enter personal information into strange websites. However, this way, they will have to stay on their reliable website.

Integration is simpler

With the use of different options offered by online waivers, you may safely email your participants. These platforms include easy-to-use scheduling features. They provide you with adequate time to do things that might otherwise take up more of your valuable time.

Now, let us move toward some of the best online waiver software for you to choose from.


PandaDoc is a cloud-based document management system that assists users in producing contracts, proposals, bids, and other documents related to human resources. It enables users to pick from a selection of proposal templates that are available for free download and customization. 

In accordance with regional conventions, PandaDoc also offers choices for changing the language and currency used in documents. Multiple teams can work together on the same paper using its collaboration function by commenting and noting inactivity. 

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The papers can be approved and signed at any time and from any location, thanks to the integrated e-signature capability of PandaDoc. It also connects with several CRMs. The integration with Stripe offers a simple way to complete a contract and collect money simultaneously.

Pricing: PandaDoc offers a free version along with a free trial to all its users. To get more access to the tools provided by the platform, you can opt for the Essentials and Business versions which cost $19 and $49 per month, respectively. 


A broad range of agreements may be created using WaiverSign‘s innovative and special features, including risk waivers, informed consent forms, photo release forms, equipment rental agreements, and COVID-19 releases, among many more.

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Custom branding, safe storage, numerous languages, contactless signatures, connectivity with kiosks, the option to store waivers as PDFs, and other features are among the features.

Your clients can complete several digital waivers simultaneously using WaiverSign. This saves the customer’s vital time and makes it easier for you, or the business owner, to store and organize the waivers.

Pricing: Plans on WaiverSign start at $10 per month for 50 waivers, and each extra waiver costs 10 cents. For companies that require 50,000 or more waivers annually, WaiverSign provides an Enterprise package.


Smartwaiver takes pride in how simple and user-friendly its online waiver software is. They make it simple for your company to incorporate all the waiver requirements without paying more.

Smartwaiver’s straightforward setup, approachable check-in procedure, and straightforward data collection make administrators’ jobs simple and straightforward. 


All information is saved in a safe online database that users can access at any time, thanks to Smartwaiver. This transforms paper liability through waiver papers into digital files that clients may sign on any device.

Some of the key features include waiver templates, an editor to add your brand’s colors and logos to the waiver, and an auto photo capture option for enhanced protection.

Pricing: The pricing of Smartwaiver is determined by how many waivers you will require. Their plans range from the Basic, which costs only $15 a month for up to 100 newly signed waivers, to the Premium, which costs $250 for 5,000 waivers.

The flexibility of Smartwaiver’s price is its most vital feature. Seasonal companies love it since you may change your plan’s level at any moment, depending on your volume.


CleverWaiver is a leading online waiver software supplier created to assist businesses in the more efficient creation, collection, storage, and management of their digital waivers.

By adding signatures, initials, custom fields, photo attachments, and thoughtful branding, you can completely personalize the experience for your users while using our online waiver software.


Digital waiver links can be used in emails or website embeds. In order to collect digital waivers using the CleverWaiver kiosk software, you may also set up additional devices, such iPads or Android tablets, as waiver stations.

By linking your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts, you can safely keep a waiver once it has been signed. You may instantly send the information acquired in your waivers in PDF format to the cloud.

Pricing: CleverWaiver plans range from $9.99 per month for 70 waivers to more than $499.99 per month for unlimited waivers. There are six different options available, and each one has a free trial period of 30 days.


Checkfront makes it simple to handle reservations and clients with a single set of tools while effortlessly integrating into well-known services that strengthen your company. It is a platform for managing reservations that thousands of travel companies rely on globally. 

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By offering real-time inventory management, dynamic pricing, customer alerts, and channel distribution, this platform enables businesses to sell tours and activities on any website. Checkfront makes it simple to expand your company by automating administration and consolidating all of your business resources.

Pricing: Checkfront offers both monthly and yearly plans according to your requirements. They have Soho, Pro, and Plus monthly plans, which charge $49, $99, and $199, respectively. The same plans come with a yearly payment option also. 


If you want to provide your customers with the option to sign waivers, WaiverForever is available for both iOS and Android devices, allowing you to set up a kiosk for that purpose using your tablet of choice.

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Other features include adding the waiver link to your website or sending it through email, integrated analytics and visible interactive statistics, driver’s license scanning, and CSV file exporting.

Several connections are available, including those with Paypal, Getresponse, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Calendly.

Pricing: The Starter plan is free. Plans with a monthly fee starting at $9.99 for the Personal plan, $19.99 for the Business plan, and $69.99 for the Enterprise plan.

Waiver Electronic

The template tool from Waiver Electronic will get you going with a tonne of readymade alternatives. If, by chance, you lack the necessary time or expertise for the tool, you may email the firm with your request. Someone from the company will develop your waiver within 24 hours.

Waiver Electronic is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It is simple to download the software to any device and offers offline functionality too.


The Waiver Electronic package includes customization, allowing for logos, distinctive splash pages that enable your clients to select the waivers they need to sign, custom backdrops, linked videos, and more.

Waiver Electronic may link to your cloud storage accounts if you want to save your waivers there. They will also upload a PDF version of each waiver automatically.

Pricing: Any Waiver Electronic plan entitles you to 30 days free, and you won’t be charged until you decide to enroll. You can pay $11.99 per month for the standard 70 waiver plan and 22 cents for each extra waiver.

The following plan increases to 600 waivers each month and renews for $34.99 per month. Each plan offers free downloads and Excel exporting features.


Online waivers are becoming a common procedure. Organizations and businesses are using these services to negotiate, share, and store legal agreements with clients or constituents. In addition, online waivers have developed further over time to assist organizations in producing waivers.

They are more thorough and informative, include extra identity safeguards, and generally enhance the procedures for collecting waivers.

Your online waivers aid in getting your event management operations into high gear and positioning your organization for increased event success. They do this by simplifying event registration and improving future event planning initiatives!

You may also explore some best Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) solutions.

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