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In Career Last updated: August 26, 2023
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Facing an interview could be something you are uncomfortable with; however, if you are a job aspirant, it is often an essential step you need to go through. In such situations, peer mock interview platforms can help you become more confident.

The modern-day job market has become highly competitive. Every job aspirant needs to work hard to get their dream job. Unfortunately, many of them fail to overcome the hurdle named the interview sessions.

Facing an unknown person in a novel environment and answering their questions to prove your capability is not a walk in the park. It takes strong nerve and experience to handle the pressure and keep calm while presenting your best to them. To overcome your nervousness and gain confidence, you need to practice mock interviews.

Here is a quick summary of the best peer mock interview platforms I’ll be discussing below.

PlatformNotable Features
InterviewBitPersonalized peer matching for mock interviews.
PrampLive interview practice sessions with peer support.
My Interview PracticeRealistic interview simulations for 100+ positions.
Willo® Practice InterviewMock interviews with recruiter assistance.
Interviewing.ioAnonymous virtual interviews with senior engineers.
StandOutAI feedback and practice videos for interview prep.
TechMockInterviewMock interviews and mentorship with tech pros.

There are a number of platforms where you can go through mock interview sessions. Some of these even let you have interviews with peers. Continue reading to know how mock interviews can help you and which platforms are available for this service.

What Is a Mock Interview Platform?


A mock interview platform is a software that lets you simulate the interview experience of a job interview. During the practice interview sessions, a job aspirant encounters the question that they might face during an interview. 

Thus, it makes them prepared for the actual interview by boosting their confidence and making them more comfortable with the process. These platforms also help them improve their interview skills and, thus, achieve more success in real life. 

How Mock Interview Platforms Help With Interviews

  • Prepare aspirants for real interviews 
  • Identify weaknesses of the candidates and offer fixes
  • Find out if the job applicants have any communication gaps so that they can improve relevant skills
  • Enable them to learn crucial interview techniques and develop interview strategies
  • Help candidates to become confident and stay calm in difficult situations
  • Allow interviewees to have targeted preparation for specific company or industry

In case you are wondering about a reliable solution for mock interviewing, here are some platforms you could try:



If you want to participate in anonymous mock interviews to gain confidence, InterviewBit could be the right platform. It supports personalized peer matching that arranges for your mock interview with someone based on your experience, education, practice topics, and availability.

Hints and solutions to the interview questions, along with tips to excel in interviews, are also available here. The solution has a real-time collaborative code editor and inbuilt audio calling to make the mock interview a breeze.

To participate in a peer mock interview, you need to provide your preferences about programming language and time slots. The platform will find someone suitable and set up an interview. During this interview session of 1 and a half hours, the participants will conduct the interview with each other and then get their feedback.



With Pramp being available for real interview practices, you do not have to practice alone anymore. Its live interview practice sessions help you improve necessary job interview skills such as communication, technical aptitude, and problem-solving. 

This free platform offers comprehensive tech interview practice where you can learn from your peer and become comfortable while in an interview setting. The platform picks up a practice peer based on your target company, education, availability, experience, and practice topics.

You and your peer can also take a look at the interviewing tips offered by this platform to interview each other like pros. Above all, you can participate in the interview straight from the web browser with HD video chat.

My Interview Practice


Do you want to level up your interview skills? Participate in realistic interview simulations for 100+ job positions on My Interview Practice. It does not need you to go anywhere and participate in unlimited interviews sitting at home. 

This platform offers you all the material to master your interview skills in a short time. Thus, you can prepare for interviews and give your career a boost. It also offers a complete online video course that will teach you to avoid mistakes and ace the interviews.

It has a built-in camera that recreates a real-life situation and helps you prepare for everything. Moreover, you can watch the recorded interview sessions and know where to improve.

 Willo® Practice Interview


Willo®Practice Interview is the platform that allows you to practice mock interview sessions sitting in the comfort of your home. It takes assistance from recruiters and interview experts to improve your interviewing skills. This free-to-use platform is also secure and does not sell or share your private data respecting your privacy. 

There are a variety of mock interviews to attend here, each of which will take 20 minutes. You can retake and replay these interviews as many times as you want. The link to your final answers will reach you via email, which you can share with others for feedback.

This not only makes you more confident but also makes you familiar with the technology and enables you to stay calm. Here, you can practice mock interviews for admin, management, accounting, operations, sales, support, HR, software engineering, etc.


Do you want to sit for a mock interview with engineers from top global companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook? Try, a platform that arranges anonymous virtual interviews anytime. Here, the interviewer will be a senior engineer who has experience in interviewing applicants at FAANG and similar companies. 

The interview session includes audio and chat, however, you can unmask and connect with the interviewer if you want to later. The sessions will end with a detailed discussion of your strength and areas of improvement. The actionable feedback will help you land the job you deserve.



Making a good impression during an interview requires a lot of practice. StandOut lets you have a competitive edge over other candidates through interview practice sessions. Job aspirants can improve their interview skills with the help of AI/Supercomputing feedback. Moreover, it has thousands of practice videos sourced from employers and university career centers.

This platform uses Intelligent Mirror technology that shares personalized AI feedback on your performance. With the practices, you can explain to the company what you are capable of doing. 



With TechMockInterview, job applicants can level up their interview game. It facilitates mock interview with top technology professionals who also offers dedicated mentorship sessions to help you achieve desired success. On this platform, you can perform interviews for the positions of ML engineer, data scientist, system designer, software development manager, technical program manager, and more. 

To select the right professional for you, you can use filters for country, target company, rating, price, etc. After the interview session with them, you will receive reliable feedback and work on areas that need improvement.

Wrapping Up

Landing a job is a huge career milestone for a job aspirant. However, many of them fail to ace the interviews, which is an essential part of the hiring process. For them, peer mock interviews could be highly beneficial.

Here, we have discussed some proficient peer mock interview platforms. You can participate in mock interviews here and improve your interview skills. If you are interested, here are some video interview platforms for practicing before job interviews.

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