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Smartphone cameras today pack unimaginable power and can be a photographer’s best friend. Just because you don’t have a DSLR doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t take stunning photos.

If you have the skills and the vision, your smartphone camera can capture photos that can go toe-to-toe with many digital cameras.

While your smartphone camera is very capable by itself, opting for a camera lens can boost its power. These lenses help increase the clarity, detailing, focal length, and so on to give you professional-quality photos. Below, we will list some of the best smartphone camera lenses to try.

Why Do You Need a Smartphone Camera Lens?

Pairing your smartphone camera with a lens boosts its power. It gives you more creative control and lets you click photos from various angles. It increases the quality, detail, color accuracy, etc.

Also, a smartphone lens boosts your camera’s reach, enabling you to take photos of distant subjects with greater clarity. Thus, if you take smartphone photography seriously, you need a smartphone camera lens.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Smartphone Camera Lens

Not all smartphone camera lenses are what they claim to be. Therefore, you have to be careful while purchasing one. Remember to check the below factors to make sure you obtain the right lens for your mobile:

#1. Focal length

While you don’t have to buy lenses of every possible focal length, you must check the lens’ focal length to see if it is right for your intended subjects. For example, 24-35mm is a good focal length for capturing sceneries, while macro lenses should have a 100-200mm focal length.

#2. Aperture

Check the aperture of the lens before going for it. Remember that the wider the aperture is, the superior the performance. Also, note the aperture type. While fixed aperture lenses open to the widest aperture throughout the focal length, variable ones alter their widest aperture based on different focal lengths.

#3. Compatibility

Before choosing a particular lens, check if it is compatible with the smartphone model you are using. Although most modern phone camera lenses support almost all major smartphones, it is best to verify beforehand.

#4. Price

Determine your budget and then start comparing different smartphone lens models within that price range. See if a brand offers the same or even better features but is less costly.

However, less price doesn’t always mean better. So, you have to go through the reviews and see if it is a good choice.

#5. Size and Weight

Check how big or heavy the lens is. You don’t want a lens that is hard to carry around or weighs you down. Go for a robust build but ensure it is lightweight and not too big.

Now let us see some of the best smartphone camera lens choices available today:

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit is a great option for a smartphone camera lens. This kit has a macro lens, a wide-angle lens with LED light, and a travel case.

You can clip the warm-glow LED light anywhere on your handheld device and choose from its 3 brightness settings.

The Clarus macro lens has a 15x zoom facility that helps you take razor-sharp photos every time. And the TruView 0.45x wide-angle lens is perfect for capturing panoramic photos in high quality and with zero vignette.

Also, the kit includes a pro video tutorial for beginners.

Leknes Upgraded 3-in-1 Phone Lens Kit

Leknes’ 3-in-1 kit consists of a 120° wide-angle, a 198° fisheye, and a macro lens. The macro lens has a shooting distance of 1.18-3.54 inches and is ideal for close-ups.

The fisheye lens makes photos more interesting. And the wide-angle lens expands your camera’s field of view and accommodates more within one picture.

Leknes’ clip-on phone camera lens supports most modern smartphones.

Keywing 3-in-1 Phone Lens Kit

Keywing’s 3-in-1 kit has a 20x macro, a 198° fisheye, and a 120° super wide-angle lens. Its universal design clip is compatible with most major devices.

Its professional HD lens is made of advanced lanthanide optical glass. This glass lessens reflection and ghosting, giving you glare-free, crystal-clear photos every time.

Be it capturing smaller objects or sceneries or something else – Keywing could be your ideal photography partner.

Mocalaca Phone Lens Kit

With 13 lenses, Mocalaca’s Phone Lens Kit can be the ultimate mobile photography kit. The lenses include 2x telephoto, 198° fisheye, 0.63x wide, 15x macro, radial filter, starburst, kaleidoscope, and CPL lenses.

All its lenses are made of high-grade glass optics, ensuring durability. Also, the lenses have multiple coatings. So, they reduce reflection and boost light transmission to provide stunning photographs.

Godefa Phone Camera Lens Kit

Godefa comes with its 14-in-1 phone lens kit that includes 2x telephoto, 198° fisheye, 0.63x wide, 15x macro, radial filter, starburst, kaleidoscope, CPL, UV Blue, UV Purple, UV Green, and UV Yellow lenses.

Godefa utilizes modern glass types and coatings to provide optimum optics quality. Its universal clip and selfie light fit in most smartphone models and increases user convenience.

Orphek Lens 2020 Kit

Orphek’s phone lens kit includes 4 different lenses – Macro, CPL 37mm Polarized, 15,000k Orange, and 20,000k Yellow.

The Macro lens helps photographers take sharp, detailed close-ups, while the CPL 37mm is ideal for taking reflection-free pictures. Besides, the 15,000k Orange and 20,000k Yellow lenses help preserve the exact natural look of any subject.

You can even combine all four lenses to maximize their potential.

Criacr Phone Camera Lens

Criacr offers a 20X Macro, a 120° Super Wide Angle, and a 198-degree fisheye that enhances your smartphone photography.

This camera lens takes fantastic rounded images and takes you to a different world. It can be used for Youtube, Filming, Vlog, and Live Broadcast.

Miao LAB 11-in-1 Phone Camera Lens Kit

Mio Lab’s 11 in 1 kit contains ND32 Filter, CPL Filter, Kaleidoscope, Star Filter, Orange Filter, Yellow Filter, Grad Blue Filter, Grad Gray Filter, 10x Macro, 205° Fisheye, and 140° Super Wide Angle lenses.

All pictures captured through these lenses come out in High Definition. Also, Miao LAB utilizes aluminum instead of cheap plastic, boosting its durability.

Its detachable clamp is universally compatible. So, it fits almost all major smartphone models.

APEXEL Professional Macro Photography Lens

APEXEL’s multi-layer coated lanthanide glass Macro lens ensures stunning picture quality. It also boosts light transmission, reduces reflections, and enhances color rendition.

APEXEL’s 10x macro lens doesn’t only magnify objects but also makes sure that there is no distortion. Besides, it has an F1.8 super big aperture and an equivalent focal length of 1.9in/5cm.

Also, its optimum working distance is up to 1.5-2.7in/4-7cm. And as a result, the macro lens offers an eye-catching bokeh effect.

APEXEL Professional Macro Photography Lens is compatible with all smartphones and utilizes a durable aluminum alloy shell.

Phone Lens by Ailun

Phone Lens by Ailun is a great choice for any photography enthusiast. It is a 3-in-1 lens set that contains a 10x Macro, a 180° Fisheye, and a 0.65x Wide lens that provides high-quality photographs.

The advanced lanthanide optical glass reduces glare, while the top-grade aluminum body ensures durability.

You should use the Wide lens combined with the Macro lens. Or you can use the Macro lens separately to increase picture detailing and clarity.

Users can clip the lenses on the front and the back cameras in almost all major smartphone models.

Sirui Mc-02 Macro Lens 10x with Clip

With Sirui Mc-02 Macro Lens 10x at your disposal, taking professional-level photographs becomes easy. This amazing macro lens is perfect for close-ups as it captures all the details of even the tiniest subjects.

Sirui uses aircraft-grade aluminum and German Schott optical glass with multiple coatings. FYI, the lens is known for the even distribution of light onto the object and reduces optical distortion that results in DSLR-quality photos.

Plus, the lens is anti-reflection. Hence, all the photos captured using Sirui Mc-02 Macro Lens will be glare-free.

Moment Wide Lens

Moment’s 18mm Wide Lens elevates your mobile photography and is optimized for smooth performance on a smartphone. Its wonderful aspheric lens provides excellent edge-to-edge picture clarity.

Made out of aerospace-grade metal, Moment Wide Lens is not only robust but also maintains a balanced weight.

It is known for delivering the sharpest possible photos and works like a charm in lowlight conditions. Hence, if you are a night photography aficionado, Moment Wide Lens can be your perfect mobile photography tool.

And the low-flare, anti-reflection lens helps you capture glare-free, HD-quality sceneries whenever your heart desires.

Final Words

As you can see, numerous smartphone camera lenses are available in the market today that can help you take DSLR-level professional photos with your phone. In our article, we listed them to assist you in staying one step ahead in the world of mobile photography.

Each of these lenses comes with a different set of features and facilities. So, it is important to identify your needs and choose a particular one as your reliable companion. Happy snapping!

Now you may read about some amazing lenses to take your DSLRs to the next level.

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