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It is not always easy to capture flawless shots, even with your best efforts. But you can get rid of all the shortcomings using photo editing apps.

With the widespread use of high-definition smartphones, mobile photography has become a common phenomenon. If you like to take photos using your phone, you do not need to move those to your computer for editing. Use the following photo editing apps for your mobile and transform them into perfect shots.

Photo Editing Apps for Editing Photos From Anywhere

Photo editing does not mean using heavy software on your computer or taking help from photo editing experts anymore. There are various photo editing mobile apps that have revolutionized the concept of photo editing. Now, you can achieve professional-looking results straight from your Android smartphone or iPhone. 

Even when you are traveling or not sitting in front of your computer, you can easily enhance your photos using these convenient mobile apps. Whether you need to send a photo instantly to someone or post it on social media, mobile photo editing apps work as life savers.

Check out this list of the best photo editing apps and find out which one is the best for your needs.

PhotoDirector 365

PhotoDirector 365 is an all-in-one photo editor tool where you can enhance, stylize, and animate your images and make collages out of them. Besides editing tools, it also has photo animation tools to bring life to your photos with hundreds of styles, effects, and templates.

Using PhotoDirector 365, you can remove any object from your photo and put it back if you do not like the changes. You can also change the image background and sky in the photos. 

Its Face Shaper tool enables you to make natural and subtle changes to your face. Other highlighted features of the app include a magic brush, white balance, blur image, photo retouch, selfie editor, and red-eye removal tools.

Download For: Android | iOS


Picsart lets you bring creativity to life with AI-powered tools for photo editing. You can use it to make professional collages, quickly remove backgrounds, add stylized photo filters, and even create AI avatars.

Users will find trending filters and popular photo effects on this app for their photos. There are also Background Eraser and Remove Object tools to get rid of things you do not want. You can also choose from 200+ designer fonts for adding text.

Picsart app is also ideal for flipping and cropping images, adding and creating stickers, blurring images, and retouching selfies with hair color changers and makeup stickers.

Download For: Android | iOS


Snapseed is a professional photo editor from Google that can be used to edit JPG and RAW image files. It has 29 tools and filters that you can use for stylizing with precise control. Besides automatically adjusting color and exposure, it is capable of bringing out surface structures in images.

Furthermore, you can use this app to freely crop the photo, rotate it by  90°, or straighten its horizon. It also supports adding text to the image, adjusting the white balance, and controlling the brightness of the photo.

Snapseed also has the Double Exposure feature that allows you to blend two photos after you select the blend modes.

Download For: Android | iOS

Adobe Photoshop Camera

Using Adobe Photoshop Camera app, you can add various filters and effects even before taking the shot. It has 100+ aesthetic lens effects and filters to edit photos for social media like Instagram.

You can apply real-time Photoshop effects for AI-powered picture editing and auto-tune the photo effects. It can even make best-suited recommendations about effects for the best results.

There are also many portrait control features, such as Face Distance, Face Light, and Face Relighting, for perfect social media photos. It also helps you to avoid distortions in group selfies.

Download For: Android | iOS


Pixlr is a photo editing app that offers you a collection of effects, overlays, and filters. On this app, you can make photo collages in different styles and ratios. It lets you do one-click color adjustments using Auto Fix.

There are also Color Splash and Focal Blur tools for better color and impact. It also allows users to smoothen their skin tone, whiten teeth, and remove red eye and blemishes from their photos. In addition, Pixlr can add text and borders of your favorite style to the images. 

Image cropping, resizing, effects and overlays, tone amplification, surreal shades, layers, and adjustable transparency are other top features of this app.

Download For: Android | iOS

Prisma Labs

With Prisma Labs, you can enhance your photo quality to manifold and transform it into art. Its art filter library has 500+ filters and effects for pictures. Also, there are a huge collection of artistic styles, including ornament, blur, embroidery, etc.

On Prisma Labs, you have image enhancement tools to enhance your photos after applying art filters. These tools help you adjust the exposure, contrast, brightness, and sharpness of the photographs. There are even options to blur, retouch, and apply skin editor tools.

Download For: Android | iOS


If you love to take selfies, you can use Facetune to retouch those using premier tools. You can either choose to perform one-tap photo editing or use filters to enhance the entire photo or frame. 

There are also options to precisely apply your unique editing preferences through manual editing. Things like covering blemishes, highlighting hair, refreshing tired eyes, and applying makeup can be seamlessly done on this app. 

For retouching, you can use reshape tool to make your eyebrows, lips, and hair look thick and thin. It also lets you whiten not only your teeth but also your dress or sneakers.

Download For: Android | iOS

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a robust photo and video editor app packed with tools and filters for editing stunning images. These easy-to-use tools allow you to experiment with camera filters, remove unwanted objects from the photos, and fine-tune the background to quickly edit the photos on the go.

Its free presets, and photo filters support quick editing, while its adaptive AI technology can recommend 200+ presets for amazing images. The precision sliders of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom can retouch settings like contrast, highlights, exposure, and shadows. 

Its color mixer, color grading tools, photo enhancer, and advanced capture modes contribute to stunning photo editing.

Download For: Android | iOS


If you are looking for a quick and straightforward photo editing app, it is time to try Afterlight. This app comes with a simple design but powerful and snappy tools to provide you with the look you want.

It has 15 unique adjustment tools for effortless image enhancement. You can even use its 27 original filters that can be adjusted as your requirements. 

Afterlight also has a cropping tool with 15 presets. There are also tools for image rotation, slipping, and straightening, along with 77 simplistic and adjustable frames that you can use for Instagram posts.

Download For: iOS


Level up the aesthetics of your photos using the advanced AI-powered app Polarr. Here, you can edit the color of your photos, add overlays of your choice, or change AI technology to change certain objects.

This app has a large collection of filters contributed by the app users. You can easily search to find trendy filters and apply those to your photo. These filters can be used to add AI Objects (background, person, animals), retouch face shapes, and make other adjustments like light colors, effects, tone, details, and grain.

Moreover, productivity features like face detection, batch image export, and AI object segmentation make this app one of a kind. 

Download For: Android | iOS

Wrapping Up📱✨

Photo editing apps empower both pro and novice mobile photographers by hiding the flaws in their photographs and making the photos stunning. These apps let you perform lots of edits, such as color correction, brightness adjustment, and many more. 

Here, we have listed some top photo editing apps that you can install on your Android and iOS devices.

You might also want to read about the image resizer tools for social media.

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