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Product information management (PIM) software has become essential for modern businesses seeking to thrive in the evolving e-commerce market.

When companies expand their product portfolio, they require an organized and centralized platform to manage their product information efficiently.

To this, PIM software proves to be helpful, enabling organizations to streamline their product information.

According to MarketsandMarkets, the PIM market size is expected to reach the milestone of 9 billion USD by 2025 as the demand for e-commerce solutions will increase with time.

Let’s discuss what PIM software is, its benefits, and some of the best PIM software for managing your product data effectively.

What Is PIM Software?

Product information management (PIM) software is a centralized management software solution that allows you to produce and manage commercial product information from a single place.

This robust tool streamlines the process of how you handle the product data, ensuring consistency and accessibility across the distribution channel.

From product specification, technical data, and product store to cataloging details, this software will provide you with all the product information you need from a central hub.

PIM software is like a central repository to track all the details and data about your products. It makes it easier for organizations to keep product information up-to-date with high accuracy and easily expand the product offerings.

This tool helps create appealing experiences across online stores, print catalogs, social media, and marketplaces.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a retailer, distributor, e-commerce organization, or manufacturer; the PIM tool is helpful for all types of organizations to manage high volumes of products and their information.

Furthermore, an organization’s product managers and data teams usually use this tool to collect product data from different sources and fix any prevailing issues. Marketing teams use it to shelve all the data out of the distribution channel.

Benefits of PIM Software

Integrating a PIM tool into your business offers numerous benefits while managing all the product information. Some advantages of PIM software are:

#1. Centralized Management System

PIM software provides you with a centralized management system through which you can create, modify, and manage your product information. It helps eliminate data silos and redundancy and ensures all stakeholders have access to up-to-date product information.

#2. Faster Product Launching

PIM software is instrumental when you want to accelerate time-to-market for your product launch.

This tool lets you prepare all the product information and launch the product in the market through one entry. Once you upload an image of your product, this tool will automatically modify the size or format according to the platform where they are sold.

#3. Lower Return Rate

Product return is a massive concern for most organizations, but PIM tools have been effective in reducing the return rate.

PIM provides consumers with accurate information when purchasing a particular product, which helps them make an informed choice.

#4. Better Data Accuracy

PIM software helps eliminate redundancy, inconsistency, and errors in product information by deploying strict data quality standards. This helps businesses with large catalogs in different channels maintain consistent product information and brand integrity.

#5. Improved Productivity

This management tool can help you automate many redundant data management tasks, allowing team members to focus more on productive activities.

By streamlining the workflow, team members can engage more in innovating new products or marketing existing products.

#6. Better Customer Experience

Detailed and accurate product information helps enhance the overall customer experience. Customers can quickly go through every detail, which leads to a higher conversion rate.

#7. Improved SEO

PIM software helps create keyword-rich product content for websites and social media. It also helps boost SEO campaigns by optimizing the keywords that are vital to the SEO journey.

#8. Supports Scalability

The number of products will increase as your business grows, and PIM software can scale according to your business growth. It can support complex data structures, a high number of SKUs, and varied languages and regions.

So, here’s the top PIM software I have found for you that you can utilize to manage your product data.


Considered a leading PIM software, Akeneo leverages cutting-edge technology and AI capabilities to allow businesses to manage their products effectively.

The main aim of this tool is to provide a consistent and impressive product experience to all consumers across all platforms. Akeneo also helps you to showcase a consistent product story on every platform and make the product visible to every potential customer.

Whether you are shifting from B2B to D2C or migrating to an e-commerce platform, this tool helps you maintain strict product data quality on every channel. It is also effective in developing a PXM strategy by leveraging its vast resource library and training from experts. 


Informatica is a great PIM software designed to create engaging product experiences across marketplaces and gain high returns.

The tool simplifies the monitoring and managing of product information through automation and lets you launch products quickly at every commerce touchpoint.

With Informatica, your sales, marketing, and operation team can work together to improve overall productivity by a large margin.

This PIM software lets you deliver the right product to customers by sharing all the product information across the distribution chain through an API-based solution.

The best thing is that you can start using it for free before going for a monthly subscription.


Designed specially to cater to businesses in DTC, Talkoot is a highly effective PIM tool that streamlines your product management and enables you to create engaging product storytelling.

This PIM solution pushes the boundary of traditional product data management with product content automation and allows teams to focus on creating high-conversion product stories.

Talkoot provides a leading AI copywriter that lets your team generate on-brand copy for your product lineup and publish it after reviews. To minimize errors, it constantly checks for legal risk claims, misplaced trademarks, biased languages, etc., to ensure top-quality product content.

Importantly, it also lets you access all the contents written across a product life cycle along with other associated information and helps you maintain consistency.

Sales Layer

Sales Layer is an excellent PIM tool in the global market that has earned many awards for enabling organizations to easily manage all the data from one place.

This aspect helps you identify and improve product data from a single window that will drive more sales and a better product experience.

This specialized B2B software delivers enterprise-grade functionality, and the ability to automate the sharing of digital product catalogs across platforms in real-time serves as proof.

The Sales Layer helps you to seamlessly connect your product catalog to all business channels, apps, and markets. This factor boosts our organization’s operation efficiency at every touchpoint. 

Connecting your product catalog to your channels, app, or marketplace is made easy with this tool and improves your organization’s efficiency at every touchpoint. 


Once you start using 1WorldSync’s PIM tool, you won’t ever look for others for your product content orchestration and integration.

1WorldSync utilizes an effective process that instantly identifies, validates, and propagates your product content and ensures they are delivered seamlessly across your retail, distribution, and e-commerce.

Whatever the amount of product data and content, this tool can harmonize everything across all channels. This harmonization ensures consistency is maintained throughout all the channels.

1WorldSync can integrate your ERP with a single data source and ensure product contents comply with GS1 standards.


Plytix is a powerful PIM tool that provides you with a centralized system through which you can easily edit, manage, replace, translate, and optimize your product information.

You can also consider it as a collaboration tool that allows you to integrate all your product data in one place and make it available to every team.

With this product, your product team won’t have to spend hours creating content as you will integrate OpenAI into the tool. It allows you to automatically generate high-quality and engaging content for the product lineup and increase the productivity of your team. 


Without a doubt, PIMworks is a great PIM tool that lets you simply product experience management for all your products. It enables you to create personalized content experiences for all your consumers and also instantly propagates them to internal and external channels.

PIMworks utilizes powerful automation tools that extract products from all websites and marketplaces and spare your team from doing those tasks manually.

The tool also integrates advanced data management to streamline the workflow and help you manage product contents as well as teams with ease.


Managing your product information is made easy with Kontainer, which provides a user-friendly platform to collect all the product data, images, and files in one place.

This powerful PIM tool helps reduce errors and optimize product data quality, including product description, data, image, size, etc.

Kontainer ensures automated synchronization of information where all the product information is linked to the right packshot, video, and files.

The best thing is that all the information is stored in the cloud securely. You can use the product data anytime to deliver images and data to meet customer’s requirements or orders.


The PIM solution Gepard serves as a renowned e-commerce solution that has helped many businesses manage product-related information from a unified place.

Gepard has been engineered in such a way that it allows you to distribute all the product information with a few clicks. Furthermore, the data is propagated to all the distribution channels in a set data structure in various languages.

Gepard can help you improve and enrich all your product information by enabling you to update product content seamlessly.

Moreover, it leverages an intelligent data mapping algorithm that modifies all your product information according to retailer requirements and keeps it up-to-date accordingly.


Consider OneTimePIM if you are looking for the best PIM tool to efficiently distribute your product information to all the e-commerce platforms.

You can connect this tool with any e-commerce platform through API or built-in connector. It also has the ability to connect with the ERP of your business.

Enriching your product information will be a breeze for you, and the credit goes to the built-in media manager and automatic data sheets feature. Besides, it is known for its impressive customer support and employee training features with the package.


Trusted by leading brands and retailers worldwide, Syndigo can be an exceptional choice as a PIM software solution.

This is a cloud-native PIM tool that continuously assesses your product content and modifies it using unique integration techniques to optimize performance.

Syndigo lets you have complete control over all the product content and data and helps you gain visibility and efficiency from creation to sale.

You also get an efficient Master Data Management configuration that allows you to manage the information flow and connect product, customer, and location domains.


InsightSoftware is a comprehensive and agile PIM solution that eliminates all the incomplete, out-of-date, and not-enriched product information and ensures consistency in all channels.

This tool uses a robust data integration that detects and modifies product content to ensure all customers get accurate information.

InsightSoftware also plays a vital role in streamlining your market launch activities and easing up handling complex spreadsheets.

The tool gives your team a centralized platform to manage the product information and modify the output depending on data requirements and industry regulations.

With by your side, you can create a single platform using which you can showcase your product in the marketplaces, retailers, distributors, and ultimately customers. provides you with a proprietary AI recognition, indexing, and tagging capability so that you will be able to find images to match your products for showcasing.

You can utilize’s publishing controls to keep product content up-to-date and deliver on intended channels. From videos and images to info and copy, this PIM software provides you with a marketing kit to seamlessly propagate all the information needed to sell products effectively. 


If you are looking for the best PIM software, consider Pimcore. It centralizes and harmonizes your technical, marketing, and sales product information.

This is an open-source PIM platform that easily integrates with your existing IT system and helps you share all your digital products to any channel needed.

Pimcore enables you to maintain enterprise data quality and data governance for all your product information and minimize any kind of error. It also utilizes advanced digital asset management to manage all the product images, video, audio, and documents.


One of the finest PIM solutions in the market, Inriver offers you a range of capabilities that allow you to manage your product data effectively.

With this tool, you can enrich product content with text, images, and videos. This offers an immersive product experience tailored for your buyers.

Inriver provides you with a single platform for all your product contents and simplifies the process of onboarding product data from any source.

In addition,  you can efficiently deliver product content across all the digital and print channels so that the products can reach all your target buyers.

Product Information Management (PIM) vs. Product Data Management (PDM)

Product information management system helps you store information about a company’s products in a centralized manner.Product data management comes under a software category that is used to manage product data in a product lifecycle (from concept to disposal and service).
It is designed to organize and manage information for sales and marketing purposes. It focuses on enhancing product data, distributing information, and maintaining consistency across sales channels.It is intended for engineering and product development teams. It handles technical data, such as CAD files, design specifications, and bill of materials to maintain smooth flow in the product development process.
PIM manages product information, such as descriptions, videos, marketing content, images, and pricing.PDM deals with technical product data, such as engineering specifications, related documentation, and design files. 
It is used by sales, e-commerce, and marketing teams.It is utilized by engineering, manufacturing, and product development teams.
It focuses on enhancing customer experiences, improving marketing efforts, and increasing sales. It focuses on optimizing the product development lifecycle and ensuring collaboration, proper version control, and traceability. 

Points to Keep in Mind While Picking a PIM Solution

PIM systems can affect your organization’s marketing and sales performances. So, consider some points before selecting a PIM system.

  • Consider users: You can determine how many users will be using the tool and what skill sets they have. This will ensure users can use the tool without complexities.
  • Functionalities: Determine what features you need in your PIM system. Some common, must-have features include data onboarding, quality control, asset management, multiple integrations, and more.
  • Challenges: Find out what challenges you are facing while managing product information. Check whether the PIM system can solve those challenges.
  • PIM maintenance: Inspect how the PIM system deals with the scalability and maintenance issues.


PIM software is great at helping you manage your product data effectively. Given there are many options available in the market, finding the best PIM software can be a tricky task. 

The best PIM software will help you narrow down your choices and find the ideal one based on your requirements.

Next, check out the best product adoption software to streamline customer onboarding.

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