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Who hasn’t heard of PlayStation? They have been a gossip topic among kids and adults since their existence. So, here we are with the best PlayStation VR Games in this article.

Virtual reality games have brought a revolution in the gaming industry. According to eMarketer, the user number of VR in the US was 57.4 million in 2020, which was 15% of the US population, and the use of VR is growing at a compound annual rate of 15% every year. 

Virtual reality is an impressive example of an update in technology, and we can see its benefit and favor in the gaming industry. 

Virtual reality has helped gamers to give a realistic environment while playing rather than sticking to the screen for hours. Today in this blog, we will understand what VR games are and bring out some of the best VR games one must not miss if one loves VR gaming.

What is a VR Game?

Virtual reality games are one step ahead of video games. Currently, VR games have changed the world’s perspective and gaming experience. But how?

The answer is its three dimension environment. Where traditional games were limited to screens and keyboard controls, VR games brought a revolution in the gaming industry.

VR games allow the player to experience the exact environment of games with critical equipment like data gloves, headsets, and more.

Further, the biosensing equipment, like data gloves, suits, etc., have added a cherry to the cake. This equipment detects the person’s presence and movement in the 3D gaming universe. This makes the gamer feel more realistic and a vital part of the game. This is called an immersive experience with VR. 

There are various languages that VR uses for giving a realistic experience and reading the player’s movements, but HMD (head-mounted display) is the most common and best considered for gaming. 

What Makes VR Games Special?

Virtual reality has been stealing the spotlight in various industries, from education to architecture. The impact of VR on the gaming industry has been noticed the most. It has also become part of our daily life due to its simplicity. You can enter someone else’s created universe by wearing the VR headset. Let’s discuss what makes VR games so special.

Excellent Experience

VR games have brought the imaginary world to our eyes with a realistic feeling. When you play a video game, you have the screen in front of you with the graphics. Meanwhile, in VR, you can see the whole virtual universe of that game around you. Sounds fun, isn’t it?  

In other words, we can also say that VR games let you live the life of a game’s character. You can see and interact with the game’s environment and surroundings, along with experiencing the game’s thrill and fun. 

Physical Actions

VR games have said bye-bye to the laziness created in gamers by video games. In traditional video games, the player controls the character with the controller. While in VR games, the player controls the character by physically moving. This not only gives a realistic experience but also helps you to work out.

Yes, you read it right. Physical movements are necessary to play VR games, and they turn out to be painless exercises. You must hop several times in VR games, move your arms swiftly to use swords, etc. These movements burn calories, increase your heartbeat, and more. Therefore, you can say that VR gaming is a fun workout.

Mental Health

Mental health is a growing issue among the present generation. VR games make the player entirely engaged in the gaming world. The engagement and focus of the player not only disconnect them from the real world but also reduces stress, anxiety, and loneliness. Furthermore, it is also noticed that VR games help in concentration and brain sharpening due to puzzles in the game.

Experience New Things

VR games can help you to experience any fictional character’s life you want to live. You must pick your headset, choose the relevant game, and go for it.

As the popularity of VR games is increasing, developers have also increased their creativity. You can find any genre of games online among thousands of options. The invention of developers helps you to experience new things in life. It can be the thrill of swords, fear of getting shot, or my personal favorite, the secret agent or detective on the mission experience.

Cure Phobias 

It is recorded that VR games are very helpful in fighting fears and curing phobias. VR games are unpredictable. You can’t guess what is going to come next. You have to face darkness, horror, height, and more to continue with the game.

We change our path when we already know that we should face our fear. You must face your fear to continue the game and complete the task. VR games encourage you to fight your anxiety, as who likes to lose a game after working hard for hours?

Now, let us jump directly to the list of the best VR games that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

If you are a fan of adventures and high-level games, then Astro Bot Rescue Mission is the right game for you. The game starts with a team of players and Captain Astro, who goes on a mission to rescue his crew across different worlds. Sounds interesting, right?

What makes this game special is its camera control. Usually, the camera is controlled by the right analog stick, but in this game, the camera is handled by the player’s head, giving them an even more realistic experience.

Preview Product Rating Price
Astro Bot Rescue Mission Playstation VR Astro Bot Rescue Mission Playstation VR $29.00

The game has five worlds, twenty levels, and about 200+ bots to rescue. This indicates that the fun of games doesn’t end that quickly. It has a lot more to offer, like 3D audio, a magic chest, etc.

You can buy an Astro Bot Rescue Mission for yourself or kids from various sites and take the fantastic experience of being an Astro bot on a mission to rescue his crew in a unique virtual environment.

Hitman 3

If you are an experienced player of Hitman 1 and 2, I don’t need to tell you more about the game. You already know how extraordinary the experience is. But yes, hello to all the new Hitman 3  players. Hitman is a single-player game that allows the player to walk a mile in agent 47’s shoes. 

Preview Product Rating Price
Hitman 3 for PlayStation 4 Hitman 3 for PlayStation 4 $20.69

The game is basically from a third-person perspective. Agent 47, i.e., the player must travel to various locations and places to complete his contracted assassinations from the previous round (Hitman 1 and 2). Old players get more advantage in the game.

Hitman 3 is no longer limited to only missions. They have added many extra features like a camera and numerical keypads, as the player must find a four-digit code to unlock various doors and locations. Sounds fun, as you have to use your brain and stay active.


Battlezone is a first-person game that plays within a tank cockpit. You would remember the classic battlezone game of the1980s. This is a post-launch of the same game in a virtual reality environment.

They have also added a classic mode feature to experience the original game. Further, with levels, more players can join the fun to help the first player. 

Preview Product Rating Price
Battlezone - PlayStation VR Battlezone – PlayStation VR $17.99

However, the lifeline is limited to only three shared with all players. This means a minor mistake by one player can risk the entire game. You can also make in-game purchases, but it may be expensive. Battlezone is an excellent positive aspect game that requires a lot of focus and concentration to win.  

London Studio’s Blood & Truth

The London Studio has been bringing out the best games for its audience since 2002. They have improved their gaming experience with development in technology. Blood & Truth is one of their recent best games.

Preview Product Rating Price
Blood & Truth VR - PlayStation 4 Blood & Truth VR – PlayStation 4 $24.90

This shooting game doesn’t require much physical activity. In this game, the soldier Ryan (player) must save his family from a London crime boss. Overall, Blood & Truth is an exciting and thrilling game for you to experience.

Batman: Arkham VR

Batman Arkham VR is quite different from traditional Arkham games. In this game, you have to solve puzzles to understand the game’s mystery and have about 30 challenges from supervillain Riddler. This adventure game lets you experience the game’s environment through Batman’s eyes.

Preview Product Rating Price
Batman: Arkham VR - PlayStation VR Batman: Arkham VR – PlayStation VR No ratings yet $17.44

This game is filled with numerous brain-squeezing puzzles and adventures with amazing visual effects. Batman Arkham VR is right here for you if you want to add an extraordinary creative experience to your headset.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Action games never go wrong among the youth, and The Elder Scrolls V is one of the best. The game’s specialty is that it isn’t limited to only various cities or countries. You can experience the virtual environment of forests, villages, caves, and more. 

Preview Product Rating Price
Skyrim VR - PlayStation 4 Skyrim VR – PlayStation 4 $44.99

The game allows the player to choose a character, gender, appearance, and more from 10 options. The Elder Scrolls V stands out from other plays from many perspectives. Rather than discussing all its secrets, we would like you to try it yourself.

Bethesda Game Studios have never disappointed its gamers, and if you are familiar with the series, don’t forget to try this.

Gran Turismo

Virtual reality racing games seem much more fun than adventure and action games. But what about the racing experience? Nothing can beat the adrenaline rush you get while playing racing games, So here we are with the Gran Turismo series for you.

Gran Turismo is famous for its sim racing games. Their recent release Gran Turismo 7, is creating a great fan base among gamers.

Preview Product Rating Price
Gran Turismo: Sport - PS4 Gran Turismo: Sport – PS4 $19.08

Gamers love the Gran Turismo series due to its realistic graphics, options for numerous licensed vehicles, and more. The developers have given attention to every small detail in the game for the best experience, from vehicle parts to accurate driving physics. You can’t regret it anyway after playing this game.

Furthermore, the tuning performance gives a more realistic experience as the engine sound is based on actual recordings of cars. You would have already got how well the developers of Gran Turismo have played with VR for you. 

No Man’s Sky

Want to spend the weekend with an excellent adventurous game? Then No Man’s Sky is here for you. It was initially launched in 2016 and didn’t take much time to gain the attention of gamers. Today, they have a complete series popular among the youth.

Preview Product Rating Price
Gran Turismo: Sport - PS4 Gran Turismo: Sport – PS4 $19.08

This action-adventure game’s design is out of the box. It includes unique forms of flora and fauna, planets, alien species, etc. Suppose you are bored of the same city or town in the virtual world. You can try this exclusive new content and an open universe with lots to explore.

The developers have shown a lot of creativity and worked on every detail to maintain the theme. No Man’s Sky gives in-game currency to the players on achievement and completion of missions. You can also play this game offline.


Superhot is a game with 31 levels and a realistic environment. The game’s plot gives you the experience of the natural world and gangster fantasy together. 

This game is entirely based on the player’s physical activity. Hence, you should be super active to stay alive in this game. If you are bored of those jumping and running games, this is a better adventure game for you. The game offers various weapons, guns, etc. in the game and the plot is completely twisted. With every level, you get a new surprise. 

A good combination of positivity and intensity is super hot. Don’t miss this experience, no matter what kind of games you love, as this game can give you a good rollercoaster ride.

Author’s Note

The craze of VR games started in 2016 and has been stealing the spotlight till today. The VR gaming industry has noticed a fast-growing rate in recent years as VR has the power to bring out the imaginary world between us. In my perspective, VR gaming is an experience one must never miss, as this is the only way to live others’ life or experience the man-made universe with real feelings. 


Virtual reality (VR) games allow you to put yourself in the middle of the action as one of the playable characters, mingling with other players, recreating, and even inventing events and scenarios as you see fit. You may connect with players from around the globe regardless of their devices, which is why the most incredible virtual reality games enable you to play on numerous platforms. These platforms include mobile devices, Windows PCs, and iOS devices.

This guide will walk you through some of the top virtual reality games you can play from the comfort of your home, either by yourself or with others.

You can also explore some best Classic Playstation (PS1) games and free VR games.

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