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In Hosting Last updated: July 31, 2023
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Post Scriptum hosting servers allow you to play your game without any interruptions, providing an easy path for you to manage your game server from anywhere, anytime. 

Playing video games is one of the most entertaining activities for many. You will find a variety of games based on genre, style, concept, graphics, etc. 

One such game that you will find interesting is Post Scriptum, which is based on historical accuracy. The graphics are outstanding, and weapons, buildings, structures, players, vehicles, etc., look realistic. 

And if you want to make the most out of this game, you will need a powerful game server. It will host the game and provide you with plenty of features and capabilities that will make your gameplay outstanding without lags and errors.

This is way better than hosting the game on your PC using your regular network, which involves downtimes and interruptions.

So, let’s discuss what Post Scriptum is and how getting a game server can help you enhance your gameplay.

What Is Post Scriptum?

YouTube video

Post Scriptum is a first-shooter online simulation game based on World War 2 scenarios, focusing on large-scale battles, historical accuracy, cohesion, teamwork, and communication.

The game was developed by Periscope Games and published by Offworld Industries. It was released on 9 Aug 2018. This game has multiple maps, such as Arnhem, Doorwerth, Driel, Velmolen, Oosterbeek, Grave, Veghel, and more. You will get advanced weapons, different vehicles, commander mode, tank, logistic options, and more. 


Experience the unique campaigns with Post Scriptum tactical shooter games, such as Operation Market Garden, Operation Overlord, or Plan Jaune, that stretch across:

  • Woods, farms, cities, and village areas of the Netherlands 
  • Rivers and mountains of Belgium
  • Shores of France

Whether you are paragliding from a plane, arriving on land, or resupplying an operating tank, you will find numerous reasons to stay on the game. It represents a World War 2 setting that you never explored before. 

Post Scriptum covers a variety of theatres in the form of different chapters:

  • 1st Chapter – The Bloody Seventh: This contains the 1st Airborne, the 9th Waffen SS, and 82nd and 101st Airborne with more than 40 vehicles and 9 maps.
  • 2nd Chapter – Plan Jaune: This covers the France invasion in the 1940s. It features the Wehrmacht of 1940 and the French Army, along with dozens of vehicles, 2 new maps, and more. 
  • 3rd Chapter – Day of Days: This covers the Invasion of Normandy and features new factions, such as the US 4th Infantry and German Fallschirmjager, with new vehicles and weapons.

Why Do You Need a Game Server to Run Post Scriptum?

You might have faced certain issues while playing games on your PC. Let’s say a sudden power surge leads to shutting down your PC without saving your covered game. In this case, you will need to start from the beginning. 

Why server

To avoid such scenarios, reliable service is the best option. It helps in the following:

  • Protecting your server 24/7 from unwanted DDoS tracks so that you can play your game without any interruptions
  • Providing high quality and fail-safe hardware, such as the latest intel and Ryzen CPUs, SSD drives, and extra space
  • Allowing you to choose the nearest server out of multiple locations around the world in order to offer you the benefits of the lowest pings, high performance, and incredible speed. 

Now, let’s discuss some of the best Post Scriptum hosting providers to elevate your gaming experience.


Rent your favorite Post Scriptum server from Nitrado and experience a hassle-free game. It will allow you to easily install plugins and mods, share access with your friends, and manage the server together. 

Nitrado has the shortest internet routes, so you get the lowest pings. With every server, you get a daily backup option for your saved games and files in a separate server, and you restore the same whenever needed.


Furthermore, Nitrado uses fail-safe and high-quality server hardware to provide you with outstanding performance and a lag-free experience. By using Nitrado, you can flexibly run your server, switch between available games easily, and upgrade or downgrade your game server whenever you want. 

Choose from various subscription or prepaid plans starting at $24.99 for 30 days to play Post Scriptum on your computer. You can choose from 20 slots to 82 slots or configure your server by choosing the number of slots and duration of your plan. 


Gets a reliable Post Scriptum game server from 4Netplayers and take the challenges as you proceed with the game. Enjoy the best graphics and speed by setting up your server easily and use it without any hassles.

4Netplayers has more than 120 mods and games on the cloud server at no extra cost. So, you can choose your preferred games and modes and enjoy your gameplay. It takes care of all your server and game updates. As soon as any update is available, it installs the update automatically in your system without disturbing your ongoing game. 


With every server, you get free DDoS protection so that there will be no security issues and interruptions in your game. 4Netplayers uses state-of-art server hardware equipped with fast SSDs, 248 GB of RAM, and Intel Xeon processors. This enables you to play your games at lightning speed.

You will get a reliable backup server where all your saved configs and games will be backed up. The server web interface is custom-friendly and powerful that, allows you to create, customize, launch, and manage different game servers. With a real-time feedback system, you can get insights about your game server.

Choose your server today at a starting price of $5.36/month that’s ready to play in minutes and comes with simple configuration, automatic backups, and automatic updates. 


Order a Post Scriptum game server from GTXGaming and set it up within minutes of completing the registration. It comes with a game-switching option so that you can easily switch to other games available on your server with a few clicks. It makes complete backups of your game server every day so that you never lose any data. In addition, gain full control of your server with its effortless web interface. 


Pro gamers can utilize full FTP and text editors access to configure the game server manually. If you want your friends to manage your server for you, you can share access and permissions with them.

GTXGaming invests a huge amount every 2 years to buy the most up-to-date SSD drives, processors, and memory so that performance is always on top. It updates the range of processors to give you the best possible ping and FPS

Your personal information is safe with GTXGaming since it uses SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and database password md5 encryption across all the services. You can also configure your server according to your requirement. 

Blue Fang Solutions

Ready to play a World War 2 simulation game? Rent the Post Scriptum game server now from Blue Fang Solutions and experience the historical accuracy, difficult learning curve, and much more. 

You will get an overseer panel, command line editor, and web-based file manager access with your server plan. Pro gamers will get 100% access to the FTP. You will have the option to choose the no branding option.


Provide your Steam 64-bit ID to the Blue Fang Solutions team so that they can add you as an admin, allowing you to add more admins later. All the game servers run on the Highest CPU priority so that your server processes your game on a first-priority basis above everyone else’s process. Just pay an extra $5 and take advantage of this service.

Apart from this, you will get silver support, dedicated IP, and more. Blue Fang Solutions uses high-performance processors and SSD drives to give you the lowest ping experience. You can track server starts, stops, and restarts using the web interface. 

Choose your slots, data center, and payment term to start the game. Avail yourself of a 72-hour money-back guarantee from the date of purchase. 


Experience lightning-speed gameplay with 1GServerHost on your PC without any hassle. Complete your payment and allow 1GServerHost to set up your server for you within minutes. It offers you the option of unlimited players to play your game according to your choice. 


The elegant control panel allows you to control and manage the settings of your game server. You can also switch between available games easily just by raising a ticket. 1GServerHost is powerful, with 9 global locations that provide full offsite backups and DDoS protection. 

You can control automatic restarts, backups, updates, and config editor forms from the customs control panel. You will get supported mods, DLCs, and maps.

1GServerHost has higher server performance due to its 5.2GHz AMD Ryzen 9 Processor of 16 cores and 32 threads. In addition, it provides 128 GB DDR4 32000 MHz dual channel memory and 7000 MB/s NVMe of PCIE GEN 4.0. 

Choose your server plan today at a starting price of $19/month and avail yourself of a 72-hour money-back guarantee. 

Streamline Servers

Experience the fastest first-person simulation game on your PC with Streamline Servers and focus on large-scale battles, historical accuracy, and more. Once you complete your purchase, you will get to play the Post Scriptum game within minutes after the automatic setup is completed. 

Streamline servers

Streamline Servers has an internationally renowned network that is designed by experienced gamers for gamers, allowing them to play lag-free games with their friends. It currently provides a one-click install system so that you can directly install any addons from its Mod Manager.

You can have complete control over your server, which is only possible since Streamline-Servers has powerful features and flexible design. This will save you time and effort, allowing you to play your game seamlessly.

Streamline Servers houses its infrastructure in various locations across the globe, including Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, New York, Phoenix, Seattle, Sao Paulo, Montreal, Netherlands, Paris, Nuremberg, London, Auckland, Singapore, Tokyo, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

Rent a Post Scriptum game server now starting from $1 per slot, and choose slots from 20 to 80. 

Citadel Servers

Are you ready to play an entertaining historical game without any hassle?

Rent a Post Scriptum game server from Citadel Servers and avail yourself of never-ending benefits. Set up your server instantly and start playing within minutes of registration. Easily modify server settings using its powerful control panel. 

Citadel servers

Citadel Servers uses the TCAdmin control panel, which is highly customizable and gives you easy-to-choose options. Using the control panel, you can switch between games available on your server. Seasoned players will get complete access to FTP and a web-based file manager.

Schedule server backups and scripts whenever you want and get the latest versions of mods from the TCAdmin control panel. Citadel Servers uses high-performance Xeon CPUs, NVMe drives, and more to offer power to your game. 

Furthermore, you can install plugins and mods easily, add admins with a single click of your mouse, change mods quickly, access third-party tools, and much more. You will also get server status, such as start, stop, or restart. 

The integrated backup system allows you to save your games and files in a separate folder or server so that you can restore the same whenever you want. Advanced DDoS protection protects your server from unwanted attacks and makes your server run 24/7. 

Citadel Servers covers Seattle, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Montreal, New York, Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Sydney, and Singapore. Choose the nearest location to experience low ping and fast performance. 

Configure your server now and deploy it within minutes to start playing with your friends. 


LOW.MS comes with power-packed features, including free server migration, a 10GB memory allowance, and upgrades. As soon as it receives payment, the setup process starts automatically, allowing you to play your favorite game within minutes.

LOW.MS uses the latest CPUs, including Intel and AMD Ryzen processors such as Intel i9, Seon E-series, and Ryzens, with speeds up to 5.3 GHz. It is combined with Intel SSDs and DDR4 memory to give a high-performance experience while playing.

All the servers come with at least 10 Gbps DDoS protection, eliminating the risk of attacks and minimizing interruptions. Some data centers utilize Corero SmartWall, allowing you to protect your game server while you are offline. 

You will get a variety of available locations around the world. You can also use the “ping test” option to choose the best data center that offers the lowest pings for your games. 

LOW.MS Post Scriptum servers start from $7.50/month with no minimum term and a benefit of anytime cancellation. You can avail yourself of a 5-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with its service. 


Set up your Post Scriptum game server instantly with CraftAndSurvive hosting platform and get the benefit of power-packed features. In every 15 minutes, it saves a copy of your game server and sends the files to their offsite backup system. You can restore them whenever you want with simple clicks. 

CraftAndSurvive has a standard editor for new users so that they can make changes to the server settings easily using text input area drop-down menus and more.


Upload plugins anytime, anywhere with Beyond API inside your Mod Manager and get DLL access. CraftAndSurvive support all maps, including custom-built maps. With its control panel, you will get full FTP access, built-in MySQL manager, PID, schedule task, easy-to-use configuration, built-in file manager, and more. 

Furthermore, it covers the entire globe with its 15 data centers. In every data center, you will find high-performing DDoS protection. 

Order your game today and start enjoying the gameplay with your friends. 


Post Scriptum is a challenging game that’s becoming popular among many gamers who like first-shooter online simulation games. It brings the World War 2 scenario to your screen, giving you the ability to fight with your enemy with the help of advanced weapons, vehicles, and more. 

A reliable dedicated server provides gamers with the power, performance, control, and security, so they can experience thrilling gameplay with their friends without any interruptions.

You may also explore the Isle game hosting servers to host your own Jurassic World.

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