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Every second counts when it comes to sales.

And you know time is money. This is why cloud-based predictive dialer and auto dialer software is in demand these days.

These systems help you save time and optimize outbound calls by connecting agents to quality leads while offering capabilities to enhance customer satisfaction, agent productivity, and revenue.

Previously, agents had to manually dial each phone number, wait for leads to attend the call, and manage everything in traditional systems. As a result, much of their time was spent on other stuff than their core job: selling. This is why they used to make fewer calls every day, which can negatively influence revenue.

Predictive and auto dialer software solves these issues by automating manual, repetitive tasks that include automatic dialing, managing lists, scheduling, notifications, reports, and more with lots of additional features to help you and your agents further.

In this article, I’ll discuss the software, how it can help your agents and bring more revenue and growth to your business.


Let’s go! 😊

Auto Dialer Software

Autodialer software is a system that dials phone numbers automatically for agents. It either assigns calls to available agents or plays recorded messages when someone answers the calls.

Auto dialers increase agent efficiency with automation and can manage more extensive outbound campaigns with heavy call volumes. They can also increase dial rates, aid in monitoring performance, reduce unproductive calls, and help increase conversion rates.

Most of these solutions are cloud-based and used by call centers to save time and streamline the process of connecting to prospects or customers without manual methods. It has different use cases such as telemarketing, market research, political campaigns, cold-emailing, and broadcasting payment reminders, service outages, appointment reminders, and more.


  • The software reduces agents’ idle time by assigning only quality calls to save time and increase their productivity.
  • It offers better conversion rates by simplifying and accelerating complex sales processes while showing agents all the essential information about contacts.
  • You get real-time insights and reporting into your call performance, agent activity, and operations so you can enhance each aspect for better performance.
  • It improves your operational efficiency with the power of automation for dialing, follow-ups, reminders, and so on.
  • The software helps you stay compliant and avoid the risks of penalties.

Predictive Dialer Software

Predictive dialer software is a system that can automate the dialing and matching of phone numbers. It can automate calls seamlessly to enable sales reps to track all the missed calls, busy signals, no response calls, and so on.

Predictive dialers have more capabilities than just dialing numbers automatically. They predict human activities and actions using mathematical algorithms to figure out when a prospect or customer can take the calls. In addition to that, you can dial multiple phone numbers simultaneously using them.

The primary usage of these systems is to boost agent efficiency by connecting them to the right contacts at a suitable time for more conversions. Predictive dialers are utilized in call centers, the banking sector, and more.


  • It offers intelligent call assigning to only the available agents
  • The software lets you organize and manage the client database seamlessly and update it
  • It works for both outbound and inbound calls
  • With excellent reporting, you can track the performance of teams and agents and train them accordingly.
  • It optimizes your agents, sales team, and overall organization by creating a competitive, productive environment for all the members.
  • It offers automatic workload management and assignment without human interference, prejudices, or bias.

Now, let’s talk about some of the best predictive and auto dialer software available in the market.


Optimize your sales by using Aloware, a dialer that can integrate with your CRM, automate workflow, and combine SMS and calls. It empowers your teams with capabilities that help them perform extraordinarily so you can achieve more revenue and growth.

Its power dialer allows you to connect with a higher number of leads per day and boost your sales. It also offers instant syncing and integrates well with tools like Pipedrive, HubSpot, and others. Next, it can log text and calls into your CRM, sync contact stages and owner, manage lead info, and trigger outgoing calls.

Automate your sales workforce easily and start sending a text message or making a call just after receiving a lead form. Plus, send customers a sequence of calls, texts, and voicemails according to triggers or defined rules. You can also set up the parameters to automate the workflows, trigger webhooks, or send drip campaigns.

Get workflow automation features like automatic interest generation, lead activation, personalized texts, and agentless workflows. Aloware is a complete software to reach customers on multiple channels while managing leads, calls, and text in a single place. Moreover, allow them to share images, message on Facebook or reply to appointment reminders through text.

Aloware has more features like easy lead upload and sync, Progressive and Preview dialers, call and contact disposition, and automatic follow-ups through SMS. They also offer a mobile application and browser-based calling feature, matching caller ID to the area code of your lead automatically, interactive and real-time dashboard, IVR toolset, and contact manager if you don’t use a CRM.


Automate your outbound calls and enhance agent productivity with EngageBay, trusted by 15k+ customers worldwide.

Start making calls directly from EngageBay’s dashboard with an auto-dialer that makes it easy and quick to make a set of calls to multiple contacts in succession or a standalone call. With this software, you don’t have to exit from your CRM to receive calls. Instead, avail valuable insights into a caller’s details accessible readily during, before, or after the call.

EngageBay notifies you of missed calls with automated alerts when agents are unavailable to take up the calls. In addition, you can add different tags to your contacts to identify them precisely in the future whenever you check the call history.

Use its mute feature to put a call on hold if you want to address something important to your colleagues. You can also record calls for future reference and ensure you are focused on your calls rather than taking notes. Plus, real-time call logs can help you track your conversations and take accountability.

Utilize the time available between your calls to take notes regarding the previous conversation while preparing for the next one. You also get email reports regularly to track call activity, manage team performance better, and learn areas of improvement. In addition, the tool helps you reduce the idle time of agents handling unanswered, busy, and disconnected calls.

Identify unproductive numbers like fax lines and Do Not Disturb (DND) and integrate cloud-based auto dialers with CRM systems with ease. Hence, the software helps you engage with more prospects and customers to optimize lead generation and sales.


Predictive dialer by CloudTalk is an efficient tool to help you remain connected with your customers. It helps increase the number of calls your agents make and team productivity by dialing the next number in line automatically based on agent availability.

Configure agent unavailability time after call completion for each campaign. With automatic dialing, you can save time and reduce agent idle time. This tool is suitable for multiple outbound campaigns such as monitoring customer satisfaction, parcel shipping information, telemarketing, etc.

Manage contact lists effectively for separate campaigns and collect and monitor campaign data such as sales, product popularity, customer call history, and more. The software also lets your agents use a user-centric table, schedule calls, and set exact times and dates based on customer’s availability. As a result, they can view the preference of making calls and contact the right customer on time.

CloudTalk complies with phone numbers from a system or website and creates calling queues directly on your app. With the power dialer, you can connect with customers quickly, monitor campaigns, and adjust things if necessary.

You get features like automatic callbacks, a call flow designer to customize step sequences for each number, sending text messages to customers for notifications, and IVR to navigate the callers through multiple options to reach the right agent or department.


JustCall’s AutoDialer saves your time by letting you answer only connected phone calls and helps you increase your sales by assigning more calls to each agent. You can upload your contact list and use the software to dial the phone numbers automatically for you.

Drop voicemails quickly in case a call gets unanswered. In addition, AutoDialer includes plenty of useful features to ease your agent’s work. For example, you can also read call scripts while taking calls, tag contacts, take notes and leave ratings when the call ends.

Measure your campaign’s performance along with your agents using their comprehensive reporting and analytics dashboards. AutoDialer also helps minimize the idle time of agents and improves the call-connect ratio for better productivity. Additionally, it lets you manage your contact lists seamlessly in a single place while tracking their individual performance.

Import contacts from your CRM directly or upload the contact lists, in addition to setting call disposition codes and ratings for each call and entering them in the CRM automatically. You can also set up workflows for disposition codes for better campaign output.

AutoDialer offers more privacy to customer phone numbers by calling them automatically without showing the actual numbers to the agents. The software also records calls for training, quality control, and evaluation purposes and stores the recordings in the CRM.

Track agent activity for predictive dialing using the AutoDialer dashboard and get live updates on agents’ live status and current/past campaigns. In addition to this, reach contacts from your Zoho CRM easily with AutoDialer to save time.


Talkdesk offers a broad set of native applications to provide excellent customer experiences and build your brand loyalty. It works across phone and digital channels, ensuring the customers wouldn’t have to repeat their query or other information.

Keep your customers engaged with clear voice quality, personalization, and unmatched reliability to help your brand stand out. Talkdesk Omnichannel offers effective customer engagement with chatbots, SMSs, messaging apps, and social media streams. Its call quality is one of the best in the industry with advanced global low-latency architecture, so the conversations happen smoothly with no hurdles.

It also offers powerful digital and voice self-service tools to ensure lower costs and better experiences. Besides, use their Predictive Dialer to proactively connect with prospects and customers, involving significantly lower rates than manual dialing.

Get notifications to send personalized, timely, and relevant notifications automatically via SMS or phone in an agentless mode. You can also integrate it with Salesforce Dialer to have power dialing and native preview capabilities from Salesforce seamlessly. It has other features like customizable voice and intelligent call routing.

Route incoming calls to your agents depending upon caller data, business hours, agent skills, and IVR selection to optimize caller experience. You can scale the volume of outbound calls and connect rates for up to 300%. And reach your customers or respond to their queries through their chosen communication channel.


Make calls to only identified contacts efficiently and predictably with the help of Five9. Its predictive dialer increases the count of live connections you have for your agents and utilizes a mathematical algorithm to find quality connections and reduce unanswered and busy calls.

The software can slow down or speed up the call dialing rate by anticipating the availability of agents. It also synchronizes dialing lists like salesforce contact lists to identify unsuccessful calls and determine whether to delete the number or follow up again.

Five9 offers multiple dialing modes, so you can choose the best one that can suit your campaign. Their dialer also accounts for different time zones, and you can customize it based on your business and compliance requirements.

The software supports predictive, power, progressive, preview, and manual dialing modes to maintain TCPA compliance. Other features of Five9 are CTI screen pop, web callback, DNC list management in real-time, agent scripting, FTP data imports, and outgoing call priority.

Moreover, you also get options like disposition timers and redials, automatic voicemails, answering machine detection, vertical dialing, local caller ID, quality monitoring, remote agents, reports, and CRM integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, Oracle, Microsoft, ServiceNow, and NetSuite.


Close deals 4x more while empowering your reps with PhoneBurner that can make your outbound calls more profitable. It allows you to make 60-80 calls per hour without connection delays, resulting in increased quality conversations and closed deals.

Get complete prospecting freedom without per-minute fees, and it also allows you to log notes and calls, send follow-up emails, and leave voicemails, minus waiting for that beep sound. You can also blend email, phone, and SMS to get a streamlined omnichannel sales outreach plus lead distribution, cadence building, and more.

Learn your team’s activity and top performers with automatic call logs, analytics, and call recording and have solid proof to hold the right reps accountable for their actions. PhoneBurner is easy to use and highly customizable, so you can start dialing right away without any special equipment while adding users at any time with little setup.

Dial using local area codes, transfer calls quickly to any phone number, get dedicated incoming numbers, and use any software or any phone you like. Besides, they offer 100% lag-free connectivity and 99.9% uptime.

Sell from any part of the world with internet access as they are 100% remote organizations offering cloud-based platforms with essential tools to boost your selling experience. Furthermore, integrate it with 150+ tools, including Salesforce, Zapier, Zoom, Zoho, and HubSpot. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Increase call volume to multi-folds with Close without leaving your CRM, and reach one step closer to making more profits. It is one of the best-calling solutions, which lets you earn more leads with minimal effort.

Call automatically with the Power Dialer using your lead lists and empower your reps to make over 300 calls per day with ease. In addition, enhance your call reach rates instantly with their Predictive Dialer and call several numbers simultaneously. It also routes a call immediately to available agents.

Customize call settings and avail local numbers from 200+ countries to make outbound reach. Close also helps you track calling activity as it logs all the calls received and made with their duration. Furthermore, you can forward calls to other numbers if you are away from the desk.

Transfer calls easily if the customers want to speak to other members, and you can also enable call recordings to review call activities, monitor progress, and train new joiners. Plus, download and listen to these recordings with a single click and share them.

Close offers voicemail automation so you can leave pre-recorded messages and proceed with the next call. Get instant insights into the calling activities of your sales team to learn the numbers of outbound calls, each call duration, and call by an agent.

Keep using the current number with Close. Besides, the software offers crystal clear sound quality never to miss a beat and features global phone numbers on all of their plans. Close also offers robust in-app listen, barge, and whisper features without extra cost, in addition to in-app call coaching in real-time for training.


LeadDesk is a perfect power dialer solution to achieve more outbound sales, customer satisfaction, and agent efficiency. It allows you to connect with customers smoothly and efficiently with its excellent user interface.

Make a fixed number of outbound calls automatically and then assign them to the available agents. Thus, you can design call-agent ratio easily, and tweak number volumes dialed simultaneously. In this way, the agents don’t have to wait for prospects to take the call, saving time.

This Power dialer works best for small to medium-sized sales teams with a maximum of 15 agents, compared to a predictive dialer that can accommodate a large pool of agents. It’s also excellent for longer calls and medium to high-quality contact lists where the probability of getting answers is more.

LeadDesk has ultra-strong infrastructure for Call Center-as-a-Service with 99.95% uptime and high-quality audio. In addition to that, they store all your data in one place irrespective of the dialer mode used, resulting in easy reporting.


Empower and help your reps with Aircall’s power dialer to dial faster while reducing manual CRM entries. They can compile a quality list of phone numbers quickly using the software and call them with a click.

It identifies numbers from a prospect’s site to add them in the calling queue and then syncs them as contacts in your CRM. In addition, screen pops with data from your CRM provide context for each call. It also offers faster follow-ups by letting the agents record notes and go through the steps in the app to enable automation to handle the rest.

The software will provide all the data necessary so you can follow up at the right time. You also get features like warm transfer to give the team an option to speak to each other quickly before transferring live calls. Furthermore, they can assign calls to teammates, leave explanatory comments to them, and then the call would go into their to-do list.

Record calls and review them to confirm details, train newcomers, and monitor quality. Plus, save time by integrating it with CRMs and business tools like Salesforce, Intercom, Zendesk, HubSpot, Shopify, Slack, Zapier, Freshdesk, Zoho, Kustomer, and more.


I hope this article on predictive dialers and auto dialer software helps you choose a suitable solution for your business based on your organization size, number of agents, and type of campaign.

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