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In Design Last updated: June 2, 2023
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Want to fuel the creative artist within you? Don’t forget to check out these Procreate tattoo brush resources right now!

Tattoo artists adore using the fantastic tool Procreate for their graphic art and design work. It’s well-liked because it’s simple and packed with great features. Tattoo artists can make incredible designs immediately on their mobile devices with Procreate. 

What is Procreate all about?


Procreate‘s extensive selection of brushes is one of its best features. Tattoo artists can select from various brush styles to produce distinctive and intricate designs. They can also change the brushes’ size, opacity, and color to achieve the ideal aesthetic.

The layer concept in Procreate is yet another excellent feature. The ability to work on multiple levels makes it simpler for tattoo artists to modify and make adjustments without ruining the overall design. It’s like being able to doodle on top of transparent sheets.

Additionally, Procreate offers a handy selection tool that makes it simple for tattoo artists to alter and modify their designs. They can easily resize, pivot, and warp their artwork with just a few taps.

Procreate enables artists to export their creations in high-quality formats. Further, once the tattoo design is finished, they can share it with their customers or print it off. 

How useful is the tattoo brush from Procreate?

Procreate tattoo brushes are essential for producing realistic and genuine tattoo patterns. In the Procreate program, digital artists use brushes that resemble virtual instruments to create tattoo-like effects.

The tattoo brush is a crucial tool in Procreate that can help tattoo artists in numerous ways. By simulating the appearance and feel of conventional tattooing methods, artists may use this specialized brush to produce elaborate and lifelike designs on a computerized canvas.


Tattoo artists may explore, perfect, and visualize their ideas using different brush settings and textures before resorting to permanent ink. Thanks to Procreate’s tattoo brush, artists can experiment with various styles, hone their expertise, and finally create gorgeous tattoo patterns.

Additionally, tattoo artists can save time and money by using Procreate tattoo brushes. They can fix errors, try various color combinations, and explore original ideas without losing ink or materials. With the help of these brushes, artists can expand their creative abilities and produce magnificent tattoos that are sure to make an impression.

Factors to consider when choosing Procreate tattoo brushes

There are certain key factors to remember while selecting Procreate tattoo brushes.

Brush Quality

Opt for brushes that provide accurate details in tattoo designs by producing smooth, sharp lines. Proper thought should also be given to the available brush varieties. Having a wide variety of brushes can help you make distinctive and adaptable tattoos since different brushes give varied textures and effects.

Brush Settings and Personalization Options

Controlling your brushes’ flow, opacity, and size can significantly improve your creative process. Search for brushes that let you quickly change these settings to meet your unique requirements.


To prevent compatibility difficulties, ensure the brushes comply with the particular version of Procreate you are running.


Go for brushes that have received favorable reviews from other tattooists because this may imply that they are reliable and effective.

When selecting Procreate tattoo brushes, you may make an informed choice by considering brush quality, diversity, customization possibilities, compatibility, and reviews. Here are some of the best-in-class Procreate brushes that can come in handy to ink your imagination.


A common Procreate resource is BrushPacks. It offers a selection of brushes so that artists may use their devices to produce stunning works of art. You don’t have to bother making your brushes from scratch when using BrushPacks. Instead, you can pick from many pre-made brushes appropriate for various artistic approaches and styles.


There is a perfect brush set for every purpose, whether you want to draw realistic portraits, humorous cartoons, or intricate landscapes. Utilizing BrushPacks is pretty simple. Once a brush set has been purchased and downloaded, you can import it into Procreate.

You can use the brushes in your artwork right away after that. One can also alter the brushes’ size, opacity, and other variables to create the required effects. 

The natural and authentic feel of your digital artwork is enhanced by using these brushes. They seem like traditional art supplies, including pencils, pens, markers, and paintbrushes. Overall, artists using Procreate can benefit from BrushPacks, which offers them a variety of superior brushes to help them expand their creativity and create great digital artwork.

Design Bundles

Users of Procreate have access to an excellent resource at Design Bundles. You may use these brushes, which are unique tools, in the Procreate program to produce stunning digital artwork. With more than 1000 brushes at your disposal, there is a vast selection to match your artistic preferences.


Skilled artists meticulously created the Procreate brushes available on Design Bundles to offer distinctive effects and textures. You must have the Procreate software loaded on your device to use the Procreate brushes.

You may quickly import the brushes from the resource into Procreate and begin utilizing them afterward. Finding the brushes you want is simple because of the categories into which the brushes are divided.

Your digital art can advance by using Procreate brushes. You may experiment, add depth and nuances, and realize your artistic vision with many brushes at your disposal. Procreate brushes from Design Bundles are an excellent tool for anyone using Procreate who wants to improve their artwork.

Brush Galaxy

With Brush Galaxy, you can use the incredible array of brushes in the Procreate brush library with the well-known digital art program.

You may access a variety of brushes with this tool, which can help you make your artwork come to life. These brushes are made to be simple to use and yield beautiful results, no matter whether you’re a novice or an expert artist.


You can explore various brush types, from vivid watercolors and digital effects to realistic pencil strokes. The brushes are designed specifically for Procreate, meaning they make the most of all its features to provide you with a fluid and simple sketching experience.

This tool is ideal for individuals who want to increase the scope of their Procreate creativity. Concept art, character designs, tattoos, and other things can be made using brushes. With the help of this resource, you’ll have access to a vast collection of brushes that can be used to express your creative ideas simply and enjoyably.

Tattoo Space

A fantastic tool for digital artists and tattoo fans is the Tattoo Space Procreate brush. These brushes are ideal for use with mobile devices to produce elaborate and realistic tattoo patterns. This site is fantastic because it’s simple to use, even for new users.


Fine liners, shading brushes, and texture brushes are just a few of the many brush types available in the Tattoo Space Procreate brush library. These brushes make drawing precise, fluid lines simple, add depth and shade to your artwork, and even include intriguing textures for a more realistic tattoo appearance.

The Tattoo Space Procreate brush toolkit is a great asset to have, whether you’re a working tattoo artist or just a person who enjoys making digital art. It enables you to quickly unleash your imagination and create beautiful tattoo designs. Don’t hesitate to give it a try!


An excellent tool for tattoo artists is Brushestock! It provides a vast selection of brushes that work with the Procreate app. These brushes were created especially for tattoo artists to help you bring your drawings to the real world. 


Skilled artists made the brushes with the intention of giving your digital tattoos an authentic and polished appearance. Brushestock can improve your digital tattooing technique, regardless of your level of skill. It’s a valuable tool that offers a variety of imaginative possibilities while saving you time.

Here, you can try your hand at tattooing using various types of brushes. Therefore, Brushestock is worth checking out if you want to create incredible tattoo designs digitally.


A fantastic Procreate brush tool for tattoos is available from DesignCuts. The brushes in this collection can be used by tattoo artists to create beautiful digital artwork. These brushes are simple to use and work with the well-known digital art program Procreate.


They give a realistic feel by imitating the texture and coloration of conventional tattooing techniques. Artists might experiment with various brush sizes, opacity levels, and textures to create the desired effect.

Many alternatives are available in the DesignCuts Procreate brush resource for tattoos, such as liner brushes for fine line work, shading brushes for smooth gradients, and textured brushes for adding depth and nuances. 

This tool lets tattoo artists express their creativity and digitally realize their designs. The Procreate brush resources from DesignCuts offer a priceless set of tools to improve your creative process, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned tattoo artist or a novice learning about digital tattoo design. 

Procreate Tattoo Brushes

Digital tattoo tools called Procreate Tattoo Brushes are used by tattoo artists to produce beautiful designs on the Procreate software. Artists may create a variety of textures, line measurements, and shading approaches using a wide range of brush possibilities.


It offers a wide selection of tattoo brush sets for Procreate, enabling artists to diversify their toolkits and find the ideal ones for their individual styles. These adaptable brushes can be tailored to suit personal tastes, making them a flexible option for tattoo artists of all skill levels, from beginners to experts.

In conclusion, the Procreate app’s tattoo brushes are an effective digital tool that helps tattoo artists bring their drawings to life. These brushes are an absolute must for any tattoo artist who wants to experiment with digital tattooing due to their simplicity of usage and variety of options.


On the website Etsy, you can find beautiful items related to tattoos. It’s like an online bazaar for tattoos! Unique and handmade products can be found, including temporary tattoos, designs for tattoo prints, apparel, jewelry, and more. Etsy supports independent designers and artists who make these fantastic tattoo-themed things.


If you’re on the hunt for a tattoo artist, you can find skilled tattoo artists offering their skills in the “Services” section of Etsy. You can look at their work samples, read testimonials from former clients, and even get in touch with them to talk about your tattoo concepts. In addition, Etsy offers a variety of tools and supplies for tattoo artists in training. 

You can purchase tattoo needles, ink, equipment, and other supplies to support your tattooing endeavors. Etsy is the place to be if you’re a fan of tattoos, a tattoo artist, or someone seeking a particular tattoo-related item. This vibrant online community enjoys and promotes tattoo art!


An excellent digital tool for tattoo artists is ProCreateInk. It’s a unique program that enables tattoo artists to make beautiful tattoos directly on their tablets or smartphones. You can let loose your imagination and make your ideas come to life with ProCreateInk.


A variety of simple-to-use tools and functions are available in the app. You may select from various brush types, colors, and textures to make your creations stand out. It also contains layers, letting you work on multiple aspects of your design independently and quickly adjust.

Drawing precise lines and fine details is simple with ProCreateInk’s responsive UI. Additionally, it features pressure sensitivity, allowing you to adjust the line thickness much like with conventional tattooing.

When your design is finished, you can share it with clients or other designers by exporting it as a high-quality picture file. It’s a fantastic method to show off your skills and get criticism. ProCreateInk, a robust and user-friendly technology, is revolutionizing the way tattoo professionals create and distribute their designs.


Overall, Procreate is an outstanding digital art tool that tattoo artists adore. They may make beautiful tattoo designs on their electronic devices because of its straightforward interface and plenty of great capabilities. 

Using these tools, you may build intricate, lifelike designs, accurately controlling each stroke. The resources provided by Procreate’s tattoo brush tools are suitable for all tattoo styles, whether for bold colors or intricate black and grey patterns.

These brushes enable tattoo artists to bring out their creativity and create magnificent tattoo artworks that perfectly embody the ideas of their clients, from sharp lines to subtle details.

You may also explore the best Apple pencil apps to unleash your creativity on iPad and Mac.

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