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8 Best Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) Software for SMB

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RMM solutions are software tools designed to enable Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs) to remotely and proactively manage customers’ endpoints, networks, and computers.

The acronym RMM refers to Remote Monitoring and Management solutions, also known as network management or remote monitoring software.

Thanks to RMM tools, MSPs can deploy patches and updates, install and configure software, and diagnose and resolve problems; all that is done remotely.

How an RMM is Deployed


RMM software solutions are deployed through an agent (a small footprint software component) installed on the various devices in a network, be they PCs, workstations, servers, mobiles, etc.

MSPs use these agents to acquire remote monitoring capabilities by sending information from client devices to the MSP. The information sent is machine health and status, which gives the MSP an insight into the client’s networks.

The best RMM tools not only monitor devices and send information to the MSP but also act proactively, detecting potential problems and initiating action where appropriate. Agents can automatically create service tickets when they detect a problem that requires attention.

These tickets are classified according to the type of incident and its severity. This classification helps the MSP to make an optimal allocation of its technical resources for problem resolution.

The following is a review of the best RMM solutions on the market. is the only truly unified PSA-RMM platform that offers tools for modern MSP needs, including IT documentation and project management. With’s RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management), you can manage your client’s network of assets with ease and proactively tackle issues. Monitor assets in real-time, dive deep for granular information about an asset, and find all the context you need to resolve issues effectively.

Powered with the goodness of AI and intelligent automation, is packed with all the features that a modern MSP needs, including easy ticketing, flexible contract management, proactive endpoint management, fast remote access, and truly intelligent alert management.

No more switching between five different tools to manage your IT operations. 

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Asset Management: Get a comprehensive record of all the devices and endpoints in your clients’ environments within a single system. 

Policy Management: Set up a flexible policy management system that helps you build policies to cater to the needs of your client’s networks.

Patch Management: Automate and manage all your client’s assets and business safely with patch fixes. 

Alert Management: Set up alerts for all your assets in all your clients’ environments and be proactive when it needs some fixing.

In addition, RMM is packed with exciting features and seamlessly integrates with PSA, IT documentation, and project management software. It is your one-stop shop for modern MSP needs. 

Manage Engine RMM Central

Manage Engine begins by quickly discovering all network devices, from servers, routers, and storage systems to virtual machines, not to mention client devices such as laptops and other mobile computers.

Once the discovery step is complete, Manage Engine simplifies RMM tasks through a single console from which application management, remote device troubleshooting, and IT asset inventory can be addressed for all types of endpoints.


With Manage Engine, you can view critical metrics such as immediate device status, performance issues (and their resolution), bandwidth consumption, and alarms from multiple client networks.

Other tasks simplified with Manage Engine include detecting missing patches (and installing them), restricting user access and enforcing security policies, and customizing configurations for each customer’s network requirements.

The acquisition and deployment of Manage Engine are also simplified, thanks to a flexible licensing scheme for monitoring and device management and the use of a single product and a single, efficient, and user-friendly console for all IT assets. These strengths ensure minimal resource consumption and maximized return on investment (ROI).

NinjaOne RMM

NinjaOne is a unified IT operations platform that aims to provide easy-to-use dashboards to reduce the complexity of IT work and modernize IT management.


NinjaOne’s RMM module is no exception, providing instant access to Windows, Mac, Linux, SNMP, or VMWare devices from a single screen. NinjaOne’s endpoint management toolset makes it easy to remediate IT issues without interrupting end users’ work.

In addition to ease of operation, NinjaRMM strives to provide the shortest implementation time and lowest administration overhead.

In this way, it aims to make IT technicians more efficient, freeing up their time to focus on value-added tasks. NinjaOne allows you to automate as many Tier 1 support tasks as possible, helping end users with powerful IT management tools behind the scenes.

To ease implementation and start-up, NijaRMM has a level of customer support ranked with the highest ratings. This is complemented by free training and onboarding, plus the ever-present support of NinjaOne.


Atera is a complete, all-in-one RMM solution, created especially with IT professionals in mind. Atera handles remote monitoring and management of all device types, managing remote access, help desk, billing, and performance reporting.


Atera’s user interface emphasizes ease of use, making onboarding a quick and easy process that allows you to start working immediately. Atera’s interfaces are intuitive and designed for IT professionals looking for a tool that allows them to work smarter and faster.

Moreover, using automation rules, a shared scripting library, and unique patch management software minimizes the need for technicians to spend time on routine and repetitive tasks.

Atera’s disruptive, honest and transparent pricing scheme saves a lot of money by paying per technician using the system. There is no limitation on the number of devices, and the price to be paid only increases when more technicians are added to the staff.

N-able N-sight RMM

N-sight is N-able’s RMM platform, providing a powerful combination of features that allow you to get your work up and running in no time for a starting price of $99 per month. For this price, the tool offers patch management, drag, and drop automation, inventory tracking, and asset discovery for up to 100 nodes.


In addition, it provides a remote access license for attended and unattended support, live chat and fast file transfer with drag and drops, and 3 MSP administrator licenses for ticketing and billing.

N-able offers a predictable pricing scheme, so you don’t have to pay for every technician that joins your staff.

N-sight RMM software offers next-level protection, defending Windows and Apple devices with flexible real-time monitoring and management tools, plus a simple dashboard highlighting critical information during peak operations.

For Windows devices, patch management functionality keeps them up to date with every aspect of Microsoft environments.

N-sight Take Control’s sophisticated encryption and multi-factor authentication provides MSPs with secure, instant access to troubleshoot desktop or mobile (Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android) issues from virtually anywhere.

IT technicians can get accurate, real-time information to support end users, even on mobile devices, providing world-class assistance from native Android and iOS apps.


ITarian remote monitoring and management software allows you to remotely manage network endpoints, computers, mobile devices, and the entire IT infrastructure from a centralized console.

ITarian tracks multiple clients and endpoints, providing up-to-date information about network status and software updates on each user’s device.

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ITarian operates autonomously and proactively, continuously monitoring the health of networks and end-user devices. When it detects a problem that requires attention, it automatically generates a service ticket assigned to an MSP.

Using built-in wizards makes it possible to create standard, reusable processes that solve complex problems. This is intended to increase technician efficiency, improve service quality and strengthen customer relationships.

For rapid deployment and configuration, ITarian can quickly import the list of users, devices, and endpoints from LDAP and Active Directory, through full integration with these two systems.

Total management is carried out from a unified interface that allows you to view, manage and understand your customers’ IT environments. This console even allows for real-time chat with customers and to apply fixes remotely without switching windows.

The ITarian license grants exclusive access to the product forums and the MSP Consortium, giving you an active voice in the product roadmap and MSP community.

LogMeIn (GoTo) Central


With LogMeIn Central, you can remotely deploy endpoints and automate routine IT tasks while protecting your business with Enterprise Access Point Management and Security. LogMeIn’s RMM tool offers HD remote access, user and device management, background access, file transfer, and more, all for a base fee of $80 per month (billed annually).

LogMeIn Central’s desktop sharing and remote control capabilities allow your technical team to provide quick and easy support for any Mac or PC from any location.

LogMeIn RMM offers antivirus management to protect and secure users’ machines with Central Premier. This product brings together some of the most advanced anti-malware tools on the market.

LogMeIn Central’s user management allows you to organize your users into groups, control permissions, enable two-factor authentication, and extend computer access. By grouping computers, you can organize client devices based on role, location, access permissions, or any custom criteria you want to specify.

Finally, remote deployment allows you to deploy LogMeIn hosts and configure installation packages on all machines in your IT environment. LogMeIn gives you a complete view of the integrity of each LogMeIn host to detect strategic issues and critical updates.


SyxSense’s RMM tools are based on security contexts that allow MSPs to move instantly between different clients without taking their eyes off a single console. This console will enable them to monitor and act with precision on the client and its devices.


SyxSense distributes workloads efficiently among available personnel. The configuration of access levels and roles achieves optimal utilization of human resources, assigning tasks to technicians according to their skills and avoiding under- or over-utilization of resources.

Each user can have multiple functions, which define what they can do, and domains, which determine where they can do it.

One aspect differentiating SyxSense from other RMM solutions is that SyxSense uses Cortex to monitor, alert and repair, giving the MSP a real-time connection to assess and respond immediately.

By combining SyxSense Cortex real-time responses with Windows maintenance routines, MSPs can save up to 80% of the time required to manage customers. SyxSense brings proactivity to MSP management, reducing the demands on MSPs and freeing them for value-generating tasks.

Syxsense offers free trials of its full-featured RMM tools for up to 100 devices for 14 days.


Having an effective RMM tool is a necessity for MSPs to stay competitive. The ability to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot problems and perform routine maintenance is a given in an MSP’s service. It is also essential to reduce service time and effort and meet service level agreements (SLAs).

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