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In Design Last updated: August 17, 2023
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Your restaurant can’t survive in today’s digital competition without a website. Check out these restaurant website templates to ace your game!

In the current era of digital advancement, it is a must for all companies to have a website. Eateries and restaurants are no different. Prospective consumers often use online resources like websites and apps to identify and explore restaurants.

Restaurants can raise brand exposure, draw in more customers, and increase revenue with a well-designed website. Even AI website builders can come in handy for non-tech restaurant owners.

If you are a restaurant owner, investing in a website is a smart move that can help your business grow and succeed. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of having a website for a restaurant. We will also look at the best restaurant website templates to attract customers.

What are the benefits of having a website for a restaurant?

A restaurant’s website can offer many details about its establishment, such as its menu, hours of operation, address, and phone number. Additionally, it can feature customer reviews and images of the restaurant’s inside and exterior, attracting more customers. Below are a few reasons why having a website for a restaurant can be helpful.

A man using a laptop to book a restaurant.
  • By increasing your restaurant’s online visibility, a website can help you reach more potential consumers and make your restaurant more reachable.
  • Even while you’re closed, potential consumers can order meals from your restaurant and learn more about it on your always-available website.
  • A website can provide prospective clients with more details about your business, like the menu, operating hours, specialties, and contact information.
  • You can save your and the customer’s time and money by using a website to place an online meal order.
  • By giving consumers a place to post reviews and ask questions, a website can help you develop good relations with your clients.
  • You can monitor your progress using a website, showing you how many people visit it and how many online orders it generates.

In short, having a website for your restaurant makes it easy for you to manage your restaurant. You can either go for restaurant websites or check out restaurant management solutions for ease.


With its Starter Templates, Astra enables you to construct websites with a professional appearance quickly. Starter Templates are ready-made website examples that you can import to build a brand-new website from the ground up. On Astra, you can easily add new pages to an existing website.

The homepage of a restaurant website.

You can add your own photos, phrases, fonts, colors, and styles to the completely configurable templates to create a unique look for your website. To design the perfect template, you can combine and match several templates. The nicest thing about Astra is that it provides high-speed website templates without the need for significant alterations or further optimization.


Colorlib is one of the greatest options for your restaurant website. It provides the top website templates that are available and ready to use for any website. Their templates’ finest feature is contact forms, vibrant color schemes, and contemporary designs. 

Restaurant & cafe wordpress theme.

Colorlib offers both HTML and Bootstrap templates, making it simple to create a professional website. They now offer more than 1,000 Bootstrap templates, and they continue to add new ones daily. They also provide really attractive and simple-to-use HTML templates. Colorlib sells them as part of a membership that includes support and frequent upgrades.


Wix offers a potent technology that enables everyone to get their own restaurant website with a personalized, professional digital presence. They have an enormous worldwide user base, an open SDK, and unmatched design talents, all of which have helped to establish an exceptional setting. Due to its all-in-one platform, you can manage and expand your web presence with Wix. 

A website with ice cream and food on it.

Wix not only gives us templates, but it also gives programmers, web designers, and other online experts a way to make money. On this platform, they can profitably sell their apps and services. Wix also gives you access to a staff that is committed to continuously creating new features and tools to support your success.


From the Webflow library’s more than 2,000 templates, you can pick the one that best suits your intended restaurant website. Finding the right template is simple since you can look for templates depending on the type of business, language used, style, and design elements.

A mobile app with a variety of menus and menus.

The templates are quite well-made, contemporary, and aesthetically beautiful. The pre-built components found in Webflow’s templates include data-collecting forms, background films, and online store sites. 

On Webflow, each of these functionalities may be completely customized. Webflow interactions, a capability for creating custom animations, are used by many themes. This enables designers to produce distinctive scroll effects, zoom effects, hover effects, and page transitions that activate in response to various user interactions with your website pages.


Nicepage is a fantastic option for organizations seeking an economical, user-friendly website template. They provide a selection of templates for various companies, including eateries. All of the necessary functionality for a restaurant website is there in well-designed, simple-to-use restaurant templates.

The homepage of a restaurant wordpress theme.

One of its finest features is that Nicepage is so reasonably priced. The program has a free version with less functionality, but the subscription plans are relatively affordable. The Pro plan has all the elements required to build a professional-looking restaurant website and is only $18 a month.


Dribbble is highly recommended for anyone looking for a restaurant website template. There are several templates available, and each one is distinctive and fashionable.

The themes are also incredibly user-friendly, making it simple to make a website for your restaurant that looks professional. You can drag and drop pieces to build your website, and many tutorials are available to guide you through the process.

The homepage of a restaurant wordpress theme.

Dribble has the option of having templates focusing on the restaurant’s theme. There are templates available for both casual and fine dining establishments. Additionally, there are layouts for various cuisines to select one ideal for your business. 

Envato Elements

Envato Elements has over 200,000 graphic designs and 254 restaurant layouts. With the help of this website template, you can construct amazing websites and access a library of 250,000 assets, including stock video and motion graphics, through an Envato Elements membership. Titles, logos, page openers, and video displays are all included in these website designs. 

YouTube video

The templates from Envato Elements can be altered or customized using software like Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. Additionally, it includes many additional features that can enhance the interactivity and aesthetics of your web pages, including built-in SEO capabilities. 


GoDaddy offers an extremely quick and simple option to launch your restaurant website. Thanks to its Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) editor, it offers the quickest approach to building a restaurant website. GoDaddy‘s ADI creates a customized design for you to customize based on information like the name and type of site you wish to create.

The homepage of a website with a picture of a bowl of noodles and a picture of a wok.

Along with offering wonderful layouts, GoDaddy is also a budget-friendly choice. It offers a free plan and a low-cost yearly monthly subscription for just $9.99. Once your year’s plan expires, it boasts the most affordable renewal pricing of $11.99 monthly.


Freepik has a terrific variety of restaurant templates that can revolutionize any food company. You can create expert designs that compel clients with ease if you can access a wide variety of attractive menus, flyers, and posters. The templates are appropriate for both beginners and specialists because they are aesthetically pleasing and remarkably simple to change. 

A black and yellow ui design for a restaurant.

Freepik offers templates in a number of formats, ensuring compatibility with the programs you want. It also provides the ideal template to match your restaurant’s branding, whether you’re looking for classy, refined designs or something more whimsical and colorful. Another fantastic feature is the availability of both free and paid templates, which allows for monetary flexibility.


The restaurant website templates from Canva are outstanding since they provide a vast selection of design options to meet your creative requirements. Canva has everything you need: a delicious menu, an eye-catching special section to advertise your special deals, or an exquisite area to display your culinary wonders.

A variety of food items are displayed on a website.

These templates stand out for their usability since Canva’s drag-and-drop user interface makes creating designs with a professional appearance simple. Each template can be easily customized so you can add your own flair. Canva is accessible on both the web and mobile devices, allowing you to design while on the move.


Bootstrap templates are most suited for eateries, restaurants, bars, caterers, bakeries, food courts, and other food enterprises needing a visually appealing and effective manner to sell their food-related services. They are all-in-one because they include every function a restaurant website may require to be as enlightening as possible. 

The homepage of a restaurant website.

Opening a website is made simple for you by Bootstrap since they are already personalized, has amazing documentation, and has simple codes that anybody can use without prior knowledge of web design. A website built with the Bootstrap Template will do more than merely provide the template. It will also assist in maintaining and enhancing the templates for your restaurant’s success.


The aesthetics of ThemeWagon’s templates are one of its distinguishing qualities. They provide a selection of attractive graphic styles ideal for highlighting each restaurant’s distinctive individuality. There is a template to fit your style, whether you own a tiny coffee shop or a fancy dining business. 

YouTube video

ThemeWagon’s templates for restaurant websites include pre-built sections for menus, photo galleries, client testimonials, and more. This significantly reduces the time and effort required to set up a website from scratch. They are well-organized, which makes it simple for visitors to browse the website and locate important features like menu selections, location, and contact details. 

One Page Love

Restaurant website templates from One Page Love come in a wide range of innovative and practical layouts. Their 13 templates are well worth considering if you want to build an engaging internet presence for your restaurant, regardless of whether you’re an established restaurateur or a beginning food entrepreneur. These templates provide a smooth and easy-to-use user experience because they are intended to be one-page websites.

YouTube video

Each of the 13 layouts captures a distinct and captivating atmosphere that is suited to different kinds of restaurants, from expensive dining establishments to simple cafes. One Page Love’s design aesthetics and attention to detail are excellent, making it a pleasure to browse the templates.

There are several restaurant website templates and examples on Their templates, which are expertly made and flawlessly defined, can lighten your workload. With a low-cost monthly membership, all of the templates are modifiable and downloaded in Adobe Photoshop or HTML formats.

A page with a restaurant website template.

The best thing about is that they provide a checklist of the elements the website has to include. These templates provide a good foundation for constructing a visually appealing and functional restaurant website due to their wide range, user-friendly layout, and responsive design.


CSS provides a selection of templates that were created with an emphasis on simple and contemporary design. While guaranteeing a positive user experience, these designs are excellent for exhibiting the atmosphere and individuality of a restaurant.

The website will appear excellent on a variety of platforms, including computers and smartphones, thanks to the incorporation of responsive design concepts.

A website design for a restaurant and food website.

Using CSS templates has a number of key benefits, one of which is the degree of customization they permit. You can modify the templates as a web developer or designer to meet each restaurant’s unique requirements and branding. CSS’s adaptability makes changing the layout, colors, fonts, and other design aspects simple.


Without any coding experience, restaurant owners and culinary entrepreneurs can effortlessly present, share, and sell their work online using Pixpa’s all-in-one portfolio website builder. You can choose from the cutting-edge, responsive restaurant website designs provided by Pixpa. It has a built-in blog, an online store, and client galleries to help you make your ideal website.

Restaurant and food website templates.

Thanks to an intuitive website and reasonably cost memberships, you can do more work with less time and money. Pixpa assists you in selecting the ideal restaurant website to promote your establishment, highlight your menu, offer gorgeous images, advertise yourself, secure reservations, market your services, and also expand your catering company. 


Restaurantify provides every restaurant with the opportunity to establish a website for free. To improve your online reputation, this platform comes with a number of sophisticated features and integrations, like Google Maps location, social network integration, email integration, and SEO. 

YouTube video

Only the clients have been considered in the creation of appealing, mobile-friendly site designs. Restaurantify guarantees that its website will always be free from viruses, security threats, and other technological problems. The best feature is that anybody, regardless of technical ability, can easily construct, personalize, update, or change the website’s appearance or content at any moment.

Templates Jungle

In addition to commercial and e-commerce templates, Templates Jungle also features a large selection of restaurant templates. A team of skilled web designers carefully crafts each template to satisfy the demands of various culinary industries. It emphasizes customization choices and user-friendliness. 

Three responsive html css templates for restaurant.

The templates from Templates Jungle are user-friendly and simple to use, making it easy for anyone without a lot of technical knowledge to create websites. They provide pre-designed pieces, drag-and-drop interfaces, and powerful modification tools.

Additionally, the website offers responsive templates, which adjust and look amazing on various platforms, including PCs, tablets, and mobile phones.


With a restaurant website template, you can swiftly and easily launch your business’s online presence and achieve success. Various templates are available on different websites, so you can pick one that matches your preferences and price range. Once you decide on a design, you can add and alter your content to reflect your brand. 

With the help of a restaurant website template, you can enhance sales, draw in more customers, and give your restaurant a strong online presence. So if you’re thinking of starting your restaurant or eatery, do make use of these website builders to create your dream website!

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