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Today the market is flooded with delivery businesses with growing competition day by day. Efficient and timely delivery is the key to success. But, not every business owner has enough time to regularly call the driver to track the product and route; this is where Route optimization software comes into use. 

This must-need software for every delivery business not only helps you track the driver but also helps to stay ahead in the market with timely delivery. However, the challenge is finding the right routing software for your small business, even though routing software is generally easy to use.

This article reviews the best route optimization apps for delivery services in detail.

What is Route Optimization?

Route optimization enhances productivity and cuts costs by improving the efficiency of routes. Route optimization allows businesses to maximize revenue or get things done by weighing many factors, such as driver schedules, operating hours, stop counts, and estimated turnaround times.

However, the key to ensuring successful delivery is finding not only the shortest route but also the most efficient route. Route optimization applies to every company, whether directly serving consumers or sending professionals to homes and businesses. 

How Route Optimization Helps Businesses in Cost-Cutting and Faster Delivery?

Identifies Optimal Routes

The right software identifies the least time-consuming travel routes based on factors such as traffic congestion, road construction, time of day, and weather conditions. It employs advanced algorithms to identify the optimal route for the user.


Planning your route using route planning software can significantly reduce your time spent on the road, cutting logistics costs exponentially.

Increases productivity

You can let the software handle complex tasks. You won’t have to plan routes, and this will allow you to provide your services more efficiently. Further, optimized routes mean more jobs get done faster, which leads to higher productivity. Thus, they spend less time driving and more time doing stuff they like.

Enhances customer satisfaction

When you deliver your services on time, your customers will appreciate you. Software tools ensure the right driver reaches the right customer at the right time without backtracking. Customer retention is a sure thing when customers are happy.

Efficient use of fuel

The fleet spends less time on the road, so fuel consumption is lower. Fuel costs now make up more than 30% of expenses, so you’ll pay less for less consumption.


It is possible to save time and resources by optimizing routes. Fleet productivity increases with this system as jobs get completed more quickly and efficiently. Technology allows for same-day delivery.

How does Route Optimization Work?

Data input

The basis of route optimization is data. Route planning begins with knowing the destination and period of time. The vehicle’s capacity ensures it’s manageable, and time windows ensure each stop is on time. You can manually enter locations or import them from a spreadsheet.

Optimization algorithm

An optimization algorithm determines the path to take based on input data. Genetic algorithms, simulation annealing, and ant colonies are three types.

  • Genetic algorithms generate routes based on a target function, like total distance, time, and fuel use, by selecting, crossing, and mutating.
  • Simulation annealing increases properties by heating and cooling. It picks a random solution and adjusts it repeatedly.
  • An ant colony is optimized by watching how it behaves and how fast it gets to its destination. Initially, it leaves smelly trails, which other ants follow.

Data output

Route optimization software uses real-time traffic and weather data to calculate efficient routes; distance traveled, and arrival times. It also identifies delays and problems so routes can be changed in real-time.

Find below the ultimate Route Optimization software. Let’s check what they have to offer!


‍Routific automates the route optimization process while making it simple and easy to understand. Routific provides you with the tools to track your deliveries and improve your business and performance.

Routific maps out the most efficient routes for multiple drivers, simplifying your business. This free route optimization software is also helpful in managing routes, tracking orders, and improving delivery times. 

Key Features:

  • Connects easily to third-party apps
  • Provides accurate and precise results
  • A robust and intuitive user interface

Routific offers a free trial for 7 days. There’s GPS tracking, and proof of delivery services come at $59 per vehicle per month. You can send automated notifications through email or SMS for an additional $19. It’s also available per stop. 


Route4Me lets you plan your routes and optimize them with its add-on features. It has powerful built-in navigation to dispatch multiple things while using high-quality route optimization software.

This software is customizable with its well-developed add-on marketplace. Your on-ground teams can be more efficient if you get shorter delivery paths. 

You can track mileage with Route4Me, which helps you document your mileage to meet clients. You can also track your drivers’ locations to ensure they’re not scamming you. A user can adapt the route to fit their daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal schedule. There are round trips, round trips with time restrictions, and routes that end anywhere.

Route4Me has a “command center,” so you can see how everyone is doing. You can change routes, make notes, and reassign vehicles.

Key Features:

  • The Route4me software reduces fuel costs and mileage by optimizing routes.
  • It has a GPS tracking feature that lets users track deliveries.
  • Route4me helps users improve delivery logistics with comprehensive analytics.

All in all, there are three plans to choose from. There is a starting plan of a $199 monthly fee for the route management plan; a route optimization plan starts at $249 per month, and a route optimization plus plan starts at $349 per month.

Verizon Connect

The Verizon Connect tool is designed to assist small businesses in discovering hidden costs and improving operations. The software includes a dashboard and reporting tools for tracking fleet performance.

Additionally, This software helps companies monitor unauthorized procedures and unsafe behaviors around the clock. It provides proof of delivery, predictive delivery times, ELD compliance, analytics, and phone and chat support.

Key Features:

  • Verizon Connect tracks vehicles, employees, and assets in real time.
  • There’s an excellent user interface and powerful analytics and reporting.
  • It has advanced features like route optimization, route planning, and scheduling.

With this tool, you can avoid traffic and track, maintain, inventory, and manage fuel for your vehicles. Verizon Connect offers different plans based on a company’s size and needs. The service cost starts at $25 monthly for two vehicles and $10 for each extra vehicle.


The SmartRoute route optimization software facilitates the planning of efficient routes for shipments and deliveries. In addition, it allows users to create and manage routes, track performance, and analyze data quickly and easily.

Using the software, teams can optimize route plans and make better decisions to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Also, SmartRoute provides detailed analytics and reporting that allow customers to understand their routes and adjust accordingly.

Key Features:

  • Save time and gas by planning and optimizing routes automatically.
  • It uses real-time traffic data to create the most efficient routes.
  • Detailed reports on fuel consumption and driver performance.

Currently, the company offers four plans. The basic plan starts at $32 per vehicle/per month. The standard plan starts at $54 per vehicle/per month. The premium plan starts at $75 per vehicle/per month. And enterprise plans are requested first.


OptimoRoute is an innovative tool for optimizing routes and saving drivers time. It contains a robust set of features and offers an intuitive user interface.

OptimoRoute also does route optimization, location, delivery slots, and more. Its premium features are useful in many industries, including food, eCommerce, field sales, HVAC, and healthcare.

It lets you notify your customers when their drivers are on the way, and they can track them live. With API access, you can synchronize your systems or get orders from an Excel or CSV file.

Once you plan a route and upload a file, you’ll get a list of routes in a few seconds.

Key Features:

  • Optimize your route based on your parameters.
  • Consider rest breaks, time windows, and vehicle capacity when planning.
  • GPS tracker for real-time route monitoring.

OptimoRoute offers three different plans, a Lite plan starts at $35.10, and a Pro plan starts at $44.10. You can also opt for a custom plan that provides cutting-edge routing. 


Radar is considered an effective tool for tracking trips. The application assists users in tracking their trips and gaining insight into their travel habits. Moreover, it allows users to view the exact route they have taken, the stops they have made, and even the time they spent at each destination.

Key Features:

  • Radar tracks real-time trips so you can keep an eye on everything.
  • It has detailed maps and data visualizations for analyzing trips and planning future ones.
  • You’ll get customizable alerts when your vehicle is near a destination.

Radar provides users with several customization options that allow them to tailor their experience to their specific requirements. Therefore, If you’re interested in the enterprise plan, request a quote. There’s an unlimited number of tracked users, unlimited API calls, and unlimited geofences with this plan.


The Circuit facilitates the planning and optimization of delivery routes, saving businesses time and money. The application helps users plan routes efficiently and conveniently, considering traffic conditions, road restrictions, and fuel costs.

The software optimizes your delivery routes based on traffic conditions and updated map data, so you save time and gas. You can also dispatch and route multiple vehicles simultaneously with Circuit for Teams.

Key Features:

  • Boosts efficiency by reducing mileage and optimizing routes.
  • Cuts fuel costs and emissions by optimizing routes and avoiding traffic congestion.
  • Improves driver safety by providing real-time traffic updates.

Moreover, it provides intuitive tools for analyzing routes and customizing them as needed. If you opt for Circuit’s premium plan, you have to pay around $20 monthly. The number of routes you can optimize is unlimited.


Track-POD helps companies plan delivery and distribution routes to improve their delivery and distribution. It started as a proof-of-delivery tool, and Track-POD has developed its offer to meet clients’ needs and now offers an app to optimize routes for drivers and managers.

In addition, It allows you to create and manage routes, assign them to drivers, and track their real-time progress.

Key Features:

  • Users can track vehicles and drivers in real-time and find out when they’re expected.
  • Make your multi-stop route cost-effective and efficient by optimizing it.
  • Track-POD helps companies analyze operations and identify improvements.

The software also offers route optimization, vehicle tracking, traffic alerts, and driver performance monitoring. Businesses can save time and money and easily manage deliveries and distribution operations with Track-POD.Currently, there are 4 plans available.

There is a standard plan starting at $29 per month and a $49 monthly fee for the Advanced plan. The Advanced Plus plan starts at $69, while the Enterprise plan requests a quote.

Final words

Multiple routes for delivery are an integral part of optimizing multiple routes. Using these tools and software can be beneficial if you need to create optimized routes with specific constraints based on your deliveries. They can also help you plan the best service route more effectively. 

You may also explore some best mileage-tracking apps.

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