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Ruby, an object-oriented, general-purpose language known for its simplicity and productivity,  is one of the most-loved server-side programming languages in the modern world. 

Even though Ruby language is mostly used for web development, it is worth noting that it is a versatile language that can be used for automation, prototyping, mobile application development, game development, and data analysis. 

A developer needs tools like online compilers, IDEs, and code editors to create web apps and other solutions using Ruby. 

This article will help you as a developer identify the best online compiler for your project. We will define what is an online Ruby compiler, discuss why you need one, and review some of the best. 

What is an online Ruby compiler?


An online Ruby compiler is a web-based application that converts Ruby source code into machine-readable code. Ruby is an interpreted language; thus, the execution of its code happens line by line. 

Ruby was designed with simplicity in mind, which means the code is high-level and human-readable. However, computers can only read binary numbers, and the online compiler converts the code from human-readable to machine-readable without changing the functionality. 

Why use an online Ruby compiler?

  • Accessibility: You don’t need to install Ruby on your machine to run your code. Most Ruby online compilers save you all the hustle as they create an environment to write, debug and test your code. 
  • Rapid prototyping: Have a quick idea you want to test with Ruby? An online compiler will get you sorted. You can then move your code to your favorite Ruby IDE when you are sure everything is working as expected. 
  • Testing: Tests are an important part of the development process. An online Ruby compiler can help test your code for functionality before moving it to production. 
  • Ease Collaboration: Some online Ruby compilers have collaboration features to streamline your processes if you work as a team. 
  • To experiment: If you are an experienced programmer who does not want to install Ruby on your machine, you can use an online compiler to test it out. 

These are some of the best Ruby Online Compilers to try today


Replit provides one of the most comprehensive online environments for development. On top of being an online compiler, this tool is also an IDE, code interpreter, and editor. 


Key features

  • Multiplatform: You can use Replit on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. 
  • Git integration: You can integrate this online compiler with version controls such as Git for easy code management. 
  • Customization: You can customize your development environment to suit your needs. 
  • Collaboration features: You can share your Repls for easy collaboration with colleagues. 

Replit has both free and paid plans. The free plan offers unlimited public Repls and 0.5GB account storage. Paid plans start from $7/month. 

Geekflare Online Compiler

We also have Geekflare online Ruby compiler that you can use to run your code. 


Key features

  • Easy to use: You don’t need to sign up to use this online Ruby compiler. 
  • Multiplatform: Windows, macOS, and Linux users can utilize this tool without running into errors. 
  • Supports many browsers: You can run and execute your code on some major web browsers. 

The Geekflare online Ruby compiler is free. You can also compile other languages, such as Python and PHP, by selecting them on the dropdown menu on the right side of the compiler. 


The OnlineGDB compiler offers developers a platform to write, execute and style their code. It is ideal if you want something easy to use yet powerful. 


Key features

  • Easy to get started: You can run your code without signing up. You can also sign up using GitHub or Facebook. 
  • Code styling: This online tool has a ‘beautify’ feature to make your code more presentable. 
  • Code sharing: The tool creates a link you can share with your team for code review. 
  • Error messages: You can check the error messages on the console during compilation. 

This Ruby online compiler is free. 


This JDoodle Online compiler offers a convenient way to write, execute, and test code. 


Key features

  • Easy to use: You can use the online compiler as a guest or sign up using your Google or Microsoft account. 
  • Shareable code: You can share uneditable code with friends. 
  • Collaboration: You can collaborate with your team from this tool. 
  • You can embed the IDE to your website using the JDoodle Plugins
  • Downloadable code: Once satisfied with the output, you can save your Ruby code to your local machine using the download button. 

Users can compile 76+ languages using this tool. 


OneCompiler’s Ruby Compiler is a tool for writing, executing, and sharing Ruby codes. The online compiler comes with boilerplate code that users can edit out. 


Key features

  • Concise and simple: You don’t need to sign up to witness the powerful features of this tool. 
  • Suitable for Rails: You can execute Ruby on Rails code, one of the most popular Ruby frameworks, from this tool. 
  • Flexible: This online tool allows you to write and execute code in different languages. Select your target language on the drop-down menu to get started. 

This Ruby online compiler is free and open source. 


myCompiler is an online tool for running Ruby code from any device. Users don’t have to set up a development environment; this tool has everything figured out. 


Key features

  • Supercharged code editor: The editor has code completion and highlights syntax to ease your development process. 
  • Tag feature: Add tags to your code for easy referencing and searching. 
  • Multi-language support: You can switch to C, C++, C#, Python, Java, and JavaScript languages while using this tool. 

Users wishing to store code for future reference can sign up and find their history under their dashboard. 


The Codeanywhere online compiler provides a robust Ruby environment to write, execute and debug Ruby code. You can launch projects after a few clicks on its browser-based online IDE. 


Key features

  • Intelligent code editor: Benefit from code completion, syntax highlighting, and code fixing using this tool. 
  • Extensions: This online compiler has various extensions to improve its functionality. 
  • Multilanguage support: This online compiler can be used with most programming languages. 

Codeanywhere is a paid Ruby compiler with plans starting from $6/month. 


Rextester online Ruby compiler is an easy-to-use online compiler for writing and executing Ruby codes. The tool allows users to change display settings on the editor. 

  • Minimalistic: Compile Ruby Online is a simple yet powerful tool. 
  • Multilanguage support: You can switch languages when using this online compiler. 
  • Great community: There is a large and supportive community to help you get unstuck if you have any issues. 

This online compiler is free. However, Patreon members enjoy the collaboration feature.

Codeinterview online Ruby compiler is suitable for students, developers, and those looking to improve their Ruby knowledge. 


Key features 

  • Code editor: Enjoy all the features of a Ruby code editor without downloading anything to your machine. 
  • Debugging: Errors are normal when writing code. This online Ruby compiler allows you to debug your code and identify errors. 
  • Test cases: You can write and run test cases right from this code editor. 

Users can enjoy a free 10-day trial with this online compiler. 


This Sololearn online compiler allows developers to write and execute Ruby code without signing up. However, users must be logged in to make their Ruby code public. 


Key features

  • Simple code editor: This online compiler is simple but has most of the features needed for such a tool. 
  • Console: You can run your code with one click and view the output in the built-in browser. 
  • Sharing capabilities: You can make your code ‘public’ and share links for code review. 
  • Large community: Sololearn has a large community to help debug your Ruby code. 

This online compiler is free to use. 


OnlineIDE Ruby compiler is suitable for writing, running, and testing Ruby code. 


Key features

  • Simple and clean design: This online tool maintains a minimalistic design but is still powerful as a compiler. 
  • Copy and download options: You can either copy or download your code to your local machine for future use. 
  • Code sharing option: Save your code to the cloud and access it whenever you have an internet connection. 
  • Multilanguage: You can use this online compiler with other languages, such as JavaScript and Python. 

OnlineIDE compiler is a free tool. 


Online Ruby compilers can be used by students, experienced developers, job seekers looking to brainstorm on Ruby basics, and anyone else who needs to test things out. 

You can now define a Ruby online compiler, its advantages, and list the best and their use cases. Even though online compilers have their use cases, they can never replace Ruby IDEs, as the latter provides more features. 

The choice of an online Ruby compiler will depend on preferences, ease of use, and features. Some tools are free, while others have free tiers and paid options. 

If you are more of a C programmer, here are some online C compilers.

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