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In Business Operations Last updated: April 24, 2023
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Every business and enterprise is getting digitized, then how could the salon stay back? Let’s see how salon management and booking experience be improved.

Managing the booking and services of a salon can be a hectic task. No matter how pro you are at multitasking, you will still need someone to assist you. Hence, that’s where salon software comes to the rescue.

As you know, thousands of salon software are available online, and the update and entry of new software make it even more crucial to pick the right salon software for the business. In this blog, we have brought some of the best salon management & booking software to improve your customer experience and lower your burden.

What is Salon Management Software?

Salon software is a technical tool that lowers the burden of managing the business for salon owners. This software can handle the salon owner’s daily tasks like appointment bookings, keeping checks on transactions, employee scheduling, and more. 

Salon management software is an easy-to-use and flexible technical tool. This software eventually automates the process and manages all aspects of the business at an efficient cost.

How does Salon Management Software work?


The primary characteristic of salon management software is that it works on a cloud-based network. Whether from the fashion industry or real estate, you can never escape the challenge of managing data. 

That’s what goes with the salon. Before the evolution of technology, most essential data of a salon business was either noted on paper or Excel sheet, which took time and effort to manage and was time-consuming. 

However, salon management software brought a big revolution in this traditional system. As salon software is a cloud-based application, the software saves time and provides centralized data for all crucial business functions. 

Benefits of Salon Management Software


Now, you have a good idea about what salon management software is and how they work. So, let’s briefly understand their benefits.

Appointment Booking

The salon business’s first and most crucial part is managing and noting appointments. But through the help of salon management software, the customers can easily schedule or book appointments and let the owner immediately see the request and manage their schedule.

Inventory Management

This software lets the business owner track which product is used most, what products you should stock up on, and more.

Staff Scheduling

Scheduling employees’ tasks is a basic need of a salon business. But besides the scheduling, you must also track their attendance and performance. This software keeps track of performance and attendance and offers an automated staff database.

Appointment Schedule

Adopting salon software lets your salon business connect with the digital world. As a result, it brings an automated booking system that lets your clients book appointments right from the phone without any middleman. This booking system reduces the chances of cancellations, overbooking, and no-shows.


Running a salon isn’t a piece of cake. Most salon owners don’t get enough time to collect customer information. That’s where salon software helps you to manage customer information and build a marketing strategy. 

How can salon management software help to streamline the day-to-day job in a salon?


As I mentioned before, the primary characteristic of salon management software is that it brings a centralized database. As a result, you wake up with a pre-planned schedule without any additional effort.

Additionally, salon software makes all essential daily tasks like staff scheduling, booking, and sending appointment reminders easy and secure. Consequently, you can save time, improve efficiency and enhance your business. Salon management software acts as a personal assistant for all your business needs. 

Choosing the proper salon management & booking software is as tricky as solving an equation. However, this list of the top best Salon management & Booking software will make it easy for you. Depending on your needs and size, this list will help you get the right option for your business.


How to recognize perfect salon management software? No hints? The overview of Salonist can tell you. Salonist is a cloud-based paid salon booking software with all the advanced features every salon business may need.

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Salonist help salon owners get their businesses online and let them book client appointments online and provide services accordingly. The key features of a Salonist include membership management, export data for future use, integrated online cash register, calendar sync, search & intelligent views, and more.

My favorite feature of this software is that it lets you link your business with Facebook and other social media sites. As a result, your customers can easily book online anytime from anywhere in a few seconds.


MioSalon is a famous spa and salon management software. Adaptation of this software can quickly accelerate and automate every business operation in a fraction of the time. Marketing is the primary feature that makes this software stand out from similar software. 

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Besides, color-coded appointment calendars, POS solutions, and the SMS and Email marketing features in this software act as a cherry on the cake. If you are looking for software to help you in every aspect of business, MioSalon can be considered the best option. It includes all basic and advanced features like inventory management, automated reminders, an online booking widget, and more.


Mangomint software can be considered one of the most expensive salon software on this list. However, it is for obvious reasons. Management has widely used salon software with critical features like inventory management, billing & sales, employee management, and more.

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Besides this, it also includes marketing features like membership service, automated campaigns, scheduling, and more. Mangomint is a considerable software if you have a big budget.


Everyone doesn’t prefer loud glitter, and if you are one of those, Shedul is specifically designed for you. Shedul is a powerful and straightforward salon management software. This tool comes with basic features which can easily enhance your business.


Shedul can be a considerable tool if you are entirely new to salon management software. This software comes with an easy-to-use interface. Hence, you can quickly learn how to operate and use handy functions. Shedul has all essential functions like calendar sync, inventory management, online booking and appointments, and more. 


Zinoti is a cloud-based software used by over 22,000 salon businesses across 50 countries. Zenoti helps salons, spas, medspas, and fitness centers enhance their business and streamline operations efficiently.

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Zinoti has an in-built calendar and drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to use and appreciable. Regarding features, no doubt Zinoti can handle half of your work. This software only lets you book appointments, manage employees’ schedules, do inventory management, etc., but you can also receive payments and send invoices electronically.

Since this software has a mobile application for iOS and Android, it becomes even more efficient for users to book appointments and manage the business. The other advanced features include clever marketing, digital form generation, custom reporting, and more.


Phorest salon software is considered an all-in-one solution for all salons, and this can easily be justified as more than 155,000 hair and beauty specialists use it for their businesses. 

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This software comes with several unique features. For instance, it lets you sync calendars, helps you in email and SMS marketing, allows 24/7 bookings, customizable forms, barcode ticket scanning, and more. Phorest is easy-to-use software with a reasonable price.

Salon Management

What if you can automate your salon business at $9 monthly? Yes, you read it right. Salon Management app is a budget-friendly salon management software.


Salon owners opt for this one to reduce no-shows and grow the business. This software does that with its high-performing features like inventory management, customer relationship management, easy access, and more.

From scheduling appointments, invoicing, and staff to getting feedback and email marketing, this software is one spot for all your needs.


Boulevard is the ultimate salon management software with basic features but unique touch. This cloud-based software suits all salon and spa businesses regardless of size. Whether you are a new or large business, you can trust Boulevard.

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We shouldn’t ignore that Boulevard may be expensive for new businesses. Regarding the features, yes, Boulevard is undoubtedly best with critical features like customizable payments, check-ins and outs, scheduling tasks, staff permissions, and more.

This software also includes premium features like refund management, group booking, barcode scanning, waitlist, etc., for large businesses. The adaption of Boulevard can easily add a luxurious and time-conserving touch to your business.

Rosy Salon Software 

This one is a budget-friendly salon management software with advanced features. Rosy Salon Software is a cloud-based software with unique features that costs around $29 per month.


Each plan of this software includes online client scheduling, appointment scheduling 24/7,  easy and quick communication with SMS and email services, automated reminders, inventory management, and more.

But what makes it even more compatible for you compared to other apps is Google integration and customizable loyalty programming features.

Salon Booking Software 

Before we land on the salon booking software list, let’s briefly understand the difference between Salon Booking and Management software. Salon management software is a technical tool used to manage and ease the daily tasks of a salon business.

At the same time, salon booking software is a tool that is used only to manage your appointments and booking schedule.


Appointy is an all-in-one salon scheduling software that eases scheduling, marketing, and managing your salon business. This software is compatible with various businesses, including beauty, hair, and tattoo studios.


Appointy has a simple-to-use interface. As a result, your customers can easily book appointments and get automated confirmation and text-based reminders on your schedule. Other than making it easy to schedule appointments, Appointy can also help you in marketing.

This salon software provides several marketing features that can help you attract new customers and make existing ones loyal. The marketing features include customizing deals and discounts, providing gift certificates, intake forms, etc.

Square Appointments

Do you want to manage the schedules of several staff members by yourself? Try Square Appointments to get a personal assistant right on your desktop.

Square Appointments is a perfect booking and scheduling software with innovative team scheduling features.


Setting up the software is quite more hectic than finding one. But that’s where Square breaks the norms. Square Appointments is easy-to-set-up booking software with several additional features to lower your burden.

This software offers you a free customizable booking website that never rests. Instead, it lets you increase your bookings or clients through social media integrations. Besides this, the software allows you to customize cancellation policies, avoid double bookings, and more.


You’reOnTime is salon booking and scheduling software preferable if you manage your salon alone. But why? Well, You’re On Time is free for single users. Hence, you can easily access all high-peak features at no cost.

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Further, this software is integrated with point of sale, where you can manage invoice appointments, sell products, and more. This booking and scheduling software also includes marketing features, making it even more reliable.


Fresha is the perfect solution for all salon management challenges, especially scheduling appointments and bookings. Currently, Fresha is used by over 80,000 businesses, 300,000 stylists, and professionals. 


This booking software has an easy-to-use interface and is compatible with all devices, regardless of the operating system. As a result, you can experience seamless appointments and booking schedules.

Moreover, by adapting Fresha, you can forget several daily functions of your business, as this software handles most of them. From booking appointments to managing payment, Fresha does it all.


Want to add a booking option on your website and social media sites? No worries, Noona has covered it for you. Noona is a booking and scheduling software that offers a free basic version. However, you can always opt for the premium version for additional features.

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Noona brings all your crucial data to one place. From clients’ phone numbers to your schedule, you can trust this software blindly. This software offers marketing, online booking, automated reminders, and more. Besides, you can always integrate the booking link with several platforms. 


Why should you worry about clients when you can go for Bookeo? Bookeo is a cloud-based booking software that keeps you and your customer updated regarding the schedule. This software may not have advanced features like other similar software, but it is always convenient if you want only booking software.


The key features of  Bookeo include a real-time appointment calendar, website integration with various sites, a centralized database, etc. What I liked the most about this software was its business analytics. This feature provides deep insights with detailed statistics and charts of your business for better growth. 


I have you covered if you are looking for a budget-friendly booking management app. MyCuts is an online booking management and scheduling solution for every salon owner. From freelancers to small businesses, MyCuts is widely loved by people.

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The primary reason which makes MyCuts so popular is device support. This software is available on desktop and mobile devices for iOS and Android. As a result, it becomes easy to access and helps the user track appointments, customer data, and inventory management.

Besides this, this software comes with several other advanced features, which makes it even more likely to be used. For instance, MyCuts include automated SMS and email reminders, keeping data of your customer like needs, allergies, contact details, and more. 


Managing a salon business with so much competition around can be challenging. Additionally, this business becomes even more complicated when you manage all your data, employee scheduling, bookings, and more by yourself.

Hence, to help bail you out from this challenge, today, in this blog, I hand-picked the best salon management & booking software that can ease your business.

You may also explore some best customer experience software to grow your business.

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