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If you don’t like to wake up early and your alarm also scares you, then you need a smart alarm clock to make your mornings good.

So, you might be thinking, why do I need a smart alarm clock when I have a smartphone?

Because A smart alarm clock keeps you away from your smartphone screen at night, Smartphone has become a vital part of our lives, “it’s like our body part.”

But here is the truth, smartphones directly affect your natural sleep cycle (a.k.a circadian rhythm). Smartphones emit blue light, which activates melatonin in your body, makes you drowsy and doesn’t let you sleep easily.

It is understood in today’s world that you can’t avoid your phone during the day, but you can avoid it at night, get sound sleep, and make your life healthier.

Smart clocks are made with IoT (a.k.a Internet of things). It means the smart clock is programmed by certain computer languages and sensors, which provides you with a personalized experience. These clocks can sense your environment (Temperature Sensors, Humidity Sensors) and your sleep cycle and provide you with endless features for a better experience.

So, Here are some smart alarm clocks which can make your nights comfortable and mornings good.

Keep reading to explore more!

Ecozy Sunrise Smart Clock

Ecozy sunrise smart clock will wake you up very gently in the morning. Furthermore, its beautiful design and shape enhance the beauty of your room.

This smart clock comes with 7-colorful ambiance lights with 20 adjustable brightness levels so that you can change the light according to your mood and make your bedtime soothing. You can also use it as a sleep aid by creating a relaxing environment and aiding with sleep issues, imitating a fading sunset.

You can access the ecozy smart clock easily with your phone. Through the EcozyHome APP, you can access this clock from your phone. It has an easy-to-use interface, and Amazon Alexa can also access this smart clock.

This smart alarm clock provides a built-in FM radio for all music lovers and the natural sounds of wind chimes, streams, pianos, waves, rain, and fire. These sounds relax your body and give you a feeling of nature after a hectic day. The sleep timer has a range of 10–120 minutes.

Ecozy is a perfect smart alarm clock for you if you like to be near nature and want to make your bedtime relaxing for sound sleep and wake up fresh every day.

LaMetric TIME WiFi Clock

Are you a fan of pixel art? The LaMetric smart alarm clock is perfect for your room.

It’s unique in its way, plus the pixels on the screen give you the feeling you are in a game. However, its mind-blowing features make this clock more worthwhile.

Talking its display lets you choose your favorite clock faces and make your surroundings stand out. You can also set festive mode on the clock for upcoming festivals like Christmas, New Year, etc. Furthermore, it updates you on sunrise, sunset, and golden hours worldwide through pixel art images.

Frequent weather updates can save your day, from choosing the right outfit to choosing the best route to work. The LaMetric alarm clock gives weather updates with a calendar to keep you one step ahead daily.

It behaves like a smartwatch. Just connect it to your phone and get all the notifications on the screen, like calls, messages, or emails. Furthermore, its voice control feature makes it handier. It has speakers so you can also listen to your favorite songs before sleeping.

It’s not just an alarm clock; it’s a gadget with amazing features that make your morning beautiful and life easier.

Loftie Alarm Clock

Loftie smart alarm clock is specially designed for better sleep. Now, you might be thinking about how an alarm clock makes you sleep better. Right?

Go through the features, and you will get to know how this alarm clock works like magic.

It will let you sleep faster and increase your sleep quality with its mesmerizing sounds of nature, white sounds, and bedtime stories. This alarm clock plays two sounds: the first one gently wakes you up, and the second one wakes you up quicker. Additionally, you can adjust your alarm as you like by changing the tone, loudness, and day of the week settings.

You can even listen to your favorite bedtime playlist from its Bluetooth speaker. You can easily connect this alarm clock to your phone, download the Loftie app and connect to WiFi.

Additionally, it comes with power backup.

Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo is a well-known brand of smart gadgets. Lenovo smart clock is another gadget that is not just an alarm clock that wakes you up, but it is specially designed to reduce your screen time at night, leading to a comfortable sleep.

It comes with google assistance, so you just need to say, “ok, google and your query,” and it will do the rest for you, like setting the alarm, changing the room light, changing the music, getting answers, and weather reports.

You can implement smart home technology with the Lenovo alarm clock as this clock is compatible with ten thousand smart home gadgets of more than 1000 brands.

This smart clock is perfect if you are a new parent as you can check on your baby with the clock’s big and clear screen. It works even smarter at night. It automatically dims the light at night for your soothing experience.

Dekala Digital Smart Clock

Millions of people worldwide rely on Dekala, an award-winning company, for smart lighting solutions that suit their lifestyles. Dekala is also known for creating smart alarm clocks that are compatible with Google and Alexa and support 2.4 GHz WI-FI.

Dekala smart clock comes with dimmable lights. You can use it as a lamp to read your favorite book at night or as a nightlight. Additionally, Its auto mode can adjust the display brightness automatically to the ambient light in your environment.

It has six natural sounds which wake you up gently and let you start your day with a smile. Its separate alarms for weekdays and weekends don’t affect your late sleep on weekends. Its snooze feature on its app gives you an additional 5–20 minutes of sleep, which awakens you from a deep sleep.

Dekala Digital smart clock is a nightstand clock with an optional sleep timer set for 5-120 minutes to make it simpler for you to go to sleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling rested.

Emerson Smart Alarm Clock

This smart alarm clock comes with SmartSet radio technology, which instantly changes your clock to the current year, month, day, and time zone as soon as you operate it.

Emerson smart alarm clock comes with a USB port to charge your phone in case of a power cut.

It also comes up with FM radio and digital tuning. You can set your favorite radio station to wake you up in the morning or set a buzzer. It also provides a 1.4″ Cyan LED display that works like a night lamp.

This clock is easy to use and simple and provides different features than other smart clocks.

Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub 2nd gen is more than an alarm clock; you can watch Netflix and Youtube, listen to music with google assistant, and control smart home devices with just one app. But it has an amazing smart clock feature like sleep sensing, which detects your sleep effortlessly and wakes you up on time.

Its sleep-sensing feature can track your sleep, like how many hours you sleep and what is your sleep quality. This device has a built sensor that senses your environment, like the temperature of the room, respiratory rate, and light, and it checks whether these are affecting your sleep or not.

To know “how you have slept, you just need to wake up the next morning and ask the device. It goes, “ok, google, how did I sleep last night?”

Only a good night’s sleep can give you a good morning. This device is perfect if you have health or sleeping issues, its additional feature will be worth your money.


MI smart clock is known for its beautiful and sleek design, which is compatible with any interior. Moreover, It comes with ten clock face designs so that you can customize the face design as per your preference.

With the help of the MI smart clock, you can easily make your wake-up and sleeping routine. MI smart clock comes with google assistance which keeps you ahead and provides all the important information like a weather report, calendars, commute information, and news.

It also provides smart home integrations which let you control everything from your bed, like, turning on your favorite youtube channel or dimming the light. Connecting a smart camera can even use this clock to watch your child.

JALL Digital Alarm Clock

Jall alarm clock comes with humidity and temperature detection and Wooden Electronic LED Time Display, which makes it different from other smart alarm clocks.

You can set up to three alarms to wake up slowly and happily. To top that, you can set weekday and weekend modes. Adjust the brightness of the alarm clock with low to high features and it is gentle to your eyes at night

One more unique feature is that you can operate this clock only with power cords, and it is not operated by batteries. It means it will not have to worry about recharging on time. Simply just plug in, set the alarm, and go to your sleep.

Dekala Wireless Charging

It is the last smart alarm clock on the list, but not least. First, its unique design lets you show off this clock to your family and friends, and its features will surprise them. With this smart alarm clock, you get an App, which helps you to make this clock personalized. You can adjust the clock’s brightness, volume, and color in a few clicks.

It lets you sleep like a baby with sounds of deep sleep like white and brown noise, waves, and light music for a complete 8 hours of sleep. Moreover, Dekala Arches Gradual Sunrise Alarm Clock snoozes lightly to slowly let you be in your senses.

On top of that, it comes with Google Assistant and Alexa and a smart app that makes this clock handier when you want to turn on your bedtime story or change the brightness of the clock. It also does more for you, like it can charge your phone with a wireless charger while you are asleep so that you and your phone will be charged when you start your day.

It has festive ambient light, which makes your celebration even more cheerful. You can set the light as per the occasion, whether it be new year’s eve, Christmas, or a birthday party.

This smart alarm clock is specially designed for people with hearing impairment and people who face difficulty waking up after sleep. It has a volume of 100dB, which is louder and lets you get up without missing the alarm.


Smart alarm clocks do more than just wake you up. It wakes you up like a baby, monitors your sleep cycle, and comes with smart home features.

We have listed the best smart alarm clocks for you. So that you can choose your favorite from the list, compare the features and make your mornings delightful. Moreover, these alarm clocks will be the best gift for your special ones.

You may also explore some best smart home gadgets to improve your lifestyle.

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