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In Smart Gadgets Last updated: July 16, 2023
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No matter how amazing we feel in our house, it’s essential to adapt to the latest safety technology always to be a step ahead of any eventualities.

We can never know what’s coming because well, not everything is in our hands. There are a lot of ways to maintain the safety of your home, and smart doorbells are one of them. Smart doorbells are simply doorbells that come with a lot more control and flexibility as compared to traditional ones.

It notifies you on your smartphone whenever a visitor presses the bell, or even if they’re around it, the sensors can detect it. It also lets you get a live video view of the visitor and talk to them one-on-one.

In this article, I’ll be going to cover some of the best smart doorbells for your home, but first, let me tell you some of the many benefits of it.

Benefits of Smart Doorbells

See 👁️ who’s at the door without even opening it.

The entire “home security” measure goes down the drain when you have to open the door and talk to visitors personally. That’s surely not the safest method.

Thankfully, smart doorbells allow you to see who’s at the door without even opening it. The 2-way intercom helps you watch live videos and even talk to them one-on-one.

See visitors who came on the door while you were away.

It’s impossible to always stay at home and see visitors on the intercom. To that rescue, smart doorbells also allow you to track visitors who came when you weren’t at home. This way, you can always be assured that nothing suspicious happens when you leave the house.

Get a clear vision even at night. 🌃

With the help of night vision technologies, most smart doorbells help you look through properly even at night. The included camera will never disappoint you no matter the time of the day and time of the year. It works well all day and all seasons.

Now, let’s have a look at the best smart doorbells for your home safety. 🙂


With Arlo Video Doorbell, you can choose to get a call on your phone every time somebody at the door presses the bell. It has two-way audio, night vision, motion detection, and an amazing video camera with HDR. You can also see more of the person at the door, all thanks to their 180-degree viewing angle.

There are multiple ways to answer the door, including pre-recorded messages, to save you time, especially when you’re not at home. Arlo Video Doorbell is weather-resistant, so it works like a charm, no matter if it’s snow, rain, or sun.

Here are some other features that are worth mentioning:

  • 30-day recording history
  • Built-in siren
  • Wired installation
  • Live stream video from a smartphone
  • Ability to set activity zones to be notified only if motion is detected on specific areas

This smart doorbell can be easily integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Ring Doorbell 3 Plus

Is there a better way to begin the list other than Ring? They’re one of the most well-known companies for home security, and their Video Doorbell 3 Plus stands true to their reputation.

YouTube video

It’s a battery-powered device that comes with advanced security features, such as:

  • Motion detection
  • Near-motion zone
  • Pre-roll technology
  • 4-second video preview of each motion
  • Two-way talk
  • 1080p HD video

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It has dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz connectivity, along with night vision, so you don’t have to worry while you’re asleep. Video Doorbell 3 Plus also works with Amazon Alexa, which means you can control many aspects of it with your commands.

It’s also super simple to set it up and comes with a helpful app to get notifications, live view, and for overall easier access to your smart doorbell.

Not too long ago, I did a review of Ring and their line of products, so be sure to check that out as well.

Nest Hello

With HD video and crisp image even at night, Google’s Nest Hello makes it super convenient to know who’s at the door, and you get to see them head to toe, or even the parcel on the ground.

It works round the clock, so even when you’re asleep, the sensors keep on capturing the activities happening around the door. You can either watch it live or see a 3-hour snapshot history to always stay on top of your home security.

It connects to your WiFi and lets you talk with your visitors. In some cases, when you’re unable to respond, you can set up “quick responses” to reply to the visitors with pre-recorded messages.

Every video and data this smart doorbell captures is stored safely on their connection, which has AES 128-bit encryption.

As a side feature, it has a subscription service called Nest Aware, which alerts and notifies you whenever your packages are delivered to your doorstep without you having to track it or check your Nest app.

The coolest thing about this service is, it also notifies you if the package was picked up by somebody from your door, either by mistake or intentionally.

Lastly, it’s important to mention that Nest Hello can be easily integrated with their other products, such as Nest Hub.


August’s Doorbell Cam Pro has motion alert and continuous monitoring of your doorstep so that you can always know who’s at the door without opening it.

YouTube video

The basic and free video recording subscription that comes with it allows you to view the past 24 hours footage, which is quite helpful when you wake up in the morning and want to check out who came to the door while you were asleep.

It has an HD video camera, two-way audio, and real-time alerts to notify you even when you’re not at home. The installation is also pretty simple, and you can do it yourself. It works with your existing wiring to replace your traditional chime doorbell.

RemoBell S

You get customizable motion zones, advanced motion detection, and high-quality HD video with RemoBell S. It is a smart video doorbell that comes with a fast-responding camera, which also records visuals in real-time. Not to mention, you can also enjoy a two-way talk and infrared night vision for the best possible video capture.

There’s an option to enable instant notifications straight to your smartphone, allowing you to take control without moving an inch. RemoBell S can be integrated with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

The amazing thing is, you can connect up to 5 different users to take control of this doorbell. This means, when you’re busy, other members can interact with the visitors.


Video Doorbell 2K by Eufy Security is weather-resistant, comes with real-time response, and has 2K video resolution. It features a smart sensor that alerts you only when a human is at the door. It can detect body shape and face patterns to filter out stray animals so that you’re not disturbed unnecessarily. You can also choose to receive a facial snapshot of the visitor straight into your phone.

Eufy Security takes privacy seriously, which is why all your recorded footage are stored locally under military-grade encryption. And that’s not it. It puts a lot of emphasis on privacy, even in different areas.

The video camera does a pretty good job of displaying a clear and crisp view even at night. Also, it follows a 4:3 aspect ratio to display more visuals than usual doorbell cameras.

Additionally, you can set up auto-responses and integrate it with Google Assistant and Alexa.

Ring Peephole Cam

A sleek and compact smart doorbell that also has a peephole, Ring’s Peephole Cam is something that is too attractive to ignore. It has two-way talk like almost every other doorbell in this list, and also HD video and motion-activated notifications straight to your phone.

YouTube video

Other than that, it has:

  • Knock detection
  • Adjustable motion zones
  • Rechargeable battery that can be removed
  • Customizable privacy settings

Peephole Cam can be integrated with Amazon Alexa, and you can connect all your Ring devices within the smartphone app to have everything in one place.


You can enjoy a 180-degree day and night view with Maximum Answer DualCam to keep an eye on people and packages all the time. As the name suggests, it has two separate cameras (top and bottom) to help you take a good look at even what’s kept on the ground.

You get a 2-hour look back option so that you can dissect any and every nasty activity that must have happened in that interval. Alternatively, you can also set the camera to record manually for the times that you suspect the most.

In a nutshell, it’s an amazing smart doorbell that has every feature as others in this list, and you can really tighten up your home security levels with this.

What Factors Should You Consider When Selecting a Smart Doorbell?

  • Connectivity options: Choose a smart doorbell with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or both, allowing flexible connection and control across multiple devices and platforms.
  • Integration with smart home systems: Ensure compatibility with your existing smart home setup, enabling integration with other devices and automation routines for an enhanced intelligent home experience.
  • Video quality: Assess the camera’s resolution and field of view for clear and detailed footage, capturing a wider area around your doorstep.
  • Two-way audio: Select a doorbell with a built-in microphone and speaker for remote communication with visitors or delivery personnel, enhancing convenience and security.
  • Cloud storage: Evaluate the doorbell’s capabilities, including cloud subscriptions or local storage (e.g., SD cards), aligning with your preferences and budget.
  • Night vision: Opt for a smart doorbell equipped with infrared technology for capturing clear video even in low-light or nighttime conditions, ensuring continuous home security.
  • Motion detection: Look for reliable motion sensors that can differentiate between people, animals, and vehicles, reducing false alarms and providing accurate notifications.
  • Power options: Consider your specific needs to determine whether the doorbell runs on batteries for flexibility or requires wired installation for a constant power supply.
  • Durability and weather resistance: Look for a smart doorbell with an IP rating indicating resistance to dust and water, ensuring its functionality and reliability even in harsh weather conditions.
  • Brand reputation and customer support: Research the brand’s reputation, customer reviews, and ratings regarding the quality of smart home devices and customer support. A reliable brand with excellent service can provide peace of mind and assistance when needed.


How do wired and wireless doorbell cameras differ?

Wired doorbell cameras rely on a direct power connection through the home’s existing wiring, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted power source. In contrast, wireless doorbell cameras are battery-powered and connect to the home’s Wi-Fi network. This allows more flexibility in installation but necessitates occasional battery changes or recharging.

How to install a smart doorbell?

To install a smart doorbell, disconnect the existing doorbell, attach the new one following the instructions, and connect it to your Wi-Fi network.

Is there any way for someone to view or listen to the footage captured by the device without the owner’s consent?

Rest assured, your peace of mind is a priority for smart doorbells. They safeguard your privacy and security by encrypting the footage and granting access exclusively to authorized user accounts. This stringent measure guarantees that nobody can view or listen to the captured content without the owner’s explicit consent.

How long can you access the videos captured by smart doorbells?

The length of time you can access videos captured by smart doorbells depends on the particular model and settings. Certain smart doorbells come with a complimentary period of video storage, while others offer to store footage in the cloud for extended accessibility.


I hope the above smart doorbells will help you elevate your home safety and live peacefully knowing that crimes are being prevented.

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