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Standing desks are the best furniture innovation of the current times.

For many people, constantly sitting in the same posture led to severe spinal and back problems. These problems reduced efficiency and turned out to be a significant issue in the work-life of most individuals. This is where standing desks come to the rescue. 

In this article, we will discuss standing desks and how they have gained popularity in a WFH/ hybrid work culture.

We will also discuss the benefits of standing desks and some features of standing desks to watch out for when you’re picking one. Lastly, we will talk about the 12 best standing desks you can get in the UK.

What are Standing Desks?

The term “standing desk” refers to a tall enough desk to allow the user to work at it while standing. It is also known as a stand-up desk and is essentially a workstation that enables you to stand up comfortably while working.

The desk category is intended to enhance your total work performance and guarantee that you can accomplish your daily work goals free from the persistent physical exertion that commonly manifests itself during prolonged work hours. 

Standing desks come in various designs and modifications, and some manufacturers can create custom items ideal for unique needs. Many contemporary versions are movable, allowing you to shift the desk’s height and switch between sitting and standing. These are known as sit-stand desks or height-adjustable desks.

Benefits of Standing Desks 

The reason why standing desks have become so popular is that it offers many benefits to their users. Researchers reported that users of standing desks showed up to a 32% improvement in lower back pain after several weeks of using them.

It not just provides health benefits but also organizes and declutters your desks. Given below are a few benefits of the many benefits offered by standing desks.

Blood sugar levels are reduced

High blood sugar levels negatively impact your health. A new study with 10 individuals found that standing for just three hours after eating lunch can lower blood sugar by 43%. 

Lowers the likelihood of becoming obese and gaining weight

According to studies, standing for a whole afternoon might result in a calorie burn of more than 170. It amounts to an extra 1,000 calories burned per week without doing hardcore workouts. Standing makes it much easier to avoid gaining weight and becoming obese with less effort.

Decreases the chance of cardiac disease

Heart disease risk is increased by prolonged sitting. According to cardiac specialists, sitting too much raises the danger by a staggering 147%. According to studies, those who stand all day significantly reduce their risk of dying from a cardiac condition. 

Significantly lessens neck and back pain

Office employees commonly complain about issues with the spine, back discomfort, and neck pain. Using a standing desk properly in just four weeks, you can effectively cut your discomfort by 54%.

What are some features of standing desks you should look for while picking one?

While buying a standing desk, you should pay attention to a few things to ensure all of your requirements are fulfilled. It would be best if you kept in mind that you cannot possibly stand throughout your working hours.

One of the most crucial qualities you should seek in a sit-stand desk is one that transitions smoothly. Standing up and sitting down briefly at regular times throughout the day will enhance overall health and burn more calories. 

The more fashionable and long-lasting standing desks have an LED keypad for entering multiple heights and are powered electronically.

Furthermore, they have several timeframes for warning you to go from a sitting to a standing position and vice versa. You must ensure that your desk sit-stand memory is strong and that the desk won’t gradually sag over the day.

The next thing you should make sure of is that your standing desks should be robust, sturdy, and stable. Additionally, ensure your standing desk complements your environment and is aesthetically pleasing.

Given that you will utilize your workstation regularly, a classy and sophisticated standing desk will benefit your mind and body. This is why you should consider the best standing desks the UK has to offer for your work.

BONTEC Standing Desk Converter

BONTEC Standing Desk Converter offers a large top platform surface area of 800 x 400 mm. It provides enough room for dual-monitor setups and other requirements.

Additionally, this standing desk has a built-in place to accommodate a tablet or smartphone. It has an ergonomic bottom deck with a mouse and keyboard design. You can easily change this standing table’s height between 115 mm and 505 mm.

The gas spring makes it quick and simple to go from sitting to standing. This stand desk converter is made of sturdy steel and has a large MDF surface, making it incredibly stable and long-lasting even when fully extended. It can support a maximum load of 15 kg (33 lb). This standing table includes two sticky cable management clips to organize tangled cables.

Devoko Height Adjustable Desk

With the Devoko Height Adjustable Standing Desk, you may stand and sit in an optimal ergonomic position. It is a huge, two-piece, 120 x 60 cm wooden tabletop that serves as a multipurpose computer desk.

This desk accommodates a monitor, laptop, and other items. Additional hooks are on the table’s left side for your belongings or headphones. The table also has a slot for storing cords.

The desk can support up to 70 kg of weight. It offers a 73 to 122-cm intelligent height adjustment range. This desk contains an LED height indicator, four buttons, and two memory setting buttons that make it simple to keep track of the heights you and your family commonly use.

This desk can help you work more productively and relieve stress on your waist while working for extended periods of time.

FITUEYES Standing Desk Converter

The top surface of the FITUEYES Standing Desk Converter is 91.5 x 40 cm in size. There is enough room for a laptop and other computer monitor installations, dual monitors, single monitors, and other setups. You can adjust this desk’s height from 11 cm to 50.4 cm. No matter what height you are, this desk is the best choice for you.

With the help of a gas spring force, you can quickly and smoothly rise from a seated position. You can also modify this desk to your ideal comfort level using its cutting-edge, easy-touch height locking system.

Its sturdy foundation has a 15 kg weight capacity. This workstation is robust enough to support two monitors, all of your preferred gadgets, and any other equipment necessary for your superpowers.

KAIMENG Standing Desk 

The KAIMENG Standing Desk is a height-adjustable electric desk. You can easily change the desk’s height between 72 cm and 116 cm. You can alter the height of the desk to your liking. In addition to workplace application, it is appropriate for home and school use. The T-shaped foot design on its sides provides the most sturdy support.

The desk’s structure is made of sturdy metal and wood, ensuring that it has a high bearing capacity and a long service life. When the desk is raised and lowered, the digital panel responds fast and displays the heights. Thanks to its four memory height keys, you can quickly set it to the proper height while changing working positions.

FEZIBO Standing Desk

The FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk includes three preset settings that allow you to select any height between 70 cm and 117 cm. The desk has two drawers with double shelves on top. This feature efficiently organizes your desktop and assists you in keeping your head up when you place your screen on it.

This desk’s lift system is constructed of durable steel. The table’s structure is made of industrial-grade steel, which enables it to support up to 80 kg of weight. The desktop features a wire management tray and two hooks in addition to being packed in a splice board. The table’s swivel wheels can move 360 degrees, making it movable and protecting your floor from damage.

Active Standing Desk EQ5

The Active Standing Desk EQ5 stretches from 110 to 170 cm and offers enough for a variety of desktop sizes. It uses plates with a width of 120–180 cm and has a changeable frame width.

The minimum depth of the plate is 60 cm. This desk provides additional flexibility and legroom due to the absence of crossbars. It was made by skilled designers of home office furniture.

EQ5 standing desk is proven for its high-quality standards and degree of effectiveness since it combines a variety of innovative functionalities. By using this standing desk, you can work whether sitting or standing without worrying about the wellness of your spine.

Standing Desk for WFO and WFH E8

The sophisticated keypad and LED touch screen in the Standing Desk for WFO and WFH E8 provide a first-rate operating experience.

The child lock on this desk allows you to lock the height position until you deactivate it. It has 4 memory settings. Both sitting and standing postures are accessible to save your ideal working height.

This desk has a dual-motor lifting mechanism for all of your desktop needs, allowing for a higher weight capacity of 125 kg.

This desk’s improved construction ensures stability even when fully loaded and set to its highest level. The fact that this table has soft edges is its most attractive feature. It protects against potential harm and is safe for your kids and pets.

Fenge Electric Standing Desk

The 110 x 60 cm Fenge Electric Standing Workstation is a sizable desk enough for two monitors and a laptop. This desk’s electric lift system has a strong motor that enables quiet, 2.5 cm/sec height adjustments that are smooth throughout a range of 73.5 to 123.5 cm.

It includes a sophisticated controller with four buttons for memory-preset heights. This implies that you can establish preferred height settings for yourself and other family members.

This desk’s lift mechanism is formed of durable steel and has a weight capacity of 176 lbs/ 80 kg. It signifies that it can manage your preferred working height setting with ease. These electric desks are reliable since they have undergone thorough quality testing and met all applicable international requirements.

ERGOMAKER Standing Desk

Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Converter from Ergomaker vertically rises and folds from 13.5 to 52 cm. With the help of a gas spring’s simple, smooth action and a height locking mechanism, you can easily modify your comfort level and maintain it. This desk’s top surface spans 80 by 40 cm and has ample room for a laptop or two monitors.

Its top surface can support 33 lbs/ 15 kg of weight. The lower 65 x 30cm tier, which has a weight capacity of 4.4 lbs/ 2 kg, can hold a standard keyboard, mouse, calculator, or documents.

This desk’s ergonomic design enables you to stand up or sit down as needed while working, maintaining a neutral spine and good posture.

MAIDeSITe Height Standing Desk

The height range of the MAIDeSITe Height Adjustable Standing Desk is 72-120 cm. Instead of conventional fixed-height workstations, it includes a one-click feature to switch between sitting and standing.

To make it more durable and solid, the entire desk frame is constructed from 100% high-quality industrial carbon steel, a percentage that is 50% more than that of competing goods. The weight limit is 80 kg.

The desk has a message board where vital information is recorded. Your surroundings will be more organized and welcoming because of the side storage bag, hooks, and cable management tray.

The desk is safer to use at home, thanks to its four memory keys that adjust to different heights, USB port for charging digital devices, child safety lock, and anti-collision system.

Homall Height Standing Desk

With an extra-large 140 x 70cm desktop covered in eco-friendly materials, the Homall Height Adjustable Standing Desk offers additional room and comfort for your hectic working hours.

Your workplace productivity will rise significantly due to storing your laptop, monitor, and all necessary papers and equipment in one handy location.

The demands of users of varied sizes and working environments are fully met by the height adjustment range of 72 to 116 cm. The operating height is shown on the LED screen when you click the adjustment button. With the four memory preset buttons, you can rapidly change to the height you require while saving precious working time.

FITUEYES L-Shaped Standing Desk

The motor lift mechanism on the FITUEYES L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk allows for smoother height adjustments between 75 cm and 122.5 cm.

It is simple to use since all you need to do is lightly touch the button, and it will instantly adjust to the desired height. The spacious 48″/ 120 cm long, L-shaped work surface offers lots of room.

L-shaped workstations are better for people’s physical and mental health, can increase job productivity, and can make the workplace more lively than regular desks, which are drab and difficult to move.

The lift system can easily manage the setting of your preferred working height since it is made of robust steel and can sustain 176 lbs/ 80 kg of weight.


For those who never knew, standing desks have been around since at least the time of Leonardo Da Vinci. Standing desks are uniquely constructed with movable elements to assist proper posture and your physical welfare, as opposed to the fixed position of standard sitting workstations.

Your career and health will benefit from using the best standing desk, enabling you to maintain a healthy work lifestyle that involves getting up more often and sitting less. So, get up and use these standing workstations to improve your productivity, physical health, and mental clarity.

Next, you can also check out some Cool Gaming Desks.

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