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In Business Operations Last updated: May 22, 2023
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Store locators make use of locator software for visitors to find close-by stores as well as business locations. Store Locator Software is a must for modern businesses, or else they might remain undiscoverable and unreachable to their potential customers. 

What does a Store Locator do?

A store locator tells the physical location of the store to the customers. Users today spend more time on research before physically visiting a store. They check the reviews, location, products, services, price, timings, menu, etc. A store locator software provides all this information and makes the buying experience accessible. 

Purpose of Using a Store Locator Software

A store locator software is used by businesses that have stores, shops, malls, restaurants, garages, and any physical address place. Its purpose is to get more leads for the company. This software or apps can create a store locator for any website. They are easy to install and fully customizable, and it helps put customers face-to-face with products and services.

Store Locator

Increased visibility means increased traffic to the website as well as the store. Businesses can level up an omnichannel sales strategy and boost foot traffic with such software. It converts potential customers from search to stores, and it also boosts search engine rankings.

An obvious benefit of store locator software is that customers can easily find physical stores. However, it also enhances the rankings of businesses in search results. Search engines such as Google will reward companies that provide excellent and helpful content. This boosts customer loyalty as well.

Customers are loyal to those businesses that give them the correct and useful information to make informed buying decisions. It’s a concept key to successful inbound marketing campaigns.

What use cases could a business have for this kind of tool?

Build audience

Store location intelligence helps to build a loyal audience. It tracks where the customers have been in the past. It will help improve targeting that will create a custom audience. 

Expand Targeting

The audience insight from using these store locator software help expand targeting. Do they like only discount stores, or do they want branded stores? This will tell customers’ tastes and preferences. It will, therefore, be used for both Email and SMS Marketing


Customers like brands that focus on providing personalized experiences. This locator software helps build a loyal customer base. Because of effective market targeting, the business can send personalized messages to customers according to their past buying experiences. 

Site selection

Store locator software provides information about store traffic. Businesses can use this knowledge when choosing to open a new store. If the store is opened at multiple places at the hot location, it can distribute the foot traffic evenly and reduce the chances of lines and crowds. This will save the time of customers and also improve the customer experience.

Standard Features to look for in a Store Locator Software

  • Geocoding
  • Real-time updates
  • Driving directions
  • International Mapping
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Save my location feature
  • Mobile-first Design
  • One-click integration
  • Designer friendly
  • Highly customizable

Next, let’s explore available software.


StorePoint is pretty easy-to-use software. In this software, you can easily add and edit locations. Businesses can also easily upload from a spreadsheet or sync directly from a Google Sheet.

You can search the stores by area, zip code, city, and postal code, making it easy for customers to find nearby locations. In addition, you can easily add a website with a simple copy-and-paste option in seconds.

YouTube video

The software support multi-language. , and it will allow customers to find the products, services, or categories.

One can choose to display the open hours of stores in different locations. The software has top-rated support so that businesses will never get a cookie-cutter response from them.


Storemapper is a user-friendly solution, and the users get a fantastic experience not only on mobile and tablets but on desktops too. This software can help you set up any CMS or e-commerce site in minutes. The app is fully customized with CSS, which makes this design-friendly too. With the help of bulk uploaders, one can add or edit the locations from the spreadsheet.


The software provides a de-duplication feature that keeps data in order. The software has free customization included with every plan. The powerful analytics tells which stores are getting the most traffic and route inventory accordingly.

The customer help support is excellent, and it helps with everything from installation to data management and customization.


Woosmap store locator is very fast as well as flexible on typos. It develops a high-quality search experience. Woosmap also offers APIs if you need to manage the location programmatically.

The reverse geocoding gets lookup addresses by geographic coordinates, or one gets a human-readable address with any location.


The software gives accurate real-time locations. The advanced IP database automatically retrieves and analyzes the user’s location. The company focuses on supporting the quality of implementation and development and building long-lasting solutions for the enterprise or startup. It has a dual-function API that automatically chooses the location for the website.


StoreRocket is an exquisitely designed store locator software for the website. This software will save time and money with a ready-to-use, customizable, and easy-to-install store locator. It’s highly customizable, provides powerful analytics, and also supports Google Sheet integration that helps sync them to the store locator.


It is a handy tool for collecting leads. When the user can’t find any nearby location, it allows them to leave their information, and the business can pitch them later for future sales and offers.

It also provides features of live hours that help companies show if the locations are open or closed in real-time. Create reusable hours and assign them to locations, or create custom hours for special openings or holidays.


Bullseye is the locator solution built to close the loop on digital marketing and sales, and it provides everything that customers need to locate products and dealers. This locator uses branded local pages to include details like showrooms, design services, estimating, reviews, project photos, expertise, certifications, videos, events, offers, etc.

Once the website leads are ready to inquire, you can automatically capture and route them to the dealers. 

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Furthermore, it uses integrated lead workflows to instantly send follow-ups, oversee dealer responsiveness, and close more sales. This software makes it easier for dealers and contractors to sell their products. It supports them with a flow of leads and a place on the website to share their best work and promote their services. 


Prolofinder is simple to set up. Use the easy admin tool to get this finder up in just a few minutes. There’s no coding required in Prolofinder as everything is just about copy and paste. Adding new stores is incredibly simple. Just search for the store’s name, click add, and update the finder.

It’s highly customizable. It’s easy to change the finder to match the site’s color scheme by just making a few clicks, and it’s done. 


Its dashboard also provides insight into customers’ search for products, allowing businesses to convert inquiries into sales. Prolo works great on tablets, desktops, and mobile devices, and the customers won’t have any trouble finding the products while on the go. It provides easy integration and works with all website platforms like Squarespace, Shopify, WordPress, Wix, or custom. 


MetaLocator is a powerful locator software. It is a feature-rich and highly-configurable locator software where you can search by zip code, address or even auto-detect the user’s location. Complete with integrated mapping and automatic geolocation.

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It is mobile-friendly, with full support for all languages and address systems. 

Additionally, it provides analytics and business intelligence tools for full optimization and user-path visibility. MetaLocator has a complete product suite to fulfill location content management needs.

A powerful content management system backs it. It is easy to set up and works on any website. It also works effectively and intuitively on mobile, tablet, and desktop. No programming experience is required to use this software.

Store Locator Widgets

Store Locator Widget is a robust store locator software that integrates beautifully with every significant website, CMS, or storefront. It’s easy to use and packed with power-user features.

Businesses can choose from a variety of layouts. This locator provides an integrated mapping service with powerful filtering capabilities. Filters can be checkboxes, dropdown lists, or hidden.

Moreover, they are the only store locator service that allows businesses to embed a location submission form in the website so others can submit and edit locations. It has a built-in rating and review system. This widget provides custom color schemes.

It allows businesses to set the map color scheme and completely control text, background, and button colors. There is no requirement for CSS, and it also provides multi-language support. 


EasyLocator is great for beginners or web developers. This software’s microservice level is free of cost, and it allows up to 10 store locations. It is exclusively hosted on award-winning cloud infrastructure, maintaining an over 99.99% uptime, so the potential customers never miss out. Spikes in website traffic are automatically accounted for and will never slow down the service. 

Adding to the above point, this store locator software was built from the ground up and geared specifically to deliver the quickest results for retail locations.


EasyLocator is the clear choice for a dealer locator with features like built-in country detection, auto-location detection, search filtering by various factors like products, categories, or services, and site style matching with CSS. This locator can affordably host a store locator or build a custom locator solution to fit any need.


ZenLocator is the best mobile-friendly, no-code, customizable store & product locator. You can fully customize it to the brand’s colors, logos, and icons. Showcase products with custom logos and markers, custom map styles, overwrite any kind with custom CSS, display custom markers and retailer logos. 


In addition, with ZenLocator, one can set up a customer-centric, beautiful locator on the site in minutes with no code and no fuss. One can always consult ZenLocator’s extensive knowledge base for solving any queries.

It works on any website and platform like Shopify, Squarespace, BigCommerce, Wix, etc. No developer is needed to use this software. It provides automatic syncing, so there’s no need to waste time updating locations. 


I’ve discussed some of the best store locator software solutions. They are affordable and are easy to use as well as set up. The store locator software is essential for businesses if you plan to grow you business and take it to the next level. Modern customers are research enthusiasts and do not like to physically waste their time finding stores. 

How do I put a store locator on my website?

Step 1: First, sign up for a store locator app. Trial days are offered with most of the software.
Step 2: Now, the business needs to add its store. You can do it mostly through the dashboard of the respective software.  
Step 3: Lastly, one needs to embed the website with a code. Just copy and paste the code. You’re all ready to start driving customers to the store locations.

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