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In HealthTech Last updated: August 4, 2023
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We have become so busy with our lives that we pay little attention to our health. We often find ourselves self-diagnosing first instead of going to the doctor if we are not feeling well. Visiting doctors for every small disease is only possible for some, and an online symptoms checker is the appropriate solution.

Online symptom checkers are on-demand for limited resources, regions, and people who want to access their health details anytime or anywhere. It allows users to input data such as symptoms, age, etc., and it shows results based on your data. These platforms are cost-effective and globally acceptable.

Online symptom checkers are reshaping the health journey of people. Today’s article will discuss some of the best available AI-based symptom checkers.

How are Symptom Checkers helpful?

A man in a suit is using a tablet with medical icons on it.

An online symptom checker can be helpful in the following way:

Doctor on your phone: Online symptom checkers are the solution for those who don’t have time or resources to visit a doctor. You just need to input your symptoms and details; the platform will give you results.

Protect you from something serious: Sometimes, severe diseases start from minor symptoms. If we ignore it, it could lead to serious health-related problems in the future. These platforms can help us diagnose and tell if we need to visit a doctor.

AI gives you direction: Online symptom checkers help find problems, but it is still not replaceable to doctors. AI guides you to the better doctors available on their database and enables you to decide which doctor has better records.

More productive consultation: Symptom checkers save your data for you, so you can ask about your problems without realizing it. This feature is helpful because some people need help to reveal their problems to others.

Benefits of AI Online Symptoms Checkers

A woman with a stethoscope on her phone.

Here are some of the benefits of online symptom checkers: 

  • Information of patient before treatment: When a patient arrives at the doctor, he knows nothing about the patient. So, AI saves patients’ data, the doctors can read it before starting the treatment, and it saves time. If a patient has past severe health-related issues, AI also shows that in case the patient forgot.
  • Records of patients: AI allows enough storage for saving the data. Doctors can protect the information about the patient appropriately, so if the patient arrives some other day, they can easily find out the problems and the previous emicin details.
  • Save Time: Not just for patients, AI symptom checkers are also saving time for doctors. If a patient is far away from them, they can consult them online by assisting through the platform. The Cost friendly way of medical treatment is truly efficient for the world.
  • Useful in resource-limited places: Not every place in the world is connected to the city, so AI is important for them. Sometimes people lose their life before reaching the doctor because of traffic or lack of transportation. AI is genuinely helpful in taking preliminary precautions when doctors are unavailable.
  • Save Time: At the time of health issues, people know the importance of every second of their life. We can easily book an appointment with the doctor via AI, so it saves waiting time. Sometimes if the problem is minor, we don’t have to visit the doctor.
  • Non-emergency condition: Panic is common during a medical emergency, but sometimes a small symptom makes us panic too. The platforms help in these situations, so we won’t have to jitter constantly.

Here’s a list of some of the best AI-based symptom checkers:


This Artificial Intelligence platform allows users to check symptoms, research conditions, get first aid essentials, check local health listings, etc. WebMD provides all health-related information and materials about health subjects, provides health news for public benefit, and organizes health reality live events. 

A screenshot of a computer.

Key Features: 

  • WebMD has an intuitive platform and attractive layout, allowing you to enter your gender and age and select symptoms. You then have to answer a few questions, after which you will be given a list of possible conditions and details about them.
  • It has all the serious, most searched problems and treatments, including mental issues.
  • In this platform’s Drugs & Supplements section, you can get information about medicines and vitamins, quantity of use, etc. 
  • It has a separate section for all the categories of people, such as children, teens, young adults, ages, male and female.
  • It allows you to find a local doctor and directs you to the available hospital as needed.

This user-friendly AI symptom checker platform is available as a smartphone and a web-based application.


With a user base of over 10M, Symptomate allows users to check symptoms through its app, chatbot, and voice app integration feature. The platform provides you with the direction for precautions for your symptoms. It has doctors and medical content editors on its team to update the application with evidence-based information.

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • It is a user-friendly platform allowing users to select the affected body parts and their symptoms.
  • This AI will ask some questions regarding your symptoms. Then it’ll show three results.
    • The cause of your symptom
    • The present and future problems from the symptoms
    • Recommendation for precaution.
  • It shows the map where you have visited in the last 12 months to diagnose tropical diseases or areas with viral outbreaks.

Symptomate is a thorough symptom checker platform providing detailed information about your symptoms, recommended lab tests, feedback after consultations, and more.


Buoy health checker app is the next-generation technology for symptom search. This symptom checker app claims that its answers are based on the research of a thousand papers. 

Four iphones with different types of information on them.

Key Features:

  • The application uses artificial intelligence to recreate face-to-face consultations with a health practitioner.
  • It provides a real-time experience as you will answer AI questions instead of filling up data forms.
  • Buoy guides you to the next step as to what you must do for treatment and what you can do to feel better by yourself.

The platform is available as an iPhone app and is one of the most reliable sources of medical advice that you can trust.


Ubie leverages the power of advanced AI technology to help users identify their health problems based on symptoms within just 3 minutes. The platform provides personalized advice to users on improving and managing health.

Key Features:

  • The application checks the symptoms the user enters and matches them with possible health conditions using AI.
  • Ubie helps users manage their health, identify health risks, and provide personalized health suggestions.
  • The platform has a user-friendly interface, which makes it simple to use.
  • It uses advanced encryption technology to secure the data of its users.

It is an innovative health tool for users who want to identify health risks, manage their health and diagnose symptoms.

K Health

K Health is An application consisting of millions of medical records, doctors, and an AI, a free medical assistance website. The website says they are continuously learning and not settling for the minimum information. With a user base of 8M+, this AI comes up with help at different stages.

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • It provides access to board-certified doctors 24/7.
  • With this platform, no need to visit a doctor; you will get personalized consultations and access to prescriptions and refills.
  • It provides a free AI symptom checker. 
  • If you have some normal symptoms, go to the Personal Care section for details about your medical assistance and the medicine.
  • This AI allows you to get the solution and assistance for urgent problems. 
  • It gives access to information about mental health and precaution from K Health AI.

K Health is available for free trial and provides free resources in various categories like Men’s health, Women’s health, Mental health, etc.


One of the best self-care platforms, Healthily is medically approved and represents itself in 20+ countries with its global team. It checks your symptoms and provides information in three simple steps- enter your symptoms, answer some questions, and receive a report with a list of possible health issues.

A woman looking at a cell phone.

Key Features:

  • It provides a Self-care feature to provide information on Nutrition, Activity, Mind, and Sleep.
  • Based on your symptoms, it provides a detailed report that you can easily share with your doctor.
  • It provides clear instructions for your next step, as you should do self-care or need to visit a doctor.
  • Users can get information about common diseases such as pain, headache, periods, and sleep schedule without entering details.

Healthily provides a smart symptom checker that has been built by the medical team and through the guidance of the clinical advisory board.


With the vision to make healthcare more affordable, Babylon is effective for doctors and patients. For doctors, it allows them to complete administrative tasks more efficiently and gain insights so that they can make more informed decisions. With users from 60+ countries, Babylon is a team of doctors, nurses, AI engineers, and scientists.

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • This platform is simple to use; you just have to enter your symptoms and have your next recommended steps within minutes.
  • Babylon comes up with the 360-degree program where that allows it to
    • Get daily support for health care.
    • Continues medical assistance even after returning from the hospital
    • Besides doctor’s care, they give additional medical help for better results.

The platform also provides free video consultations with doctors and therapists. 


In 9+ countries with 3M+ used, Sensely works 24/7 to provide world-class health care. It has an excellent user review because of its expanded services. Not just in an online portal or app, you can also get medical assistance via Messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, and more.

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • Senely develops a personalized interaction where the avatar will guide you in every step.
  • This AI platform’s avatar will perform on voice and text with 30+ supportive languages.
  • The clinical rigor feature of this AI determines all the probable outcomes of your symptoms and then suggests the next step.

Sensely is more than just a symptom checker and also provides excellent customer service. is an online symptom checker with a simple interface where you can select the symptoms, answer the question, and get the possible health issues. The platform also allows you to consult with a doctor for serious health issues.

A blue sign with white text.

Key Features:

  • Familydoctor AI has a section on prevention and wellness where you can get information about Food, neutrinos, exercise, fitness, and mental health.
  • The platform can predict diseases such as infections that spread in the family.
  • It has information on multiple issues, from Acne to severe diseases like Cancer. is a trusted platform that provides recommendations and advice on multiple health-related topics.


Paitent symptom checker AI shows you all the possible conditions based on age, region, gender, and symptoms. The platform provides resources and information written and reviewed by doctors and healthcare professionals.

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Key Features:

  • Paitent AI gives information about the treatment of the disease via their articles.
  • They have excellent resources of tools for various online tests such as Blood pressure, liver function, and depression too.
  • It has a particular section for every group, such as men, women, adults, children, heart problems, pregnancy problems, and many more.

The platform has a community for various groups like Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Knee problems, Menopause, and more.


Is the AI symptom checker trustable? 

Shall we take assistance from these platforms every time?

Can symptom checkers be 100% even at the time of emergency?

These questions come to mind when we talk about the Online symptoms checker. The answer is NO, but AI is helpful in many ways. You just have to be careful and always trust advice from a medical health practitioner. This is an era of globalization where the world is shifting to AI. It is not easy for us to replace doctors with AI, but it makes things easy.

Final Words

Online symptom checkers are great tools to diagnose if the symptom is severe or can be taken care of through self-help. In any case, you should not depend on these platforms and should consult a doctor. Most of these platforms also provide online consultations with medical practitioners or allow booking appointments for local health clinics.

You can also check some of the best blood pressure tracking apps to keep tabs on your cardiovascular health.

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