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Handling everything becomes tough for HR managers, but these talent management tools can surely make the work easier.

In a business world that is so competitive, workers are essential, whether it’s to boost success or make work easier. Because of this, it’s hard for companies to find and handle the right employees.

But not until they decide to use software to manage their talent. This new technology is a useful tool for human resources managers. Software for managing talent makes it easy to keep track of everything. This tool helps with everything, from finding new workers to ensuring the ones you already have grown.

Here is a quick summary of the best talent management software I’ll be discussing below.

Product Name Description Performance insights, skill development Explore
ClearCompany  Applicant tracking, employee engagement Explore
ChartHop Professional visualization of company structure with org charts Explore
Workday AI-driven skills analysis, performance analytics Explore
Talentreef Hourly workforce management, payroll Explore
Personio HR automation, employee lifecycle tracking Explore
Talentquest Enhanced analytics and engagement tracking Explore
Paychex Performance management, compensation planning Explore
Namely Candidate tracking, performance management Explore
PeopleFluent  Real-time analytics, compensation management Explore
Paylocity Modern people management, onboarding Explore
Symplr Healthcare-focused, metrics, recruitment Explore
Paycom Payroll, talent acquisition, performance insights Explore
Deltek Talent management, data management Explore

This article will help you learn more about talent management software. Later, we will discuss some of the best talent management software to help your HR.

What is Talent Management Software?

Talent management software aims to make it easy to handle employees. This program meets the four main parts of talent management. They hire people, manage performance, learn about professional growth, and manage pay.

Many functions are built into tools for managing talent. These tasks help organizations plan in a way that works well. These programs help HR managers develop better business plans and ways of managing things.

Moreover, all HR modules needed to find, hire, and train workers are built into a TMS. People often call individual modules, like recruitment and performance management, talent management software.

However, standalone modules don’t have the many features of a truly integrated system, which supports the entire talent lifecycle and its processes, from finding candidates to planning for the next generation of employees.

Most tools for managing talent run in the cloud. A cloud platform has several benefits, such as more space for storing data, robust security, and easier integration with other applications, such as payroll, training programs, career planning, and other systems. It also makes it easier to securely store employee data, such as personal information, demographics, and compensation.

How does Talent Management software help HRs?

Getting new workers onboard is an integral part of any business. Talent management software helps with the same kinds of jobs. This program helps HR and managers figure out how to organize their work. It helps them line up their steps with the general business goals. HR can focus on the four critical parts of talent management with the help of tools for talent management. Here’s what they are: 

  1. Recruiting employees: Talent software is used to sort through applications when hiring people. It finds people who meet the needs of the company. So, HR gets the best people and saves time.
  2. Managing work performance: This software lets HR track how well employees do their jobs so that they can easily make changes to meet the company’s standards.
  3. Programs for development: HR can keep track of workers’ skills and growth with the help of talent management software so that they can find holes and make plans for training.
  4. Compensation management: HR can keep track of payments with the help of talent management tools. This software keeps track of everything, like awards, pay, bonuses, etc. 

Benefits of using Talent Management Software for your organization

Organizations can get a lot out of talent management tools. Here are a few of the most important reasons why you should use talent management software.

  • An excellent way to hire people: As was already said, tools for managing people make hiring faster. It simplifies things like adding jobs, checking applications, sorting them, etc.
  • Better training: This software helps businesses make hiring go more smoothly. It lets you set up training plans, handle documents, and give tasks. So, new hires get to work more quickly.
  • Success management: With comments, talent management software makes it easier to keep track of success. This makes employees more engaged and helps them grow.
  • Succession planning: It involves using software to find people with many capabilities. It gets them ready to be leaders. This makes it easier to switch leaders and builds a steady stream of talent.
  • Insights based on data: This software collects and analyzes information about workers’ success, retention, and involvement. This information helps HR make even better strategy choices and use them.

Most chores are done automatically by talent management software, so it saves money. Because of this, it cuts down on the amount of human clerical work and running costs.

Critical Features of Talent Management Software

There are many innovative features built into talent management tools. With these tools, companies can help employees do their jobs well and drive success. Here are a few benefits of every feature in talent management software.

  • Recruiting and keeping track of applicants: Talent Management Software helps with the whole hiring process. It does everything, from putting up job ads to setting up interviews. 
  • Performance management: This tool lets you set goals and track how people and teams work. Because of this, you get regular comments and performance reviews.
  • Learning and development: This tool helps make and give teaching materials. It also keeps track of employee growth and looks at how their skills are growing.
  • Employee engagement: This program allows you to find out how engaged your employees are and how to make them more engaged.
  • Management of compensation: It can be hard to keep track of pay systems, rewards, bonuses, and perks. But talent management software makes it easy because it ensures everyone gets paid the same amount.
  • Collaboration tools: This feature makes it easier for employees, teams, and bosses to talk to each other and work together, especially when they are in different places.
  • Integration with employment platforms: This feature makes it easier to find candidates because it works with job boards, social media platforms, and placement companies.
  • Building HR environment: Talent Management Software can be connected to other HR tools. It handles salary and attendance to make an HR environment that works well together. 

Talent management has a lot more to give than just these essential features. For example, viewing it on a mobile device, managing staff data, and more is also possible with these tools.

Now, let’s discuss some of the best talent management software you can use for your business. is a popularly adapted talent management software. It offers comprehensive features. These features boost employees’ productivity and engagement in your business for betterment. is worth investing in software for businesses that want to develop their current employees. The tool provides you with the performance data of each employee in a single view.

Key features

  • Data-driven insights
  • Career planning
  • Skill development
  • Succession planning
  • Internal mobility 

Overall, is an ideal talent management software for organizations. It helps you build a talent pipeline and smooth leader transitions.


ClearCompany helps organizations with the hiring process. This tool makes recruiting and onboarding simple and affordable. Thus, organizations widely use it due to its speed and facilities. 

ClearCompany automates everyday recruiting tasks. It includes application tracking. Further, this software leverages text, video, and scheduling technology to create a better candidate experience.

Key features

  • Applicant tracking system
  • Onboarding
  • Employee engagement
  • Performance management 

ClearCompany is a user-friendly and powerful talent management software. You can adapt this software to get data-driven insights about everything, from the hiring process to the organizational performance of the employee.


ChartHop is a comprehensive people operations platform that simplifies consolidating and organizing company-wide employee data, from compensation and benefits to hiring details. 

The platform leverages accurate insights using this centralized system, creating reports, visualizations, and dashboards for greater understanding across teams, all whilst decreasing operational overhead.

ChartHop is a comprehensive people operations platform designed to make tracking data, insights, and processes easier. It provides users with collaborative models that take into account input from multiple stakeholders as well as different sources of information; this helps businesses optimize their resources for successful outcomes.

ChartHop’s workflows guide personnel through the arduous task of headcount forecasting, enabling accurate planning in any situation.


  • Professional Visualization of Company Structure with Org Charts.
  • Effective Employee Data Management
  • Expertly Track the Hiring Process from Start to Finish.
  • Effectively manages employee compensation and benefits such as salary, equity, and 401(k) contributions.
  • Optimize Employee Departure with Exit Surveys.

ChartHop is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere. It is available in three pricing plans: Basic, Growth, and Enterprise. The Basic plan is free for businesses with up to 150 employees.


Workday is an ideal talent management software any organization can ever have with an AI- and ML-driven skills intelligence foundation. The tool will make it easy for you to analyze what skills you have today and what will be required for tomorrow in your organization.

Workday offers one of the most insightful dashboards for HR. This tool gives visual reports and analytics for every employee and their performance. As a result, HR can make wiser decisions in all aspects in less time.

Key features

  • Talent acquisition
  • Talent optimization 
  • Performance Analytics
  • Smart recruiting

Workday helps HRs easily build diverse teams and nurture a belonging culture. This software plays a vital role in making employees more productive and engaging. It helps HR in leader transitions and building solid teams. 


Talentreef is a solution for hourly workforce talent management. This software cuts off several tasks of hiring managers through its advanced features. Talentreef provides a seamless hiring process for HRs.

Talentreef aids recruiters and managers to post jobs widely. It includes email campaigns, social media, etc. The advanced features on Talentreef, like assessment management, applicant tracking, etc., speed up the hiring process.

Key features

  • Training management
  • Social media integration
  • Payroll management
  • Onboarding
  • Application management

Talentreef fits all industries regardless of size. It’s an efficient option to cut administrative workforce and marketing costs. Additionally, this software allows social media integration, making it more efficient.


Personio is talent management software that automates HR tasks. It keeps track of the entire lifecycle of employees. This approach assists HR in decision-making. Further, the advanced features enhance employee management.

Whether it is about applicant tracking or attendance management, Personio does it all. Moreover, it integrates with other tools for betterment, time management, and experience.

Key features

  • Applicant tracking
  • Constructive feedback
  • Training management
  • Attendance management
  • Compensation management

Personio is no doubt a productive talent management software. However, it is most suitable for small to medium size businesses. This software offers a free trial. Thus, you can make wise decisions after trying the tool.  


Talentquest offers the same features as other similar software. However, it still stands out due to additional functionalities and enhanced experience. This software is designed to manage and grow employees’ productivity.

Talentquest is integrated with advanced features to help managers analyze employees closely. These analytics include the personality of team members and their work style. Additionally, HR also receives suggestions accordingly. As a result, managers can make improvements and training programs wisely.

Key features

  • Compensation management
  • Activity tracking
  • Engagement tracking
  • Goal setting/tracking
  • Performance review management

Talentquest is more than HR’s best friend. It is a team builder that finds the best talents and multiplies productivity. Furthermore, Talentquest is suitable for all industries and sizes.


Paychex is a popular talent management software opted for by various businesses. This software is suitable for all industries. It includes startups, small biz, and large companies. Paychex Flex offers a comprehensive range of services.

In terms of functionalities, Paychex has everything any business would look for. This tool manages onboarding and performance management. It also manages daily HR tasks, like paying the employees.

Key features

  • Recruiting to onboarding applicant tracking system
  • Performance management
  • Compensation planning
  • Career pathing
  • Digital learning management

Paychex Flex simplifies communication between staff and management. This keeps employees updated with regular feedback and improvements. The career path tool aids managers in identifying potential employees.


Namely is a mid-size talent management software that is designed to assist HRs and make their complicated tasks easy and quick. Therefore, Namely is like an all-in-one HR solution with modern technology.

Namely provides all the essential features any HR would need. Whether it’s payroll or employee onboarding, Namely covers it all. This handy software streamlines all HR tasks and builds a flexible working environment.

Key features

  • Attendance tracking
  • Candidates tracking
  • Compensation management
  • Check to print 
  • Payroll management

Besides the features mentioned above, Namely has many other unique functions. For instance, peer appraisal, performance review, training management, etc. These features keep employees engaged and positively impact business.


PeopleFluent is an all-in-one talent management software integrated with various PeopleFluent products. This talent management software helps HR and managers improve workflow and handle goals, skills, and performance.

PeopleFluent helps HR align employees’ tasks by offering real-time data and analytics. This feature helps in making many other vital decisions. This software assists in vital decisions like leader transitions. Additionally, this software is integrated with 26 advanced features for a better experience.

Key features

  • Competency management
  • Compensation management
  • Progress tracking
  • Succession planning
  • Real-time analytics

PeopleFluent dashboard keeps the HR team and managers updated with visual graphics. Moreover, it’s ideal for big companies due to its practicality and comprehensive features. 


Paylocity is a cutting-edge software for managing people in the modern world. It makes it easier for employees to work together and communicate in different places. It uses unique ideas to make your business stand out.

Paylocity helps HR with several different tasks. These duties include hiring, training, managing performance, and more. It also gives you accounting features to make it easy for you to pay your workers.

Key features

  • Compensation management
  • Employee management
  • Employee onboarding
  • Learning and development
  • Real-time reporting

The best functionality of Paylocity is employee database management and attendance tracking. These functions streamline the workflow and cut off administrative tasks.


Symplr is a key tool for managing talent. Other tools on this list have more advanced features than this one. But it managed to be on this list because of its easy-to-use interface. Symplr has everything a new business needs to get started.

Symplr is a tool for hiring people that has a method for keeping track of applicants. This program is best for businesses in the healthcare field. Symplr has job offerings and search tools that are easy to use.

Key features

  • Metrics and reporting
  • Third-party integrations
  • Recruitment marketing 
  • Development tools

Overall, Symplr is a tool that healthcare institutions should try. This tool has a mobile app and can handle data more accurately. Symplr is great at getting new workers but needs to improve how it hires people. 


Paycom stands out as an advanced and creative software on this list. It empowers HR and employees to streamline organization management. This comprehensive software easily lets employers handle employee data, including payroll and performance.

This eases HR workload. This approach gives HR time to focus on other essential tasks like building a top-notch culture for the team. HRs will even find it easy to retain top performers with the help of Paycom’s insights and data.

Key features

Moreover, Paycom has many tools that help businesses build management that works well together. Some of the things you can do with these tools are to set and track goals, make job routes, manage roles, and more.


Deltek is a software that helps HR with everything, from finding new employees to paying them. This program has the best features in a single place. These traits can help all four parts of talent management. Deltek can help you quickly improve your desk without much headache and effort.

Regarding functions, Deltek helps HR the most when finding new workers. Deltek keeps the purchase engine going with the help of talent relationship management. This strategy helps your company get the best applicants.

Key features

  • Talent acquisition 
  • Compensation management
  • Learning
  • Performance management
  • Manage employee data

Overall, performance and growth are the main goals of Deltek software. Because of this, it has several advanced features for support. These features help even more to prepare workers for improvement and find the best ones. 


In a nutshell, talent management software is now used by all businesses, no matter what they do. Because of this, it can be hard to choose the right platform. This article has compiled a list of tools for managing people you can trust. Before making a final choice, consider your organization’s income, size, and needs.

You may also explore some best human capital management software your HR department needs.

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