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In Crypto Last updated: May 22, 2023
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Store, manage, and flourish: Explore the best Tron wallets to safeguard your TRX tokens.

Tron wallets are crypto wallets developed to store TRX, the native token of the Tron ecosystem. Moreover, this token has a market capitalization of over $6 billion.

In addition, you can also use these wallets to conduct various crypto transactions across the world instantly. For example, you can send TRX tokens to your friend residing in a different country within a few seconds.

The eco-friendly nature of Tron also makes this project popular among the crypto community. In fact, Crypto Carbon Ratings Institute (CCRI) ranked Tron among the most environmentally friendly blockchains.

Source: CCRI

The increased demand for this crypto token also led people to explore the best TRON (TRX) wallets. But before we get into that, let’s understand the importance of Tron wallets.

Why is the Tron Wallet Important?

Here are some of the important factors of Tron wallets:

  1. Security: Tron Wallets are the safest option to store your valuable TRX and other supported crypto tokens. These dedicated wallets limit the chance of hacks and theft that happens while trusting your cryptos with third-party apps or exchanges. 
  2. Easy to Manage and Monitor: Cryptocurrency assets in different exchanges and wallets can be confusing. Here Tron wallets help you to keep all your cryptos in a single app. Also, you can manage your tokens based on market conditions instantly. 
  3. Asset Ownership: The wallets discussed in this article are non-custodial, which means you have complete control over all crypto assets. This ownership leaves no room for misusing your stored tokens under any circumstances.
  4. Device Compatibility: We commonly use multiple devices to buy, store, and monitor cryptocurrencies. Here Tron wallets are available for mobile and PC users, and this flexibility saves time and avoids complications.
  5. DApp Connectivity: Decentralized Applications, or DApps, have made it easy for us to connect with exchanges, NFT marketplaces, and staking platforms. Tron wallets allow you to connect instantly with these apps without installing other third-party software or apps.

Now let’s dive into the best Tron wallets!


Searching for a Tron wallet compatible with desktop and mobile? Exodus is a great option to consider for storing and transferring your TRX tokens.


With Exodus, you can also store and transfer over 260 crypto assets. In addition, you can also track the live price of your cryptocurrencies.

One of the most impressive features of this wallet is its “Crypto Status.” Here you can check the network status of all supported blockchain networks. As a result, you can postpone transactions on networks that experience temporary issues.

You can create this wallet without any signup or KYC verifications. Moreover, your private keys and data are encrypted to protect your crypto assets.

Exodus is available as a desktop and mobile wallet for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Also, you can add its browser extension on your Brave or Chrome. 

Want more security? Then you can select their hardware wallet built with Trezor for the best security feature.


Are you looking for a wallet that offers much more than just storing your tokens? If so, YouHodler comes in handy!


The additional features available on this Tron wallet include the following:

  • Crypto Exchange: Here, you can directly buy any supported cryptocurrencies based on their live market price. Also, the purchased cryptos are then now stored in your wallet instantly.
  • Crypto Yield Account: Create a free yield account to generate returns from your stored assets. In that case, you can get an annual interest rate of up to 8%. 
  • Crypto-Backed Loans: This wallet provides up to 90% loans for your crypto assets. Moreover, you can withdraw this loan amount directly to your banks, credit cards, and exchanges.

Anxious about the security of your assets? Don’t worry!

YouHodler has crime insurance worth $150 million to safeguard users’ digital assets. In addition, this wallet is partnered with Switzerland and European Union (EU) payment providers.

You can install this wallet from the App Store or Google Play. Moreover, you’ll receive a $10 bonus for your initial TRX deposit.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is an industry leader in crypto wallets. For instance, this wallet has a user base of more than 60 million.  


Backed by Binance, this wallet is one of the most trusted names in the crypto space. You can also instantly connect with popular Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

These Tron wallet users can also benefit from the high speed of 2,000 transactions per second (TPS). As a result, your TRX tokens and other cryptos are within a few seconds.

Moreover, you can also store your favorite NFTs in this wallet. Also, you can monitor the live value of your overall crypto portfolio.

Trust Wallet uses military-grade encryption to protect your data and private keys. Moreover, you can add more security with Face ID, passwords, or Touch ID.

You can install this wallet from Google Play or App Store. In addition, a browser extension is available for Chrome and Brave users.


Freewallet is a multifunctional Tron wallet that you can rely on for more than TRX token storage.


In this wallet, you can explore the functions such as:

  • Asset Management: This wallet can store and manage all your crypto assets without additional third-party apps. 
  • Multi-Crypto Support: Apart from the TRX token, you can use this wallet to buy and store over 100+ cryptocurrencies.
  • Card Support: This wallet lets you buy crypto tokens using debit or credit cards.
  • Free Transaction: You can enjoy feeless transactions for all the assets the wallet supports. 

When it comes to security, this wallet asks for multi-signature confirmation for all your crypto transactions. Moreover, you can set a daily/weekly transaction limit for better safety.

Still worried about the safety of your assets? In that case, you can turn on the PIN lock, fingerprint, or two-factor authentication (2FA) on this wallet.

If you are a desktop user, you can use Freewallet for your Windows, OSX, Ubuntu, or Linux devices. You can also install this wallet on your Android or iOS devices.


Do you want to be fully anonymous while storing and transacting your TRX tokens? Guarda can help you do so!


The most impressive feature that you can rely on in this wallet is your tokens and data stay protected. Moreover, you can conduct all your storage and transaction without KYC verifications.

This Tron wallet’s user-friendly interface helps you manage your crypto tokens and NFTs on a single screen. You will also get the live price of your favorite cryptocurrencies directly in your wallet. 

This wallet doesn’t store your private keys. For this reason, you’ll have complete ownership of all your assets. Besides, they also have 24/7 customer service to clear all your queries.

Are you bored of leaving your assets idle in the wallet? If so, you can stake your tokens to generate an additional return that ranges between 3% to 20% annually.

Guarda Wallet is available for iOS and Android devices. Also, this wallet supports Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Atomic Wallet

Looking for a simple Tron wallet to store your TRX tokens? Atomic Wallet comes in handy!


The sleek design of this wallet allows you to manage your crypto portfolio. As a result, you can easily buy or sell based on the performance of that particular cryptocurrency.

Atomic Wallet has an excellent 4.4/5 rating on the Trustpilot platform. Its smooth transaction and simple user interface (UI) impress users here.

You can also use the token swap feature available on this wallet. Using this, you can easily swap 60+ crypto pairs with a chance of getting a 1% cashback.

This wallet also has its in-built crypto portfolio management system. If you are a trader or investor, you can use this feature to manage and monitor all your crypto assets.  

Atomic Wallet is available on App Store and Google Play. If you’re a PC user, you can download this wallet on your MacOS, Ubuntu, Windows, Fedora, or Debian devices.

Trustee Plus

Trustee Plus offers instant buy and sell features at the best crypto exchange rates. Moreover, you can also benefit from their feeless transfers.


In addition, you can use this wallet to swap supported crypto tokens instantly. Also, you can buy cryptocurrencies using your credit or debit card.

Notably, this Tron wallet also has real-time audit technology to safeguard users’ assets. Besides, you can also use their multiple security features as an extra safety option.

Trustee Plus also provides you with an option for smooth cryptocurrency top-up. Here you don’t need to pay any fees for using this feature.

This wallet also has an instant QR code feature to transfer your crypto assets. Here all you need is to share this code with the sender. 

You can install this wallet on your iOS or Android devices. Moreover, they have a dedicated customer care service to support you.


Eager to know about a Tron Wallet that is trusted among 10 million users? Then, check out BitKeep, with a total transaction value worth over $100 billion!


Additionally, their mobile wallets have impressive customer ratings. For example, Android users have rated a whooping 4.9/5 on Google Play. Also, this wallet has over 500K downloads to date.

In addition, this wallet is not just limited to storing your TRX tokens. Here you can also access their launchpad, swap, and NFT marketplace.

BitKeep has a reserve pool worth over $1 million as insurance against your stored assets. Moreover, you can also enable security features on this wallet, such as app password, fingerprint, or facial verifications.

You can also use this wallet to keep track of the live market price of your cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Also, their real–time DEX intelligence helps you to swap thousands of supported crypto assets instantly.

This wallet is available on Google Play and App Store. Besides you can also add their browser extension from the Chrome Web Store.


Do you manage your TRX tokens with the help of multiple devices? If so, Coinomi can be an excellent Tron wallet for you to consider.


On the security front, this wallet has never been reportedly hacked to date. In fact, this wallet hasn’t compromised its user’s safety since its inception in 2014.

You can also use this wallet to store and transact crypto assets from over 125 blockchains. Besides, Coinomi also allows you to purchase cryptocurrencies with more than 165 fiat currencies.  

In addition, you can also connect instantly with Web3 platforms and DApp browsers. This feature lets you participate in crypto lending, borrowing, and staking opportunities.

Managing different crypto assets can be confusing, right? Don’t worry; this wallet’s “Overview” section helps you manage and monitor all your cryptocurrencies at a glance.

If you are a mobile device user, you can install Coinomi from the App Store or Google Play. This wallet is available for PC users for Linux, macOS, and Windows.


Introduced in 2016, imToken has a massive user base of over 12 million. In addition, their users have transferred crypto assets worth more than $500 billion at the time of writing.


In terms of security, this wallet secures your private keys using a data encryption method. Moreover, you can also add a fingerprint lock or password accordingly.

You can also use this Tron wallet to store and transact assets from over 20 blockchain networks. Besides, they also provide you access to 600+ verified DApps.

Notably, you can manage your multiple crypto assets and organize your portfolio accordingly. Also, you can store your NFTs and track their live market price.

In addition, you can monitor and manage all your crypto tokens from the app. Also, you can go through the transaction history and wallet balance in a few simple steps.

imToken is available for iOS and Android devices. Moreover, you can also get their online assistance via email. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, choosing the right wallet is very crucial when it comes to the storage and management of your TRX tokens. This article highlights the major feature of the best Tron wallets available in the crypto space.

Finally, selecting the wallet that fits your preferences is up to you. However, prioritize security, device compatibility, and ease of use.

You can also check out the best hardware crypto wallets.

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