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In Customer Service Last updated: September 6, 2023
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Do you want more of your customers to pick up your phone calls? Use trusted calling solutions to avoid getting marked as spam by carriers and users.

How many times has it happened that you called a customer for feedback, and they did not pick it up because they thought it to be spam?

Ask your tele-calling team, and you will know that there have been numerous incidents like this. So, what could be the solution? Using trusted calling.

What Is Trusted Calling?

A man in a trusted headset is talking to a woman at a desk.

Trusted calling is the technique to show the recipient that the call is coming from a reliable source, preferably a business company. It also tells them that a phone call is not spam. When companies opt for trusted call solutions, they can get their phone numbers registered and verified.

Also, it protects their numbers from getting mislabelled as spam likely. It has an overall positive impact on your business by increasing the rate of answered calls.

Importance of Verified Phone Numbers

Using verified phone numbers for business calling is highly significant. As you need those numbers to share business updates, promotional vouchers, and lucrative offers, it is best to avoid using any random numbers and go for the verified ones only.

Phone verification is necessary to protect your business reputation from fraudulent activities. Fraudsters often hide their own number and use others’ phone numbers for illegal activities. As a result, those numbers get marked as spam by the users. Verified phone numbers can protect you in such scenarios.

What Is SHAKEN/STIR Protocol and Why Is It Crucial

SHAKEN stands for Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs, while the full form of STIR is Secure Telephony Identity Revisited. Together, SHAKEN/STIR is a combination of protocols for fighting caller ID spoofing, 

These protocols work together to ensure the authenticity of a call and confirm that the caller ID info matches the actual caller. According to FCC (Federal Communications Commission,) all telephone service providers need to use this service. This protocol is vital due to the following reasons:

  • It helps to build trust with customers and increases the phone answering rate to a great extent.
  • The STIR/SHAKEN protocol protects the reputation of legitimate businesses. It assigns them a high score to ensure that these calls are not mislabeled as spam. 
  • It authenticates incoming calls to a user’s number and blocks unwanted spam calls even before reaching the recipient’s telephone. 
  • This protocol also detects robocalls containing pre-recorded messages and marks them as potentially fraudulent calls. It assigns them a low score to prevent them from reaching users’ phones.

Now, we explore some top trusted calling solutions to choose for your business.


Increase pick rates by avoiding scam likely and corner blocking.

Do your calls get blocked by the carrier? With Aloware trusted calling solution, you can make sure more people pick up your business calls. It implements STIR/SHAKEN and A2P 10DLC protocols to offer you the right caller ID and a checkmark when you call them.

Businesses can get verified phone numbers from this solution so that the numbers do not appear to be suspicious. This leads to a higher connection rate and increased customer trust. Also, with Aloware, companies can easily register for Spam Prevention measures like STIR/ SHAKEN and A2P 10DLC to stay compliant.

It also helps you build your reputation and avoid getting marked as spam by users. Thus, the SMS deliverability is increased, and the pick-up rates increase.


Combat unwelcome robots with call authentication.

Twilio offers SHAKEN/STIR-based trusted calling to increase your call answering rate. You can use this as a useful tool to fight against unlawful robocalls. Use it to sign up numbers for voice calls using SHAKEN/STIR protocol. 

With the attestation of this protocol, all the calls you make from the registered numbers will appear with the tag “Caller Verified” on the recipients’ mobile. Even if your number has been marked as spam, you can fix the situation using this solution. 

Twilio also offers you a chance to improve the reputation score of the phone calls so the customers will have a reason to receive your calls again. Moreover, this solution has the Trust Hub feature that allows you to get verified on all channels.


Sti-shaken is a mobile app that allows you to connect with friends and family.

If you want a reliable connection for your business with Caller ID Authentication, go for MightyCall. This comprehensive solution not only ensures high customer satisfaction but also protects your business from robocalls. 

Hence, you can opt for it to secure your communication channels and gather the trust of your customers. One of the internal functions of MightyCall is Caller Identification authentication. 

This system displays a “verified” status in the call logs for authentic and non-spam calls. Furthermore, it improves the reputation of legitimate businesses through call authenticity and reduces the risk of fraudulent calls.

Caller ID Reputation

Str - shakai - attitudinal level testing tool.

For any business, it is crucial to know the reputation of its outbound phone numbers. Caller ID Reputation is a powerful solution that lets you test the STIR/SHAKEN Attestation Level. 

When you are completely aware that your calls are getting the right attestation level, you can measure the performance of your agents. This level is directly connected with call deliverability. Hence, its assessment allows you to know whether the numbers are certified by the OCN and carriers or not. 

Moreover, it enables you to find out flags across major call-blocking apps. Real-time flag notifications and Bulk phone number uploads for rating monitoring are also available on this platform.

A blue background with the words trusted caller id solutions. is a robust solution that protects your business reputation while maintaining trust and increasing answer rates. It prevents call-blocking apps and spam labels from damaging the trust of your calls. 

This call deliverability solution enables you to manage all your business numbers from a single dashboard and check how the recipients view and receive your calls. It also offers features that can remove the spam likely status from your phone numbers that have already been marked so. 

Apart from these, branded caller ID is also available that contains the company name (up to 32 characters displayed on some carriers) and logo. This will let you reach 400 million+ devices in the USA.


YouTube video

By choosing Sinch as your trusted calling solution, you can help customers know the identity of the caller. It lets you reduce the number of robocalls and increase call answer rates by building the trust of the customers. 

Using the STIR/SHAKEN attestation of this solution, you can improve the reputation score while making your customers comfortable about answering your calls. It helps you fight the spoof callers that bother your consumers. 

When your call appears with a checkmark or the “Caller Verified” text, the value of the voice calls gets established. This solution also mitigates robocalls and prevents legitimate calls from getting marked as spam.


A diagram showing the different parts of trusted calling.

Do you know that customers are more likely to answer a call if it comes from a trusted source? That’s right. But how to prove that the call can be trusted? Using Ytel, you can increase your live answers rate and stop people from ignoring your business calls. 

To prevent your phone calls from getting mislabelled as spam, you can register your phone numbers with Ytel. Such labels can also be removed from your existing phone numbers. This solution also provides a branded caller ID along with a verified checkmark. 

As these will appear on the display and call log of the recipient, they could be assured of the source. You also get the facility of adding your company logo to the caller ID and mentioning the reason for calling in supported cases.


For companies, it is essential to have their phone numbers verified to earn the trust of their customers. Using trusted calling solutions is an approach they can opt for to not get tagged as spam likely. 

Here, we have compiled a list of the best trusted calling service providers. You can check out their features and go for the one most suitable for your business. If interested, you may read about the best VoIP phone systems for modern businesses.

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