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Udemy is one of the popular and most affordable online learning platforms. If you want to acquire a new skill this year, Udemy will help you get started.

Why is it important to keep improving professional skills?

Following are the reasons why you should never stop learning a new skill:

Future-Proof: As technology progresses over time, every industry and role will be dependent heavily on advanced technology as well. By keep improving and updating your professional skills will future-proof your career.

Increase productivity: Improving your skills will make you work smarter than harder, thus increasing productivity. For instance, learning technical skills will help you solve any tech issues that will help you to save time and money. 

Confidence: Developing these skills will help you feel more confident and comfortable in your role.  

Stay updated and relevant: Even if you excel in your role, improving and staying updated with new skills will help you progress in your career. Technology is constantly changing, and continuous learning will help you stay relevant.

Versatility and security: Companies and employees who keep evolving with new tech always have a competitive advantage and have an easier time adapting to changing expectations. It will help you get more versatility and security in your career.

Become a valuable asset: Regardless of your role and industry, acquiring new skills will help you become a great asset to your company. 

Stand out from the rest: Upskilling will also help you stand out from the rest of your business and make you eligible for a promotion. It will help you become a good collaborator and a great team leader.

Become more employable: If you are looking for a job change, having new and trending tech/IT skills on your resume will make you an all-rounder. A diverse resume will impress your interviewer and make you more employable than the rest. 

Boost your passion: A monotonous work routine can make anyone unmotivated and unproductive, even if you have a passion for your current role. Learning new skills will help you revive your passion.

Prevents future tech problems: As more and more businesses are becoming heavily dependent on technology, having tech skills will help employees solve tech problems themselves and help them avoid making fundamental tech issues.

About Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform providing thousands of courses for students worldwide. The courses available on the platform are very affordable and give lifetime access. Whether you are a student or a working professional, it’s a great platform to learn new skills and advance your career.

Following are some Udemy courses you should enroll in this year:

Complete Python Developer

Python is one of the best programming languages for beginners, making it easy to understand and learn. This complete python developer Udemy course teaches Python from scratch and makes you an expert in python coding. Topics covered include programming fundamentals, python fundamentals, data structures, functional programming with Python, etc. 

The course will teach you the followings:

  • Become a professional Python programmer.
  • Learn to write basic and bug-free code.
  • Learn data science, machine learning, and object-oriented programming.
  • Set up a professional workspace, and build a web scraper and professional portfolio website.
  • Master basic as well as the advanced topic of the latest Python 3.10

By the end of the course, you will be ready to get hired at large companies as a Python Developer.

Web Development Bootcamp

The continuous advancement of technology has made businesses go online for consumers’ better experience. Due to this, new and innovative web applications are needed making web developers high in demand. By the end of this web development course, you will be ready to start working as a junior web developer or work as a freelance web developer. 

The course will teach you the followings:

  • Completing 16 web development projects.
  • Become a full-stack web developer.
  • Become an expert in front-end development with React.
  • Learn the latest technologies in Javascript, React, Node, and Web3 development.

Top businesses like NetApp and Eventbrite prefer this course to offer their employees.

Data Science Course

Data science is one of the high-paying and high-demand skills. Data scientists know how to solve real-life business cases using maths, statistics, programming, and other related fields. This Udemy course on Data Science covers various topics such as Mathematics, Statistics, Python, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Data Visualization, etc.

The course will teach you the followings:

  • Become an expert data scientist.
  • Understand the logic and maths behind data science clearly.
  • Learn machine learning algorithms.
  • Learn how to apply skills to real-life business cases.

This course is ideal for everyone who wants to be a Data Scientist or learn more about the field.

Javascript Course

It is a complete Javascript course to learn one of the most popular programming languages. You will learn modern Javascript from scratch and be ready job-ready on completion. It is one of the best Udemy courses on Javascript that will help you become an excellent developer using practical and fun code examples. 

The course will teach you the followings:

  • Become a Javascript developer from scratch.
  • Build 6 real-life projects using Javascript.
  • Learn Javascript fundamentals, Modern OOP, and Asynchronous Javascript.
  • Learn problem-solving, researching, and workflows.
  • Practice with over 50 challenges and assignments.

It is one of the bestselling JavaScript courses on Udemy, updated for the latest Javascript features.

Complete React Developer

The course helps you become a Senior React developer. It teaches you React 18, which is the latest version of React. This comprehensive course focuses on efficiency and learning all modern React toolchains. This Udemy React course introduces advanced topics from basics to help you understand them better. 

The course will teach you the followings:

  • Building advanced applications using React.
  • Learn React latest features like Hooks, Context API, Suspense, etc.
  • Become an expert React developer.
  • Building large-scale applications.
  • Routing with React router.

This course will help you create large and scalable applications.

Angular Complete Guide

This Angular complete guide covers everything you need to become a full-fledged front-end developer. No prior knowledge of Angular 1 or Angular 2 is required. You will learn TypeScript.

The course will teach you the followings:

  • Develop applications using Angular 14.
  • Become an expert front-end developer. 
  • Understand Angular fundamentals quickly.
  • Create applications with modern JavaScript frameworks.

This course is ideal for both beginner as well as experienced front-end developers.

SQL Bootcamp

SQL is one of the most needed skills for data scientists, business analysts, or anyone working with data. SQL Bootcamp is one of the best Udemy courses to upgrade your skill and become an SQL pro. Improve your understanding with real-life examples and challenges.  

The course will teach you the followings:

  • Learn SQL to query the database.
  • Learn data analysis using SQL.
  • Learn performing Group By statements.
  • Learn to add logic flow to SQL queries and more.

The course is designed to be clear and understandable.

Microsoft Power BI

This comprehensive course is all you need to become a pro in Microsoft Power BI. After completing the course, you can structure your data quickly, add calculations, and create and publish charts. 

The course will teach you the followings:

  • Analyze data from different data sources and create your datasets.
  • Learn various tools of Power BI.
  • Learn how to work on a Data model.
  • Learn how to create calculated columns and measures, build relationships between tables, and create reports with different visualization types.

This course is for everyone who is a beginner or has a basic understanding of some Power BI tools.

Financial Analyst Course

It is the best finance course for those looking for a promising career in this field. The course covers Microsoft Excel, Accounting, financial statements, Finance basics, Business analysis, Capital budgeting, MS PowerPoint, etc.

The course will teach you the followings:

  • Start working with Microsoft Excel.
  • Handle and work with extensive data.
  • Perform financial statement analysis.
  • Understand accounting, bookkeeping principles, 10-k reports, etc.
  • Build balance sheets from scratch.

This Financial Analyst Course is one of the most dynamic, practical, and comprehensive courses.

Salesforce Certified Administrator Training

Salesforce Certifications are becoming popular day by day for IT professionals. This Udemy Salesforce Admin course will help you learn how to pass the exam and get certification by closely following the Salesforce certification syllabus.

The course will teach you the followings:

  • Become a Salesforce platform expert.
  • Learn how to create apps in the cloud.
  • Pass Salesforce Certified Administrator exam.

The course is updated and revised for the latest Admin Certification and Salesforce release.

Adobe Photoshop Training

This course will make me a proficient photoshop user in no time. It provides the best techniques to work on real-world use cases to help learners understand better.

The course will teach you the followings:

  • Design business cards, characters, illustrations, etc.
  • Edit, Improve, or repair pictures.
  • Design creative text styles.

It is the best training course to learn how to get maximum results from Photoshop with minimal effort.

Microsoft Excel

This course will help you go from a beginner to proficient in Microsoft excel. The best thing about this course is that you will get an Excel workbook to help you understand important features and functionality and complete the course quickly.

The course will teach you the followings:

  • Become a Microsoft Excel expert.
  • Learn to create professional workbooks and spreadsheets.
  • Learn how to create Tables, Charts, etc., using excel.

You will get access to the Q&A section with the course so that you can get your query solved quickly.

Software Testing Bootcamp

In this Udemy course, you will need to learn everything that you should know about software testing. Topics covered here are Manual testing basics, Agile testing basics, API and web services testing, Unit testing, and many more.

The course will teach you the followings:

  • Learn basic software testing, black-box testing, white-box testing, API testing, and more.
  • Implement testing strategies using tools.
  • Agile methodology and Agile tools.

After completing the course, you can start working as a full-time software tester or freelancer.

Mastering Data Visualization

This course will teach you the fundamentals and theory of Data Visualization. It will help you create informative and communicatively effective charts. 

The course will teach you the followings:

  • Design effective data communications.
  • How to choose and design the perfect plot for the purpose.
  • Golden rules on Graphical Excellence, Integrity, and Sophistication.
  • Create compelling graphs.

The course is ideal for programmers, researchers, data scientists, designers, journalists, data journalists, communication experts, etc.

Linux Training Course

Linux is used in almost every server and is standard for a development environment. Thus learning Linux is becoming a necessity in the corporate world. This course will teach you Linux installation, configuration, administration, troubleshooting, shell scripting, command line, and more.

The course will teach you the followings:

  • Understand Linux fundamentals and concepts at a deep level.
  • Learn over 200 Linux commands.
  • Become a professional Linux administrator.
  • Handle Linux servers and troubleshoot Linux-related issues.

This course will help you pass various Linux certifications exams like RHCSA, RHCE, LFCS, and CompTIA Linux+.

The Bottom Line

Udemy offers a wide range of courses for students and working professionals. The courses mentioned above are the best and most preferred Udemy courses worldwide. If you want to spend too much money on course fees and study on your own time, Udemy is the best platform for you.

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