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In this remote working era, staying fit physically is a must. Due to less to no activity when working from home, you are prone to several physical and mental health issues. 

Having an under-desk bike for your home office can help you solve this problem.

In this article, we will discuss why fitness matters the most for people who work from home, how under desk bikes could help you achieve your fitness goals, and list 13 under desk bikes you can try out.

Why Fitness Matters In Today’s Work From Home Culture

Doing some physical activity regularly keeps you healthy. It can be anything from simply walking a mile to playing an outdoor sport.

It’s so effective that it can burn down 90% of your health problems. No kidding!

According to National Health Services, exercise can reduce your risk of fatal heart diseases, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cancer by up to 30%.

Moreover, regular exercise can be incredibly beneficial for your mental health.

Doctors recommend several physical exercises to patients suffering from mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, and more.

But, what does regular exercise mean?

For 3.2 billion working professionals, their dose of regular exercise comes from commuting between the office and home. The steps they take to get down their home to the ones they take while climbing up the office stairs and en route. Everything accounts for some form of exercise.

However, Government’s Covid-19 restrictions forced people to work remotely for the past couple of years. But now, though Covid restrictions are almost gone, many companies and employees still prefer working from home.

97% of the global workforce still considers remote work beneficial, but the truth is that working from home is hampering physical well-being in the long term. How’s that?

#1. Less Mobility

When you work from home, there’s less to no physical activity involved.

It’s evident that despite saving your commute expenses and working in your comfort, you spend hours sitting on long calls and zoom meetings.

Are we becoming sedentary?

A study by Cambridge Open Engage reported that Americans working from home had seen a 32% reduction in physical activity daily.

This means, yes, we are becoming sedentary!

#2. Work Fatigue

Maintaining a proper work-life balance while working remotely is difficult. Ironically, your work is now at your home, and as per your family, you have no time bondage. But, your company too thinks the same.

This creates time management issues. You try your best to balance both and work for longer hours, stretching your work-life day by day.

Soon, you start feeling work fatigue. As employees find themselves working all the time, they have less time for other activities, including physical exercise.

#3. Social Isolation

When was the last time you met your office colleague? If your answer is pre-Covid, you’re susceptible to social isolation. A lack of social interaction results in a deprived sleep schedule, depression, and loneliness.

To get rid of all these problems, physical and mental exercises are necessary. If you’re a freelancer or an employee working from home under desk bikes can help. Let’s see how!

How Under Desk Bikes Help WFH Professionals 

While WFH is making us lazier day by day, it can be challenging to burn calories, maintain a good physique, and stay fit and active.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution to this problem: Under Desk Bikes.

An under desk exercise bike is a bicycle designed for people who want to exercise regularly without hampering their work.

Desk bikes are also great for people who have trouble getting up from their chairs. They’re easy to ride, and they don’t require much strength or balance.

With under desk exercise, you have the opportunity to overcome work fatigue and become more productive while working from home. 

Let’s dig deeper into how under desk bikes are the best exercise solution for WFH professionals.

#1. Restore Healthy Work-Life Balance

One of the significant reasons for investing in under desk exercise bikes is to get your body moving while focusing on your work.

Let’s understand it better. When you’re seated, all your weight pressure is exerted on the heels of your feet. When you use an under desk bike, this weight moves to the center of the foot. This increases the amount of oxygen your foot receives.

Evidently, cycling burns a significant amount of calories that you may not be able to burn in any other way. 

#2. Experience a Productivity Boost

When you work out, your body releases endorphins, hormones that make you feel happy. Exciting these hormones during work can bliss your mood and make you more productive.

Moreover, a desk bike helps you channel your excessive energy, leaving you with enough energy to focus on work.

#3. Doesn’t Hamper Work Productivity

The best part about an under desk bike is that it won’t distract you so much from your work. 

When peddling, you may notice that your upper body is moving from side to side, which might be distracting at first. However, with practice, you’ll be able to modify your posture.

Similarly, it’s unreal to get distracted by the bike’s noise. They are designed to be extremely quiet, even if you pedal as fast as Usain Bolt.

Here are some of the best under-desk bikes for your home office.

YOSUDA Magnetic Under Desk Cycling Bike YBM-1

Founded in 2018 – Yosuda is a family fitness brand that sells fitness equipment such as stationary bikes, under-desk bikes, etc. 

Yosuda’s bike is a premium under-desk bike.


  • Multi-Functional: Effortlessly perform arm and leg exercises no matter if you’re a kid or a 70-year old
  • Smooth & Quiet: Have a high-quality samarium cobalt magnet that provides ample load for smoother, quieter pedaling
  • Calibrated Resistance: Comes with 8 adjustable levels of magnetic tension and is stable enough to bear even the most extraordinary resistance level.
  • Easy to Use & Carry: Easy to understand digital meter to provide you with workout insights and an inbuilt portable handle to carry the equipment easily

Yosuda under desk bikes are perfect for compact places. Moreover, they produce a minimal sound of just 20db – not even enough to wake up a sleeping baby in the room.


DeskCycle is a product of 3D Innovations, LLC. 

It deals in developing software and products that make it easier and more convenient to exercise from the comfort of your home.


  • Real-Time Results: Large 5-function LCD tracks your speed, time, distance covered, calories burned & more
  • Smooth Pedal Motion: High inertia flywheel for an extra smooth padel motion while working out
  • Whisper Silent: Uses touchless magnetic resistance to operate silently without disturbing your co-workers
  • Tension Control: Choose from 8 different intensity levels to personalize your experience and push your workout to the limit

Desk cycles come with free online activity logging software. Use it to track and analyze your daily progress, calculate calories, and upload your steps to Fitbit.

Himaly Exercise Bike

Himaly’s portable under desk bike exerciser is excellent for WFH employees keen on their health. 

It’s multi-functional and can be used for both leg and arm exercises.


  • Lightweight Equipment: Compact design and lightweight body of 4kg to workout when and wherever you want
  • Easy Assembly: Assemble the machine in minutes without the help of an expert or tools
  • Compact-Space Saver: Micro design of 43 x 32 x 20 cm to fit in the smallest space in your home or office

Himaly’s under desk bike is easy to assemble and comes with anti-slip pedals to provide you with a better grip while working out.


FlexiSpot specializes in bringing ergonomic solutions that help people live healthier and more productive life. 

Its products are specially tested and certified by TUV SUD.


  • Quick-Adjust Seat: Its pneumatic adjustment lever allows you to quickly adjust the seat to your desired height with a simple press
  • Calibrated Resistance: 8 levels of resistance to help you go from light activity to a robust workout with a flick of your wrist
  • Adjustable Desktop: Easily adjustable desktop with up, down, too, and fro movements for sitting and standing positions
  • Lockable Gravity Casters: Easy-rolling caster for free mobility plus gravity sensor wheel locks to keep the bike steady while you workout

The best thing about FlexiSpot is that it has a foldable pedaling system and casters to fit in the smallest spaces in your room or office.

FlexStride Under Desk Elliptical

FlexStride Under Desk Elliptical is a convenient and effective solution for your unhealthy workout excuses. 

The equipment is manually powered, so you don’t have to wait for electricity to start your exercise – no wires, no charging, no electricity needed.


  • LCD Display: Vibrant digital display to check your regular progress and make data-driven decisions 
  • Portable Equipment: Weighs just 26.5lbs with an In-built handle to carry the equipment across rooms or offices easily
  • Ultimate Stability: Rugged surface over the pedals to prevent slippery grip and provide stability while you train
  • Sports Recovery: Accelerated healing to prevent future injuries and find relief for joint pain and back pain quickly

You also enjoy a lifetime warranty on FlexStride’s elliptical. Moreover, the equipment comes with a roller mat, tether strap, exercise resistance band, and a pair of chair wheel stoppers.

FlexCycle Exercise Bike

FlexCycle exercise bikes help you clear your mind, build stamina & tighten muscles with just 75 minutes of foot pedal exercise weekly.


  • Online Tracking Software: Integrate your desk bike with the LifePro app to track your workout progress and statistics under one dashboard 
  • Upper Body Equipment: Attach the included resistance bands to your machine for the bonus arm pedals to switch up your leg workout to an arm workout
  • Adjust Tension: Personalize your workout with 8 levels of resistance using a knob. 
  • Safe & Stable: Non-slip grips, stabilizing bars, and optional tethering strap included for added safety on slippery floors

You can easily access training videos across FlexCycle’s community and get your under desk bike running in no time. 

Note: Like FlexStride, FlexCycle also comes with lifetime support.

SitFit Elliptical Exercise Bike

SitFit Elliptical under desk exercise bike is lightweight workout equipment for WFH professionals. 

You can easily personalize your workout with a remote control or opt for manual settings.


  • Motorized Bi-Directional Movements: Simply choose the speed and direction you want to pedal, and SitFit starts turning accordingly
  • Remote Control: Personalize your pedal exerciser settings manually or with a remote control
  • Easy Mobility: 16 lbs equipment with an in-built handle to move it wherever required
  • No-Slip Pedals: The foot holder is covered with a rugged surface providing better grip and stability while working out

The SitFit compact elliptical is specially designed for senior citizens and rehab purposes. Although it doesn’t have a high resistance level, one can always use it for regular exercises and track the calories burnt. The SitFit compact elliptical is specially designed for senior citizens and rehab purposes. Although it doesn’t have a high resistance level, one can always use it for regular exercises and track the calories burnt.

Magnetic Under Desk Bike

Sunny Health and Fitness is a leading company manufacturing daily health exercise equipment. 

The magnetic under bike is an affordable and versatile solution to your regular exercise routine.


  • Low Impact: Its 7-inch stride helps you incorporate lower body movement without putting pressure on joints
  • 2-in-1-Design: Designed in a manner to easily switch pedaling with either your feet or your arms
  • Smooth Operations: Belt-driven mechanism and 3.52 lbs flywheel to provide you with a smooth cycling experience
  • Easy to Store: Compact-space design to fit in the smallest of under desk spaces and an in-built handle to move it easily

Like many other under desk bikes, there are eight levels of magnetic resistance and a display that tracks activity. 

Vive Pedal Exerciser

Vive pedal exerciser is a portable under desk exercise bike for WFH professionals. 

It has a compact design that allows you to perform arm and legs exercises effortlessly. 


  • Whisper Quiet: No-noise pedal mechanism to prevent you from distractions when using the Vive exerciser 
  • Quick Setup: Engineered in a way to assemble everything with ease and get your machine up and running in minutes
  • Adjustable Resistance: Easily adjust the resistance level and personalize your workout 
  • LCD Display: Multi-functional LCD screen display to quickly understand your workout goals and results

The Vive pedal exerciser is excellent for toning muscles and improving concentration. The low-profile design prevents the pedal exerciser from slipping on any surface, including tabletop, carpets, or floor surfaces.

Exerpeutic 2000M Motorized Electric Pedal Exerciser

Want to burn some calories while being on a conference call? The 2020 upgraded model of Exerpeutic pedal exerciser is the right fit for you.

The model promotes better blood circulation, strength, and mobility.


  • 2-in-1-Design: Use the pedal exerciser with both feet and arm alternatively to promote better blood circulation across the upper and lower body
  • Spacious Pedals: Improved large 12 cm wide foldable pedal with adjustable straps to prevent your foot from slipping
  • Speed Controller: Hand-held speed controller with 180 cm extended long cord for easy speed adjustment
  • Motor Auto-Stop: Overload protection stops the rotation of the cranks if the user’s legs cannot rotate freely

You can enjoy a higher-resistant workout when the power is off. When power is on, it has an automatic 15 min timer session that prevents excursion heating for the person pedaling and the machine.

Stamina Inmotion Elliptical

Looking for an under desk bike with a no-noise policy attached to it? Stamina Inmotion Elliptical delivers a quiet and effective workout experience even at the highest resistance level. 


  • Multi-Function Monitor: Easy-to-read digital monitor to track real-time progress and see all your workout stats periodically
  • Adjustable Tensions: Control the intensity of the workout by simply turning the resistance dial while exercising
  • Non-Slippery Pedals: Textured pedal surfaces to secure your feet while you hustle for good health
  • Dual Workout Mode: A unique design that lets you use the strider while sitting or standing effortlessly

Inmotion Elliptical can also be integrated with a smart fitness app supported by müüv. The workout app offers personalized training and tailored videos to help you get the perfect WFH exercise.

Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical Machine

Cubii Pro seated under desk elliptical is one of the best under desk bikes in the market. 

It promises a “whisper-quiet” motor making it perfect for home and office usage. 


  • Smooth Stride: Ultra smooth gearing to maintain free-flowing pedals at any resistance and enrich your workout experience 
  • Integrated Fitness App: Sync the Cubii app with your device to track your progress and calories burnt 
  • Easily Portable: Cubii elliptical weighs just 32 lbs and comes with an in-built handle
  • Whisper-Quiet: No-noise pedal operations even with a higher resistance level

Cubii under-desk elliptical comes with 8 levels of resistance. You can adjust your workout intensity anytime just by turning the adjustment knob.

Vive Magnetic Pedal Exerciser

Vive magnetic pedal exerciser is an upgraded model of its previous under desk bike model. 

It’s the smartest pedal exerciser on the market and more beneficial for low-impact exercises. 


  • Smooth Pedal Motion: Exceptionally smooth and quiet pedal movements due to its in-built magnetic resistance
  • Quick Setup: Quickly assemble the equipment with the easy-to-understand user manual and tour guides in the Vive mobile app
  • Smartphone Compatibility: Pair your device with the pedal exerciser to use the Vive fit app for targeted workouts and tracking your progress

Vive pedal exerciser is the perfect choice for employed professionals hustling at work.

Wrapping Up 🚲

Under-desk exercise bikes come in different forms and varieties. In this article, we have discussed some of the best under-desk bikes for your home office.

Still, confused about the best under-desk bike for you? Let’s refine the bikes according to their best quality.

Best All-round PerformanceDeskCycle
Best SplurgeCubii Pro Seated Under Desk Elliptical Bike
Whisper Quiet PerformanceStamina Inmotion Elliptical Bikes
Best Easy to Setup Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical
Best With AppLifePro FlexCycle Under Desk Exercise Bike

Pick your favorite, send the under bike under your desk, and achieve your fitness goals the right way!

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