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In Gaming Last updated: November 11, 2022
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Wondering what you can do on the internet while getting bored?

The World Wide Web is extensive and contains many sites that can help you pass the time.

With the digital revolution taking place, there are plenty of changes around. The internet has revolutionized the world in several ways. It has reshaped politics, shopping, and journalism, to mention a few—but it has completely redefined how individuals spend their time.

If the internet were ever helpful for anything, it would be squandering time or eliminating boredom.


We performed the legwork of locating some fantastic locations you may not know. So, we’ve got your back the next time you’re looking for a new method to kill time online.

Some people believe that Friday is the most challenging day of the week. Unless, of course, you have the day off. You realize the weekend is approaching, but you still have stuff to do.

You’re undoubtedly fatigued after a long week filled with conferences, responsibilities, and emails. Perhaps you were fortunate enough to check some chores off your to-do list.

So, we came up with something sure to make you grin or cheer you up on your coffee break. So, here are some of the internet’s most worthless sites.

That’s right; you heard that accurately. Some folks have a lot of free time, and they’ve created all these crazy yet completely worthless websites. But they’re a lot of fun, and you can try them yourself!


Using WindowSwap, you can launch a new window anywhere on the globe. Peek into actual people’s windows and contribute your own to be a member of this international society. You will also get access to all previously posted windows, limitless bookmarks, playlists, and even a back button.

Consider upgrading for $5 per month. All previously published windows, limitless tabs, and albums will now belong to you. 


The films are pre-recorded and uploaded by individuals, which you would notice if you land on the same window on different days. The site wants 10-minute HD films of “your window and frame,” as well as the creator’s name and contact information.

To begin, go over to WindowSwap and touch or drag the ‘Create a New Screen’ option anywhere in the globe. You’ll be rewarded with a high-definition video from someone’s window anywhere on the planet. The films are pre-recorded and last fifteen minutes.


Trypap is a low-key hostile login generator that lets you enter any character combination and get a random bit of mildly hostile response.

You may have noticed the green “Strong” warning, which indicates that your password is sufficiently robust. However, have you previously pondered how strong your password truly is? 


The Passive Aggressive Password Machine (PaP) is a site that determines the strength of your login. The site includes a credential input field where you may submit your credentials to test their strength.

On a practical point, this site must not be given attention when creating a new passcode because it evaluates the duration of the account rather than the alphanumeric sequence combined with special symbols, which makes credentials safe.


Pointer-pointer is a webpage that displays images of individuals gesturing toward your cursor. It was made in Amsterdam by Studio Moniker and had few redeemable qualities other than sheer humorous relief.


Clearly stated, Pointer-Pointer is a website that demands you drag your mouse (called a pointer) to a specific location on your computer monitor. When your cursor remains stationary, a picture of a person pointing toward the pointer emerges. 

When you shift your cursor, another image of a person pointing at your pointer appears. A domain pointer is an extra web address that refers to your site’s root.

The Neal Fun Deep Sea

The Neal Fun Deep Sea is a website that allows you to scroll to the bottom of the ocean. Explore the Mariana Trench and uncover all the marine animals that live there.

As part of his project, computer scientist Neal Agarwal created the Deep Sea website. 

A unique website named “The Deep Sea” lets people drill down from the ocean’s surface to the Challenger Deep, which is 10,924 meters (35,840 feet) deep, through all the fish, animals, and crustaceans that dwell at various depths.


This is a deep scrolling dive into ocean life that displays how far each species can travel in the ocean depths.

A lot of shocks and little-known truths regarding unknown sea species, about which you have barely thought, in addition to tales of danger from those who ventured there.

The Zen Zone 

According to The Zen Zone, many professional meditation programs do not necessarily provide skills to assist someone experiencing mental health difficulty.

Zen Zone is a one-of-a-kind service that delivers active thinking programs to give you the skills you need to sustain and flourish in overall psychological health.


We are frequently unsure how we may act in business to improve our psychological health or the emotional well-being of others. Many firms are adopting mindfulness programs and motivating individuals to become Mental Health First Aid Officers to assist a coworker in need. 


IamtheCube is the platform for cubers worldwide to battle online, train to improve, and learn through AI, helping every player enjoy the pleasure of speedcubing.


Despite its appeal to mathematical talent and reasoning, the cube’s widespread popularity may be due to the infinite variety of feasible alternatives. Perhaps one of the most intriguing characteristics is: “Every year, countless cubes are sold, studied, and passed around among friends, families, and puzzle fans alike.”

Almost 43 quintillions (43,252,003,274,489,856,000) of distinct designs are imaginable, with six colored edges, 21 components, and 54 outside surfaces. Every Rubik’s Cube arrangement can be completed in twenty movements or fewer. 


Radiooooo has long been a medium that transports people. Throughout the Financial Collapse, thousands of families gathered around the television to enjoy various entertainment, including live distant transmissions from opulent nightclubs and resorts where star bandleaders such as Count Basie and Duke Ellington ruled.


The website (which also has iPhone and Android apps) offers current fans a little of that beautiful time-travel sense with an online map that enables users to tune in to various nations and decades. The content on this page is user-generated. Sign up for a free account today and begin exploring your oddball favorites.

Discover a person whose interests you share. Visit their account to see a list of tunes they’ve favorited and published and any other information they’d like to provide, such as their nation of origin and age.

Stars Chromeexperiments

Stars Chromeexperiments is a Google Chrome web browser-based interactive representation of the starry neighborhood. It displays the actual position of over 100,000 nearby stars. Zooming in displays 87 named stars, and our celestial bodies are one of its unique features. 


It is a 3D interactive representation of the stellar neighborhood, with over 100,000 neighboring stars. A Chrome Experiment plots the positions of 119,617 nearby stars using actual data obtained from different star catalogs.

Users can zoom beyond the solar system to the galaxy. There are 87 clickable stars with comprehensive information on each one, and an automatic tour guides you through the entire image.

To emphasize the features of the Google Chrome browser, the site uses various current HTML5 components, such as WebGL, CSS3D, and Web Audio.

Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw! is a Google-created online game that asks participants to draw a representation of an item or concept and uses artificial intelligence to identify what the pictures depict.

Each painting teaches the AI something new, enhancing its capacity to anticipate events correctly in the future. It is a machine-learning-powered game. You sketch anything, and a neural network attempts to predict what it is. Of course, it is not always successful.


Nevertheless, the more you play with it, the more it learns. It’s only one instance of how machine learning may be used in entertaining ways—built with the help of Google Creative Lab and Data Arts Team. There are six rounds in a game of Quick Draw!

Every round, the player is allowed 20 seconds to sketch a randomized prompt from the game’s collection while the artificial intelligence tries to predict the picture, similar to a Pictionary game. 

A round is over when either the AI correctly guesses the drawing or the player runs out of time. The player is handed their designs and scores for every round after a Quick Draw! Game.

Before exiting or repeating, they may also see the artificial intelligence’s comparisons of their effort with the other player-provided artwork.

Play 2048

Play 2048 is a single-player mathematical puzzle game in which you must connect tiles with the same number of digits. The game’s purpose is to combine the tiles until you get 2048.

The value doubles with each tile merger. To combine identical tiles, you can move them in any direction. Because the grid on which you play is 4×4, you don’t have much room to maneuver. 


Try to leave some empty places. Slide the tiles in the desired direction using your arrow keys. When two tiles with the same number collide, they merge into one and double in value. Keep your most valuable tile in one of the corners and move the remaining tiles in that direction.

Gabriele Cirulli’s original 2048 game may be found on Poki. He developed the game in 2014, inspired by Veewo Studios’ 1024, which was influenced by the game Threes.


Now let’s wrap things up! This was all about the useless yet entertaining website names that are fun to use and a great time-passer. If you’re looking for some useless websites, take a look at the ones listed above. They are all worth considering.

You can also explore some best free android games and Free VR games.

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