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In Smart Gadgets Last updated: June 15, 2023
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Are you experiencing problems with groceries being deteriorated before taking them in use? Read further to get the perfect solution for food storage.

According to research, people spend around $155.62 on groceries during every grocery store trip, which isn’t a tiny amount. What can be worse than spending your money, patience, time, and effort on a grocery product that spoils before deciding on its dish? 

Most of you can relate to this situation if you are a person who buys groceries in bulk or more significant portions for future use. However, the technology always has a solution. The same goes here. Vacuum sealers are life savers for anything you want, at least for a few days or months. 

In this blog, we will get familiar with vacuum sealers and discuss some of the best ones to save you time and money. Without wasting time, now let’s embark on the exploration of vacuum sealers.  

What are Vacuum Sealers?


There are several kitchen tools, and vacuum sealers are now one of the most heard and used kitchen best friends. This tool is used to increase the lifespan of your food by saving it from freezer burn and preserving the color, flavor, texture, and all essential nutrients of the food. 

But how does this device do so? Vacuum sealer initially sucks air from the bag where the food is stored, and then it seals both sides of the bag with the help of a heated seal bar. This mechanism kills all food-surrounding bacteria that need oxygen to survive and avoid loss of moisture which brings odor, freezer burn, and more. 

How do Vacuum Sealers help in Food Storage?

As you know, vacuum sealers are excellent choices for preserving food, but are they worth investing in? They are pretty expensive and have several buttons, which may complicate them. Therefore, let’s further discuss how vacuum sealers can change your food storage so that you can make a wise decision.


Preserves the quality of the food

Vacuum sealers remove the surrounding air from the bag’s packaging and create an air-tightening seal. As a result, the food stays protected from air, moisture, and oxygen exposure, which might lead to food deterioration. This way, the vacuum sealer preserves food quality in every aspect, including freshness, color, texture, and more.

Increase the shelf life of food

The primary cause of food spoilage is exposure to air and bacteria. But vacuum sealers ultimately cut this off. These sealers create an air-tight seal, which doesn’t let oxygen-consuming bacteria grow, multiply, or spoil the food. Consequently, the vacuum-sealed good’s life span increases more than traditionally stored food.

Prevents freezer burn

Freezer burn is the most common and frustrating challenge in food storage. Freezer burn occurs when frozen food is exposed to the air. However, vacuum sealers quickly come up as a solution. The air-tight packaging using vacuum sealers makes the food less likely to develop freezer burn. 

Reduces food waste

Due to their significant functions, vacuum sealers reduce the chances of food wastage. With this device, you can buy food in bulk for future use without worries. 

Saves money and time

As vacuum sealers extend the lifespan of food, you can easily save time and money. You can buy food in bulk and get a discount and save money, while on the other hand, you can use the bulk food in the future and save time by not going shopping frequently. 

Useful for multiple purposes

Vacuum sealers aren’t only for food storage. This device can store non-food items like clothes, bedding, and other items to reduce the storage space.

Until now, you would already be clear on how helpful vacuum sealers are. However, choosing one for your household can be overwhelming and hazardous. Hence, to simplify this task, we have picked some of the best vacuum sealers to preserve your food in a budget-friendly way.

BonsenKitchen Vacuum Sealer

Finding a household vacuum sealer that works best as a device and on a budget isn’t that easy. But the vacuum sealer we are discussing here breaks this norm. BonsenKitchen Vacuum Sealer is an affordable machine every household deserves.

Whether you want to preserve meat or vegetables, it can do all. Besides preserving food, you can also use it for sous vide cooking. This vacuum sealer gives you the confidence to buy groceries in bulk without worries.

After seeing the budget and features of a vacuum sealer, the next question is how to operate it. But the BonsenKitchen Vacuum sealer is simple in this case. This equipment is integrated with a touchscreen panel. 

Henceforth, you have only gently to touch what you want. BonsenKitchen vacuum sealer is suitable for dry and moist food products. You can manually switch it between dry and moist modes for the best sealing effect. 

FoodSaver PowerVac Vacuum Sealer

The biggest drawback of most vacuum sealers is bag waste and storage space. However, the FoodSaver PowerVac Vacuum Sealer has opposite and innovative characteristics, which helped it get on this list.

This power pack device stores vertically to save space and seal bags with less than 35% waste compared to its own old models. 

This vacuum sealer comes with a compatible dry and moist mode which extends the food life 5x longer in the freezer than traditional storage methods. Furthermore, your FoodSaver PowerVac vacuum sealer comes with FoodSaver bags and rolls to start your food storage. 

NutriChef Automatic Vacuum Sealer

What can be better than seeing an organized freezer where you only need to pick the fresh ingredients and cook your favorite dish? That’s what NutriChef Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer helps you to do.

NutriChef Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer is an affordable one. This is one of the easiest operating vacuum sealers on this list. It is entirely automatic with soft touch digital buttons. Furthermore, the LED indicator lights make it easier to navigate. 

NutriChef Automatic Food vacuum sealer has two selectable modes that let you preserve your food based on its type. This vacuum sealer increases the shelf life of food up to 5 times. NutriChef Automatic Food vacuum sealer comes with a powerpack starter kit to start your packaging instantly.

Inkbird Vacuum Sealer Machine

Most corporate life living people’s issue is making time for grocery shopping. They either forget about the essential ingredient or eat the same boring thing found in the refrigerator. But Inkbird Vacuum Sealer allows them to buy all their needs at once.

Inkbird Vacuum sealer is easy to clean and maintain. This device is perfect for vacuuming and sealing your or other times you want to avoid oxidation. This affordable device offers one air suction hose, 1 bag roll, 55-count sealer bags, and more. 

Furthermore, this vacuum sealer has a built-in cutter to customize a desired bag. Inkbird Vacuum Sealer isn’t limited to only dry and moist modes. It also includes vac seal and jar sealing modes for a better experience.

HiCOZY Vacuum Sealer Machine

HiCOZY Vacuum Sealer is a unique automatic sealing machine. Vacuum sealers with zero or most minor instructions can be frustrating and challenging. But HiCOZY is different in all situations. This vacuum sealer doesn’t need manual presses on lids to seal. Instead, it allows straightforward use.

Besides this, the HiCOZY vacuum sealer has several advanced features, including customizable sealing. In this vacuum sealer, you can adjust the sealing time. You can increase and decrease the seal time based on food and vacuum bags to get the perfect seal. 

Furthermore, HiCOZY offers several suction modes like dry, moist, seal, canister, and manual. You can also adjust the suction power based on your food type to increase its shelf life. 

SEATAO VH5188 Vacuum Sealer

Your search can end here if you have a fair budget and are looking for a powerful vacuum sealer. SEATAO VH5188 is a solid, high-quality vacuum sealer every household can rely on.

This vacuum sealer comes with a double pump and double heating wire. The double pump supports up to 90 Kpa suction, which ensures maximum air suction while sealing large food items. While on the other hand, double heat strengthens the seal for liquid or moist foods.

SEATAO vacuum sealer offers built-in bag storage & cutter, which can easily store rolls. Additionally, you can also customize the bag without using any extra equipment. SEATAO is a one-hand operation device that directly indicates how easy it is to operate and handle.

NIGOGOR Vacuum Sealer Machine

NIGOGOR is a famous vacuum sealer machine brand. It has always brought premium vacuum sealers for customers. Here, we are talking about the NIGOGOR Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine.

This 8-in-one automatic machine has two built-in pumps with hardly 5 to 10 seconds of vacuum time. This automatic sealing machine can increase the shelf life of seafood and meat for up to 8 days.

While most vacuum sealers need manual efforts, this one is entirely automatic. You must put the bag flat into the machine, choose the mode, and the sealer will do the rest. This 8-in-1 vacuum sealer is suitable for meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, nuts, jars, wine bottles, and more. 

VSDK Fully-Automatic Vacuum Sealer

Were you looking for an entirely automatic and budget-friendly vacuum sealer? Vsdk Vacuum Sealer is the right fit for you. This lightweight and portable vacuum sealer has everything a household requires.

This aesthetic-looking vacuum sealer has a straightforward operating system. Being a fully automatic sealing machine, you can put the bag into the machine, choose the required mode and wait for the magic. Vsdk Vacuum sealer machine is also easy and safe to clean.

This vacuum sealer machine comes with 5 modes, including Dry, Moist, VAC, External VAC, and Seal. Besides being fully automatic, this vacuum sealer has LED indicator lights, making it more user-friendly and convenient.  

GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine

This one is a basic and straightforward vacuum sealer. It is neither expensive nor that advanced. It is most suitable for people who want a vacuum sealer for basic needs.

GERYON Vacuum Sealer is one of the most affordable machines on this list. This vacuum sealer removes air from specially designed bags and prevents freezer burn. GERYON comes with two sealing modes and is easy to clean.

This vacuum sealer is entirely automatic and has soft-touch digital buttons and LED indicator lights. With GERYON Vacuum Sealer, you receive a complete starter kit, including an air suction hose, 5 heat-seal bags, and more. 

Anova Precision Vacuum Sealer

Want a vacuum sealer that is budget-friendly and helpful in sous vide cooking? We heard you, or you can say Anova heard you. Anova Precision Vacuum Sealer Machine has everything you are looking for.

This affordable, lightweight vacuum sealer ensures your food stays fully submerged while cooking and seals maximum flavor and texture. Using an Anova vacuum sealer is extremely simple.

You have to put your desired food in an Anova pre-cut or rolled vacuum sealer bag. You can seal your bags in a few simple steps. This aesthetic-looking device comes with only three switches which makes it even more accessible to use. Anova Vacuum Sealer includes 10 free pre-cut Anova vacuum seal bags. 


In this busy world, Vacuum Sealers are becoming the basic need of a household. Whether it’s about storing fruits or essential ingredients, vacuum sealer stands strong for rescue. Therefore, today in this blog, we mentioned what Vacuum sealers are and how it impacts food storage.

Furthermore, we also discussed some of the best vacuum sealers that can help you find your ideal one based on your needs and budget.

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