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In Customer Service Last updated: August 31, 2023
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Does your company still count on a bygone traditional phone system? If yes, your highly trained customer care agents may need help to meet the heightened customer expectations of today. Switching to the virtual call center software will help increase the customer satisfaction rate. 

Offering premium customer service goes beyond the expertise and support agents offer – it also concerns the pace at which support issues are effectively fixed.

Virtual call center software simplifies your customer service solutions, decreases wait times, and raises the rate of resolving issues on the first call. However, the effectiveness of this upgrade greatly relies on picking the right virtual call center provider.

Here is a quick summary of the best virtual call center software I’ll be discussing below.

Notable Features
Video conferencing, virtual phone calls
Voice and SMS features, real-time call monitoring
VoIP provider with high voice quality, navigable interface
Efficient call routing, personalized voicemail, extensive analytics
Virtual call center, AI exploration
VCC Live
KPI dashboards, remote team setup
Virtual call center for remote operations, extensive analytics
Call disposition, preview dialer
Bright Pattern
AI-enhanced user-friendly virtual call center
Real-time insights, dashboard customization
Quick setup, CRM integration, post-call workflows
AI Virtual Agent, self-service assistance

In this post, we will examine the vital features of virtual call center software, highlight leading providers in the field, and elaborate on how such solutions bring miracles to agents and customers.

What is a Virtual Call Center?


Virtual call centers, also known as remote call centers, employ customer support agents who may be situated across different cities or countries, serving from their homes. 

The adequate control of these dispersed operations necessitates operating virtual call center software. These tools play a pivotal role in facilitating tasks, automating precise procedures, and enriching the team’s overall efficiency. 

Upon executing virtual call center software, agents must log in, acquaint themselves with the system, and commence their tasks. For a virtual call center to perform optimally, agents must keep a laptop, a stable internet connection, and a headset.

The software is immediately active post setup; however, system supervisors can tailor the smart contact center system to align with the business’s exact needs.

In a broad context, businesses can utilize this software to amass caller data, configure call pathways, offer self-service menus, and associate call records with existing customer information.

Advantages of choosing a virtual call center over a call center software


Virtual call centers have reduced the reliance of businesses on physical call centers because of the following advantages it offers: 

  • Virtual call centers enable enterprises to offer 24/7 customer support and allow the implementation of cutting-edge technology like chatbots and automated speech systems which are more effective than call centers.
  • With virtual call centers, agents can tailor their responses based on previous queries to offer a more personalized experience to customers. Customized responses boost customer satisfaction and make them feel valued.  
  • Virtual call centers cut down the call waiting and response time, significantly increasing the efficiency of the call center agents. Features such as call routing can ensure that the call is instantly transferred to the most suitable performance without wasting the customer’s time. 
  • Virtual call centers offer features like automatic call distribution and predictive dialing, which allows companies to adopt a more streamlined approach to handling customer queries. 
  • Virtual call centers allow agents to work remotely regardless of their geographical location and eliminate the need to set up an office or buy expensive equipment. 

Features to Look for in a Virtual Call Center Software

Here are crucial features to look for when choosing a virtual call center software for your company. 

  • Inbound calls handle customer cases and queries like account updates or payment troubleshooting. Outbound calls aid in collecting customer feedback for refining future products and services.
  • A potent virtual call center software with a reporting and analytics facility authorizes customer service managers to track incoming call volume, agent productivity, and other vital metrics. 
  • Customers can have the option to utilize this automated system before connecting with a live agent to bypass repetitious explanations.
  • Intelligent call routing optimizes customer fulfillment by directing them to a suitable agent and controlling customer turnover due to extreme wait times.
  • Embracing tools with omnichannel support is essential for call centers desiring to advance their operations. 

Moving forward, let’s check out the list of the best virtual call center providers available in the market that can offer effective customer service.


RingCentral delivers a valuable cloud-based solution with a user-friendly application comprising video conferencing, messaging, and virtual phone calls. By replacing customary landline phone networks, this strategy improves business communication. 

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RingCentral provides capabilities, including online conferences, SMS, group messaging, worldly call management tools, and standard virtual audio conversations.


  • Wizard-based configuration for cloud-based voice-over-internet-protocol solution for those unknown with the setup process.
  • No need for an upfront purchase with some assistance options.
  • 24/7 live chat support is active.
  • Allows contact between teams across different locations.
  • Easy compatibility with popular corporate tools like Slack, Google Workspace, and Salesforce.

This software’s power to offer account access to a considerable number of people without creating multiple separate accounts is a notable advantage. This distinguishes RingCentral from rivals that might cap the number of prospective customers.


JustCall provides a complete solution for teams that interact directly with clients. It’s designed to improve the efficiency of agents, sales brokers, and managers. The platform delivers voice and SMS features, including virtual call recording, automated SMS processes, real-time call monitoring, and post-call surveys.



  • Efficiently route incoming calls via Automatic Call Distribution for optimal customer-agent matching.
  • Specify SMS workflows to guide leads and trace agent enactment through a centralized dashboard.
  • Utilize progressive monitoring and call barging tactics to deliver real-time expert service, easing escalations.
  • Watch deal promotions using disposition codes and call notes.
  • Assess support and sales team attainments conveniently from a unified medium.

JustCall trains agents with a sales dialer and tools for analyzing conversations, particularly enabling both inbound and outbound campaigns. With JustCall, you can swiftly cultivate local and toll-free numbers, which can assist in improving contact rates and eventually raising conversion rates. 


RingOver stands out as a contemporary VoIP provider that possesses its telecommunication infrastructure. Their standout feature is a blend of top-notch voice quality and a readily navigable interface that is attainable via web and mobile apps. 

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What sets RingOver apart is its commitment to endowing users with full authority over their telephony design. 


  • You can keep track of virtual calls and access real-time call analytics.
  • Facilitates the process of forming reflexive CRM files for new callers.
  • Fosters reach CRM connections with just a single click.
  • Permit call recordings and logs and add tags and appointments to calls. 
  • Make limitless calls to over 65 locations.

With RingOver, you can make endless calls to over 65 destinations, and you have the flexibility to allocate users either landline or mobile numbers from a selection of over 60 countries. 


CloudTalk is an ingenious virtual call center software presenting users with a medley of one-of-a-kind features to enhance their operations. Its queue function allows support staff to control incoming calls appropriately. This assures that calls are routed to the most fitting agents, expediting the process and minimizing the need for frustrating call transfers.

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Customers can use this system to leave messages, resume their work, and foresee a well-prepared solution when your team reaches them.


  • Build campaigns effortlessly utilizing call scripts and surveys.
  • Agents can concentrate on hiring contenders while the system operates campaigns.
  • Import/export contacts and access the history of calls, orders, and tickets.
  • Download raw data on contacts, agents, and calls.
  • Route incoming calls to suitable agents, play pre-recorded messages or direct them to voicemail.

CloudTalk’s personalized voicemail option is another very customizable feature. Customers can leave voicemails at events where your team is unavailable. Agents can handle these calls later, sparing clients from being put on wait indefinitely.


DialPad is a virtual call center platform that specializes in handling both incoming and outgoing calls, making it a favored call center platform for firms that offer phone support. DialPad’s contact center application, like many other call center solutions, contains functions such as call recording, monitoring, and transcriptions. 

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  • In-queue callback feature eases hold times for customers.
  • Conversational AI immediately explores related knowledge sources for answers.
  • Automated requests for calling questions and phrases.
  • Live AI coaching and real-time sentiment search.
  • Instant integrations with your CRM system.

The DialPad’s Pro plan proposes a free trial period during which you may test out all of its features. The prior deviations between the Pro and Enterprise versions are linked to agent constraints, queued callers, customization of recording and analytics, and the level of support for installing the system within your firm.

VCC Live

Employ VCC Live all-inclusive virtual call center solution to develop your company further. It is specially devised to meet your unique industry needs and may quickly grow to meet demand spikes. You’ll have entire control over the project stages, giving you the space to optimize your remote operations effectively. 

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  • KPI dashboards to follow vital metrics for evaluating remote team performance.
  • Gain comprehensive insights into virtual call center agent significance.
  • Sets up teams for remote work with a hassle-free process.
  • Equip agents with customer history for richer context during interactions.
  • Offer feedback using call recordings, live call monitoring, and real-time service.

Combining your current business tools with VCC Live is simple, giving your agents access to everything through one centralized virtual call center platform. Receive the benefits of extended user permissions and the augmented security delivered by two-factor authentication. This guarantees exceptional safety for your general business operations.


Even though Talkdesk‘s website features a variety of CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service) technologies, its prior goal is to offer a resolution for virtual call centers. Talkdesk also delivers extensive analytics to improve customer experience. Their mobile app, in particular, allows sales and service staffers to operate calls from any location.



  • Agents can access the caller’s past call logs and support history as incoming calls come in.
  • Easily add or remove agents on a pay-as-you-go basis, facilitating remote work capabilities.
  • Employ agent and manager dashboards for real-time and historical data visualization.
  • Supervise ongoing calls, listen to registered conversations, and review call transcriptions.
  • Call logs, recordings, voicemails, and case details are automatically updated after each agent-contact interaction.

Talkdesk has received positive feedback from users of the software. Its user-friendly interface, helpful reporting segments, and simple implementation strategy are all well-liked by users. 


Ameyo‘s virtual call center software is intended to enhance customer interaction through incoming and outgoing calls. It delivers a comprehensive set of both basic and advanced operations.

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  • Agents and superiors can log in from anywhere on any device.
  • Employs WebRTC for superior call quality, even on low bandwidth.
  • Customers can schedule callbacks or hold their queue spot.
  • Supervisors can monitor calls in real time.
  • Ample features like snoop, barge, and whisper ensure call superiority.

Its notable traits include call disposition, a preview dialer, and intelligent call routing via IVR and ACD systems. Furthermore, Ameyo provides a cooperative agent desktop that adequately enables reps to address client interactions across many communication channels.

Bright Pattern

Bright Pattern allows virtual call center agents to fully utilize combined AI by striking the ideal mix between refined abilities and user-friendly features, resulting in remarkable client experiences. 

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  •  Optimizes geographic presence using local and remote resources effectively.
  • Employ agents across different time zones for better scope.
  • Pick remote call center agents based on skills, cost, and location.
  • Secure business continuity and disaster recovery through diverse options.
  • Stay obedient to data privacy laws by storing information locally.

Additionally, Salesforce, Oracle Service Cloud, Zendesk, and ServiceNow are just a few popular CRM systems Bright Pattern smoothly interacts with. As a result, support teams may quickly operate these integrations to enhance the general customer experience based on their unique needs.


Convoso customers who employ remote agents have been earning profitability for several years by operating its flexible cloud-based virtual call center software and the helpful assistance of its committed customer success personnel. Customers can readily access all the same functionalities as traditional call center setups.

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  • Its Dynamic Scripting function speeds up onboarding and training, saving costs.
  • Gain real-time insights on remote team and individual at-home agent performance.
  • Obtain in-depth visibility into list performance for informed decisions on profitable lists.
  • Customize your dashboard to focus on KPIs.
  • You can register for a service demo and learn more about its services.

Convoso’s virtual dialer can be configured to work at its best with the help of the Customer Success Team. The given technologies offer capabilities like live reports and in-the-moment performance analysis to advance remote management’s effectiveness.


The Diabolocom virtual call center software guarantees that customers are well-prepared for a variety of concerns by offering a quick setup procedure, a user-friendly interface, and the flexibility of logging in from any place. Even while working remotely, this virtual call center software easily interfaces with many CRMs, including Salesforce.

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  • Assist agents in call qualification and routing.
  • Gather contextual feedback on crucial details and access client records via CRM integration.
  • Execute post-call workflows driven by data insights.
  • Enable live dashboards for real-time performance tracking by managers.
  • Utilize integrated WebRTC technology for simple operations within web browsers.

It fosters team connectivity through features like VoIP, call forwarding, and call recording. The software also has a reporting system that helps management monitor agent performance and pinpoint areas that need advancement.


Delivering first-rate customer service should be your primary priority as a business owner who values customer satisfaction. This can be successfully achieved using Daktela, a virtual call center software that gathers all client interactions, whether they happen via phone calls, SMS, emails, social media, or web chat.

YouTube video

The Daktela AI Virtual Agent is beneficial in this situation. With the help of this technology, you may set up self-service assistance in your virtual contact center. Customers have a more organic and exciting encounter as a result on both voice and digital channels.


  • Organize email communication into helpdesk tickets for better management.
  • Agents have access to call origin webpages and can transfer calls.
  • Webchat may be easily added to a website or online store and customized to fit the website’s theme. 
  • Consistent with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber.
  • Utilize quality reports and analytics for actionable insights.

It’s crucial to ensure that your clients can quickly contact qualified agents who can address their concerns to improve your customer-centric strategy.

Virtual Call Center vs. Contact Center 

A Call center or a cloud-based call center is a stand-alone office or a part of an organization that employs customer service professionals or agents to handle inbound and outbound calls and deal with customer queries.

On the other hand, a contact center is a wider organization that offers customer support over several communication channels. 

Call Center/ Virtual Call CenterContact Center
Communication ChannelsMainly a phone used for communication.Multiple communication channels, such as phone, email, text, social media, and more. 
Data CollectionOmnichannel approach and speech analysis software Multichannel approach 
Customer self-serviceEmploys interactive voice response (IVR) systemsUse IVR, chatbots, FAQ webpages, online knowledge bases, and forums
Affordability Less cost-effective and efficient in comparison to contact centersCost-effective technology and are much more efficient
Technology used IVR software, Automated call distributor (ACD), Speech analysis software, Internet connectivityEmail response management system, Omnichannel routing, Advanced Analytics, and Reporting 


Plenty of software options are available today, whether you’re operating a small staff serving local clients or a giant international organization handling calls from all over the world. With all these options, it’s simple to locate a solution that will enable you to properly set up your virtual call center following your unique specifications.

You may also exlore top call center automation software for effective team interaction.

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