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In Career Last updated: August 23, 2023
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Invicti Web Application Security Scanner – the only solution that delivers automatic verification of vulnerabilities with Proof-Based Scanning™. is the rest of the giant GOOGLE iceberg, with the tip being its search. Stay tuned to know some top projects and how you can benefit.

If you have to imagine something countless in technology, the first one that comes into my mind is the number of Google projects.

At the same time, Google is also notorious for shutting down its services and products. As a matter of fact, you can check an exhaustive list of projects killed by Google or take a look at Google Cemetery.


But Google, the fourth largest company by market cap in 2022, has obviously seen more success and impacted lives more than any other company on this planet. is a blend that aims at helping people at large while (sometimes) introducing them to a few relevant Google services.

And while all projects serve a specific audience, we will list a few while trying to avoid monotony.

News Initiative


News Initiative helps authentic stories reach their rightful audience. This huge pool of resources tries to assist entrepreneurs in flourishing in the ever-competitive news industry.

You can sign in as a journalist and business manager to get training recommendations. This gives you a list of lessons and tools to hone your storytelling to attract a broader audience base.

For instance, there are courses about using Google trends, cleaning research data, etc. Besides, you get introduced to some tools like Google earth studio and data GIF maker, which have important use cases.

Additionally, there is much regarding news gathering, verification, security, data, etc., making News Initiative vital for beginners and pros alike.



Experiments is the most fun thing I could find. These are essentially experiments that work with the updated version of Chrome (mostly Android).

One such project, Floom (, lets you see through a tunnel to the other side of the globe in your browser. First, you position the tunnel anywhere in your surroundings and then tap to open the gates to the other side.

Another interesting project, Teachable Machine, helps you create machine learning models without code. Basically, you help the machine identify things using just your webcam or uploading samples.

I created a model using my son’s toys, a duck and a multi-colored ball. Next, I checked if it could identify them, and it did, with 100% accuracy.


If you have similar-looking objects or images, try my ML model over here, and see if it impresses you.

While this seems fun, similar (but more efficient) versions are used for automatic number plate recognition in traffic engineering and management.

But not just these, Experiments have a total of 17 collections to entertain and educate you about modern tech.

The A-Z of AI

We are surrounded by artificial intelligence (AI), yet often bewildered and confused by it. The A-Z of AI is a project helping you with AI fundamentals and its use cases in everyday life.

The short series comprises AI basics, its creation, effects, and applications.

The lessons are easy to understand with interesting visuals. The A-Z of AI is created by Oxford Internet Institute in partnership with Google.

Be Internet Awesome

The internet is a scary place. And when informed adults routinely fall prey to cyber traps, it’s important to educate the kids upfront.

Be Internet Awesome is Google’s initiative that talks to kids about staying safe on the internet. But it’s not only tips, as Google seems to know there are better ways to do this.

There is one interactive game, Interland, about crucial internet learning and proper code of conduct. For instance, one section, Kind Kingdom, is about respecting each other, which is essential for social media users. Another one, Reality River can help detect phishing attempts and steer clear.

You can also find animated short films giving similar but vital messages.

Overall, Be Internet Awesome will do what warnings cannot. And why just kids? It can be equally helpful for all.


Most of us use Google tools with our online businesses. While they seem straightforward on the surface, Skillshop is about in-depth training with each one of them to realize their hidden potential.

Skillshop covers:

  • Google Ads
  • Marketing Platform
  • Ad Manager
  • AdMob
  • Analytics and more

And it’s not just about training. There are also a few Google certifications that can help you in the next job search and make your Linkedin profile look good.

Careers OnAir

As evident by the name, Careers OnAir is about smartly navigating the tricky trajectories of one’s career.

Specifically, building a resume, interview preparation, and giving an insider’s view of certain Google workflows is the primary agenda of this project.

You can register for the live streams or watch the already-completed events.

There are separate talks for students and industry professionals, mainly by Google’s in-house experts.

Lastly, there is a ‘Google Careers’ for aspiring Googlers.

Tech Dev Guide

tech dev guide

There can’t be a better place for computer science enthusiasts than Tech Dev Guide. For beginners to educators, this Google project is curated by its own and outside experts to help people excel in modern computer tech.

The modules are focused on Python, Java, C++, and JavaScript. And over 300 resources range from interview preparation, data structures, algorithms, and machine learning, to beginner-friendly ones, like which programming language to learn.

The training content is divided into online courses, quizzes, videos, interactive tutorials, etc.

In addition, the Explore CS section gives you a complete picture of how a career in computers can play out and the ways you can be a Googler.

Destination Insights

This is Google going offbeat with Destination Insights presenting global travel patterns.

And it’s not just about international trends; you can also check which city in your country is buzzing with inbound travelers at specific times.

One can also compare the results from the preceding year to gauge the effect of global events on the tourism industry.

Personally, you can use it to plan your holidays based on domestic and global demand.

Small Business

Competition is cut-throat, and it’s tough to make a mark in this digital era without online marketing. Small Business is Google teaching you the nitty-gritty for excellent customer acquisition.

There are detailed guides with pinpoint tips about retail and service businesses. Besides, a specific segment on how to thrive in a restaurant business.

Particularly, Small Business illustrates taking your business online with separate sections about claiming your Google business profile, purchasing a domain name, professional email, etc.

Besides, some lessons shed light on how to optimize a website for Google searches using SEO best practices.

Overall, Small Business tells about some crucial to-dos for starting an online business with Google marketing its products. Projects is a domain name owned and operated by Google itself.

This domain has many subdomains ( based on different projects, and Google keeps making new ones while removing defunct programs.

Depending on your interest, there might be one or more relevant projects for you.

PS: Some webmasters are concerned by the upcoming Google Analytics 4.0 update and if you are among them, let us show you an alternative in Mixpanel.

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