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In WordPress Last updated: May 31, 2023
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Maintaining customer relationships has become a key aspect of running a successful online business. Since the competition among industries is on fire, companies are seeking advanced ways to manage customer engagement. This is where customer relationship management tools come into action. 

CRM enhances business efficiency by maintaining a meaningful relationship with customers. You will get a centralized space to collect, store, and manage crucial customer information. Thus, you can drive customer satisfaction via seamless communication and targeted marketing campaigns.   

In WordPress, you can integrate CRM plugins to empower businesses of all sizes. Besides, you can easily optimize customer interactions and customer retention and ultimately boost profitability.

This article will highlight how CRM plugins can assist in uplifting your business. Then we will present some of the best CRM plugins that will boost your business efficiency.  

How WordPress CRM Plugins Enhance Business Efficiency


WordPress CRM plugins have a lot of essential features that can take your business to new heights. Here are some of the noteworthy ways in which CRM plugins can elevate your business productivity: 

Unified Customer Database

With a CRM plugin, you can get a centralized database on your website that will include customer data. You don’t need to wander around several platforms to get your customer data. Therefore you can easily access client info such as contact details, buying history, choices, and interactions. So, you are saving effort and ensuring tailored customer engagement. 

Better Customer Communication

WordPress CRM plugins offer strong communication tools, such as email integration and automation. As a result, your company can interact with the clients more effectively. 

You can deliver targeted messages based on consumer groups, past purchases, or certain activities. This is possible via automated email campaigns and other communications types. This focused strategy eventually leads to conversions.

Lead Collection & Administration

Automatic lead generation features in CRM plugins make it easier to identify and manage potential customers efficiently. You can gather leads straight from your dashboard using forms, pop-ups, and landing pages.

Then you can monitor those leads, send them to your sales teams, and nurture them via automation. Thus, the total lead conversion rate, effectiveness, and management process improve.

Sales Funnel Optimization 

CRM plguins to boost business efficiency

CRM plugin enables you to manage the sales funnel, which makes the entire sales process visible. You will be analyzing the leads and prospects at every level of the sales funnel through the plugin. Therefore, your business can spot obstacles, gauge conversion rates, and improve sales tactics.

Schedule Management

CRM plugins will enable you to manage tasks and calendar to plan tasks associated with client interactions. Therefore, you won’t miss assignments, appointments, follow-ups, and deadlines. 

Your business can remain on top of its customer-related operations and reduce lost opportunities. Plus, businesses can quickly respond to client questions by maintaining a systematic process. 

Analytics and Reporting tools

WordPress CRM plugin will provide you with comprehensive analytics and reporting tools. Hence, you will receive insightful data on customer behavior, sales results, and marketing initiatives. 

You can make data-driven choices, spot patterns, and adjust marketing & sales strategies for your business. But you need to analyze the consumer demographics, engagement & conversion rate, and profit earned. This promotes continual development, maximizes ROI, and efficient resource allocation.

Integration With Other Tools

CRM plugins easily sync with other WordPress plugins and third-party tools. For example, email marketing systems, helpdesk software, eCommerce platforms, and social networking platforms.  By integrating with other platforms, your business can synchronize data, automate procedures, and build a coherent ecosystem to manage customer interactions. 


FluentCRM is a robust self-hosted email marketing automation plugin for WordPress. It enables you to conveniently handle lead and customer management. Therefore, you can execute targeted email campaigns and create automated email sequences.

Moreover, you can manage learners and affiliates and monitor user activities within the comfort of your WordPress dashboard. 

YouTube video

Key Features: 

  • Easily send or schedule one-off campaigns, get all KPI metrics, and implement data-driven post-campaign actions.
  • With a 360° contact overview, get purchase records and communication history to understand your customers. 
  • Segment your users into a variety of lists and tags, and provide personalized yet unique emails to each segment.
  • Capture leads, segment contacts, and automate your business processes via email automation. 
  • Get detailed campaigns and in-depth automation reports. It ensures a complete overview of all actions and performance metrics in one spot.
  • Integrates with renowned eCommerce, lead generation, membership, and LMS plugins without any add-ons.  


FunnelKit is a marketing CRM tool specially designed to empower WooCommerce websites to succeed. It focuses on eCommerce growth and equips you with a comprehensive suite of tools. Thus, you can elevate your business’s lead generation, email marketing, and conversion rate optimization. 

FunnelKit CRM

Key Features: 

  • Gain insights into each contact’s lifetime speed, items purchased, amount of orders, and more.
  • Understand user interaction via your sales funnel, including spending at each step and offers accepted. 
  • Get an overview of all automation run on a contract, from abandonment to win-back campaigns and beyond.
  • Utilize segmentation and send highly relevant messages to your contacts to ensure outstanding communication. 
  • Categorize your contacts with tags or functional labels based on their acquisition source, purchased products, birth date, referrals, and more.
  • Send targeted messages to a sorted list of contacts and resonate with their interests for higher open and click rates. 
  • Allows you to use custom fields to get unique details about the customers.
  • Collect and save data via text, drop-down, radio button, checkbox, and more. 
  • Map customers’ journeys via automated workflows such as welcome sequence, abandoned cart, and more.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM plugin allows you to unlock the full potential of your marketing, sales, and customer service efforts. Each HubSpot tool shines on its own, but the true magic happens when you use its combined power.

It allows you to seamlessly integrate customer relationship management (CRM) and engage visitors with live chat & chatbots.  

HubSpot WordPress CRM Plugin

Moreover, the plugin enhances your website with visually appealing forms and crafts compelling email marketing campaigns. So, from a centralized HubSpot dashboard, you can nurture leads, drive conversions, and fuel business growth. 

Key Features: 

  • Capture leads from your website via a variety of contact forms, lead generation forms, and popups.
  • Manage your leads & contacts by tracking their interactions with your site, segmenting them, and sending them tailored messages.
  • Easily craft and send emails through email campaigns to your contacts. Also, track the open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.
  • Allows you to chat with visitors to your website in real time. Thus, you can answer questions and provide support.
  • Get detailed analytics on your website traffic, leads, and contacts. Therefore, you can easily improve your site, marketing campaigns, and the overall sales process. 
  • The user interface is pretty handy, and anyone can use it without any previous experience using a CRM plugin.
  • Offers 24/7 support for the plugin, so you can get help whenever you need it.
  • Offers a mobile app to access and manage your CRM on the go. 

Jetpack CRM

Jetpack CRM offers a bundle of business growth tools that are crucial for optimizing your business operations. The modular design of this plugin sets it apart from other plugins in the market.

It allows you to tailor the CRM system precisely to your specific requirements. Thus, you will get enough flexibility to align it with your business goals and operational workflows. 

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Key Features: 

  • Generate and follow up on leads and transform them into paying customers. 
  • Create a lead pipeline, provide leads to team members, and monitor lead activities.
  • Maintain communication through emails, keep track of the communication, and retain their contact info.
  • Make and deliver invoices to your clients and keep track of invoice payments and notify customers about due payments.
  • Communicate with your clients through email. Besides, you can segment email lists, build email templates, and monitor open and click-through rates. 
  • Set up rules to send emails, assign leads, and generate bills automatically.
  • Create and track sales funnels to identify effective marketing channels for converting leads into customers.
  • Provides detailed reports on your sales, marketing, and customer activity.
  • Integrates with a wide range of popular WordPress plugins, including WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, and Zapier.  


Groundhogg stands out as an exceptional CRM and marketing automation plugin for WordPress users. It allows you to effortlessly build dynamic funnels, execute targeted email campaigns, and integrate CRM seamlessly.

Moreover, the plugin is perfectly designed to cater to the needs of both ambitious agencies and small businesses. 

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Key Features: 

  • Create, personalize, and send emails to your preferred list in no time. 
  • Craft easy or extensive sales funnels to drive your prospects through the sales process.
  • Collect customer info using custom forms and manage your contacts with ease.
  • In compliance with all current privacy laws in Canada and the EU (CASL & GDPR).
  • Report and track your track the progress of your email, funnel, and contact activity.
  • Thoroughly monitor your activities to comprehend every stage of your customer journey.
  • Modify or include anything to suit your needs since it is made with developers in mind.
  • Offers extensive REST API for developers and external apps
  • Works flawlessly with over 25 plugins and services 


WP-CRM is a feature-packed CRM plugin that you can utilize from your familiar WordPress dashboard. It is specially designed to assist small businesses in handling clients, projects, and tasks with ease. This plugin enables you to have an infinite number of customer records.

Plus, you can provide access to the data to everyone in your business for smoother operations.  

YouTube video

Key Features: 

  • Easily manage your client information and track all the essential data using custom fields.
  • Simply store and keep track of your entire project details in a single dashboard. 
  • Convenient invoicing system to create payment terms and send invoices after project completion.
  • Import all your data, including campaigns, contacts, opportunities, organizations, projects, and tasks.
  • Integrates with popular apps such as MailChimp, GravityForms, Slack, ZenDesk, and more. 
  • Offers campaign management features for managing, getting an overview, and making changes. 
  • Provides email notifications about ongoing & upcoming projects, tasks, and opportunities.
  • Developers can add custom reports and custom fields and change data representation.

Business Manager

Business Manager is a comprehensive HR & Business Management System designed exclusively for WordPress. This remarkable plugin elevates your WordPress website to a fully functional business management platform.  It allows you to flexibly maintain HR resources,  CRM, Projects, Documents, and a lot more. 

Business Manager WordPress ERP Solution

Key Features:

  • Store unlimited employee details and essential files in a single spot.
  • Manage and process leave requests from employees through leave management. 
  • Conducts performance reviews with ratings and breakdowns 
  • Manage clients, leads, and their contact information 
  • Assign statuses to clients for streamlined CRM and sales systems.
  • Keep thorough records of client interactions with notes and file attachments. 
  • Assigns projects, tracks progress, and manages timelines.
  • Organize project tasks via Kanban Board and advanced drag-and-drop functionalities.
  • Store company documents, track versions, and assign them to departments.

Propovoice CRM

Propovoice CRM is a client relationship management solution ideal for small and mid-level service agencies and freelancers. This WordPress plugin helps manage clients, projects, estimates, and invoices from a thorough overview of your business. Most of the essential features that you need to handle your service business come for free in this plugin.

Propovoice WordPress CRM plugin

Key Features: 

  • Collect leads using built-in contact forms through your WordPress site. 
  • Manually add leads by importing a CSV file. 
  • Effortless deal management via an advanced deal pipeline that helps in follow-up, probability checks, and level-ups.
  • Create, manage, and share estimates for the client’s approval.
  • Automated invoices are sent to clients upon estimate approvals. 
  • Allows users to create a business profile with the basic info and branding assets.
  • Include client details and easily project estimates and invoices to them.
  • Multiple customizable templates are available for estimates and invoices.
  • Clients can open and respond to invoices and estimates via mail or shared links. 
  • Manage and track clients, invoices, and estimates with an extendable table and search function.
  • Flexible payment options via bank and different money transfer platforms. 


CRM and lead management by Vcita is a robust WordPress CRM plugin that allows you to do more than capture and store customer data. It brings you sales opportunities by giving crucial info on leads and automating client communications.

Besides, it sends reminders and assists in searching, tracking, and managing leads and clients. You will also get a mobile version of this amazing solution.    

YouTube video

Key Features: 

  • Collects leads by encouraging customers to contact your site.
  • Simple dashboard to manage all contact info and interactions.
  • Organize, search, and edit client information easily.
  • Clients can connect via a secured portal to communicate, make payments and upload documents. 
  • Manage business schedules via the calendar and set meetings with clients and leads.
  • Design invoices with a professional outlook by including essential details and logos.
  • Clients can pay through their credit card or PayPal for your services. 
  • Create Email and SMS campaigns to promote your services, offers, and events.  


WP ERP allows you to manage both your website and the company from a single platform. It is a complete ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for WordPress. It serves any business with three core components – HR, CRM, and Accounting. These three components can jointly meet your business requirements.

WP ERP WordPress

Key Features: 

  • Effectively capture, organize, and manage leads within the CRM system.
  • Maintain detailed records of contacts, including personal and business information.
  • Keep track of all customer interactions, including calls, emails, and meetings.
  • Monitor and track potential sales opportunities throughout the sales process.
  • Manage deals and sales pipelines with customizable stages and progress tracking.
  • Create and assign tasks, set deadlines, and track activities related to leads and customers.
  • Integrate with email platforms to track and manage communications within the CRM.
  • Analyze data to forecast sales performance and make informed business decisions.
  • Store and organize important documents and files related to leads and customers.
  • Generate comprehensive reports and analyze CRM data to gain insights and measure performance.
  • Customize the CRM system to match your business processes and integrate it with other tools and platforms.


The above-mentioned plugins offer all the essential features that a CRM should include. We recommend you go through the features and implement the solution that goes perfectly with your business requirements. 

You may also explore some Passwordless WordPress plugins for seamless logins.

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