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  • Starting a WordPress site is easy but finding quality hosting is challenging.

    WordPress, the most famous CMS is go-to PHP based CMS for small to giant business.

    Whether you are a blogger, startup, small to medium business, personal site, corporate page or giant news publisher. WordPress fit everywhere.

    WordPress an open-source FREE platform and used in ~30% of all Internet websites.

    That’s amazing. Isn’t it?

    There are thousands of  WordPress themes, framework, plugins available for you to get it started.

    You can get your site running in less than an hour.

    WordPress is robust, secure and flexible but hosting is something you need to pay attention. If you have a world-class site design, business idea and hosted by a non-reliable hosting provider, then your business is at risk.

    Risk of losing revenue, customer, traffic, SEO, etc.

    Based on experience and review feedback, here are some of the best WP hosting providers.

    Before we dive deep into the listing the hosting platform, it is crucial that we understand the different type of hosting available for WordPress.

    Shared Hosting

    Shared hosting is the cheapest form of hosting you can get. A good option if you want to try out to experience it.

    In shared hosting, multiple websites are hosted on a single server. This also means that all the resources including ram, bandwidth, and hard disk are shared.

    Shared hosting can be limiting including slow site speed, security issues and so on.

    Virtual Private Server

    Virtual Private Server also is known as VPS, is more robust when compared to shared hosting. VPS is usually hosted on a virtual machine on a single server.

    By using VPS, you are entitled to get allocated resources based on what you pay. It’s not shared with others on the same virtual server.

    Dedicated Hosting

    In dedicated hosting, a single server is allocated to the website. This means that you own the complete resources for the server including the memory, bandwidth and hard disk space.

    Dedicated hosting is ideal for enterprise businesses who receive millions of visitors on a monthly basis.

    Managed WordPress Hosting

    Managed WordPress hosting is a hosting service provided by many hosting platforms.

    It is only aimed at WordPress hosting and is built to high-quality standards and requirement for small to enterprise-level business.

    It is a perfect choice when you don’t want to deal with the technical complexity and focus on your business.

    Cloud Hosting Platform

    Cloud hosting is getting popular these days. It’s similar to VPS but more flexibility and better options.

    Features can depend on the hosting provider but in a nutshell; you pay for what you use and have the option to scale up or down instantly.

    So, now that you have understood the types of hosting let’s see the below some of the reliable hosting platforms for WordPress sites.


    SiteGround is our number one choice for shared WordPress hosting platform. They offer services that fit both value and service.

    The startup package is more than enough to get it started.

    They also offer VPS, managed and dedicated hosting.


    • Excellent customer support through support tickets, phone, and email.
    • Multiple data centers – Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Milan & Singapore
    • Cutting-edge speed technologies for fast loading site
    • Three levels of caching
    • Cloudflare CDN integration

    SiteGroud offer cPanel where you can install WordPress and other software with just one click.

    WP Engine

    WP Engine is a premium managed hosting platform. If you are looking for a dedicated platform that only caters to WordPress, then WP Engine is your choice.

    One of the advantages of using managed hosting is you don’t have to worry about installation, configuration, maintenance, security, etc.

    WP Engine takes care of everything at infrastructure & WP level for you so that you can focus on your online business.


    • Excellent support by real WP & hosting expert
    • Enterprise-ready to support heavy traffic & big organization
    • Easy SSL implementation
    • Tuned hardware and software for better performance

    You can get it started on the startup plan and scale up when necessary.


    Bluehost, one of the favorite hosting platforms who offer shared, cloud, VPS, dedicated hosting.

    There are two options for WordPress. Either you can go for their shared hosting which cost ~$3.95 per month or optimized managed to host at ~$19.99 monthly.

    In the shared plan, you can install WordPress with one-click and manage it through cPanel.


    • FREE domain
    • 30-days money back guarantee
    • Un-metered bandwidth
    • FREE SSL certificate
    • 24/7 support


    Kinsta is a premium Google Cloud managed hosting platform. One of the best ways to enjoy the Google Cloud low latency platform.

    Kinsta is focused on providing best WP hosting for your business. The following are incomplete features.

    • Daily backup
    • Free migration
    • Next-gen infrastructure to keep performance and security in mind
    • Awesome friendly support
    • Security monitoring and protection out of the box

    You can get it started from as low as $30 per month.


    Trusted by more than 70,000 creatives.

    Flywheel is perfectly crafted for a freelancer, digital agency, and enterprise. They manage every aspect of their hosting correctly including security, support, performance and so on.

    The “Tiny” package starts at only $14/mo.


    • Comes with a great dashboard that enables you to manage everything easily
    • It provides nightly backups, fast speeds, and hacker-free environment.
    • Staging sites
    • Site cloning
    • SFTP enabled


    An award-winning hosting platform and recommended on official worpdress.org site.

    DreamHost offers everything you need under a single plan. The starter plan is on a shared server, but you can always upgrade to a higher plan (Basic, Plus, Advanced) when traffic increases.


    • Top-notch performance at a lower price
    • Offers one-click installs and expandable storage
    • Regular updates and high-performance servers
    • FREE domain, SSL cert
    • SFTP/SSH/WP-CLI access

    The hosted site is protected by optimized WAF to safeguard online threats.

    A2 Hosting

    A2 hosting got data centers in USA, Europe, and Southeast Asia. So, you can choose to host your site in your targeted audience.

    They provide excellent security compared to other hosting providers at this price range. With 99.9% uptime, A2 WordPress hosting is ideal for startups and medium scale business.

    The base plan, “Lite” starts at only $3.92/mo.

    Some of the features are

    • Offers free migration
    • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
    • Money back guarantee

    For higher plan (~$10), A2 offer turbo server which claims to be 20 times faster.


    Pagely, an enterprise-ready platform crafted for business-critical WordPress projects.

    Their servers are optimized for the best speed and functionality. They offer a “Single Node” plan for $299/mo.

    Pagely is built on AWS and optimized for WordPress with the following tech stacks.

    • Dynamic SSL and let’s encrypt support
    • Global caching acceleration
    • Dynamic WAF
    • On-demand image management
    • Intuitive dashboard
    • Built-in redundancy
    • Developer tools support

    Pagely is trusted by many prominent organizations including Visa, Garmin, eBay, Comcast, Disney, etc.


    Cloudways is a cloud hosting managed platform where you can choose to host your site with the following provisions.

    • AWS
    • GCP
    • Vultr
    • Linode
    • DigitalOcean

    Cloudways offer WP optimized platform for a secure and fast-loading site. It provides real-time monitoring, automated backup, user-friendly panel, etc.


    Hostinger seeks to bring the most competitive quality to price ratio on the table. With nearly two decades of experience under their belt, Hostinger invests in WordPress heavily, going the extra mile to make a one of a kind WordPress experience.

    There are a few things that make Hostinger a stand-out performer. First of all installing WordPress is done with an installer that does it in one click. Secondly, WordPress websites get specially optimized servers.

    So what can you look forward to?

    • One of the fastest WP response times
    • Specially optimized servers
    • 1-click installation
    • A powerful control panel
    • Highly competitive prices
    • Great scalability


    I hope above list of hosting platform help you to choose one for your needs. Most of them provide money-back so go ahead and give a try to see what works for you.