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In Latest Tech Last updated: June 25, 2023
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Views of Bill Gates Regarding the Potential of ChatGPT or AI in General

As per the latest post on the Blog of renowned tech tycoon Mr. Bill Gates, Artificial intelligence (AI) will change the world more and faster than his personal computing revolution.

He also stated that; There will be an explosion of companies working on new uses of AI as well as ways to improve the technology itself.


Mr. Gates highlighted his optimism about the enormous potential of AI to redefine industries, change how people work and communicate, and lessen some of the most significant imbalances in the world.

According to Bill Gates, ChatGPT is the most important AI assistant to emerge in technology since 1980. The way we engage with machines and obtain information has changed because of OpenAI’s AI-driven language model.

With its sophisticated natural language processing abilities, people may interact with the AI assistant without any difficulty, changing a variety of fields like customer service, research, and content creation.

Tools like ChatGPT are positioned to become more and more crucial in our daily lives as AI technology develops, further bridging the gap between human and machine contact.

OpenAI created ChatGPT, a conversational AI that uses artificial intelligence to facilitate user-to-user natural language communication. To understand and reply to a wide variety of inquiries, it uses sophisticated machine learning techniques and huge datasets.

Gates presented an assignment to the OpenAI team in the middle of 2022: teach ChatGPT to pass an Advanced Placement biology test and respond to inquiries for which it had not been specifically trained. Gates was shocked to learn that ChatGPT took and passed the test, earning a 5—the top possible score.

Although humans still outperform GPT in many language-related tasks, according to Bill Gates, there are some jobs where GPT can supplement human jobs.

AI will improve your work—for example, Microsoft characterizes ChatGPT as having a co-pilot, which has already been included in applications like writing emails and managing your inbox.

In his Blog, he highlighted some of the Impacts AI would have are:

  • Improvement in productivity.
  • AI developments will make it possible to create personal agents.
  • AIs will advance medicine and the provision of healthcare.
  • AI-driven software will finally fulfill its promise to transform teaching and learning in the field of education.

He also discussed Risks and problems with AI but also mentioned how they will be overcome in the future.

Finally, he said we should keep in mind that we’re only at the beginning of what AI can accomplish. Whatever limitations it has today will be gone before we know it.

Snap Inc. Is on an Acquisition Spree for AR Products

Based on a report, Snap Inc is investing consistently in Augmented reality (AR) products and is building AR Enterprise services to use the innovation to be part of a huge market size.


To help its AR-fueled endeavor business objectives, it has acquired Amsterdam-based Th3rd, a 3D scanning studio startup. The company Th3rd centers around delivering top-notch advanced twins of individuals and things.

Last year, Snap Inc announced tools that transformed retailers’ photographs into 3D resources and sent off an in-application for AR design.

Some of its recent acquisitions to power its AR-powered business objectives:

  • In May 2021, it acquired, WaveOptics, to boost Spectacles AR glasses.
  • It bought Fit Analytics in March 2021 to power an AR-fueled move into e-commerce.
  • In July 2021, Snap reported that it had acquired the expanded reality firm Forma and the 3D and expanded reality business Vertebrae.

The organization’s latest acquisitions show that it considers AR-fueled business has a promising future. A joint report by Publicis Media and Snap projects states that by 2030, the AR Retail market will be valued at $1.2 trillion.

As per Snap, 250 million Snapchat clients have utilized AR shopping lenses over 5 billion times since January 2021. For reference, there are 375 million day-to-day dynamic Snapchat clients.

It’s not only Snap Inc that is into the foray of AR business. Pinterest and Google have likewise utilized AR to empower clients. Also, in June 2022, Amazon delivered a virtual shoe try-on service to clients in the US and Canada through the Amazon iOS application.

What’s more, Snap uncovered a partnership with Amazon for its Virtual Try-On buying experience. Also, other companies, including MAC Cosmetics, Ulta Beauty, American Eagle, Puma, Chanel, Walmart, and LVMH, have used Snapchat’s AR Shopping Lenses.

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