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In Design Last updated: September 11, 2023
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A billboard is a huge panel that shows ads or messages in public locations, such as along highways or on buildings, so that many people may see what they wish to express.

Billboards help you reach many people without investing extra time and money in identifying and analyzing narrow target client groups.

So, in this article, we’ll go over what billboards are, why they’re popular, and what challenges there are in designing billboards.

We’ll also look at different tools and templates to help you create stunning advertisements that will catch your audience’s eye. It will help you draw attention to what you’re highlighting in the content to increase brand awareness among audiences.

What are Billboards?

Billboards are typically huge boards on which ads or messages are placed to reach many people. These help increase brand recognition and reach as many people as possible with your business, product, or campaign. These are cost-effective ways to put advertising items in high-traffic regions.


Why are Billboards Famous?

The traditional, bright printed billboard is an iconic advertising tool. These are popular not just because of the billboard’s size but also because billboards are a form of an attention grabber.

These are available 24/7 throughout the day. Billboards commonly include directional information that encourages potential customers to visit your business. The exposure rate of billboards is high. Even if you are busy driving, you will notice billboards.

There are also digital billboards available in the market. Billboards do not have to follow any specific format, so we may design them as we like.

Stunning LED displays, playable films, and other characteristics instantly capture customers’ attention. Digital billboards may be highly eye-catching to billboard watchers.

For effective advertising, digital billboards are often more creative, original, and cost-effective. It’s time to experiment with fresh ideas and see what works well before it’s too late to put out your designs.

Why are Businesses Opting for Billboards?

We’ve seen how billboards attract such a large portion of society with little effort and the income made by advertising in this manner. We noticed that constructing a billboard with an intriguing phrase significantly impacted individuals.

There are various reasons businesses use billboards, including the fact that they attract and impact a significant portion of society. Offering value to the consumer is a terrific method to bring attention. It also reflects a good light on a brand.

They may not elicit an adequate response, but they assist significantly in developing brand awareness for any brand through their eye-catching and appealing advertising style.

Challenges in Designing Billboards

It should offer a clear message that is easy to read and understand and visually appealing. When designing billboards for your brand or business, you need to pay special attention to making it easy for viewers to remember so that they pay attention to it. 

A billboard should be memorable, understandable, clear, and easy to read. Adhering to particular guidelines or limitations might create a fantastic, attentive billboard for displaying your company or product.


Billboards can target a huge group of audience. But you need to design it well to make it work. If you can’t hook the audience with the visuals or copy of your billboard, then you’re simply losing attention.

How can Billboard Ad Templates Make a Difference?

You’re still wondering how the billboard ad template can make such a significant impact, so let me help you with that. So, most billboard designs express their tale using visuals and sometimes some text.

When reading those written messages, some drivers frequently stay to watch the entire commercial since it impacts them on a high level.

Billboards are a fantastic technique to raise brand recognition for any company since people notice them. They are always practical if you select a specific place for your billboard. Typically, billboards allow businesses to reach a wide range of clients with a single advertising medium.

Websites also show billboard advertisements. To create a digital billboard for your business, you may use various graphic design tools and programs to create billboard templates for an eye-catching and unique billboard.

Here are a few that you can use to save time and produce a unique, eye-catching design for your billboard.

Since your company has to discover a new, more engaging, and successful approach to reach your clients, you should try out these tools for billboards.

Adobe Express

Create your engaging billboard with Adobe Express instantly. With the help of provided templates and a variety of editing tools, billboard-making becomes extremely easy.

Personalize your billboard using customized Adobe Express capabilities to make it the most eye-catching advertisement on the road.


Its features include a library of photos, icons, and words with 3D effects. Adobe Express simplifies your job by providing a broad range of capabilities for designing your billboard without any advice or assistance.

Adobe Express handles all of the tedious technical details. It motivates you to look beyond the box, so a fresh concept might come to mind to keep your clients happy constantly.


Canva is a fantastic creator of various creative aspects if you are seeking an online billboard builder. It will undoubtedly make you addicted to its thousands of editing capabilities, as each one offers something new.

Canva’s massive library of templates can assist you in selecting a unique one for your billboard. Decorate your billboard by adding photos from their image collection, writing using custom fonts, and color-highlighting headlines to make it more impressive.


It also has an unlimited canvas to store and organize your editing tools. Canva has several quick, dependable features and is simple to learn and use. Customize and design billboards for your business and all other purposes in an easier and more modern way.


Freepik allows users to quickly search for high-quality photos, vector images, illustrations, and PSD files as per their requirements. It allows you to design an eye-catching billboard quickly and easily without wasting your time. 

Emphasize your ideas to design your billboards for your business and download the best high-quality photos and designs for your billboards.


Freepik encourages your inner creator to think of a new way to design your billboard. Freepik has access to thousands of images for your billboard designs, ready to use to complete them quickly.

Their designs will inspire you to be innovative by creating your designs using the enormous versatility and multi-purpose nature of vector graphics without compromising their quality. So, illustrate your ideas and engage the target audiences.


Simplified is an all-in-one collaborative workspace where you can organize, develop, and personalize your customized billboards. It allows you to save time and money using one-click graphic creation tools, millions of free pictures, and thousands of created templates.

Simplified also allows you to build multiple brand kits by adding your logo, fonts, colors, and designs. You may simplify your editing process using various tools and hundreds of professionally created, configurable templates.

YouTube video

It also has a great AI writing tool for adding punchlines to your billboard to make it stand out. Its templates are highly dynamic and customizable.

Browse through the various template possibilities or select depending on a category of your need, and then export the picture to social media networks.


Template offers a variety of modification choices to help you design content according to your requirements using its free printable and digital billboard templates library.

It possesses a unique, flexible user interface that helps you be more innovative in your ideas. It also features various categories of templates useful for your designs.

template allows you to highlight your brand in front of vast gatherings of people. It works in any web browser and provides easy drag-and-drop tools for modifying your billboard.

It will assist you in generating varying viewpoints on your thoughts using its templates and tools. For delivering a unique representation among the audience, this tool also allows you to add images supporting your brand or a brand logo as well.


Vecteezy is an incredible online digital billboard builder for creating various creative themes. It floods you with high-quality creative materials to help you build your billboard quicker by utilizing millions of free resources, great images, movies, and a plethora of incredible vector graphics.


Vecteezy is continuously looking for new material. They have fantastic possibilities, whether you need one resource or many. It also provides an entirely distraction-free atmosphere for designing. 

Vecteezy helps you organize a range of templates based on your design plan, share project materials, and manage tasks in a structured visual manner. It also possesses a unique and flexible user interface that helps and motivates you to create more using the resources available.


If you’re looking for an easy-to-use tool to organize your ideas, PhotoADKing is an excellent option to consider. Its graphical editing tool allows you to develop your templates like an expert without needing direction or assistance.


Highlighting your design using gradient colors may make it seem significant. Various templates are accessible with completely customizable graphic design elements, allowing you to select designs based on your company’s needs.

Customize it using PhotoADKing’s drag-and-drop graphics design editor. You may add text themes and custom fonts, modify movies as needed, and download and share with the rest of the world.

PhotoADKing’s library is routinely updated in response to new template ideas. This allows you to be creative without graphic design skills with low-cost plans and huge discounts.


Picmaker’s library of billboard ad templates is full of unique templates that allow you to build exciting and appealing billboard advertising in just a few minutes and for free. You can express your creativity by developing your template layout, or you may download unique designs from the site.

YouTube video

Picmaker AI is a tool for taking out backgrounds. You can drag and drop your photos to upload them, and the background will automatically be taken out of that image.

On top of that, it will also suggest fonts, colors, and other things that will make your image look better. Other than that, you can also use free templates for the same.

There are several free templates that you can choose from as per your needs for the custom theme. There is also something called a unique brand kit. You can add your brand’s colors, fonts, logo, and anything else you need with this kit.

Picmaker lets you talk about your ideas with other people on your team. Using the Stickerify tool option, you can turn your pictures into great stickers.


It’s not easy to make digital billboards for your brand, but finding out how to do it is fun. Always keep in mind that your billboard should get a lot of attention and have an effect on a lot of people.

Adding billboards to your marketing plan could help your business grow by making it more visible. Include the things that will have the biggest effect on the audience. Keep an open mind for new ideas and plans.

Also, if you want to be more creative, you can look for ideas in the places listed above or on the internet and study them.

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