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In Blockchain Last updated: July 28, 2023
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Let’s secure your blockchain applications.

Blockchain is a fairly new technology compared to websites, servers, and software run on mainframe computers. Since it promises extensive security and transparency of the processed data, many transaction-depended businesses are adopting it fast. For example, banking, financial services, security documents, cryptocurrency, digital wallets, etc., making way for blockchain’s growth.  

However, since the technology is new, there are few standard security processes to protect blockchain networks, nodes, smart contracts, and distributed ledgers.

Here comes blockchain penetration testing or pentesting. There are intelligent and automated tools that can perform blockchain network security testing on your behalf to keep your business and customer data safe. Read on to find which tools are winning the race.   

What Is Blockchain Penetration Testing? 


The most popular term in the blockchain security ecosystem is blockchain pentesting. It is nothing but the short version of the actual process, which is blockchain security penetration testing. In this workflow, IT security engineers, expert security app developers, and ethical hackers sit together to discover security loopholes in a blockchain network. 

Blockchain pentesting is becoming increasingly popular because most investors now demand an extensive security vulnerability report of your blockchain business before they invest.  

Suppose you are going to launch a new cryptocurrency exchange and digital wallet. On that platform, you expect millions of crypto investors will trade. Therefore, you must explore all the security risks of your blockchain tool before making it public. 

In blockchain security risk assessment, the following phases play key roles:  

  • Data collection and modeling of security threats 
  • Testing of APIs, smart contracts, nodes, authentication protocols, etc. 
  • The exploitation of existing security shortcomings to simulate a blockchain network hacking or exchange breakdown 
  • Creating a report of all vulnerabilities and suggestions to fix those    

Importance of Blockchain Penetration Testing 

Here is why you need to subscribe to a blockchain penetration service: 

  • Stay updated about the latest security threats to blockchain networks, smart contracts, DApps, crypto exchanges, etc. 
  • Perform a third-party security audit or risk assessment to show your platform’s security strengths.
  • Secure investments from eager investment agencies and VCs by providing a security risk report.
  • If you are an investor, you must recruit a third-party blockchain penetration testing agency to create a platform security report before investing funds.
  • A third-party audit of your blockchain network can help you regain customer trust after a recent breakdown or hacking of your crypto exchange, digital wallet, or NFT marketplace

Find below some reliable blockchain penetration testing tools that you can start using right now to find out how strong your blockchain security is:  

Astra Pentest 

Astra Pentest Blockchain pentesting services provider

Astra Pentest offers a blockchain pentesting solution combining manual and automated pentesting methods. It performs vetted scans of all the blockchain network components to only detect true positives.

It does not create false positives, which might slow down your business when you reduce the blockchain network throughput to patch security loopholes. 

Astra employs an intelligent pentesting algorithm. After each penetration testing event, the tool becomes more aware of the security vulnerability situations and changes simulation tactics.

Thus, you can ensure that you are stressing your blockchain network security from a 360° angle to explore all the possible hacking attempts and stop those from happening. Astra also updates its security risk assessment algorithm constantly. Hence, it covers emerging Web 3.0 threats and code exploits. 

The cornerstone product of this blockchain security assessment platform is Astra’s Pentest Platform or suite. Its user interface, web app components, and data visualization are easy to understand for both developers and C-suite managers like chief experience officers (CXOs). 

#1. Astras Pentest Tool: Developer-Friendly Features 

Astra developer features
Image credit: Astra
  • An effortless dashboard to collaborate with developers, operations executives, and CXOs. 
  • Get a detailed report of all the current vulnerabilities identified after the most recent pentesting.
  • Step-by-step guidance to reproduce security vulnerabilities and risk assessment. 
  • Automated suggestions to fix discovered vulnerabilities.
  • Stakeholders can directly comment, leave feedback, and reply on Astra’s Pentest Platform. 
  • One secure platform for everything about blockchain network security, which itself is secured by data encryption and role-based access rights.

#2. Astra’s Pentest Platform: CXO-Friendly Features   

Astra CXO features
Image credit: Astra
  • A CXO dashboard for the security status of Web 3.0 assets, security patching projects in the pipeline, the security team’s progress in ongoing projects, etc. 
  • Discover the statuses of various teams and team members without the need for personally pinging each team lead or team member.
  • Give priority to security vulnerabilities and risks impacting the revenue cycle and customer trust.
  • Create an organized, streamlined, affordable blockchain pentesting workflow or become an agency serving other blockchain businesses.
  • Being the security officer of any blockchain business, you can oversee finding and patching security loopholes to earn GDPR, SOC2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA compliance certificates and enhance your business reputation.

#3. Astra’s Pentest Platform: Overview 

Image credit: Astra

The Astra blockchain pentesting web app is truly effortless. There is a minimal learning curve if you are new to Web 3.0 or Web 2.0 security penetration testing. Alternatively, if you are an expert IT security specialist, you will get a hold of the app in no time. Find below the major modules of the Astra pentesting tool: 

  • Targets 
  • Scan 
  • Vulnerabilities 
  • Compliance 
  • Settings 
  • Integrations 

The Scan tab lets you run all the security risk assessments on your blockchain properties. Once you create a project, the dashboard will show the status of the blockchain network by factoring in known security threats of the present time. Thus you get the following analysis instantly: 

  • Unsolved vulnerabilities 
  • Solved vulnerabilities 
  • Critical security vulnerabilities 
Astra scan options
Image credit: Astra

The security scan provides you with different options, as mentioned here: 

  • Automatic scan that businesses can perform using in-house staff.
  • Vetted automatic scan where Astra security specialists will vet the scan reports first.
  • Manual pentest for extensive security testing of the blockchain assets by Astra’s security engineers.  


iTrust Blockchain pentesting services provider

iTrust helps you to secure your blockchain network and businesses around it by identifying security vulnerabilities and remedying those. The Web 3.0 security agency helps you to create a proof of concept behind various vulnerability attacks in a detailed report. It also goes into the root cause of the security loopholes and performs a risk assessment.  

Furthermore, the agency also creates elaborate remediation suggestions along with the approach your business must take. Finally, it performs another pentesting on your blockchain environment and submits a final report.  

Whether you want to invest in an NFT exchange or cryptocurrency wallet, the agency’s report will help you understand how secure your investment is. Alternatively, if you are a startup blockchain business wishing to secure investments, the pentesting reports will help you present your case to venture capitalist (VC) boards.  

At the time of writing, iTrust offered these pentesting services:  

  • Web 3.0 web app and mobile app testing 
  • Blockchain environment pentesting 
  • DApp pentesting 
  • Blockchain network layer security testing 
  • Reinforce your blockchain assets after finding loopholes and security vulnerabilities 

iTrust empowers you to go deep into blockchain technology and protect the following functionalities and assets from hackers

  • Numerous blockchain nodes form the entire blockchain network 
  • Blockchain admin accounts for private blockchain networks 
  • Blockchain network stakeholder accounts 
  • Remote and digital votes that govern changes on the blockchain network  
  • Monitor all the blockchain nodes separately 
  • Frequent updates for smart contracts, blockchain node apps, voting systems, etc.   


CertiK Blockchain pentesting services provider

CertiK empowers you to protect your Web 3.0 assets like blockchain networks, DApps, digital wallets, cryptocurrency wallets, NFT wallets, NFT marketplaces, and so on from black hat hacking attacks.

At CertiK, some expert ethical hackers continuously research for loopholes and security vulnerabilities in blockchain and other Web 3.0 networks. 

At the time of writing, the blockchain pentesting agency offers expert services and consultancy on Web 3.0 Network & Application Testing, Web 3.0 Security Expertise, and Web & Mobile Apps Coverage.  

You can also request blockchain pentesting on your Web 3.0 assets. Certik’s ethical hacking experts will perform a virtual and simulated attack on your blockchain network, DApp, NFT exchange, blockchain data vault, etc., and tell you how secure your blockchain business is. 

A comprehensive penetration testing by Certik covers the following critical parameters:  

  • Customized Web 3.0 attack vectors that conventional Web 2.0 penetration testing vendors do not offer 
  • Black-box, grey-box, and white-box testing 
  • Utilizes postman API specifications to test API security 
  • Mobile Application Security Testing or MAS 
  • Dynamic Application Security or DAST 
  • Its testing processes are not destructive and do not slow down your Web 3.0 assets like blockchain data vaults, crypto wallets, NFT marketplaces, crypto exchanges, and so on 

Final Words 

Blockchain increases transparency, and that is true. But it is also vulnerable to external attacks as public blockchain networks are open to all. It should not stop you from enjoying so many value-added features of blockchain.

Try out any of the above blockchain pentesting tools to keep calm and focus on your blockchain network business. 

You may also want to know the best blockchain platforms to build modern finance applications.

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